Wacky Wildlife: Animals Captured On Camera Being Their Au Naturel Goofy Selves

By Israel O

We all know how hard it is for nature photographers to get that perfect pic. They’ll spend hours, days, or weeks in order to get a National Geographic-worthy shot. And while there are dozens if not hundreds of failed attempts, some of those are perfect in their own way…

In 2015, photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam started the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards to honor those pictures that won’t make the cover of Nat Geo. As you can guess by the name, entrants submit their one-in-a-million shots of animals being goofy. From gossipping raccoons to sly dragonflies, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has it all.

So get ready to laugh like a hyena as we explore the animal kingdom like you’ve never seen it before.

The Monkey King

Judging by how this monkey is moving with his hands up and his leg hanging mid-air, we believe he is practicing Kung Fu. We might be wrong, but the stories of the legendary “Monkey King” might be true after all. 

Image courtesy of SaroshLodhi/Comedy Wildlife Photo

The wild animal kingdom is as old as the first civilization and has a deep-rooted history. If the Monkey King does indeed exist, there’s no better place to hide his identity and live in seclusion than in the wild. After all, he is a monkey.

Sound of Music

This year’s edition of the Comedy Wildlife Awards looks set to blow our minds. It might even feature surprise performances from some of the wildlife natives. This Kangaroo is on top of the pile as he was pictured rehearsing on the field.

Image courtesy of LeaScaddan/Comedy Wildlife Photo

They say music is a universal language. It knows no bounds. And despite the differences in language, style, and genre, it still manages to unite everyone. Hopefully, we get to see this Kangaroo steal the show on award night.

Negotiating with a Terrorist

There’s nothing to see here, just a prairie dog negotiating himself out of a deadly situation. In some parts of the world, it is against policy to reconcile with predators in human form. However, in the wild, anything goes. Survival is the goal. 

Image courtesy of ArthurTrevino/Comedy Wildlife Photo

We’re not sure what the prairie dog is trying to say, but from the way his hands are up, he seems to be trying to convince the eagle he’s telling the truth and to spare him. Let’s hope they both agree on world peace.

The Angry Bird

This cute little Ruby-Crowned Kinglet was having a quiet afternoon before he caught one of the photographers taking pictures of him for the comedy awards. He shouted angrily in their wild language, “That’s illegal,” before giving him a cold hard stare. 

Image courtesy of PatrickDirlam/Comedy Wildlife Photo

It would appear that humans are not the only intelligent ones, and even in the wild, invasion of privacy is taken very seriously. Now that we’re looking at it again, it bears a striking resemblance to the infamous Angry Bird.

Cool as you Like

Just like how we humans have different behaviors, attitudes, and reactions, the same applies to animals. This lizard is known for being cool, calm, and collected in the wild. Nothing fazes it, not even the camera’s flashing at him. 

Image courtesy of AdityaKshirsagar/Comedy Wildlife Photo

While there is a possibility that he only gave that pose because he saw the photographers nearby with their cameras, the truth remains that the lizard, which comes in many colors and sizes, is one of the most extraordinary animals in the wild


What is it with birds and looking all hot and bothered? We don’t know who got this bird so angry, but it is not in the mood. It looks like another bird took the food he had caught and kept it for lunch.  

Image courtesy of Andrew Mayes/Comedy Wildlife Photo

There are no rules and no room for mistakes in the wild. Only the intelligent and robust thrives. You either kill to survive, or you get killed so others can survive. This bird just found out the hard way. It’s a brutal world out there.

Happiness is Free

Despite the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine, this has nonetheless been a tough year for everyone in the world. However, that did not dampen the spirits of this dragonfly as it was captured smiling happily while posing for the camera. 

Image courtesy of AxelBocker/Comedy Wildlife Photo

It’s almost as if it was happy to see the photographers and their cameras once more. We might be wrong, but there might be a chance we’re not the only ones looking forward to this year’s edition of the Comedy Wildlife Awards.

Mission Impossible

After watching all the installments of Mission Impossible and taking Tom Cruise as his idol, this raccoon sets off on his first solo mission to steal a snack. However, he had no idea it was easier said than done. 

