Adventurous Turtle Speeds Around On Toy Car

By Divya G

Can you believe that there’s a turtle that rides toy cars? Pretty crazy, right? But surprisingly, it is what it is! Sergio, a tiny adorable turtle, zooms around the house on top of a Hot Wheels car that has been hollowed out. The toy is harmlessly attached to its shell’s bottom with a non-toxic Silly Putty.

Image courtesy of @karlus-morales-147017727 / Pexels

Sergio’s owner, Kenny James, reveals that Sergio thoroughly enjoys doing this task. Kenny says that his turtle basically drives hot wheels, and Sergio absolutely adores and loves his car.

While turtles are not known for their speed, this cute little turtle has successfully found a fool-proof way to speed up. And now that it knows the precise technique of winning the race, it can get past the hare. Also, the hare won’t have to get some rest! Just kidding!

Most importantly, Sergio, the cute little turtle, has an Instagram account. And there is a reel where the tiny reptile is found zooming around the house on a Hot Wheels car. When you see him doing his thing, you’ll keep the Reels on repeat.

Image courtesy of @weiwei-chen-618133 / Pexels

The way this tiny turtle drives his car is effortless yet so ingenious. It manages to attach itself to this speed racer with the help of the non-toxic Silly Putty. His owner Kenny says that this is what Sergio enjoys doing the most.

Once Sergio brought one of his amphibian friends for a ride. Tubby, the toad, carefully sat on the turtle while it was driving the car. Sometimes, the adorable turtle is even found taking a dip in his tiny pool. Oh, what a life he is living!