40 Cute Pictures Of Animals Underestimating Their Own Size

By Hans A

The animal kingdom is very diverse. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some with fur, some without, and some with some peculiar qualities (we’re looking at you, capybaras!). But when it all comes down to it, at the end of the day, they’re kind of just like us humans; they need to take a breather and rest in a comfortable space.

Sometimes, though, this makes for amusing situations where the animal rests somewhere that you wouldn’t really expect them to. This is called the ‘if I fits, I sits‘ logic, and you can bet that this makes for some cute moments in the process. Heck, even a tiger in a box looks cute when this happens, but we don’t want to spoil it for you. The list speaks for itself, so let’s get to it!

Now, That’s A Good Kitty

Cats are wondrous beings. They’re cute, clever, and able to clean up after themselves pretty well. But let’s not forget that our feline friends aren’t just limited to the household ones because we also count the big scary ones here.

Photo credits: osma13 / Reddit

This picture shows one of our most proper kitties in its natural habitat: a nice little box to snuggle into whenever it wants. Granted, this one may not be the type you have in your house, but it’s just too cute not to include.

Look At This One’s Mug!

We’re going straight into the realm of ‘that’s insane‘ with this one, folks! This one shows a little birdy inside a mug. Oh, wait, it’s not just inside the mug, but it’s inside the hollow part of its handle. Take a look at how cute it is.

Photo credits: Maahee_ / Reddit

As you can see, it’s snuggly asleep inside that mug handle, and we’re all here for it. We can just hope that the mug is warm with a bit of coffee or tea for it to stay longer. It’s sad to think that it’s going to get up and leave, though!

Wait A Minute, There’s A Joke Here Somewhere

This next photo is so meta that we love it so much. Also, it manifests the concept of ‘cute’ so much that we can’t help but include it in the list. The people who took this snap probably didn’t expect the raccoon to fit!

Photo credits: saintleelyon / Reddit

As to why someone would have a pet raccoon in their house, we may not be able to answer that for you. However, we can tell you that this little trash explorer has found its way into domestication and is absolutely loving it!

Cup Holder or Cat Holder?

After looking at this picture, we’re not sure what the hole at the side of this armchair is anymore. On the one hand, you’d want to put a cup in so you can quench your thirst, but why would you need that if you have something cuter?

Photo credits: ExplainThePunchline / Reddit

It may be weird to say, but we would honestly choose the cuteness over quenching our thirst on any day. You can place your water bottle anywhere, but how many times will your kitten sneak into the cup holder? Almost never!

Pack Only Your Essentials!

When you’re going away on a trip, you’re going to have to pack the essentials: clothes, of course, a charger, some nice shoes, your laptop, and its charger. Oh, and don’t forget your cats! You can’t leave these babies on their own!

Photo credits: ethrael237 / Reddit

It doesn’t seem like a lot, right? Good! And with just those things in your suitcase, you’re ready to head off on your trip! Okay, we’re kidding. Don’t actually stuff your cats in a closed suitcase! An open one is completely fine for them, though.

Defying Physics

We think that this next one is probably the most important cat picture that you will ever look at in your life. It may sound like hyperbole, but hear us out: cats aren’t actually solid; it turns out that they’re just like solids.

Photo credits: cakes1todough1 / Reddit

Take a look for yourself with exhibit ‘A,’ the photo above! Yes, we will humbly accept the Nobel prize for Science soon. In all seriousness, though, we have no idea why this kitty would ever think of getting in this canister, but we support it all the same!

Squished Between Folders

Being organized is the best, especially when you’re trying to find important documents that you need for work. Taxes? Over on the left side of the second shelf. Birth certificates? Oh, just in the middle above the cat. Wait, by the cat?

Photo credits: Purple_Advice_6190 / Reddit

This little one is in the wrong place! It should be under the category ‘C,’ which stands for ‘cutie!’ How it got on the shelf and smooshed itself in between those folders is beyond us, but as long as it’s cute, there won’t be any issues.

