Adorable Pictures That Are The “Bear Necessities” For Animal Lovers

By Peace L

The world is full of wonderful creatures both big and small. Some, like dogs and cats, we can cuddle and love up close, while others can only be admired from afar. Although bears look like they’ll give the perfect hug, we don’t recommend that you try. We may use their likeness for stuffed animals, but the real ones are not necessarily friendly.

That being said, they’re a riot to watch from a safe distance. They may not be able to speak human, but bears have more likeness to Homo sapiens than you might realize. They can walk on two legs, lounge in chairs, and sit at the table to enjoy a nice meal. Check out these unbearably hilarious pictures of bears chilling, being goofy, and just all-around amusing.

I had a feeling I was being watched 

Animals are frequently thought to be simple-minded creatures with no sense of complex reasoning, and while that may be true, we still see some instances that make us rethink if these animals are as simple as we imagine them to be.

Image courtesy of Reddit/4ninawells

Sometimes, you feel you’re being watched, and then you look back and see a familiar face, but in this case, it wasn’t a familiar face. This bear can be seen hiding behind shrubs. This is normal behavior for a bear, and it is also a good disguise.

Bear enjoying the view and contemplating life 

One of the drags of being human is having a profound sense of being and consciousness. This trait lets us see things and make reasons or assumptions about them. Also, it gives rise to the different emotions we feel. Most feel that animals don’t have this sense.

Image courtesy of Reddit/rtwkk

However, this image begs to differ. We have here the picture of a bear leaning against the side rails. From its posture, we can tell that this bear is enjoying the view in a chilled manner and contemplating his issues in life. Or maybe he’s experiencing an existential crisis.

Oh, Herro Hooman, It’s Just Me Bear

We, humans, like to go out and interact with other humans. We like to visit and also enjoy hosting visitors. This is perfectly normal human behavior. As it turns out, not only humans have the desire to visit others.

Image courtesy of Reddit/radiogunk

The image shows a bear at the front door of this house, and he seems intent on having a word with the humans inside. The bear is probably the next-door neighbor, and maybe it wants to welcome them to the neighborhood.

He could bear-ly swim

Nobody likes to be stressed. Most of the time or, really, all of the time, we want to relax and just have a good time with nothing to worry about. It seems it is not only we humans that have a thing for enjoyment and relaxation. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/inyonaturespace

Mr. Bear here is having a good time in the pool or stream. We can see the bear reclining on its back inside the water, with its legs and paws suspended. This bear is living its best life with no stress.

Paws to Paws 

Pictures, some people like them and some don’t, but at some point in everybody’s life, you’ve had to have your picture taken. Some even have different poses for different occasions, and some have their unique ways of showing off.

Image courtesy of Reddit/970souk

If humans can pose while taking pictures, then why can’t this bear? This bear is having a great photoshoot session, and we have to say that modeling seems to be in the cards for him. It looks like he has been practicing for this moment.


Concerning the supernatural, people have different options and views. Some people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial creatures such as aliens, angels, demons, and the likes, while some, on the other hand, don’t. However, this next photo might change your mind.

Image courtesy of Reddit/taykaybo

Well, you can call this picture proof of the supernatural because that looks like an angel with snow-white wings, the popular representation of angels. But wait, as we peer closer, that does look very much like a bear with a seagull behind it.

Sad bear popped a hole in my friend’s pool

You know that time of the year when everything is so hot, and it can be pretty difficult staying indoors because of the heat, so we resort to camping outside, setting up a pool for the kids, and having fun outdoors all night?

Image courtesy of Reddit/mattSayar 

Well, who says outdoor fun is for only humans. The image shows a bear sitting in a pool with a sad face. It’s probably because the water in the pool leaked out after the bear got it. Pretty sure the bear will have a few complaints about the pool.

Excuse me, sir, do you have a moment to talk about your mortgage

Bears are one of the friendliest but also dangerous types of animals on this planet, and they are capable of doing so many things that we humans don’t even know about. For many, the only place they’ve come across a bear is in the zoo.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Bricks87

It is not every day that you come out of your house to discover a bear waiting outside to talk about your mortgage. At first sight, you will think the bear is smoking on the job with a cigar in the front paw, but our bear here means business.

Bear bath

As we mentioned before, one issue we humans face is the stress we go through every day. We go out every day and face all sorts of things, and people return all tired and in need of a good bath or some R&R.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Regis Leroy

The same thing goes for this bear, after a long stressful day of making humans happy and facing all types of people. He is ready for a good, long, refreshing bath. You can see the relief and enjoyment written on his face.

