45 Photos Of Cats With Threatening Auras That Will Even Make The Dog-Lovers Laugh

By Jana

Another day, another niche Facebook group we’ve found and whose content we are itching to share with the world. It seems this is the only thing that is sustaining our everyday hustle. This time, it’s all about the cats cats cats! We’re all obsessed with them! Who doesn’t like cats at this point?!

If you are our loyal reader and follower, you probably noticed how obsessed we are with the feline family. We can’t help but share our love with the world. We present the ‘Cats With Threatening Auras’ Facebook page and its 45 most iconic pictures.

Even if you’re a dog lover, we surely know you’re going to scroll just a tad for a cheeky chuckle when you think no one is looking. If you are interested in joining our welcoming community, keep scrolling and enjoying some legendary funny cat content. We promise you won’t regret it!


Cats are natural hunters and predators, although they are not the strongest and most ferocious of the bunch. Still, we wouldn’t call them meek or weak. However, domestic, indoor cats are completely other breeds. Take this picture, for example.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Who knows what this chonker saw. Perhaps, it was a tiny, feathery bird or simply a squirrel. Whatever the case might be, it plastered its 15-pound body on the back door in hopes of catching its prey. Adorable and hilarious.


Kittens and puppies are known to be insatiable. No matter the amount of food you pour them, they will eat it all until it’s wiped clean. They don’t know when to stop, so it’s your responsibility to measure and pay attention.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This ferocious little kitten is screaming to its mom as if she didn’t feed it for days on end when in reality, it probably ate an hour ago. It looks like it was drenched in milk. Yet, we kind of wish we could hear its little screamy meow.


We are super squeamish. We don’t like touching wet food while washing the dishes or taking out the trash and accidentally getting our hands or fingers wet. It’s our worst nightmare, to be honest with you. It’s kind of childish, but that’s the truth.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This cat, for some reason, reminded us of ourselves when we see a threatening insect. The eyes are full of fear and unpleasant surprise. We thought this was one of the funniest photos of cats we’ve ever seen. At this point, we realized we loved this Facebook page.

I Babie. I Need Cuddles.

Cats usually know how to manipulate and play on your emotions. They know our soft spots too well. They are not afraid to use those manipulative tactics to get under our skin a bit more to achieve whatever they want.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This little one is so adorable. It has such a gentle, gorgeous face. It looks like a cat from an anime movie. Big pupils, green eyes, rosy nose, and white pointed face – adorable! The little white paws and pink mittens, we are dying!

Someone Called?!

There are certain sounds dogs, and cats are drawn to. If you whistle, there is a high probability you’ll attract some doggies, and if you say, “pspsps,” a cat could suddenly appear and strut your way in hopes of some treats.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Now, this image is so iconic and legendary that we are losing our minds. The cat looks like a jewelry thief, hanging from the ceiling, slowly approaching the Pink Panther diamond. Someone “pspsps-ed,” and the sly cat was summoned.

Gotcha A Present!

Cats love their owners. Sometimes, their love language isn’t physical touch but rather gift giving. Some cats just adore suffocating animals and bringing them to their owners to see and be thankful. Surely, those are usually small mice or birds, but nonetheless, the trauma is still intense.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This kitty looks so proud and ecstatic! It caught a mouse. Never mind, it was already caught in a mice trap, probably long gone cold. “No! Mommy! I gotcha a present, look! It’s so fun! Has a tail and all!” Poor cat. The owner will start screaming soon.

Kesha Tik Tok Vibes

This Facebook page prides itself on finding cats with threatening auras. We have to fight them on this one. To us, it has more of a Kesha aura/vibe from her famous music video Tik Tok. You are probably too young if you have no idea what we’re talking about.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Wake up in the morning feeling….like a grumpy kitty! Someone caught their cat napping on the towel in the bathroom. It was either a scorching summer night, or the kitty took a little shower in the middle of the night.


If you don’t own a cat or any pet for that matter, you probably don’t understand how close to pets are to their owners’ hearts. Pets are family members and sometimes even fonder and closer than people will ever be to each other.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Ordering slippers that are the exact replica of your cat just makes perfect sense. If we saw something like this in the store, we would buy it with no hesitation. It’s too good and creepy to pass up! Shut up, and take our money!