“Human, Help Me Get Down!”

Yes, you’re going to be looking at a lot of cat pictures in this list. So, if you’re not a cat person, you’re guaranteed to become one after reading this. We mean a person who likes cats, not a person who is half-cat, silly.

Photo credits: trickman01 / Reddit

This one managed to climb up the plant’s pot holders and got itself stuck because of its massive chunky body. It’s cute but you have to feel bad for it after a while because the cat genuinely looks worried that it can’t get down anymore!

Yo, What’s That On Your Wrist?!

Are you familiar with that horror movie trope where the character finds out that the monster wasn’t hiding from them in their surroundings but inside their own bodies? Well, this next photo gives off that vibe pretty well! Talk about scary!

Photo credits: Maahee_2 / Reddit

Scary adorable is what it is! This little pup managed to squeeze its way into the sleeves of its owner and out the other end! How it did that is beyond us, but it looks like it’s having a comfy time, and its owner also seems very amused.

Lions Are Cats Too!

If you thought that you’d be free from the maximum cuteness overload from all the cat pictures, then we apologize because you’re dead wrong. Even though this next photo depicts a lion, let’s not forget that lions are also part of the feline family!

Photo credits: jangocortex11 / Reddit

Contrary to the other animals, this one didn’t necessarily try to fit inside a very enclosed space, like the tiger or the cat inside that canister thing. No, the “King of the Savannah” decided to ride on its chariot, or in human terms, a wheelbarrow.

Guess Who Arrived In The Mail Today

Ah, the mail. Such a convenient thing to be invented, indeed a revolution in the way we humans handle deliveries and parcels. If you ever want new earphones, then you just have to open up an online shopping app, and you’ll get the earphones delivered right to your door.

Photo credits: Money_Efficiency4681 / Reddit

This one is a bit different, though, because instead of some nice-sounding earbuds, you’re met with an adorable cat smooshed inside a box! I hope whoever got this didn’t return it to the sender, because if they don’t want it, then we’ll gladly keep it!

Literally Loafing

Okay, now we’re going to be moving from a cat’s potential traumatic experience to a cat’s manifestation of becoming a food item! Don’t eat it, though, because we bet it doesn’t taste good, and you’ll end up getting a bite in return, anyway.

Photo credits: GallowBoob / Reddit

As you can see, the cat on the left has channeled its inner loaf and managed to fit inside a bread bag. The black cat beside it is definitely just ignoring it because it’s jealous that it couldn’t fit in the same bag as the other one, though.

Wait, Don’t Sit On That Toilet!

You stopped and looked? Good. Imagine that you’re going number two in the bathroom and don’t realize that your pet cat was sitting inside the toilet all along. The horror! No amount of catnip or treats will ever fix what you’ve done.

Photo credits: himerovich / Reddit

Also, the cat’s eyes pretty much sum up how it would be feeling if you didn’t take a second look before sitting down. The utter shock, worry, and fear put into this cat are too much, but at least it looks relaxed there!

Are Dogs Made of Liquid Too?

Finally, another dog photo! For all the dog lovers out there, rejoice! For all the cat lovers, sit still because there are definitely more cat photos here than dog ones. But this time, we’re going to be looking at a basset hound that looks a bit like gravy.

Photo credits: davesidious / Reddit

We’re not sure if this dog is a genius or if it’s just so tired that it found an insanely perfect spot to take a nap. Most of his body fits on the big pot, and his head fits perfectly atop the smaller pot. And it does look like his spot is pretty comfy.

Cat Colander

Oh no, an insane chef has put a cat inside a colander and is about to cook him! Quickly save the cat! Just look at his face. He’s utterly… content. He looks very comfortable in that colander; maybe he doesn’t want us to bring him out.

Photo credits: grichardson526 / Reddit

This picture is cute for many reasons, from the cat’s face to how its fat and fur seep through the whole pot and how it seems like a chill dude to be around. Honestly, it doesn’t even look like it wants to leave.

