Feline Fashionista: Meet The Abandoned Cat Whose Cute Outfits Took The Internet By Storm

By Sachin P

Today, we would like to introduce you guys to Benson, who happens to be a very remarkable cat. (And no, Hedges is not his last name). Benson is quite the lucky cat. We say that because he was found on the streets before being adopted by his current parents. He has become a social media sensation because of his eccentric attitude and adorable clothes.

If being a cat influencer is a thing, then Benson is doing really well. The cuddly cat has a huge closet full of designer outfits that go with the style of his house or the locations he frequents. His outfits are to die for. In terms of fashion, Benson has an extensive wardrobe full of clothes for every season. Fabulous as he is, he always manages to pull each costume off!

Barista Benson

Quite a number of billionaires and wealthy celebrities were not born with a silver spoon or a trust fund. Most of them had to work really hard and had very humble beginnings, just like our Benson here. No wonder every cat-lover is drawn to his story.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Before he ever graced the front cover of Feline Vogue, he was a barista at Catbucks. Rumor has it that he learned of the secrets of the coffee bean from his sabbatical in Colombia. This knowledge enabled him to make the best catpuccino for miles around!

Benson’s Bath Time

Old Benson is very adamant about certain things when it comes to having a bath. Now, he is a good cat and rarely ever makes a fuss. But Mr. Duck must be in his corner as the bath is drawn up for him, or else there’ll be no bath.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

In addition to that, the water has to be a cozy 86 degrees and scented with lavender bath bombs. Three cinnamon-scented candles must also be lit and placed at one end of the tub. Last, but not least, he likes to listen to Beethoven in his bath. He’s not a style icon for nothing!

Benson, the Sushi Chef

Benson is as impressive with food as he is with the latest trends in fashion. He was in Japan for a brief period, and while there, he learned the art of making sushi and sashimi from the best Japanese chefs.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Being a cat, he is a natural when it comes to sourcing excellent, fresh fish. His sushi is really something to behold. He has prepared this scrumptious meal for his parents on several occasions. Can you even imagine the level of discipline required for a cat to not eat fish immediately after he gets it?

Darth Benson

Benson is no mere simpleton. The power of ‘the dark side’ was revealed to him by Emperor Purrpatine, and he embraced it without hesitation. Because of that, he is now referred to as Darth Benson, a very powerful Sith cat.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Check out how regal he looks sporting the headgear. “Darth Vader” can only imagine being as regal as Benson in this image. Maybe that’s what makes Benson so alluring as a pet to those who embrace the dark side of the force!

Benson, the All-Seeing

Ahh yes! Benson’s numerous talents aren’t limited to selecting the perfect cheese to go with his wine. During his travels in the Orient and the Far East, Benson managed to pick up some new tricks. It’s in India where he was gifted this turban by a Fakir!

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

The turban is magic and allows Benson to see into the future and predict events that are yet to happen. Because of this uncanny power, his schedule is quite full. Everyone wants to know whether their wishes and dreams eventually come true!

Samurai Benson

Here we have a wise warrior on a quest. Samurai Benson seems quite up to the task, and we absolutely love his costume! A little katana for one adorable little Samurai. Just look at his cuddly face, locked in thought. What might he be thinking?

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Benson might be planning the best way to attack the Whiskas stronghold, for in there lies what he desires above everything else — a chicken entrée so delicious, it’s worth fighting for. As he adopts a look of steely determination, he goes over the plans one last time, determined to succeed today.


We know we told you this earlier, but apparently, we can’t say it enough. There is literally nothing Benson can’t do. He sure is the Jack of all trades. As he is quite the sophisticated kitty, Benson enjoys his free time dabbling in the arts.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Just see how good he is at drawing self-portraits wearing his red beanie and blue overalls. He placed himself on top of the Golden Gate Bridge like some adorable, fluffy kaiju. He seems all ready to create wonders with his brush!

Fashion is Benson and Benson is Fashion

It can’t be autumn until Benson decides what his fall collection will look like. Only then does he permit the weather gods to go ahead with their plans. That has always been the agreement between both parties since time immemorial.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Benson has chosen to focus more on plaid attire this season. Known for his dramatic flair, he chose to reveal that in the most fashionable way possible — wearing a limited edition plaid scarf. He then went on to bless 10 copies of Vanity Fair, so be on the lookout for paw marks!