Watcha Have There Human?

Have you ever heard the overused and infamous expression, curiosity kills the cat? Cats are, by nature, extremely inquisitive and curious. If alongside that, you have a vocal cat, then your household is destined to be really loud. We would know…Alas!

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Sometimes, cats are too curious for their own good. Oftentimes, you’d see a cat with its head stuck in a box or a bag, unable to shake it off. This kitty went a step further. It slipped its head through its owner’s boxers. Great, just great.

Whatchu Lookin’ At?!

Upon our thorough research, we’ve stumbled upon a distinguished and snobby ‘gentlemeow.’ He wasn’t in our business, and he wanted nothing to do with us. We exchanged eye contact, but that was about it. Take a look for yourself.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

He looks too busy for us. Somehow, we feel ashamed and insecure to be in his presence. He is so dominant and has such a threatening aura. Ferocious and vicious. If only we could squish those white cheeks and kiss the top of his wet nose, though.

Three-Eyed Cats

Remember the three-eyed raven from Game of Thrones? Well, we present to you something similar, but much better. You won’t be disappointed by the three-eyed cats as you were with the outcome of the three-eyed raven, Just sayin.’

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

We would believe anything these cats told us. The lottery numbers – noted! The global health predictions – noted! The fuel prices are doubling in the next few weeks – understood! Thank you, three-eyed cats. Where would we be without you!?


Have you ever seen a cat disgusted by a particular smell? We have, and it’s the funniest thing ever. They not only frown with every facial muscle and squint their eyes as well. It’s the best thing ever. Well, not for the cat, but for us, of course.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This fluffy ball looks so appalled by something that we are itching to see what it is. Cats don’t tend to do this often. Usually, when their litter tray isn’t cleaned in a few. It’s your smell and your deed. Whatcha complaining about, cat?!

A Big Bite

We’ve seen some quite hungry cats in our lifetime. There are distinguished little feline creatures. Then there are ferocious, wild ones that will eat dirt from the floor if they think it smells nice. This ginger beast is one of those.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

What is the other reason it would attempt to take a big bite out of this person’s calf? The tail is pretty high up, so the cat is not scared or aggressive but rather happy and interested. Is this food, maybe a chicken leg? Yum! Gimme eat!

Kitty Slap

Cats are hilarious and entertaining when they fight. They make those weird noises and have body movements that resemble karate in a way. They sometimes even end up on two legs. What kind of sorcery is that?!

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This is not one of those crazy moments, yet it was too good to omit. We can see the cat’s leg in motion as it approaches the black kitty, fully oblivious of what’s happening. The chonker on the left isn’t playing any games! Don’t steal its treats ever again!


Some cats really hate the snow, and a few love it. It’s a double-edged sword, it seems. Although there are so many fun possibilities for playing in the snow, it usually indicates cold weather. Some sensitive cats don’t like that, yet some love it.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This cat tolerates the snow but doesn’t like snowmen, as we can see in the photo. It decided to pluck one of the snowkitty’s whiskers. Is it jealous, territorial, or simply bored? Who could’ve known? It’s just so dangerous. “Freakin’ snowman! Getaway from ‘ere!”

I Have Acne!

They say cats are not as intelligent as some animals that can see their reflection and recognize it as themselves or an image at all. They are unaware of it. Yet, when we saw this picture, it made us skeptical. We thought to ourselves: maybe cats can recognize themselves after all.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This ginger goodness looks like it just saw a new zit on its precious furry face. And it seems so devastated by that information. Give that kitty a facial, call the cosmetologist, buy a face mask, pronto! Or we are suing you!

Pizza Is Here!!!

If you grew up in a household that allowed having pizza for lunch or dinner, we envy you. Our strict families would never! Yet, we know the feeling of excitement we get today when the delivery guy arrives with food. It’s like Christmas morning.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This cat looks like it’s yelling, “Pizza’s here!!! Moooom, daaaad, the pizza arrived”! We all know who would be that brat that nibbles on every slice of pizza and finishes none. This kitty right here hanging and screaming bloody murder would.