Image courtesy of NicolasdeVAULX/Comedy Wildlife Photo

He must have missed the part where Tom Cruise took his time and came up with plans before breaking into buildings. Typically, we’d say better luck next time, but that would be us promoting stealing. So, we’ll hope he chooses a different profession. 

Poker Faced Snake

This type of snake is called a Vine Snake, but it is commonly known as the Asian Vine Snake because Asia is the continent where most of them are located. Make no mistake. This snake might look cute, but that is just its poker face. 

Image courtesy of AdityaKshirsagar/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Vine snakes tend to react when they’re under threat by opening their mouth, just like in the picture. They can be very aggressive, and they would not make a great pet, so don’t even think about adopting one for your own personal pleasure.

The Wildlife Band

This is what the Comedy Wildlife Awards is all about; they show you the beautiful side of the wildlife. How else would we have been able to discover these three incredible musical talents? Look at them singing at the top of their lungs. 

Image courtesy of Chu Han Lin/Comedy Wildlife Photo

We don’t know which one of them is the leader of the band, but we’re sure they’re very passionate about their music and harmony. It would be interesting to have them perform their wildlife music on the final day of the awards.

Tough Times Never Last

We don’t know what this pigeon is going through, but the leaf on his face kind of sums it up. It’s looking like one of those self-reflection afternoons where you think about your past, present, and future all at the same time. In other words, an existential crisis.

Image courtesy of JohnSpeirs/Comedy Wildlife Photo

It would seem that even in the wild, animals have their fair share of problems, and just like humans, they never actually go away. We just hope this little pigeon knows there are better days ahead and that giving up isn’t the answer.

Enough Playing Around

Regardless of whether it’s a human or an otter, kids will always be kids, and they’ll always try to do what they want. However, “not this time,” this momma otter said before dragging her baby otter away to receive the discipline of his life. 

Image courtesy of Chee Kee Teo/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Apparently, all moms are the same, human or not. Perhaps if he finished his homework and his household chores, maybe she would have left him alone. Now, it looks like he’s going to get it. Hopefully, it doesn’t hurt too much. 

The Giggling Seal

How often do you see a sea animal smile or laugh? This gray seal pup appeared to be giggling at someone or something. What’s surprising is that he did it the old-fashioned way by covering his mouth with his hands. 

Image courtesy of Martina Novotna/Comedy Wildlife Photo

There is a school of thought that states that humans are simply higher animals, and to some extent, our behaviors are similar to that of animals. A seal giggling like a human being adds more credibility to that notion. 

Wildlife’s Johnny English

We don’t know the criteria to become a spy in the wild, but this owl has to be the worst spy in history. He not only got himself captured by the camera, but he also tried to act like he was sleeping. 

Image courtesy of Natalie /Comedy Wildlife Photo

Animals do have a way of knowing when a stranger invades their personal space at any given moment. We always assumed it was a natural feeling, but we recently discovered that it is the owls who are tasked with spying and reporting.

The Shy Gosling 

This Gosling is cute, and we think he knows it. But there’s one small problem; they can be timid. While other goslings in the area didn’t mind the flashes of camera and attention they received, this one was quite nervous.  

Image courtesy of CharliePage/Comedy Wildlife Photo

This Gosling is not even a year old, so it hasn’t seen this many humans flocking around the forest with cameras in his short lifetime. However, in the end, he did strike a pose even though we know he was simply trying to sneak a peek.

The Penguins of Madagascar 

This photographer spent a whole day at the beach hoping to capture something epic for the Comedy Wildlife Awards. It was looking like one of those boring afternoons until suddenly, out of the blue, he saw three of the infamous Penguins of Madagascar.

Image courtesy of Joshua Galicki/Comedy Wildlife Photo

According to the way he narrated it, he said everything was in slow motion as they all walked in tandem, music playing in the background, cameras flashing, and people screaming “Skipper, Rico, and Private.” It was just like in the movies.

