40+ Animals Who Were Spotted Enjoying Life’s Finer Things

By Jana

The life of animals and wildlife capture the hearts and attention of many people around the globe. Whether they are captured through a lens of a professional photographer for National Geographic or just via the iPhone of your neighbor Sally, most of them are thoroughly entertaining. Animals are usually up to funny shenanigans on a daily basis, like lambs sleeping on people’s knees, a bunny peeking under a piece of lettuce, or a mouse posing for a photograph with two claws in the air resembling a peace sign, just to name a few. If these examples seem to overwhelm you with joy, you might want to check out an Instagram page called, The Snuggle Is Real (@thesnuggleisrl), whose sole purpose is to make you smile with daily shares of hilarious and cute animal pictures. We have picked out some of the funniest photos from this page for your entertainment.

Jack, I’m Flying!

If you’ve never watched Titanic and cried while Rose realized her true love was actually a poor young man called Jack, whom she met on the biggest ship at the time, you are missing out! Luckily, these reptiles were all too familiar with this love story.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

From the tilt of their head to the position of their little legs, these animals represent what we call relationship goals! Whenever you find yourself evaluating your significant other, just think: does he appreciate me like these two appreciate each other?

Camera Shy

Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation in your childhood, and your parents insist that you absolutely must take a photo at that exact moment, so you just stand there horrified and stunned? Well, this puppy-eyed seal can relate.  

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

It looks exactly like a child guilty of something, whether that is breaking a glass table, stealing candy, drawing on the walls, or taking a leak in the swimming pool. The saying goes, “eyes never lie,” and one look into these seal’s eyes tells us all there is to know. 

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

If you have a pet, you must know that eerie feeling when you open your eyes or turn around, and they are sitting behind you or to your side just staring at you with no real motive but to spook you out. 

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

This duckling’s glare is terrifying. One wrong move, and who knows what might happen! Next time you feed your pets, make sure to put in some extra treats in their food. You don’t want to risk any accidents happening. Remember folks, better safe than sorry.

Love at First Sight

Baby animals of any kind provide a dose of oxytocin daily to anyone in need. They are adorable, playful, curious, and irresistible. Imagine lying down, and puppies start running over you, licking your face, and jumping on your tummy – anyone will feel joy!

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Now take a look at this wonderful little calf. It looks like the softest, most cuddly calf in the world. Its beautiful eyes are just enough to fall in love with it, but the heart on its forehead is what seals the deal.

Winter is Coming

Winter is just around the corner, cities are covered in snow, and the sun is escaping from the sky. The sun provides people with vitamin D and a necessary amount of serotonin that’s responsible for happiness levels throughout the day.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Now, animals need sunshine as well. Take a look at this little Dachshund basking in the sun! It looks like it just came back from its 9-5 job in desperate need of some sunbathing and lemonade by the swimming pool. What a life!

It Was All Just Bricks in the Wall

Have you ever done something irresponsible with your friends? Something you couldn’t stop once it has started? People tend to do those things out of boredom or sheer adrenaline rush. One could say it’s in our nature to seek trouble.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Just like it’s in goats’ nature to climb over rocks, mountains, and even brick walls if it’s in their way. These two seem to be under the impression that climbing over a brick wall would be an interesting challenge they should undertake. Go goats! You’re over halfway there!

See, We Told You They Eat Chickens!

Living in the countryside has its perks! You are surrounded by nature and fresh air, there is no traffic, and everything seems peaceful, wholesome, and safe. One might expect a few nosy neighbors stopping by once in a while, but that’s about it!

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

But what about nosy pets or domestic animals? The cat and the dog seem to have some kind of an alliance with the chickens after a serious conversation. Are they showing them the truth that humans consume chicken eggs and meat, or are they all conspiring to steal some extra snacks? Only time will tell.

The Turtle and the…Fish?!

These days, lines at the grocery stores, supermarkets, post offices, and banks have never been longer. Some might be a little bit less patient than others, and they might try to be the first in line no matter what it takes.