Who can forget the era of selfies? It was such a cultural moment that shook the whole world. Even boomers got a hold of it, unfortunately. However, it seems that cats have learned a trick or two about selfies and how to take them.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

If they were in a Disney or Pixar movie, they would be a lovey-dovey couple or best friends. We love the pairing and their goofy expressions. Not at all threatening. We would say two out of ten. Only those fangs, man. They are trouble.

Casually Summoning The Devil

If we saw this scene right as we were about to fall asleep, we are certain we would have a good deal of trouble sleeping. This picture is sinister and downright nightmare fuel. We will provide a photo as evidence if you don’t believe us.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Now tell us this is not a scene directly taken from The Exorcist! It is spooky. The cat’s glowy eyes, the candles on the window, the shadows… it sent shivers down our spines. The funniest thing about this whole ordeal is the complete oblivion from the cat.

As We Were Saying…

This little gentleman looks so engrossed in his owner’s stories that he is not paying attention to anyone else in the room. It is one of those that will, if you give it attention, take it and make you regret it. It will tell you its life story.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

“As I was saying…I have a mortgage to pay, and the kids, Cheryl, oh the kids… You know how they are nowadays, only those computers, iPads and phones, I can’t get them to catch one bloody mouse, would you believe that. They say I am old-fashioned. What has this world become…”


If you remember the squeamish cat we already talked about, here is the perfect continuation of the same trend. This furry bundle encountered a lizard. In the middle of the fight, though, it seemed to have realized that it was dealing with a reptile.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Maybe the cat believed this will be like the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Whatever the case might be, it regretted its decisions rather quickly, as we can tell by the expression on its face and the wideness of its eyes.

Big Yawn

This cat went viral all over the internet, so we weren’t surprised to stumble upon its picture on the Cats With Threatening Auras Facebook page. Unfortunately, it was in a form of a video, and we managed to grab some screenshots.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Firstly, this cat is sitting on its butt as a person would. Secondly, it yawned very aggressively. Lastly, it made eye contact with the camera. It reminds us of scenes from The Office and Jim’s blank expression when someone says, something dimwit.

Is That…Catnip?!

If you know anything about our friends, cats, and their silly habits, you’ll know there is this thing called catnip that acts as a drug but for cats. They go crazy when they come in contact with this mysterious herb.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Have you noticed your cat doing crazy things when you do a deep bathroom cleaning or when you mop the floors? That’s the same effect that catnip has. This cat looks like it has just smelled a bit of that weedy goodness, and it couldn’t be more hyped.

The Food Chain Gone Wrong

If there is something that’s for certain, or close to it, it’s science. There is this long debate about whether people were apes or beings created by the metaphysical, mysterious, higher being. It is up to you what you believe. Yet, no one can disprove science.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Well, nothing but this picture. If you believed in an existence of a food chain, here is a picture to disprove your beliefs and shock you. This fish has sucked up a cat’s head and threatens to swallow it completely. The picture is equally absurd and disturbing.

The Scream

When we saw this photo, all we could think of was Munch and his proto-expressionistic painting The Scream. You know what we are talking about. If you want to make sure, go check it out, so this next picture and reference make sense.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Expressionism was all about the expression of one’s face, clearly. This cat’s expression seems to have a lot to say. Yet, it’s all kind of blurred together. Is it fear, excitement, or a rock’n’roll vibe? Who can say? As art, this photo is open to interpretation.

Look What We’ve Found At The Supermarket!

How often have your parents sent you to buy something at the store, and you come back empty-handed cause you forgot or purchased the wrong thing? We will answer for you – countless times, right?! Well, imagine mom sending you to buy some flour and milk, and you come back with a big bag of potato chips with a side of kitten.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

We know our parents would be pissed! Although they love cats, this was unacceptable behavior because, well, we’re buying new kitties to the house every week. How could anyone resist those watery eyes and irresistible, screeching meows? Definitely not us!