This bear started begging for french fries at the zoo

Not everybody gets what they want. There are many people out there who can’t do what they desire and have to depend on others to get it for them. While this is not an ideal situation, it is just how the cookie crumbles. 

Image courtesy of Old Reddit/Vampfredthefrog

The same thing applies to animals, and this bear is a good example. Here, we have a picture of a bear with a long look on its face, and it is obvious that this bear wants whatever it is that the person holding, in this case, french fries.

Giving mama a kiss

One of the things that make us stand out as humans are our ability to show complex emotions. We feel pain, joy, sadness, and a wide range of other emotions, but the best part is our ability to express these feelings.

Image courtesy of

Some people have the opinion that animals don’t have the mental development to feel and express feelings, but this picture begs to differ. We can see this cub kissing mama bear on the cheek out of love and affection. 

I’ll just have me a nice little picnic

One of the complexities of being human is that we know how to manage ourselves. We do things that help us relax when we can, like take breaks, go on trips, do picnics, and many more activities. However, we’re not the only ones that can use a break.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Takeheedyoungheathen

It seems things are quite stressful in the animal kingdom as well, and these animals could also use a break. We can see this bear taking a break and treating itself to a very lovely picnic, and he is having a good time. He even took its shoes off.

From a friend of a friends kitchen window this morning 

Being alone sometimes is not fun. We get this urge to interact and reach out to our friends and family as humans. This feeling is part of what makes us humans, and in some ways, superior to most animals.

Image courtesy of

But who says that only humans get the urge to play and interact with other humans? This image shows this friendly bear at the window calling for his human buddy to come out and play, or so we want to believe.

This bear chilling in a tree by itself 

As much as everybody likes going out and hanging out with friends, we all can understand that sometimes we feel the need to be alone, just you and your thoughts. Well, it is not only humans that get this feeling.

Image courtesy of Reddit/[deleted user]

Here, we have a picture of a bear having a stress-free, quiet time alone up in the trees. This bear must have had a long week and just needed some time away from everyone else. We also have to give credit to the tree-holding abilities. 

Bear chilling 

It seems like bears do need as much rest and alone time as we humans desire, and probably even more. Being a bear, carrying so much weight around, eating, playing, and maybe even chasing a few people can be quite stressful.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Squishy1818

This image shows another bear having a good time high up in the tree after a long day. This bear lives in the zoo, but it also seems to have a thing for lovely views, especially when it’s time to take a nap.

Enjoying the show

There are different types of people in the world. Some are quiet and introverted while others are loud, gregarious, and like a lot of attention. The same thing seems applicable to these animals. Some are shy, and others just love the camera.

Image courtesy of The Chive

We have here a picture of a gang of four bears, and we can different types of characters amongst them. We have the two who love the camera and attention of the crowd, the one who is camera shy and hiding behind, and the one who wants to eat them all because they are being annoying.

Two bears in a serious meeting

If we’re being honest, this life is not all about fun and games. There are numerous situations where we have to be serious and completely focused. Some situations require us to meet with other people to think about solutions to problems.

Image courtest of Reddit/Kush_did_420

If you think that humans are the only ones capable of being serious, then you have it all wrong. This image shows to bears in the middle of a deep conversation. It seems like bear one is having an issue with the work pace of bear two and might have to let him go.

Black bears are very good at finding food left behind by humans

Bears are, without a doubt, fascinating creatures. They are found in several places around the world and are said to be among the smartest animals around. It is possible bears mimic some human behaviors as well, as we’ve already seen so far.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ugyrlamark

This bear seems to be having a hard time sticking to his regular diet. Maybe it is watching its weight and eating healthy, but it sure seems satisfied with the leaves for dinner. Let’s hope it does lose weight and keeps fit for his adventures ahead.

Brown bear chilling at Berlin Zoo

We mentioned earlier how we humans don’t like stress and always find a way to rest and relax. And we also mentioned how not only do humans have this capability to have a good time, but bears do as well.

Image courtesy of Reddit/thatsHowGrammaDied

Well, we have here another piece of pictorial evidence that animals also know how to relax and soak up the sun outside. This bear is chilling after a long day, and it is finally time for a break. He is definitely making the best of it.

Patron says Hello

There are different types of animals in this world, and they all look different based on their types and species. Some have scary looks that make you want to put as much distance as possible between you and them, while some are just too adorable.