Human, Give Me A Bath!

Lions may be the kings of the savannah, but we can’t deny that tigers are way more like prima-donnas than them. Just look at this photo of a tiger chilling inside an enormous basin, just waiting for you to give it a bath!

Photo credits: Noctulus / Reddit

It looks cute, but you can’t help but feel like an absolute peasant in front of a monarch when you’re in this situation! At least you’re able to enjoy its striped pattern. We mean, the uniform stripes on its tail that are just perfection.

Oh, hello there, friend!

What’s up with animals and the sleeves of our jackets? Do they go in there because it’s comfy, or do they just go in because they want to snuggle up to us? Either way, it’s a God-given blessing because they look super cute in the process.

Photo credits: fyflate89 / Reddit

This friendly duck just so happened to weasel its way into the sleeve of this person’s sweater, and it looks like it’s having the time of its life. We think the best part about this is that the person in the picture is just giving it a perpetual head pat.

Ferret in a Box

You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf and Jack in the Box, but have you ever heard of Badger in a Box? No? Well, then you’re lucky because this next photo shows exactly that! They may be woodland-raised, but they look pretty good inside a home! Oh wait, that’s a ferret? Whoops!

Photo credits: id77 / Reddit

Just look at how tightly snug it is, lying down in a spiral inside this canvas box. If you’ve ever hated ferrets, then now is the time to change that because this one isn’t harmful at all! Maybe just don’t leave anything fragile nearby when they’re walking around.

Another Insane Meal

Oh no, another insane chef has dropped a cat into a cast iron pan and is now preparing to cook them on the stove; somebody help! And once again, the cat looks completely fine with its situation. Cats are peculiar, aren’t they?

Photo credits: strawberryachi / Twitter

This one is even in a very human-like pose, sitting upright with its legs spread open and arms between the legs. We hope that the stove didn’t turn on suddenly, because we want to keep it in there forever. This cat is just so cute!

Cap Dog

Dog lovers are once again winning with this next photo! Caps may be meant to be worn on your head, but we promise that once you see this image, you’ll leave them around for your dogs to lie down in!

Photo credits: Prostoilogin / Reddit

Now, if you have anything larger than a pup, they may not exactly fit inside your hat, but if you have smaller dogs and a larger head, then that’s perfect. Just be careful to leave them alone because, like the puppy in the photo above, they look pretty snug inside there!

Exhibit B of Cats Being Liquid

Here’s another proof of our theory for you: a cat in its non-solid form inside a sink! Yes, we know that most cats can fit inside the sink. But look at this one and how perfectly it sits inside it! Coincidence? We think not, to be honest.

Photo credits: Mystifique / Reddit

Imagine waking up and walking to the bathroom all groggy, hoping to wash your face with some nice clean cold water but instead have this greet you. We bet that you wouldn’t be able to tell if you should be happy or absolutely surprised.

Get Down From There

This cat photo is particularly odd. As you can see from the sign, this isn’t the first time the kitty has managed to sneak its way up the door and in between the curtain. Well, if the owners had only witnessed this once, they probably wouldn’t make that sign in the first place.

Photo credits: rwalker151 / Reddit

To be honest, it looks stuck, and anyone would immediately pick up on that thought and probably call the owners to save the cat. The most likely scenario is that the owners got fed up with all the people knocking on their door to tell them about their cat, so they put up that sign.

A Bucket of Goat’s… Just Goats

You’ve heard of buckets of goat’s milk, but have you ever seen a bucket full of goats instead? Look no further because we have something here for you that will satiate your morbid curiosity! What do you mean you aren’t curious about goats?

Photo credits: MayaPendixx / Reddit

Yes, you’re a goat lover now; we get it! At least now we know how Mary would lug around her little lamb to town and down the river, eh? Let’s just hope they don’t get any bigger because we don’t have a bigger bucket around!