Benson P.I.

Hot boy summer is officially over! That’s because Benson is in town! When this kitty is around, it automatically becomes hot feline summer. No one brings the vibes and light of the season harder than Benson does. What a phenom he truly is.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

He has already set a trend in the world of fashion. Whatever he touches becomes the new black. It’s as if his style selections get the approval of Anna Wintour. Just look at his fun, spunky Hawaiian shirt and his on-point straw hat. We dare you to pull that off as effortlessly as he did.

M.C. Benson

Benson rarely graces any significant public gathering without his Cartier bling. In this pic, he is seen sporting a solid gold Cartier bracelet, made to a special design by Benson himself. All those rappers on the West and East coasts can only dream of matching his swag.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

When this was taken, he was getting ready to attend the feline Grammys. He was chosen to host the event this year (took them long enough)! With this carefully chosen outfit, Benson wanted to highlight that he’s fun (party hat), fashionable (feather boa), and glamorous (gold bracelet).

And the winner is… Benson!

“I want to thank myself for looking so good, I want to thank me for slaying so hard, I want to thank me for always believing in me, and last but not least, I want to thank me for always being the best and trying to give more than I receive.”

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

This is an excerpt from Benson’s speech upon receiving his 9th consecutive Cat of the Month award since its inception by the Fabulous Feline Federation. To give more up-and-coming fabulous cats a chance, Benson stated that this would be his last competition.

Benson Lord Mousey, the Lord Chief Mouser

Here we see Benson garbed in the traditional attire of the Lord Chief Mouser to the Monarch. Because his ancestors held the post for untold generations, and because the monarchy has become quite symbolic, he dons the outfit during important ceremonies only.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

He is wearing a shirt made from the best silk, with a waistcoat made from Zegna wool to go with it. The medal, with a teardrop pearl attached to it, was actually awarded to an ancestor of Benson’s for the services he gave to the monarchy.

BatCat: The Feline Crusader

You might have seen that there is a spider cat in the upcoming Spider-man movie, Across the Spider-verse. Well, as it happens, that is Benson too! Just like Spider-Cat, there exists an alternate-reality version of Batman called BatCat. Sounds so cool, right?

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

The BatCat fights crime in Cattham City, which would have been overrun with criminals if it wasn’t for his intervention. He is helped by his trusty butler, Catfred, in his ongoing efforts to rid his home of all organized crime.

Chief Inspector Benson

Look at our adorable Benson, looking like a miniature “Jacques Clouseau” (you know, from the Pink Panther movies). Benson is far from being as inept as “Inspector Clouseau” happens to be, but even with that said, he is a master detective.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

There are legends of Benson’s ancestors being present in nearly every case solved by “Sherlock Holmes.” Coincidence? We most certainly think not! Nothing escapes this guy’s computer-like mind. He got those promotions not by calling in favors but by working hard!

Benson as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Whatever Benson decides to become on a particular day automatically becomes the best thing that day. To impress his mom and dad with his acting skills, Benson decided to play the part of one of the ghosts from Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Benson played the part of the “Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come” to perfection. He was honored with a 9-minute standing ovation at the Royal Albert Hall when the drama premiered. Apparently, he loved playing ghost so much that he chose that as his Halloween costume!

Gospodin Benson

Benson is a child of the world. Apart from being learned in the sciences and the arts, he prides himself in being quite the avid traveler. Something that’s quite evident when you see this picture. It was taken moments before he departed for Russia.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

He makes sure to wear his favorite Ushanka and thick, merino-wool sweater before heading to colder climates. Doesn’t he look smashing in this attire? He plans to visit his Siberian tiger cousins and Amur leopard cousins twice removed and discuss the possibility of a family reunion!

Benson the Super Cat

Most of you might be familiar with “Superman’s” dog, Krypto the Super Dog. Thus, it would not surprise you to learn that “Supergirl,” his cousin, has her own super pet, Benson the Super Cat! Just check out his little costume! So adorable!