Image courtesy of Reddit/970souk

This big friend over here is one of those animals that are so adorable you just want to hug them. While most animals have the instinct to run in the presence of humans, this bear decided to stay and even give the camera a big smile. 

Probably the reincarnate of a 40+ man

The older we get, the fewer things interest us and the more time we want to spend alone. This is especially true for men that are nearing their 40s or in their 50s. Things get less interesting, making them want to stick to the routine.

Image courtesy of

This bear also gives off the vibes of a man in his 40s having a mid-life crisis. He is seated in its bathtub, probably thinking of his younger days and wondering where it went wrong while trying to hide from its wife and cubs. 

This couple adopted Stepan when he was a 3-month-old orphaned cub

Most people have it all planned out right from when they’re young such as the school they’ll go to, the job they want, the kind of family they desire, and the number of kids as well. While this is all good and fun, there might be a slight change in plans.

Image courtesy of Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko

For one, instead of having kids, you might just end up having a bear instead. This image shows a happy family consisting of the mother, father, and in this case, their adopted bear. We guess you can call this a modern family.

Scientific proof that bears grow on trees 

It is a known fact that bears are among the largest mammals on the planet. An average bear can weigh up to 1200 pounds, so you can imagine how heavy that is. You will need at least six grown men to carry just one normal-sized bear.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Squishy1818

This image shows a group of bears having a good time high up in this tree. For those that are wondering what is so amazing about this picture, it’s that a 1200 pound bear can climb up a tree without any branches breaking? This just shows that the bears most likely grew on the tree—just an educated guess.

A traveler sought entry for essential reasons but had no travel documents 

One of the significant ways that we humans escape the turmoil of daily life is to go on holiday or travel to another location just for a change of scenery or perspective. Well, humans are not the only ones that need a change of scenery.

Image courtesy of Canada Border Control Services

Take this bear, for example. It is here to gain entry across the border, hoping to get away from whatever stress that was haunting it back home. However, it seems to have forgotten some important documents on its journey.

Sleeping bear 

Life can be pretty tasking, and it takes a lot of energy to keep going. The body is constantly under stress, and it has to compensate for all the wear and tear sooner or later. This is where sleep comes in, a mechanism that helps us refresh our bodies.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Dennis

The interesting thing is, not only do humans have the ability to enter a state of inactivity called sleep, but animals can also do the same when they need to. This picture shows a bear having a nice nap outside. It had probably had a very long day at work. 

Momma bear checking for traffic before letting her cubs cross the road

One of the traits that characterize humans is the ability to express emotions. Humans have a strong sense of self and protection towards the people we care about. We can see this in the way a mother protects her child.

Image courtesy of Reddit/havingLastLaugh

Humans are not the only ones capable of showing affection or a sense of protection towards loved ones. We can see in this picture that the mother bear is checking out the traffic ahead for her cubs to keep them safe.

Check out this guy just chilling by a lake with a rainbow contemplating life

Sometimes, we just want to sit by ourselves and think about different things and what we’re going through. This is part of what makes us human. However, it seems that not only humans can contemplate issues regarding life all alone. 

Image courtesy of OMGLMAOWT

If you take a look at this image, you will see a lonely bear, seated by itself, enjoying an amazing view and thinking about whatever bear drama is going on in its head. With a view like this, it is no wonder the bear wants to enjoy it alone.

Bear was relaxing on thrown away chair

When we think about animals, different things come to mind; we think of pets, simple-mindedness, food, and other traits they may possess. We know some animals are smart and all, but there is a limit to what we expect from animals.

Image courtesy of Reddit/mtxrcr

There are cases where this expectation is exceeded, and we witness these animals do some very unusual or human-like things. For example, there is nothing strange about a bear sitting on a chair, but when it starts crossing its legs like grandpa in front of the television, we’re going to ask questions. 

Little bear baby

When we think of bears, the most common image that comes to mind is the big, furry animal that weighs up to a thousand pounds. You hardly get to see a cub, except if you go to a zoo or in pictures like this one. 

Image courtesy of

What we have here is the image of a baby bear and its mom. The size alone is enough to draw your attention. It is hard to imagine something as small as that will end up growing to be as big as the mama bear. Also, this little guy is already learning the art of tree climbing. 

Bear Grills

Everybody loves a well-made barbeque grilled slowly on a sunny day in the yard with your friends or neighbors. It is normal to set up your grill and use it as much as you want, given that you’re human.

