Doggone Catitude: 40+ Dogs Who’ve Perfected The Art Of Impersonating Cats

By Rekha R

Dog owners tend to treat their pets as if they are children. In many cases, dogs are considered a rightful member of the family. Owners, therefore, tend to pamper their dogs with the same kind of care and affection they would show for a child. This does not mean that dogs are on equal footing with humans, but this practice suggests that at least some dog owners tend to overindulge them, and we understand why. There are some dogs out there that have cats as brothers and sisters. This causes them to inherit certain traits that would make one think they come from a lineage of cats. The dog will use its paws like a cat, sit in small spaces, climb on top of cabinets, and it might even look at you as if it has an opinion about your day. If this behavior is typical for your dog, then you can be sure they picked up all those feline traits from the cat in the family.

Meet Mako, a 2.5 Year old Pitbull

This little fella lives with two cats named Pecan and Gizmo. He has been acting like a cat and has forgotten that he’s a dog. He climbs kitchen shelves all the time with his two brothers, and we wonder if this family has three cats now?

Image courtesy of mako_thecatdog/Instagram

We know Pitbulls are intelligent and can sometimes be aggressive, but we had no clue Mako could do things outside his trade. Sometimes, the owners find him sitting on a countertop like a cat, and he hops around so fast as a cat does.

Marty – Raised with and by Cats

This adorable man thinks he can fit into that bag. The cat was one year old when they found Marty, and since then, he has stuck around, but he acts nothing like a dog. All he does is arch his back and walk on his toes, and sleeps just like a cat.

Image courtesy of MySoleM8isACat/Reddit

A dog that acts like a cat will often hiss, bark, meow, growl, and purr. Some dogs that act like cats will even run along their owner’s legs, similar to how the feline species runs. And sometimes, like Marty, they try and fit in boxes or baskets even if they are too big for them.

He Lives on the Cat Tree

This cute dog grew up with two cats even though he was the first one in the pack. He still chose to be just like them rather than making them like him. And as we can see, he is definitely not shy about it.

Image courtesy of SymanthaB/Reddit

Dogs that act like cats have different ways of expressing themselves. Some will stare at their owner. Others will turn around several times before lying down, while some will lift a paw as if they are asking for attention. Like cats, these dogs may be demanding or affectionate, depending on the situation.

The oops Moment

This Golden Retriever was just following the lead of his cat buddy, thinking that he could do the same things. He followed him upstairs to the window and then outside. What happened after that is something that only happens in the movies.

Image courtesy of Vaagobert/Reddit

We all know that even though both species have four legs, they definitely do not move the same. But this fella refused to think this way and wanted to have an adventure just like the cat does on a daily basis.

Ditching the Dog life – Featuring Milo

Milo has not been around cats, and he still thinks he’s one of them. He’s a dog that doesn’t act like a dog at all. All the time, ready to scratch and bite. The energy he has goes either by climbing all over the space or being self-centered.

Image courtesy of freespiritedshadow/Reddit

This dog climbs over the fridge top and sleeps there. He didn’t do this because he wanted to get a good view of his owner’s sparkling clean kitchen or to have fresh air. He climbed over the fridge top because he’d seen other animals (and by animals, we mean cats) do it. 

Dexter and His Cat Legs

Sometimes, wagging their tail and chewing on furniture gets boring, so they start doing anything that brings our attention to them. So, Dexter has a habit of folding his legs in a very unique way, as you can see in the picture below.

Image courtesy of Mmmelanie/Reddit

Dexter can do something with his legs that only cats can do. One time, he wanted his owner to put some food down on the floor, so they did. What he did next was surprising. He puts one leg way back and then jumps 5 feet into the air. It looked like a cat jumping a wall.

Caught Dogs on Camera

When this family noticed that their furniture was become all scruffed up, they became suspicious. They knew it wasn’t the cat since she is usually very careful with every step she takes. So, they decided to install some hidden cameras in the house.

Image courtesy of kevinaud/Reddit

No to their surprise, they found this scene on the camera not even 10 minutes after they had left for work. They trained the dogs not to climb on the furniture, but they climb on anything and everything when no one is looking. What is with the dog on the table?

Loki Likes to Keep Watch

This Siberian Husky is nothing like the other. He enjoys his quality time alone, especially on the roof. He glides on the roof effortlessly like a cat with nine lives, and he is so quiet that the owners have a hard time finding him when he is in the zone.

Image courtesy of smack-cranberries/Reddit

However, it’s not like he picked up this habit by chance. After years of seeing his sister, the cat, sneak outside to catch birds and other small things on the roof, he decided that he was just as capable, and now he sits there majestically every day.

Trapped in the Basement and Didn’t Bother to Bark

If you have a small dog, then it looks cute when they follow you from room to room. However, many dogs are not that small and can get in the way, particularly if you try to clean the house! Dogs like routines, so if they know that you go into the same room at a specific time of day, then it will probably wait for you there.