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Word is that “Kara Zor-El” herself designed the costume to match Benson’s temperament. Though he might not be as outgoing as Krypto, he can go toe to toe with him when it comes to raw power. Plus, the sideways hat makes him look so cool!

New York Times bestselling author, Benson Martin

Benson once dabbled in writing romance novels. He became an international sensation and a literary icon. He was for cheesy romantic novels as Stephen King was for horror, and Neil Gaiman was for fantasy. Is there anything this cat can’t do?

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

But Benson didn’t let his fame strip away his identity. He used his substantial wealth to raise awareness about his cousins in the wilderness; lions, leopards, tigers, along with all the smaller wild cats. He became the voice of the voiceless.

Benson goes to the Vet

Now would you look at that? Who said that mice and cats can’t get along? Check out Benson here, next to his friend, Jerry. But wait, what seems to be the problem? OMG, are those ice packs these longtime frenemies have on their heads?

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

It appears that Benson is not well. But not to worry because his mom and dad raised him right and are always attentive to his needs. Whenever he doesn’t feel well, they call his favorite vet, while Jerry keeps him company.  

Sweet Summer Benson

Nobody heeds more to dressing for the seasons than Benson. Just look at him! With his cute, checkered bandanna (at least that’s what we think it is) and his colorful t-shirt! What an adorable look. It’s a veritable sight for sore eyes.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

The light blue really goes with his complexion. His entire get-up is readily complemented by his choice of sunglasses. We really have to give it up to whoever has dedicated their time to creating these quirky yet cute looks. The results never disappoint.

Benson in Italy

The sun does its best work during the summer months, and Benson is well aware of that. That is why he is seen here, channeling his inner ‘1960s millionaire, vacationing in Italy’ vibes. Just look at the effortless grace he embodies.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Benson single-handedly brought back stripes. Goes so well with the mood, doesn’t it? He rests in his immaculate tent, with a coconut filled with fresh milk imported from Switzerland. After all, success has its merits, and Benson has every right to enjoy them fully!

Benson’s treasures

In the next one, Benson is pictured with his favorite satin nightshirt along with his favorite nightcap. His beloved mom and dad have ensured that he knows he is immensely loved, so this happens to be a little present from them.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Benson knows this, and he absolutely loves it. If glamour calls and he’s forced to stay out for the night, he makes sure his favorite night clothes are packed. They are his most valued possessions in this world, along with the Louis Vuitton cat bed!

Benson Clay: World Catweight Champion

You would be quite foolish to assume that just because Benson happens to be pampered, he is soft. Do not make the mistake of letting a mere appearance fool you. This kitty knows how to conduct himself well if it ever comes to exchanging fisticuffs.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Benson grew up watching Mohammed Ali dancing and flying in the ring. The beauty and grace ‘The Greatest’ exhibited captured his imagination, and he wanted to emulate that. This dream culminated with Benson winning the catweight title. Here he is, donning his lucky gloves!

Benson Warhol

Love the glasses and the bracelet Benson is sporting? Of course, you do. Whatever he touches becomes instantly trendy and fashionable, so why wouldn’t this? As with most of Benson’s possessions, the shades, as well as the bracelet, have a story behind them.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

They were gifted to him by none other than Andy Warhol! Well, the story is that one day, when Andy was at a loss on what adventure to embark on next, Benson walked by in his Sunday best. That inspired Andy, who later traced him down and gifted this to him.

Benson the Magnificent

Benson is not simply a cat. He is an idea — a concept that transcends time and space. That is why he can inspire and rally forth people throughout history and the world. Some might even say that he is the answer to most of our problems!

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Why, you might ask? Well, because of his steely determination to see good in everything. You might discard something as being unfashionable and irrelevant, but not Benson. To him, everything serves a purpose. And what better highlights his stoic nature than this portrait? He looks absolutely gorgeous!

His Royal Highness, Benson the First

The goldsmith did a wonderful job with the royal crown. Oh, how lovely it looks, placed on top of Benson’s head. Absolutely marvelous, is it not? Plus, check out the silk frills he has around his neck. Have you ever seen a more regal cat?