Image courtesy of Troy Mane/Barcroft Images

This turtle has had it with these annoying fish constantly speeding through and getting the goodies first. Well, not today! Remember the story of the race between a turtle and a rabbit? The rabbit lost! However, here, the turtle is playing no games.

Something Touched My Leg!

Imagine swimming carelessly in a lake or a river when something suddenly touches your legs. It’s slimy, it’s long, and you are almost certain it had some kind of scales or spikes. You are sweating in terror. What do you do?

Image courtesy of Penny Palmer/Barcroft Images

Well, this otter can relate! Look at it! It kinda looks like it’s experiencing a scare of its life, poor thing. It was minding its own business, relaxing on the water, daydreaming about a vast dam, when a mysterious creature caressed his back. How inconsiderate.

And I Will Always Love You

Whenever people talk about someone they love, it shows on their faces. The pure joy, delight, a broad smile stamped across a happy face – it’s a given – you’re deeply in love! Animals are similar, too. They love their owners, their species, other animals, and sometimes even plants.

Image courtesy of Andrea Zapatti/Barcroft Images

Take a look at this elated tiny rodent. It looks like it’s having a little reunion with its favorite flower and sharing all of its recent adventures like how it survived winter, there was enough food for the family, and most importantly, how it can’t wait to spend a long sunny summer in the neighborhood.

What is Wrong with You?!

There is always that one person in the family who you can never take anywhere, be that the store, a birthday party, or a holiday gathering, because they make an absolute mess out of any situation and leave you going home embarrassed.

Image courtesy of George Cathcart/Barcroft Images

That feeling is what people have in common with the animal world. You can’t tell us that the seal on the left is not an angry and disgusted mother scolding her child for misbehaving and embarrassing her in front of the whole family!

Yeah, I’m Sure This is the Place

When you’re young, your parents might send you to go somewhere by yourself for the first time, and this can be a traumatic experience, especially if you’re not familiar with the area and you’ve visited it only a few times before.

Image courtesy of Carl Henry/Barcroft Images

Consider yourself lucky. At least you know the difference between a church and your local drugstore. These three fellow friends have embarked on a life-long adventure and a breakthrough in the wilderness – the first animals to become devoted Christians. How remarkable!

Knock, Knock!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? An animal. An animal who? An animal who will steal your heart. And your food. And quite possibly, almost certainly, steal your chickens, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Do you have rabbits? I like them just as much!

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

If you saw this on your back porch, don’t act like you wouldn’t let it in despite all the things you know about foxes, like their behavior and hunting activities. How could you resist such an adorable face and silly expression?!

Self-Care Day

Every day should be a self-care day. Make sure to drink enough water, eat enough protein, get around eight hours of sleep a night, and take a steaming hot shower to distress. Or a bath! Whatever floats your boat. Be like this dog…

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

It’s having a full-on spa treatment out on the street. Mild water with healthy herbs and plants, essential oils, and probably even water bugs to help exfoliate the dead skin. And it doesn’t even cost that much – just 99 cents per hour.  

Mary Had a Little Lamb

This is one of the best feelings in the world – having a baby rely on you and trust you so much it would fall asleep in your arms, carelessly and effortlessly. That’s why we say that someone is sleeping like a baby, meaning, without any care in the world.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

To gain someone’s trust completely and undoubtedly is what we all should feel during the course of our lifetimes. This little lamb is feeling cared for, nurtured, and pleased. Oh, how good it must feel to be Mary’s little lamb.

It’s About Drive; It’s About Power!

Going to the gym regularly isn’t easy. Taking time out of your day to exercise requires discipline. And making sure to eat enough protein, carbs, and healthy fats can be tiring. But seeing the gains in the mirror just might be the best feeling ever!

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Who is the most handsome starfish under the sea? Star Bob Five Legs! Doing sit-ups every day is guaranteed to build that six-pack of your dreams. However, you must be disciplined enough. Star Bob Five Legs is here to help you achieve your body goals! He is body goals!

Drunk Driving

Everyone collectively can agree that people shouldn’t be driving when drunk or under any influence ever. One can have an accident, get seriously injured, or hurt another person. It’s irresponsible and harmful, and it can lead to irreversible consequences.  

