Baby Monkey Adopted By A Cat At A Russian Zoo

By Shivam B

The animal world never fails to surprise us with its display of humanity. An incident at a Russian zoo will restore your faith in the fact that there’s still some good left in the world. A cat adopted a baby monkey in a Russian Zoo.

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

More About Rosinka And Her Adopted Son

A three-week-old squirrel monkey was abandoned by his mother. The monkey’s mother didn’t want or feel the need to carry the baby monkey on her back. The baby monkey named Fedor was relatively weak.

The mother needed to carry him on her back for him to survive. After his mother refused to do so, the director of Tyumen Zoo feared that Fedor would die. To make Fedor survive his infancy, the director thought of an experiment.

The director introduced Fedor to his cat. His 16-year-old cat Rosinka could never have babies of her own. But when Fedor was introduced to her, her maternal instincts kicked in.

Rosinka has shown utmost care towards Fedor. The two have honestly become best friends. Fedor is almost always on her back. The only time Fedor leaves Rosinka is when he has to be fed milk. 

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

Closing Thoughts

Fedor is gradually becoming stronger with Rosinka taking care of him like her own child. The duo will be staying together for some more days until Fedor becomes stronger. After that, Fedor will be sent to the zoo to live with his relatives. It will be difficult for both Rosinka and Fedor to say goodbye.