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

It is not possible because very few cats are as fabulous as this one. With such effortless grace, he should teach the masses how to become so suave and debonair. No coronation is complete without Benson gracefully gracing the occasion.

Merry Christmas, Benson!

Aww, look how coy he looks! Well, there is a reason why the fashionable, ever-stoic Benson broke character for what seems to be the first and last time. The reason, as you would expect it to be, is quite heartwarming and adorable.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

This is the exact moment Benson first met Father Christmas! Impressed with Benson’s philanthropic endeavors and his activism, Santa told him that he was the best cat he’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. What you see here is the immediate aftermath of that interaction!

Benson goes Baywatch

Most cats are known to show a particular aversion when it comes to water. Emphasis on most cats because Benson is not most cats. He is a level above, literally. That’s mainly because he is a certified lifeguard. The only cat to become one!

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

It’s no secret that Benson is close friends with ‘The Hoff.’ He learned from the very best in the business, so passing the test wasn’t that hard for him. Mom and Dad gifted this cute red cap and the whistle with the lanyard.

Operator Benson

In a previous slide, we mentioned that Benson used to work as a Barista. Well, after providing the people with excellent coffee and making their mornings for some time, he went on to have another job in the customer service sector.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Yes, he was a call center operative, as you can see from this image. He used to work in an organization that provided comfort to those who needed some company. Suffice it to say, Benson’s comforting meows were a smash hit among the clientele!

Benson scores a touchdown

Benson is a cat of many hobbies. And even though it is not common knowledge, he happens to be a very sporty kitty too. You already know that he’s an accomplished boxer and a swimmer. But did you know that he played football as well?

Yes, he was quite the sensation throughout his career. When Benson got hold of the ball, there was no stopping him until he scored a touchdown. Here you can see him in his retired “00” jersey and the match ball from his last game.

Naval Officer Benson

We mentioned previously that Benson doesn’t dislike the water like normal cats do. During his stint as a lifeguard, he was enamored by the sea. So, he decided to join the Navy, just like one of his favorite cartoon characters, “Donald Duck.”

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

As with nearly everything he does, Benson quickly rose through the ranks to become a Chief Catty Officer. His steadfast dedication to the service of his country made him an inspiration to anyone who wished to follow in his paw steps.

Benson the Horse Whisperer

Benson’s love of sports has no limit. He also happens to be a world-class equestrian too! Together with his longtime friend, Hidalgo, he has earned many commendations and medals through sheer talent. We must mention here that Hidalgo is a Mustang.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Because of that, he does get frowned upon at certain competitions. But Benson knows that talent trumps snobbery 100% of the time. So, he chooses to answer his critics with his equestrian prowess and the support of his friend Hidalgo.

Benson Ruth

If we were to talk about Benson’s prowess in the sports arena, we could talk about it for weeks. Another prime example would be this image. This was from a promo shoot just before Benson retired from professional baseball. He looks adorable, doesn’t he?

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

He got the idea to dabble in the sport thanks to his idol, Michael Jordan. In between three peats, MJ played baseball to fulfill a childhood dream. Armed with that knowledge and the certainty that he looks like a million bucks in a baseball jersey, Benson took to the field!

Singing in the rain!

Normally, raincoats aren’t fashionable items. They serve a purpose, which is to shield us from rain and splatter. But there are very few in this world that possess the ability to look extremely suave, even when donning a raincoat. Remarkable, isn’t it?

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Well, as all of you may have already guessed, one of those individuals happens to be Benson. Just look at him! “Miranda Priestley” would go gaga after seeing him! Also, we simply adore his taste in raincoats. The yellow compliments his eyes.

Benson in his PJs

In the next one, we have Benson looking very alert on his Louis Vuitton cat bed. He was captured wearing limited edition silk nightclothes from Prada. Benson might be as humble as a cat can get, but nothing touches his fur but the best silk.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

We really should take notes from the way Benson conducts himself. He doesn’t sacrifice his sleep unless it is a matter of extreme urgency and makes sure to get full eight hours of sleep per day. As you know, enough sleep helps one to function at an optimum level.