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Who gave this cat a license?! She is obviously under the influence, unaware of her surroundings, and a victim of her irresponsible actions. What we need are stricter laws and a task force dedicated to stopping these drivers! Someone call the cat cops!

The King of the Farm

Lions are widely accepted as kings of the savannah. They are fierce, beautiful, strong, brave, and capable hunters. They have an advantage due to their good eyesight, muscular limbs, and ability to move fast and silently at the same time.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

This cat feels just like a king: sitting high on a concrete post, looking over its vast grassland kingdom of llamas and alpacas. It has wise thoughts like how to improve the kingdom’s society, what to eat for dinner, whose mug to break today? Hmmm, must be tough to be the king.

In the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Cat

While on the topic of majestic cats, here is another instance in which the cat was the ultimate superstar or just in the right place at the right time. It’s up to you to decide while taking a look at this magnificent photo.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Taking a peek at this photo will transform a non-believer into a true believer in a matter of seconds! The contrast between the sky-blue of the facade and the pure white of the cat is remarkable! Although, the fact that this cat has six legs will remain a mystery.

The Apple of My Eye

Bears are fierce creatures, whether that be polar bears, grizzly bears, pandas, or black bears. People tend to be afraid of them and for a good reason. They are strong and mighty, have sharp claws, and they can run fast.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

However, bears can also be quite charming and carefree, according to the picture above. Look how they all collectively started munching on a bunch of apples randomly placed in the forest! The bear on the right looks like a toddler sitting in front of a tv with a carton of juice. What a treat!

Meditation Time!

Being mindful and aware of your surroundings is one of the most important things one can learn in their lifetime. Appreciating the now, being present, and not dwelling on the past is an essential part of one’s well-being. This dog understood the assignment.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

He’s not only relaxed and completely calm and collected, but his paws are positioned so nicely, just like a human’s arms are during meditation. The parrots are feeling the vibes. They want a piece of that mindfulness cake for themselves. Maybe it can be transferred by touch?

Party Animalzzz

Have you ever gone out with your awesome group of friends and ended up having the time of your life?! Those nights are what life’s all about! We mean, what one must do is, naturally, keep up to a good pace, act responsibly, and in the end, don’t do anything you’ll regret.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

We can’t be the only one thinking these bees might have had the night of their lives, so much so, they can’t stop partying even when the sun comes up. That nectar is still pumping through their veins, and they just can’t get enough. Wow, talk about party animals, huh?!

Say “Cheese”

All jokes aside, animals indeed are extremely intelligent beings. They can be compassionate, show emotions of sadness, happiness, and jealousy. They even show their preferences in their actions and express their feelings through particular facial expressions. Just look at this next photo.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

This hippo is apparently in a goofy mood hence the tongue peeking through. It reminds us of a kid misbehaving in an annual family photo while mom and dad are not looking. Kudos to the photographer who managed to take before and after pictures.

Another Gentle Giant

Another photo, another silly sight of a baby animal with its tongue out, resembling a child’s playful behavior! It looks like it’s playing with a twig, imagining it might be the most powerful toy ever, as children do when entering their own world of imagination!

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Fun fact about elephants: when they are really young, they take quite a long time to get used to their trunks, so they can often be seen waving them around like a propeller. Maybe that’s precisely what’s going on here. A baby elephant caught learning how to function. How adorable!

Calf and a Half

Everyone loves to explore, whether you are a child or an adult. People go to the woods, spend time in nature, learn about weather patterns, search for animal prints in the mud, or simply do some research at home. Children especially enjoy learning new things.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

They usually say, “Mom, look! I can touch my nose with my tongue! Isn’t that awesome!?” and to their disappointment, mom might not think so. This calf discovered that it could lick its own nose, and it seems satisfied with its discovery.

You’re Not Weaseling Out Of This!

People can be sly when they want to get or achieve something easily. They might try to manipulate someone by using their cunningness or charm to sweep someone off their feet. In the animal world, foxes are famous for their sly behavior.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

However, what does that have to do with silly, fluffy little bear-like weasels? They look nothing like the expression suggests, so what could they possibly do to cause damage?! We mean, yes, they can eat your crops and attack your chicken coops, but other than that, they are adorable!

