Cat Crime Spree: Family Tries To Rectify The Mistakes

By Shivam B

If anyone has been wondering what is going on with Esme the cat these days, you won’t have to dig much. The answer is visible in from of the family home. Maybe you weren’t wondering, or you don’t personally know Esme. No matter. This is a cute story anyway.

Esme is a sweet but sometimes sneaky cat who loves to spend her time languishing in long afternoon naps. But she’s so much more than a sleepy kitty. She leads a double life. This side of her is not-so-desirable: Esme likes to steal things. Yes, Esme is a cat burglar and her targets are her neighbors. And she strikes them over and over again.

Unsplash / Chrissy Bogomilova

A sign was put up by Esme’s human outside of their house that says: “My cat is a thief. Please take these items if they’re yours.”The stolen belongings by Esme have been clipped alongside the sign to find their rightful owners.

Esme probably loves gloves more than fish. If you put a plate of fish and gloves in front of her, she may choose gloves first. Weird, we know.

Reddit / u/WyatBaker

It is not clear how Esme started her crime spree or how many items she has stolen thus far, but one thing is clear: her family has got her back to set things right for her mischief.

Luckily, the signboard helped a few victims of Esme to get their belongings back again. But Esme’s reputation will take a little longer to get back on track.

One thing can be said for sure; Esme’s family loves her very much despite her burglary attempts and mischief. They must be trying hard to improve Esme’s behavior too. We believe in you, Esme!