Wildlife Isolation

Just like how it was on every channel and billboard you’ll see on the road, news of the “Stay at Home” order has somehow reached the wild too. Nothing truly travels faster than news especially when the whole world is hearing the same thing. 

Image courtesy of Kevin Biskaborn/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Animals in the wild are now skeptical about letting their kids come out to play, especially these raccoons. They are under strict orders from their mother not to move an inch despite the fascinating itch to touch the mysterious camera.

Preparing Dinner

If you stay in the wild long enough, you’ll get used to making things happen in unorthodox ways, just like how this tiger is gathering logs of wood so she can make fire and roast her prey for dinner. 

Image courtesy of Siddhant Agrawal/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Only a few animals in the jungle can boast of being more robust than a tiger. They are said to weigh between 140 to 370 pounds on average. With all of that strength, it’s no wonder she can easily carry a log of wood.

The Posing Bear

Hanging out in the wild can be genuinely hilarious if you know where to look. There are lots of fun creatures out there and this Kodiak brown bear is one of them. He saw the camera lights flashing and decided to give a pose. 

Image courtesy of Wenona Suydam/Comedy Wildlife Photo

The photographer was happy to take plenty of pictures as this Kodiak is probably the only animal who would settle down to give him a clean shot. If animals could also be models, there’s no doubt this Kodiak would be a super one. 

The Happy Frog

Another happy wildlife animal joins the list, and this time, it’s a frog who became overly excited by his jumping powers. This little frog was so pleased after he seemed to reach new heights as he landed on a flower on his first try. 

Image courtesy of DikkyOesin/Comedy Wildlife photo

A frog’s jump has an integral part to play in their survival as a higher jump could help them escape predators or catch their prey. So, we can understand why this frog is so excited he can jump to new heights.

Forever Home

Whether you grew up in a mansion, a hut, or a tree hole like this raccoon here, it will always be home to you. No matter how old you grow up to be, you will always want to go back and relive special memories. 

Image courtesy of Brook Burling/Comedy Wildlife Photo

This Raccoon once lived in this tree hole, and after many years of exploring the wild, he finally returns home to his original nest. The only problem is he has grown bigger and doesn’t seem to fit in anymore. Indeed, the young shall grow like weeds.

The Dancing Bear

We hate to admit it, but there is truly a possibility that animals are living a happier life than some of us. We don’t know what the occasion is or what song he’s dancing to, but that is one elated bear.

Image courtesy of RickElieson/Comedy Wildlife Photo

It’s safe to say he’s had breakfast, lunch, and is ready to have the delicious dinner that’s in store for him. What else could possibly get a bear so happy that he pulls out his inner Michael Jackson? It has to be food.

And the Winner is!

We have no idea what transpired between these two, but we do know the prairie dog flying through the air must have been victorious. It takes a big man to admit when he has lost, but an even bigger man to celebrate with the winner after losing. 

Image courtesy of Roland Kranitz/Comedy Wildlife Photo

These prairie dogs are having too much fun in a place filled with animals trying to survive by feeding on each other. It is truly a rare sight to witness and one you don’t see very often – two “rivals” playing together and not chasing each other.

The Power Horses 

These next two cuties might be the inspiration behind the famous energy drink called Power Horse because they are very photogenic and do know how to strike an eye-catching pose. However, they won’t stop shining their teeth are in the very front of the camera.

Image courtesy of EdwinSmiths/Comedy Wildlife Photo

We almost thought they were taking promo shots to apply for the model position at Colgate as they wouldn’t stop flashing their teeth. We later discovered they’re a creature of habit, and it’s in their nature to open their mouths wide.

Dance Fighting

Love is a beautiful thing, but it is not without its perks. Even the most in love couples have misunderstandings. These kangaroos may look like they’re dancing, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that’s not all they’re doing. 

Image courtesy of Lea Scaddan/Comedy Wildlife photo

We have to admit, they’re pretty good and have a lot in common with the famous hit couple movie Mr & Mrs. Smith. They’ve been together for many years, so this isn’t their first time settling their differences through dance-fighting.

