A Cute Little Fox Greets A Couple During Quarantine

By Anthony K

Quarantine was not the easiest for anyone. We all remember being behind closed doors for months on end with no freedom to go for a walk. Your usual summer trips? Canceled? A simple visit to the park? Nope. That period of time was very devastating for everyone across the globe. But in some places, although the humans couldn’t visit the zoo, the animals could get a glimpse of humans in their natural habitats.

Image courtesy of SaraReneeRyan/Twitter

During the winter of 2020, a lucky couple spotted a cute lil red fox napping on a tree stump behind their yard. They shared the pictures with their daughter, Sarah Ryan, who couldn’t help but share them with the world.

Sarah’s dad was the one who had spotted the fox, took a pic and sent it to his daughter. He then continued updating her on how often the fox would visit. The couple were mesmerized by how the fox would even play with dog toys that one of their daughters had left behind.

Foxes are nocturnal, so the red fox would go out to hunt at night. It could be spotted racing down the street near their home, but as most people were indoors, the cute animal wasn’t in danger from oncoming vehicles. Otherwise, when it’s sunny, she lounges around on the stump.

Having a sight like this just outside your door is very exciting and this couple had the chance to experience it. It’s certainly more relaxing than discovering you have a wild bear on the loose in your neighborhood.