A Seal Breaks Into A Marine Biologist’s Home But Finds Him Missing

By Anthony K

Seals are great swimmers found in deep and cold waters. Coming across one in your house is virtually impossible – unless you reside nearby the water. A family was recently stranded after a seal broke into their home and terrorized their cat.

Image Credits: @amyannaasher/Unsplash

You need to make fast decisions to handle a seal in your home. After coming across a seal in the house, one’s reaction may include contacting emergency services, giving up ownership of the house, feeding it fish and chips, or adopting it as the new family pet.

The Ross family of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, was recently faced with tough choices after a seal invaded their home. Phil Ross, the family’s marine biologist, confessed on Facebook that the kids needed a pet but adopting the seal would be overstepping.

Phil was away when the family needed him the most to show his expertise as a marine biologist. Ross told a newspaper that he missed an opportunity to shine during a family emergency that needed a marine biologist on site.

His wife, Jenn, woke up early to hit the gym. She heard a nearby bark and shuffling sounds but thought it was the neighbor’s dog. Jenn came across a cute little seal when she came back home. The seal entered a spare room and chilled on the sofa.

The Ross family had relocated to the location because of Phil’s work. Jenn and the kids were intrigued by their visitor and named it Oscar believing it would be their new pet.

Image Credits: Phil Ross

Phil believes the seal had been invited by Coco, the family cat, curious that it was one of the neighborhood’s dogs. The seal may have followed the cat hoping to make friends or find a safe space. Coco eloped to the neighbor’s house to find shelter away from the seal.

A ranger visited the family later that morning to take the seal back home, and it was released into a local estuary. Phil was impressed by his wife’s calmness when handling an unusual situation during the encounter with the intruder.