Chillin’ And Vibin’

Cats can make friends with the most unexpected animals. This time, on the list, comes a turtle. This cat somehow managed to sneak into the tank and bask while a turtle climbed on its side, apparently enjoying itself and just vibing.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

The tank is probably really warm like the cats like it. This chonker looks super friendly, and we believe it won’t lay a tiny finger on this turtle. They are a good duo. They even have similar colors and designs.


Have you ever seen a cat do something stupid and embarrassing? Cats don’t like not succeeding in their missions and intentions, so they get timid and hyper-aware and just run and hide. When that happens, leave your cat to heal.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This little buddy seems to regret its decision very quickly. He thought it was a great idea to get in between this roof-like structure and sneak through the side. How will it ever sneak back out if a human doesn’t help? And if human helps, will it be seen? The embarrassment…

Kitty Dracula

Cats are usually mentioned in relation to evil, whereas dogs are always goody two shoes, victims of vicious cats and their erratic behavior. We will use this next picture to celebrate that misconception and fuel the flames a bit more.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This is a batcat, and it looks like a little Dracula captured in this black, furry fluff ball that screams to come out. We would love to send this picture to every person that hates cats, just in spite. Let’s make their lives just a little more interesting!

Honesty Is A Virtue

They say honesty is a virtue, but is it? Children are usually blatantly honest, to the point of being rude and condescending. That type of honesty is something that is unwelcome in society. So we wonder what they would say about this chubby host.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Let’s be frank. Guests can sometimes get on your last nerve, especially if they come uninvited at random times. This cat is having none of that shenanigans. It’s letting you know you are unwelcomed and frowned upon. Now, shoo!

Agent 007

Cats are capable of being spies. They are quick, agile, sly, and intelligent. They could pull off that sort of business. There even was a project called Acoustic Kitty, launched by the CIA in an attempt to spy on other people using cats.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Although cats didn’t seem to cooperate nicely with the CIA, the truth still stands: they would be hella good spies if it comes down to it. Look at this one! It is squinting at you and plotting its next spy move. Don’t leave the town, reader. The kitty might have some questions.

The Father Of Dragons

Do we have to remind of Game of Thrones one more time in this article? No, we don’t. Do we like to suffer with others and not alone? Yes, yes, we do. Sorry to mention this infamous TV show and its terrible ending once more, reader. But it was inevitable.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Although we had the queen of dragons, we never had the king of dragons in the show. That’s because he was hiding in the 21st century, and his dragon is somewhat unconventional. Don’t worry, mister. We like this dragon a lot!

Look At Me, Mommy!

Children love to do the most random, obscure things and insist on their parents watching. It could simply be a weird dance move from Fortnite or an awkward jump. That’s what this kitty reminds us of: a child flexing with its fangs.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

“Look at me, mommy! My fangs have grown so much! My friends say they are funny-looking, but you don’t think so, right, mommy?” Mommy on the right looks proud of her feline baby. What a lovely family. Give that kitty some fish to test those vicious fangs out.

Hello, Friend

Although this Facebook page is all about exposing cats and their erratic behavior, the cursed images, and the nightmare fuel of certain cat breeds, there are still those that absolutely melted our hearts. Say hello to the cutest little furry friend.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This soft baby is super adorable. Not only that, but it’s kind and patient enough not to smack the butterfly right off of its nose. We can only imagine the intensity of the cuddles and purrs this cat produces. It must be like music for sore ears.

Don’t Mind Me…

Cats are the most random species. People usually aren’t fans of cats because they are independent and unpredictable. They really do have a mind of their own, unlike dogs. In this picture, you can see a cat entering the house through the bathroom window.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Judging from the woman’s face, this is not the first time their cat has done this. It casually climbs the window and lands on the bathroom tiles as if nothing strange is happening. “Don’t mind me, Lauren, I’ll just scootch right in there…”


This one, to us, looks like a model. It is a real cat on a catwalk. Although, we have to admit, walking on the car is not the best option. There are some reckless people and, finally, reckless drivers. We wouldn’t want a kitty to be harmed in the process.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