Image courtesy of ermarie73/Reddit

Maddie wanted to see what her mom was doing and got stuck in the kitty door. She didn’t even bark to let her mom know she was stuck. However, the owners weren’t surprised. She went back and forth through the cat door for hours before she was finally released. We hope she learned her lesson.

Gracie and Her Cat

Because of the space issues, the cat bed is placed on top of Gracie’s kennel. But Gracie likes with her cat friend. Whenever she wakes up from a nap, she even purs like her kitty friend. You start to become who you hand around, are we right?

Image courtesy of Kitty102293/Reddit

It’s not just us that enjoys it either – the owners actually love their precious bond! It’s funny to watch them playing together, and we would never have imagined that a dog would be such a good friend to a cat, but we should never assume!

Did Somebody Say Pitloaf

This handsome guy has a unique habit of sitting like a cat. His legs are folded under and are completely curled into place. It feels as if this dog has adapted that from a cat and wants to show off what he can do.

Image courtesy of ChootEmChootEm/Reddit

This dog obviously has a great relationship with his kitty friend since he is trying to copy all of his traits. We mean, just look at this cutie! He is lying down exactly like a cat. We wish we could see what his kitty-friend looks like.

On The top

This cute (big) somehow manage to climb on top of the highest cupboards in the kitchen. He’s observing his kingdom. This family just made it home after a long day and the moment they entered the kitchen, and found him doing nothing but licking onto the wood.

Image courtesy of DEEL17/Reddit

His family is so shocked by his behavior. They always leave the house asking themselves, “What’s it going to be today?” However, it’s more like entertainment now. At this point, when he is not doing his crazy cat stuff, the family thinks something is wrong with him.

When You are Not Expecting Guests.

This scenario happened right after everybody was already out the door heading off to work when one of them forgot a few documents. As soon as they came inside the house, and found this guy hanging out on the windowsill, and the look on his face was like, “What the heck! You just left!”

Image courtesy of SamanthaJK09/Reddit

After that, it became a routine to keep tabs on this half-cat half-dog. He tends to do things like climb nearly everything, including walls, shelves, rooftops. It’s super funny to see him do such activities. But the family wants to make sure he doesn’t get himself in a sticky situation.

Don’t Call Me a Dog

This family bought the cat a fancy new climbing tree. Ironically, they found the dog on it more than the cat. He is so curious to see what the cat does on that thing, and he doesn’t understand why he didn’t get a new toy, too!

Image courtesy of slavensc/Reddit

However, it doesn’t look like the cat is that bothered by his presence. And we all know how territorial cats can sometimes be. As like as he doesn’t take her spot, since she is the queen here, everything will be fine and dandy!

Hey Buddy You want To Climb or Walk? How About Both?

This guy has developed a new tree climbing skill from a neighbor’s cat. These kinds of things are unusual in dogs, but it must be exciting to see him learning new things as long as he doesn’t fall or get stuck. Dogs are definitely not as limber as cats.

Image courtesy of bnworkman/Reddit

Now, he would instead climb and tree then go on a walk in the park. The neighbor’s cat joins sometimes, too, and apparently, it’s fun to see them both get along so well. We hope the cat doesn’t plan to get him stuck up there, though!

Where is My Mom’s Dog?

This dog has made a habit of sitting in the planters. And the best part is she acts like a cat. She hisses, hides between the plants, and then pops out to scare birds away. The owner doesn’t understand where this behavior came from.

Image courtesy of mctaylo89/Reddit

However, she is her mother’s sunshine, just sitting in the middle of the garden and chilling with no worries in the world. What a luxurious life she is living. She makes such amazingly funny noises and faces when she sleeps or when her feet tickle.

Am Not Squeezing, I Fit. Okay Bye!

This next cat-like dog tries to fit into anything she can’t get into, and her success rate is high. On his first night home, the owner opened a cabinet to get some food for the dog. Before she had time to close, the dog was in the cabinet sitting pretty.

Image courtesy of mangophilia/Reddit

It was at this moment the owner knew that he would get along with their family cat since he was already exhibiting similar behavior. And as you can see in the photo above, he has made himself very comfortable in the kitty’s domain.

Two Cats? Ohh That’s My Dog

This cutie loves to check on the outside world. The spot he has chosen for himself is the cat tree. Yeah, you read that right. And the best part is the cat is cool about it. Most of the time, both of them sit together and stare out the window. 

Image courtesy of Erotic_FriendFiction/Reddit

We can’t help but chuckle at this. He has gotten into the cat rituals, too. When the cat is eating, he just sits and stares at him. There are times when he tries to eat right next to the cat. The funny thing is that the cat doesn’t seem to mind being disturbed while eating.

How Are You Doing?

Well, doesn’t he just look guilty? He was trying to peep through the cat door. It looks like he got a little too nosey because when he saw something interesting, he took the door with him! We’re sure the cat started laughing on the inside.

