A Flying Thing: Is It A Bird Or Is It A Plane?

By Shivam B

Jan Allen was out one day with a solid determination to capture some praiseworthy shots. She took her telephoto lens and was feeling quite confident about her photography skills that day. Jan saw a bird called Mississippi Kite flying over her head suddenly and immediately decided to take a perfect shot of the bird. She took some random pictures with her camera thinking that at least a few of them would be good.


However, while checking the photos, she ended up laughing at the one that came well-focused. The only picture that came well-focused did not even look like a picture of a bird. The photo contained a strange flying object in the middle that seemed like a plane or a bug or even an alien spaceship but definitely not a bird.

Some people, including Allen herself, even considered the strange object captured in the photo to be a stealth bomber. The moment at which Jan captured the image made the bird look like a weird and mysterious object. The timing of the photo was so odd that it kept everyone guessing what actually appeared in the picture.


Jan Allen did end up getting one perfect shot of the bird. The Mississippi Kite looked recognizable in one of her shots. However, it was the weird shot that became everyone’s favorite. The timing of the shot contributed towards the intriguing and mysterious nature of the object that appeared in the photo, and everyone loves a good mystery.