The force is with Benson

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Benson loves Star Wars. It helps that his mom and dad have been huge fans of the franchise since they were young. Benson, like a true fan, absolutely loves the prequel series.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

His favorite character is none other than “Han Solo.” Benson absolutely loves the performance by Harrison Ford and recognizes that “Han Solo’s” style is quite similar to his style. This T-shirt is really special to him because it was gifted by his mom and dad.

Benson always delivers

Whenever Benson is in the mood to visit France, this is his favorite get-up. He likes the Jean Reno vibes the denim jacket gives, as well as the striped t-shirt and the lovely red cap. Benson knows very well how to present himself.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

He holds himself up to high standards and never fails to deliver on whatever he promises. That seems to be one of the most desirable qualities that we have come to expect of him. He is reliable, and that makes him even more lovable.

Hipster Benson

Nobody does hipster like Benson. Just look at this exquisite photo! A real vision of perfection he is. Before we delve into his lovely attire, take note of his cup! Benson must be the only being whose name isn’t ever misspelled by cheeky baristas!

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

If one of us were named Benson, it wouldn’t be that surprising to see something like ‘Bunson’ on our Starbucks order. But not this guy. His outfit is so on point to resemble the pumpkin spice latte he ordered. The beanie also goes well with the mood.

Tactical Benson

This is the type of clothing Benson prefers to wear when he is hiking. He is quite partial to the commando vibes he gets whenever he wears that. He grew up watching numerous action flicks, you see, which explains his obvious fascination with this look.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

He still retains a childish glee within him when he wears this, even though he is more mature now. But he does love being tactical whenever the opportunity presents itself. Hence the black beanie. It goes really well with his cool looks, don’t you think?

Benson Wes Anderson

Benson is never late to a trend, nor is he too early. He partakes in the said trend precisely when he is meant to. This is not news because Benson himself is the originator of many a trend that took the industry by storm.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Here you can see him trying to take part in the Wes Anderson trend that has taken Instagram and TikTok by storm. He went straight for the prize and adopted a fantastic impression of Bill Murray in a Wes Anderson movie. Genius!

Benson brings the vibes

Benson is less about living ‘la vida loca’ and more about embodying ‘la buena vida.’ That’s what everything should be about in the end, wouldn’t you agree? A good life with good vibes is what most of us hope for, and Benson is living that dream.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

We know that we have mentioned it many times in the previous slides, but Benson looks good in white. The way this cat manages to pull off straw hats and beanies is unprecedented. It’s nothing like we have ever seen, and we just want more of it!

Benson goes to school

It was a sad day for Benson’s beloved parents. That’s because it was time for him to attend school. The thought of being apart for a few hours is something that Mom and Dad weren’t able to bear with grace.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

How could they stay away from their precious feline? But Benson kept his composure. He was determined to make his parents proud, so he did his studies exceptionally well. Plus, doesn’t he look adorable in his little tie, blue sweater, and cap?

Benson, in the contemporary art scene

Here we have Benson promoting and announcing his venture into the contemporary art scene. To the untrained eye, his perforated sweater means nothing. But with it, Benson was trying to pass the message that just like the fabric, our lives, too, are fragile.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

Don’t forget that Benson had a fortuitous run-in with Andie Warhol in the ’60s. That encounter exposed him to the world of art, and he took to contemporary art quite well. Rumor has it that his art sells like hotcakes!

Benson the Aristocat

Aww, look at our beloved Benson here. He is wearing what looks like a yellow checkered cravat with a magnificent scarlet smoking jacket that was cut by the master cutters at Savile Row Company. Quite the luxury garments for the aristocat!

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

We did touch upon the fact that Benson has relatives that have served the monarchy, and he holds a peerage because of that fact. When one holds a station such as that, they must make sure to dress in a fitting manner!

Benson, we love you!

All in all, we would love to finish this by saying this: It was mighty noble of Benson’s parents to give him a second chance at life. He was, as you all know by now, a street cat roaming the streets of Dubai.

a_street_cat_named_benson / IG

His owners, whom we have referred to as his parents throughout this article, are heroes. They chose him when they could have chosen any pedigree cat. This was an act of true giving. So for that and for introducing Benson into the world, we thank them!