Rethinking Life Decisions

People sometimes make bad decisions, and that’s normal. No one is perfect, let alone humans. Making mistakes is what inevitably leads to understanding, learning, and becoming a better person overall. What we shouldn’t do is let those things consume us, which will lead to overthinking.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

This frog looks like it’s doing just that: rethinking the course of its life from being a tadpole to an adult frog in a matter of days. Life just catches up to you, you know? It’s not easy out there, catching nasty insects and swimming in the ponds, croaking here and there.

Small Frog in a Big World

How can we not mention this picture below when talking about frogs and existential dread? This frog is either having to rethink all its life decisions or is extremely proud of itself for conquering the top of this person’s finger.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

It looks like this frog didn’t think through what was going to happen if it just landed on the top and got a good look at its surroundings like never before. “Oh, how beautiful and colorful the world is. How wide the horizon is! I can not unsee it!”

Look! It’s a Plane. It’s a Fluff…. No, It’s a Bird!

When you first take a look at this picture, it seems like your eyes are fooling you. How can a piece of fluffy cotton fly? It’s impossible. It must be a cloud! But then, you see tiny, glossy eyes, thin legs, and a small but sharp beak.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

This is a long-tailed tit from Japan. However, it looks like the softest cushion out there. It seems like it doesn’t even have feathers but fur. If birds could purr, this one definitely would. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Where can I get one?” You are not alone.

I’m Coming!

When you were a child, the only few things that mattered were playtime and snack time. Who cares about homework, housework, school, or extracurriculars. When a parent is shouting your name, saying the ice cream has thawed out and is ready to eat, you come down running!

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

That’s exactly what this baby chick resembles: a chubby little boy running down the stairs to get his favorite sweet treat. His favorite ice cream flavor? Earthworm. Toppings? A handful of sand particles, a couple of strings of grass, and apple seeds. Yum yum!

Birdbox vol. 2: The Return of the Pigeon

The movie Birdbox with Sandra Bullock had reached a certain amount of success when it first came out. It’s based on the premise that there is a great unknown that can and will kill you if you look at it. So the characters had to wear blindfolds over their eyes at all times.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

They found a pigeon that was a paid actor in the movie. It was so good that they offered it to act in its own spin-off, Birdbox Vol. 2: The Return of the Pigeon, whose main actor tries to discover where all the bread crumbs found in the streets come from.

The Call of the Wild

When people go out into nature, they try to enjoy its perks, like the fresh air, green surroundings, beautiful birds’ songs, and the overall sensation of being at ease. Spending a certain amount of time in nature evokes the deepest memories engrained in our bodies.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

It’s no different than house pets that like to enjoy nature from time to time as well. Take a look at this wonderful, majestic, and fluffy cat enjoying the pros of both being a household pet and having access to a fantastic balcony overlooking the mountains. It’s ‘meow-tastic!’

Come to the Dark Side

Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish between good and bad, holy and evil, honest and dishonest, and real and fake. People are prone to playing both sides at times, therefore creating a big gray spectrum on which they act. Sometimes the bright side seems appealing, and other times the darker one.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

That’s why having this little fellow can make things so much more fun and relatable. One side of this adorable kitten’s face is the color ginger, and the other is pitch black. And notice those two precious white paws. What a gentleman!

An Early Cat Catches the Bed

Let’s stay on the topic of cats. Did you know that cats can sleep up to 18 hours a day? That’s unbelievable, but it’s true. These bushy companions love snoozing in a comfortable, warm place where no one will disturb them.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Imagine being a cat, just for one day. What a relaxing day that would be full of purrs, showers, toys, and crunchy, delicious snacks. This tiny cheetah-looking kitten definitely knows how to enjoy its precious time on freshly washed sheets.

Don’t You Dare Touch My Baby!