Monkey and the Tree: A True Love Story

We’re not sure if it’s a kiss or if it is simply using the tree as a tool to scratch off an itch on its nose. Either way, a monkey will always need trees because they are their safe haven

Image courtesy of JakubHodan/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Monkeys and trees are inseparable. In fact, they sleep and eat on trees. You won’t find a bunch of monkeys lurking around without a nearby tree. It is their anchor and livelihood and what allows them to move around freely.


What’s even more annoying than getting drunk is the morning after. They are usually very long and unpleasant, and they make you regret your actions. This owl was captured looking dizzy, almost like he just got back from the club. 

Image courtesy of AnitaRoss/Comedy Wildlife Photo

We’re more concerned that it’s hungover and standing on top of a not-so-wide stick. One little slip and it could find itself tumbling into paradise. The only thing that can save it when it falls is its massive wings.

A Parent’s Love

This young bear decided to scratch his back using the back of his dad as a tool. The only reason he’s not getting tossed into the water is that he’s family. When you’re family, you have the freedom to do this and more.

Image courtesy of Andy Parkinson/Comedy Wildlife Photo

A parent’s love is an essential ingredient in not just our lives, but in an animal’s life too. Even the harshest of animals become so soft when they’re with their cubs. Love is a universal feeling, and animals need it just as much as we do.

The Karate Cubs

We might have to add a fighting tournament to the awards program because there are a lot of kung fu masters in the wild. We don’t know if it’s just practice or a real fight, but these two Kamtchaka bear cubs are killing it. 

Image courtesy of Andy Parkinson/Comedy Wildlife Photo

The fact they’re doing it on the water just makes it all the more fascinating. It’s straight out of a Wuxia drama book. Plus, the Guardians of the Galaxy could use the services of a great wildlife fighter, and these two are starting early.

The Antisocial Bear Cub

This young bear cub quickly hid and howled to his mother after noticing the presence of a photographer. It was his first time seeing a human, and he got scared because he thought it was under threat. We really don’t blame him, though.

Image courtesy of Pal Marchhart/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Ever since they were born, young bear cubs are taught by their mothers to find a tree and climb whenever they feel they’re in danger. Seeing this young bear cub hide behind a tree wasn’t out of his character. He was just following directions from mamma bear.

The Beach Directors

Who else would be suited for the role of director of the beach if not the Penguins of Madagascar? They’ve lived and surfed in the waters for half their life, so they know how to handle the business that goes down on the beach.

Image courtesy of Carol Taylor/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Moreover, in the case of an amateur swimmer having a difficult time in the water, there’s no better lifeguard to have in your presence than an experienced penguin. It looks like the elections in the wild are truly free and fair.

The Fish who did Lip Surgery

Lip enhancement is a type of surgery that has been done by humans since it became a thing on earth. However, we’re beginning to doubt that may not be true as this boxfish was pictured showing off his pink pillow lips underwater. 

Image courtesy of Philipp Stahr/ Comedy Wildlife Photo

We don’t know how fish learned about lip surgery or even kissing, for that matter. So unless Aquaman suddenly has a medical degree and has opened up an underwater clinic, we can’t seem to understand how this is possible.

The Good Times are Here

The world might be going through some crisis at the moment, but in the wild, it’s the complete opposite. They’re having the time of their lives. When does a monkey ever get to ride on top of a giraffe?

Image courtesy of Dirk Jan Steehouwer/Comedy Wildlife Photo

We don’t know if Christmas came early in the wild, but everything seems to be more than just fine. The lands are green, apples are falling from the trees, and the once-notorious monkeys seem to be making unusual friends.

Singing like Whitney Houston

A monkey performing I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston simply tells you how much impact she had as an artist. The whole world was in awe of her powerful vocals, but it seems she had the same influence in the wild, too

Image courtesy of Clemence Guinard/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Trying to emulate a legendary musician like Whitney Houston is an excellent decision on this monkey’s part. However, it’s one thing to want to sing like her, and it’s another to actually sing like her. Passion doesn’t necessarily mean ability.