What’s up, Dog?

Hello, we’d like to introduce you to our dear friend Franklin. Apparently, he’s been taking baths in the sink since he was a puppy and has never upgraded to the tub ever since, nor has he ever wanted to upgrade his throne of bathing.

Photo credits: CShakraT / Reddit

He thinks he fits in the sink just fine, despite growing to an enormous size. To be fair to Franklin, it truly does seem like he can fit in that sink perfectly well. Let’s just not ruin the fun for him and force him to get into the tub, after all.

Dog in the Hood

No, we don’t mean that kind of hood; we meant a hoodie! If you haven’t had enough of adorable animals for today, this image will get your heart pumping with cuteness overload. In addition to hopping inside the hoodie, the dog fell asleep!

Photo credits: fuKpolitness / Reddit

Just look at that little guy’s adorable pose while he’s sleeping! If that doesn’t make you go “aw,” then we think you should go visit a doctor and see if your heart’s still there — because we’re pretty sure a normal person would appreciate this.

Shiba Smile

The Shiba Inu is one of the cutest dog breeds in the entire world. You can’t change our mind about this, it’s just fact, and everyone knows it. They’re furry, have perfect faces, and are very, very playful. Who wouldn’t want one of these?

Photo credits: mjbelkin / Reddit

Let’s just say that this particular Shiba loves books, and we won’t be surprised if he can actually read. Okay, the last part is purely fictitious, but imagine if he could — that would both be amazing and haunting at the same time.

Look Into The Abyss

What, you want more cat pictures? Coming right up, chief! We got a ton more of that here for you. We hope you won’t get tired of staring at cat pictures. Especially this one, because the roles are reversed and that cat is staring at you.

Photo credits: wubbalubbadubdub_2 / Reddit

You’ve probably heard of the famous saying about staring into the abyss and the abyss staring back. Most of the time, that’s pretty scary to think about, but what if the abyss looked like a cute black cat inside a pot?

‘Bring Your Cat To Work’ Day

“Bring Your Pet To Work Day” is common in many modern offices. It boosts morale because of the cuteness and give you an opportunity to spend more time with your pet. That’s two birds with one stone, alright! Just don’t bring your bird, maybe, but cats are OK!

Photo credits: Work4Carbs / Reddit

This little one fell asleep right inside the file tray, and who would ever want to disturb its slumber? Not us, that’s for sure! Not only is it amazing that it managed to fit inside that tiny space, but it’s also just immensely cute to begin with.


We swear, cats will be comfortable anywhere you put them. That is both their redeeming quality and the weirdest thing about them. Just look at this one that decided not to rest inside the tipi but rest on the top where all the sticks meet.

Photo credits: HomeWifi / Reddit

Imagine the hurt in the owner’s eyes when they painstakingly put together this tipi for their cat to chill in for the day. Instead, the cat just said “nope” and went up to the tipi-top and chilled there. Did they feel disappointed? Probably. But at least the cat looks cute!

More Pet Holders

For all the people who like to bring their pets to other places besides the other rooms in your household, we salute you! We love it when owners treat their pets like children, because then car rides with the pet becomes a completely normal thing!

Photo credits: Ggreenrocket / Reddit

If you’ve ever felt down and decided to look at Twitter to get away from all those worries, but end up just looking at political stuff, try finding this picture there! You won’t regret it. We mean, look at that adorable puppy chilling in the cup holder!

This just keeps getting weirder

If the last one wasn’t weird enough for you, then you’ll be utterly weirded out by this next photo. It’s a dog that is literally chilling in the small gutter beside of the road. We got a few theories on why this would happen, though!

Photo credits: BaasBassie / Reddit

So, first off, we could assume that the big man hated the sun’s heat shining down on him, along with his thick fur, so he thought it would be a great idea to go into the water to cool off! The next theory is… well, there’s just one. Sorry about that.