Mothers are usually highly protective of their young ones, especially in the first few months of their birth. That period is extremely important and valuable because it creates a bond between the mother and the offspring, and young mamas may sometimes feel as if no one knows how to treat their baby properly.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

They might become overprotective or even aggressive in order to defend their youngsters. Just take a quick look at the photo above, and you’ll get the complete picture. This cat is hugging her kitten, sheltering it from the outside world. Humans and animals are so alike!

Long Time No See

Cats are highly sociable creatures, despite the prejudice that they don’t appreciate companionship or friendship from people, let alone other animals. When it comes to cats, they are just picky and can’t love absolutely anyone they come into contact with as dogs do.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

If you want a cat to trust you, you must give it time, patience, and space. In case you need any more convincing, this photo above proves that cats are not only great pets but also lifelong partners that will love and appreciate you fully (If you give them enough treats.).

White Fang

When talking about cats, dogs can’t be omitted. As we’ve seen earlier in the article, cats and dogs are not foes like we’ve been led to believe, rather friends in secret, of course – something about it being embarrassing for the cats and compromising for the dogs. We digress!

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Who is a better friend for a dog than its owner? Well, another dog, of course! Make that two, no, three dogs! If there’s something people love about dogs, it’s their excitement and sheer happiness when outside surrounded by tall grass and amazing energy. Zoomies incoming!

What You Can’t See Can’t Hurt You

We’re sure you’ve been in a situation where someone was clearly misleading you or manipulating you in a certain way, and you were blissfully unaware. One might say you were blind to it. Well, our friends, you are not the only one.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

These dogs’ fur is so overgrown that it’s literally covering their eyes when the wind blows. When something unexpected or sudden happens, they could say, “Wow, George, I didn’t see that one coming.” And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration. What you can’t see can’t hurt you, or is it what you don’t know?

It Has a Nose For It

When we say someone has a nose for something, they are usually very good at doing it. For example, “He has a nose for reading people.” Or, “They have a nose for sensing trouble.” What do you think this piglet has a good nose for?

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

A guess would be that it has a nose for digging treasure or finding delicious food? Or even creating havoc. Either way, it’s adorable, and whatever it has a nose for should be supported no matter what! Give that piglet a mud pile to play in!

Lizard Jackson

If you will, Michael Jackson was an absolute icon, a king of pop. His moves, voice, and style are what make him great. Almost everyone bopped to his music, danced to the rhythm of Billie Jean, and recreated zombie moves while Thriller was blasting in the background.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

This lizard is definitely under the owner’s influence and their amazing taste in music. The tiny animal is showing some moves, confidently strutting its legs and twisting the spine to create a wonderful, artistic curve. What a natural superstar!

I See Double…Triple…Quadruple…

Plenty of people nowadays are wearing glasses. So do because they have to in order to function, some because they work in front of the screen for long periods of time, and some simply love the look. Whatever the case might be, you probably know at least five people that wear them.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

When looking at this picture, one might think, “What is wrong with me? I can’t count the foxes.” And there is nothing wrong with that! The position of these little heads of Fennec foxes creates an illusion because the picture is, unfortunately, photoshopped!

Be As Quiet As a Mouse

There are plenty of situations in which we must be quiet, such as in a class, museum, library, art gallery, cinema, during a wedding ceremony, or speech. However, sometimes, we must be quiet because we are playing a game like hide and seek.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

There is nothing worse than being in a situation where you mustn’t laugh or talk or utter any sound at all, but you want to, oh so bad! This mouse has taken the task very seriously. What do you think? Will he get caught or not?

Happiest Animal On Earth

If you needed to guess, what would you choose to be the happiest animal on Earth? Well, we can confidently tell you that you are wrong even though we didn’t hear your answer. We can give you a hint. It’s from Australia. And no! It’s not a kangaroo nor a koala. Koalas are pretty grumpy, actually.

Image courtesy of @thesnuggleisrl/Instagram

Quokkas have been titled as the happiest animals on Earth due to their constant smiley expression. They are mostly friendly and not at all afraid of people. However, they are quite a hazard. They are known for annoying the local communities. Despite their dangerous tendencies, they have won the hearts of millions.