The gentle cat looks rather dashing. However, if this was to happen to us, and it was our cat, we wouldn’t be able to resist honking the horn and seeing the cat’s reaction. We know that’s really evil, but sometimes, our intrusive thoughts win…

I Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me…

When we mentioned cats would be great spies, we forgot to add another reason for it: they love sneaking around and observing you when you’re unaware of it. Countless times now, our cats stood just above our heads when we woke up in the morning.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This chunky monster is enjoying its alone time in a hole in the roof/ We are not even sure this is the roof, but, nonetheless, it is up there, alone, in a hole. We assume it made it itself. And also, it looks like it’s eying us a bit, don’t you think?!

Oof, Your Hardware Is Completely Destroyed

When you have issues with your PC or laptop, you’ll usually try and ask for help, call up a service, and figure out what the problem was. Some people are skilled enough and know how to solve it themselves. And others, well others have other ideas…

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

They call the professionals. Sometimes it takes four to find the issue. We can imagine them squeaking, “goodness gracious, your hardware is completely destroyed. Looks like tiny claw markings! Where did that come from?!”


Cats not only like to eat food and treats, but they also love to nom on people, too. Yes, you’ve read that right. These ferocious species are human-eaters! They are primarily focused on feet, fingers, and calves! If you don’t believe us, take a look!

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Look how dangerous and vicious this kitty is biting this person’s toes! It’s gone wild! Someone call animal control! We need to stop this behavior! It’s unacceptable. That’s what any non-cat lover would say. We would defend this cat with our lives!


Although we are true cat lovers, we can’t deny that those Sphinx cats are kind of creepy and weird. They are hairless, and not only that, they have massive eyes and ears. Sometimes, they remind us of creatures found in purgatory.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

Here, an owner put it beside a chicken, ready to go in the oven, and compared their color and shape. They look almost identical, and there is nothing cute or comforting about that. We also believe it will cause us some raw chicken nightmares.

Antler Queen

Calling someone a queen is more of a cultural slang than inferring that someone is, in fact, a queen. Queen is also gender-neutral. Boys can be queens, too, in this internet pop culture phenomenon. “Go queen, you slay!” We love it!

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

This cat is an antler queen. The reason is that cats looking like they have antlers is the most random thing ever, so the adjective ‘queen’ comes in handy. Cats with antlers would be the cutest thing ever, though, wouldn’t it?

Rest Day

Sometimes, life gets too tough, and all you want to do is rest on a staircase a bit, you know? Do you relate? Well, this kitty seems to. It has found a perfect resting spot, and we are in awe of that! Take a look for yourselves.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

However, we are a bit concerned with those legs. Why do they look so dangly and cartoonish? We don’t know what to say about that. But, what we do know is that kitties struggle with the hot summer climates, so leave them to rest on your staircase anytime.

Get A Room!

Cats are, as we concluded, extremely capable of hiding and sneaking. When cats mate, you will almost never see it. They are very intimate and private about it, in contrast to dogs that get it on everywhere! Alas, we digress.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

As we all know, even cats make mistakes. These two lovers were caught by a human, accidentally entering the room they were wrestling in. The gray cat looks super annoyed and disappointed by this sudden distraction. If looks could kill…

I Want Warm

Cats love to cool off, but they equally love warmth. It just depends on the season. This kitty needed the blanket and cuddles so much. At least, we hope so. If not, then we are reading that look all wrong, and it’s ready to attack…

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

It does look kind of annoyed, doesn’t it? The reason probably lies in its humans being too close, too invested, and too good for this kitty’s mood that day. Some slaps are in order. Stay strong, fellow owner, for the storm is ferocious.


Whenever we see or hear the word Spiderman, we instantly think of Homer from The Simpsons and an episode where he had a pig and was singing, “Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig does.” Well, ee found a spidercat.

Image Courtesy of CatsWithThreateningAuras / Facebook

It is casually dangling from the top of the door frame and looking at the camera rather curiously. It is, above all, an adorable cat. However, we are confident the owners have trouble with it on the daily. A cat that does this certainly does even worse shenanigans.