4 Ways To Make Your Cat Comfortable Around You

By Stephen M

Do you have a pet cat that has started distancing himself from you? Do you feel that your once-lovely cat doesn’t trust you anymore? Have you been aggressive towards it recently? Do you want to get his love and trust back? Or have you brought in a new cat that is yet to settle? If the answer is yes to any of the questions, then this piece is just for you.

Photo credit: www.maxpixel.net

Cats are very sensitive animals, and your actions (no matter how small) or inactions can affect them greatly. Unlike dogs, cats do not tolerate the consistent invasion of their space and aggressiveness. They hardly forgive. Follow these four steps if you want to win the trust of your cat back.

Don’t invade its space

Cats love their privacy, and once you continually invade that space, they move. If he is a new cat, don’t force yourself on him. You can never force a relationship, and it should be mutual. So, give it the space it needs to settle and approach you when he is ready.

Let them know your body scent

Cats are nothing without their sense of smell. It is through smelling that they communicate and gather intelligence. As such, they are used to smelling anything they come across. That’s why they are always seen smelling around. So don’t feel worried or agitated if your cat keeps smelling you. He does that to get accustomed to your body’s smell. If your cat is not coming around, place your shirt or shoes closer to his abode. He will pick up your scent from those items and start coming closer to you.

Photo credit: pets.webmd.com

Learn how to touch them

The various cat breeds come with unique temperaments and ways of life. A touch normal to a Persian cat may be aggressive to a munchkin cat. Therefore, be circumspect about where and how you touch your pet cat.

Let it come to you and study the body language

Your cat will start coming to a person when he becomes comfortable around them. When he starts doing that, study his body language and respond appropriately. Don’t try to rush the process, it should be slow and one small gesture at a time.