That’s A Weird Flower

A bunch of people loves gardening. A bunch of people loves having dogs around. And there are also a bunch of people who love both gardening and having dogs around. And what if your animal best friend decides to help you out with gardening?

Photo credits: haeren / Reddit

This dog over here may not have been the best boy, seeing as though he does have a con on his head, but he’s definitely one of the best in cuteness and spontaneity! We think he could pull off playing a flower in the next school play.

How Small Is This Cat

There are a lot of things that we would like to ask about this picture. Why are there so many clothes on the floor? Where did the person buy that little bedside cabinet? And what’s that black thing around the plant pot?

Photo credits: Stefanotheonly / Reddit

The most baffling question we have to ask is how in the world did this cat fit inside the sleeve of a jacket? It is so small that only its head is peeping out. Whatever the answer to this curious case is, one thing is for certain: you should be careful walking around!

Pocket Puppy

There’s one rule of life that should always be followed: if you have a pup that can fit inside your jacket pocket, then you are now obligated to bring it around inside your jacket pocket. No, that’s not a made-up rule; that’s completely true.

Photo credits: meowpal33 / Reddit

There’s a nice little coincidence in this picture, with our little jacket friend matching the jacket really well. Now that’s a fashion statement that should be remembered throughout the ages! It sucks to be you if you don’t have a dog, though.

Pot Pomeranian

This next photo is both funny and cute at the same time. It’s another case of being unsure how this animal fit inside such an enclosed and tight space, but we are all here for it – as long as the animal didn’t get hurt.

Photo credits: oneoflady.com

Based on its expression, though, it looks pretty relaxed. The picture even creates a sort of optical illusion, making it look like the dog’s body is the vase. We’re not sure if we need glasses, but it really does truly look like it!

The Loaf is Alive!

One of our most frequent and terrifying nightmares is waking up in the middle of the night to a living loaf of bread in front of us! This is why we prefer to eat rice and pasta instead! Wait, you guys don’t have that dream?

Photo credits: Funky_Smells / Reddit

Well, rest assured, no living loaves of bread actually exist. What we do have, though, is another pet inside a loaf tray. And if you don’t think this dachshund looks cute, then we don’t know what will satisfy your achy-breaky heart. Seriously!

One Venti Cappuccino, Please

If you’ve ever hoarded Starbucks cups like a madman and wondered what use you would have for them, then look no further because you can actually use them to put your puppies in. The bonus is that you can get a cute snap like this one!

Photo credits: animqls / Twitter

In a way, the dog in the picture actually does look like a marbled mocha cappuccino. If you’re not looking at its face and paws, that is. That doesn’t mean you should try to drink it, though! Dogs are friends, not food!

Critter in a Cup

Big animals in small spaces may look cute in their own right, but how about small animals in small areas? Well, we think you’d be surprised to know that they’re even cuter! And trust us, this is going to overload your brain with dopamine!

Photo credits: id77 / Reddit

This little animal in a cup is chilling like a boss. It is probably wondering when the next winter will arrive and how they will gather food to survive — until it remembers that a loving human is taking care of them!

Sneaky, Sneaky

Snakes may be scary, and in most iterations of them in literature, they’re connected to evil and mischief and all that. Although they may not exactly be the cutest animals, a ton of people still keep them around as pets and take care of them.

Photo credits: Deleted / Reddit

They should be kept in secure places where they can’t escape and scare people. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like snuggling up in some tight spaces that they find! After all, they do come from the wilderness where there’s plenty of space to crawl around.

More Dogs In Small Spaces

Okay, the question you’ve probably been having for the longest time is why it seems like all animals love tight spaces. Even huge dogs! They try to get in sinks, in flower pots, and this time, in between the sofa!

Photo credits: Deleted / Reddit

Look at this chunky dog just chilling in that tiny space, not even worried about anything. Honestly, we’re kind of jealous that pets are able to live such a carefree life, crawling into whatever tight space they find in front of them!