Animals That Could Not Care Less Even If They Tried

By Anthony K

We strive to train the domesticated animals in our lives to behave and not disrupt our lives. Unfortunately, the investment may be in vain as the animal instinct wins on most days. This piece explores some animals that don’t care about their owners and how their actions may affect others.

1. The Unthinkable Friends

Cats and rats are unlikely friends because predators and prey don’t play or eat together. Unfortunately, this cat may change your perspective as it has made new friends.

Photo Credits: Angie Wren/

We can’t discern whether the cat is sick or full from a previous meal of the mice. After this encounter, a cat may be the least concern as you’ll have to consider other mice eradication methods.

2. Time for Duck Inspection

We’re familiar with the pain of somebody messing up your work as you are about to finish the assignment. This duck must have exceptional guts to walk around the place.

Image courtesy of X3FBrian/Reddit

The shocked worker watches in disbelief, wondering how to get the duck away without stepping on the wet cement. We hope that the duck managed to fly to safety before he took out his revenge on the bird.

3. Walking Through the Valley of Death

Alligators are ferocious and always ready for a meal. Most of us would take one look and walk in the opposite direction if we saw this sight. But not this goat. It didn’t was too confident to care about anyone else.

Image courtesy of Jacobo/Reddit

The gators are either intimidated or shocked. Either way, it seems like there won’t be any afternoon snacks.