Image courtesy of Old Reddit/Misnamed

It becomes a spectacular sight, however, when the person operating the grill is not a person but a bear. Mr. Bear over here probably had a hang-out planned with the other bears in the neighborhood and really needed a grill.

Bear and chipmunk sharing breakfast

Sharing is one of the things that we do as humans. Due to our higher intelligence, we can feel compassion and thus act on that feeling, and one clear way of showing that feeling is by sharing with others.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Beige_bear

It turns out not only do humans have a sense of compassion, but it seems that bears also have this feeling, or at least this bear. The bear in the image is sharing its food with not another bear, but a chipmunk, which is even more surprising.  

Finally, a mud bath 

Sometimes, we are so stressed that we feel the need to just shut it all down and get away from everything. It is normal to see humans participate in activities that alleviate stress and also have the intelligence to enjoy it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/zekouCafe

This picture is telling you that not only humans can enjoy a good and a relaxing experience. This bear is clearly having a good time having an immense mud bath session and clearly doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Bears in trees? Bears in threes? 

Trees are a beautiful provision given to us by mother nature. We see trees everywhere we go, from large ones outside of your house to the small potted trees on your front porch. Some have beautiful flowers hanging from them, while some have fruits.

Image courtesy of Reddit/DruidOfDiscord

When you take a look at the tree in this picture, we don’t see flowers or fruits. Instead, we see a bountiful harvest of bears from top to bottom when we look at the tree. We guess this is a tree that produces bears.

Massive brown bear with her cub

A lot of arguments have emerged regarding whether animals are capable of feeling complex emotions. Some believe that animals cannot feel things and that they only respond to food while trying to survive too.  

Image courtesy of

On the other hand, some believe that animals also experience a complex array of emotions, the same as humans. This image seems to validate the latter. We can see a mama bear showing obvious affection to her darling cub.

So we got married at the zoo, and this bear had an interesting first look reaction

Still, on the matter of feeling complex emotions, we humans can feel lots of things, and one of those feelings is love. It is from this love that marriage comes and the desire to start a family with the one you’ve chosen as your life partner.

Image courtesy of Imgur/DrBaumli

The question now is, do animals feel the love? Some argue that animals don’t have the mental development to feel emotions like that. However, we beg to differ. This image shows how heartbroken the bear is when his first love left him for someone else.

Friend’s mom nearly had a heart attack when she looked out the back window this morning

Having a heart-to-heart with oneself is one of the things we find ourselves doing as humans. We ponder over past experiences, problems, solutions, and many more things. Most feel animals don’t go through the same thing but do they?

Image courtesy of Reddit/Downarddawg

We are here with evidence to prove that animals also go through tough times and have to take time to reflect and enjoy the view. Take this big guy, for example. He is deep in thought on the back porch and enjoying the view.

Absolute unit Kodiak bear

One trait that makes our species stand out is the ability to be self-aware. It is this self-awareness that governs how we do things, especially in front of other people. This trait allows us to be able to pose for pictures, dress well, and more.

Image courest of Reddit/Kyletotajarvi

Believe it or not, humans are not the only ones that can be self-aware. This bear is clearly feeling himself, and you can see that from this picture. We mean, how many bears do you know that would pose for a picture.

Friends on the other side of the tank

Friendship is a strong bond that unites people. The concept of friends and enemies are born from the overactive brain of man and the series of emotions that pass through our noggins. We can make friends and lose them, too.

Image courtesy of Reddit/TheBlazingPhoenix

Do animals have this same ability to make friends and recognize them? Yes, they do! And this cute polar bear is proof of that. This bear has made a friend with this little kid, and even though it can’t get in, it still wants to show her some love.

Someone’s had a beary rough day

This life can be tough sometimes, and a lot of the time, it takes all we have just to get through each day. Occasionally, we just get back home, and all we want to do is take off our clothes and sleep until the following day.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ipostrandompoop

Well, we guess things are also not so easy in the animal kingdom. This picture shows a bear that passed out on a bench, and we don’t know about you, but this bear sure must have seen a lot and had a very tough day.

Just some black bears eating some apples in the woods

Food is one of the most essential amenities in this life. We spend most of our energy trying to make enough to feed ourselves and family and enjoy some other things that are key to our survival.

Image courtesy of Flicker/John Fusco

Humans are not the only ones that need food to survive. Every living thing needs food. Bears also need it just as much as us, but it seems as though this particular group of bears doesn’t have a food problem at all.