Adorable Canines Use Each Other As Pillows

By Shivam B

Golden retrievers are undeniably adorable. They are known for their friendliness. But you will learn about a new characteristic of golden retrievers. They love to snuggle as much as we do.

Image courtesy of charlieandbodie/Instagram

Golden Retriever Siblings Trio Love To Snuggle 

Charlie, Bodie, and Riggs are a trio of golden retriever siblings. Besides being insanely adorable, the trio has one unique trait. They love to use each other as pillows while taking a nap. 

Charlie is the oldest, and he is four years old. Bodie is almost three years old. Riggs is the smallest and two months old. Charlie is light blonde while Bodie is golden brown. 

Bodie is the biggest fan of using his brother as pillows. But the other two have picked up the pleasant habit too. The owner makes use of this opportunity and captures some adorable photographs of the three.

But the canines are not lazy. They love to nap, but they also have other misadventures. You will get to see all their misadventures on Instagram. The Insta fam loves the three doggos. The three brothers have a huge follower base on the social media platform.

Image courtesy of charlieandbodie/Instagram

Closing Thoughts 

Dogs do not snuggle so that you can take adorable photographs and gush over them. If you see from the evolutionary point of view, dogs are pack animals. Therefore, staying close makes them feel secure and warm. They don’t get rid of this habit even when they get older. It is just an added advantage for us that they look so cute while snuggling.