Wildlife Gossip

Be it on earth or in the wild, there will always be some group of people whose idea of fun is talking about the businesses of others. Sometimes, it’s entertaining, and other times it isn’t, especially when you’re in the middle of it. 

Image courtesy of Jan Piecha/Comedy Wildlife Photo

These raccoon cubs seem to be whispering to each other in an attempt to have a conversation about someone discreetly. We assure you that whatever they’re talking about will surely spread like wildfire very soon and become the talk of the town.

Home Training

Even in the wild, charity begins at home. This penguin can be seen fulfilling his duties as a parent by showing his chick around the beach and teaching him how to surf without causing trouble to the fish in the ocean. 

Image courtesy of Josef Friedhuber/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Being a parent can be the most beautiful thing in the world, but it can equally be the hardest. It’s not enough you have to raise your kid, but you have to teach them how to survive and be on their own, too.

A Family Moment

It’s the season of love, and these polar bears are not wasting any time to show it. This polar bear mom can be seen happily having a bath with her young cub. There seems to be another bear trying to make his presence felt.

Image courtesy of Cheryl Strahl/Comedy Wildlife Photo

It’s the youngest who always gets more kisses and love from a mother, and even in the wild, it’s the same. It’s no wonder her older son in the background is feeling left out and wants to join the fun.

Swinging Gone Wrong

You don’t need anyone to tell you before realizing how much pain this monkey is going through right now. It’s the one place no one wants to feel any pain. If a monkey could end up like this, how did Tarzan do it?

Image courtesy of KenJensen/Comedy Wildlife Photo

For a monkey that swings and jumps off trees all the time, one would think they never make mistakes like this since they are masters at swinging. This just adds further credibility to the saying, “No one is perfect.”

Shake it off

Did you know that elephants can feel and express many types of emotions, whether it be sad, happy, angry, depressed, and more? They mourn the loss of a fellow elephant from the herd as well. This one, however, is expressing his utter joy.

Image courtesy of Vicki Jauron/Comedy Wildlife Photo

This big and beautiful creature can be seen expressing his utter excitement and joy in taking a fresh mud bath. The photographer captured this photo in Zimbabwe on a sunny afternoon. There is no other place he’d rather be right now. That’s for sure.

This Fella Had Got Style

Remember when we said that the lizard is one of the coolest animals (amphibian) in the animal kingdom? We weren’t kidding. Maybe this next photo will make you believe us because it looks like this lizard was born to pose in front of the lense.

Image courtesy of Gurumoorthy K/Comedy Wildlife Photo

Just take a look at his fresh green color and that effortless expression on his face. He even has a touch of pizazz with that white stop running down the middle of his chest. We just love this photo and everything about this unique lizard.

What’s up man!

What is it will all the flies in the animal kingdom that are in such good moods? First, we saw the dragonfly that was smiling from ear to ear, and now we have this little guy who is not only smiling but waving to the person behind the camera at the same time!

Image courtesy of Mattias Hammar/Comedy Wildlife Photo

He is saying hello and welcome to the wonderful world of macro nature! He ventured up the grass straw and took a break at the intersection to offer a warm welcome to his human counterparts. He actually looks so cute, and we never say this about insects!

Who knows?

Brown pelicans are known to have a wide wingspan and a deep brown color. They love to bathe and then shake themselves off at the beginning of each day. However, this one seems like he forgot what he was doing.

Image courtesy of Dawn Wilson/Comedy Wildlife Photo

The photographer said this photo was taken in the middle of the pandemic. However, this one pelican seems to be telling the world that he doesn’t know what 2021 will be like since he looks to be shrugging his shoulders.

I Am Beauty, I Am Grace

Bald eagles are one of the most skilled creatures in the animal kingdom. They can see their prey from miles away and pick it up so gracefully they don’t even have to think twice. They also know how to effortlessly snap branches off trees even when they are in the middle of a flight.

Image courtesy of David Eppley/Comedy Wildlife Photo

However, this eagle was caught in an awkward form. This probably wasn’t the best flight he has ever experienced, and it honestly looks quite painful. It’s ok. Just like humans, they also make mistakes and sometimes miss their targets.