Image courtesy of xXMaGGoXx/Reddit

Apparently, this fellow was adopted after the cat, and the cat is having a hard time with his behavior. So the dog is just trying to fit in so they will be friends. But every time he tries to be like the cat, something goes wrong. 

Oh Chair? Oh No, Hooman!

Just like a cat feels like they own the house, and you can’t tell this what to do, well, this dog feels the exact same way. If he wants to sit on the couch and spy on the neighbors, not even his owner can stop him, even if they’re sitting in his spot.

Image courtesy of anne_c_rose/Reddit

He acts unusual and doesn’t really care if he gets treats or not. It feels like he’s the boss and his orders are to be followed. Does this kind of behavior sound familiar to you? Yes, he is like a cat.

Cat Bed Over Full-Size Dog Bed

Bingbong prefers the cat’s bed over his full-sized one. He loves to squeeze into that bed, knowing that he’s too big for it. Half of the time, his body is hanging outside of it, but he still prefers to sleep in there anyway.

Image courtesy of mewtent/Reddit

Bingbong is such a sweetheart to think he’s a cat. Eating and sleeping with the cat is his routine, and now fitting into his bed is his new hobby. These two do get along well, but playing and sneaking into each other’s beds is what you can see them doing most of the time.

Cat Obsession

The Pomeranian loves to hang out with the cat, and he thinks he’s from the same family.  Wherever the cat sits, he has to sit there as well. Sometimes the cat gives those weird looks to scare him off, and it works every time—poor little fella.

Image courtesy of Emdora/Reddit

He can be a weirdo at times, though. He hops on the back of the couch when the cat does. He hisses like the cat does, and he even rubs on his owners’ legs like the cat does. Whether or not they get along, we sure hope they do!

You Know What a Shoulder Dog is?

We know that cats don’t normally like the sit on the backs of their humans’ shoulders unless they are sleeping. But, if they wanted to, they definitely have the ability. However, this is kind of behavior is not so common among dogs.

Image courtesy of SQURILEYSTUBBS/Reddit

That’s why this proud owner had to show off his dog standing on his shoulder when they were out for their morning walk. He and the dog both look so happy, but we are sure the owner questioned whether or not he had adopted a cat or dog at some point.

Dog No No, a Cat

This Shih Tzu loves hanging around the two family cats. On the other hand, the cats don’t seem to be too fond of him. They hiss at him and bite his ears when he gets too close. The proof is in the next picture below.

Image courtesy of d3lro/Reddit

He was very calm before he met his two cat brothers. Now, he is aggressive and crazy because he feels like he is always on guard. However, at this point, he doesn’t have a care in the world since he decided he is going to lay in their favorite spot. He won’t back down!

Mommy See Am a Cat

This Labrador is not even a year old, and he thinks he can do whatever he likes. He has a favorite chair, and he sleeps on the bed. He is such a lazy little guy and doesn’t even lift his head from the pillow when there is somebody in the house.

Image courtesy of Solasshole/Reddit

One morning when his owner walked into the bedroom to get the work shoes, he found this fella sitting on the bed. He told him, “It’s time for you to go outside and secure our house.” And this photo shows what happened next.

Carl and His Cat Pillow

Carl loves his pillow, which by the way, is not his. It belongs to the cat. She loves to sleep on it. But what makes Carl happy is the fact that he thinks it is there for both of them. But he tends to hog it, and she has had just about enough of it!

Image courtesy of mollygk/Reddit

It’s so weird when your pets act crazy, and you can’t just do anything about it. So eventually, the owner ended up purchasing another pillow so that they both don’t fight for it again. However, the rivalry is still there.

He Can’t Get Enough of The Cat

This black Labrador is so adorable when he tries to fit into things that are tiny compared to him. He also makes the cutest face when he gets caught. Those puppy eyes make you forget everything, right? They sure work on us.

Image courtesy of castotz/Reddit

Even after training him, he’s not ready to let go of the cat that is inside of him. He likes what he likes, and we can’t blame him for that. If he wants to sit pretty in a tiny box, we see nothing wrong with it.

Apparently, they have a Cat

Since this cutie’s owner works from home and can’t give her the attention that she wants, she ends up doing desperate things. Well, this is what she is up to these days! Whenever she wants to cuddle, she silently comes in like a cat and curls down in front of the computer.

Image courtesy of CrispyFriedTofu/Reddit

However, she is such an adorable pet, and her owner loves every second of the time he gets to spend with her. She knows how to swirl and twerk, and she is happy to show her talents whenever he has guests over.

Came Home To This

When this couples’ daughter wanted a younger sibling, they ended up getting her a puppy instead. They have had him for about five months old, and he’s still just a baby. He has this habit of sleeping on the back of their couch. Every time they come home, they know where to find him. 

Image courtesy of ocdrummer47/Reddit

This puppy is acting like a cat most of the time. He keeps crossing in between their legs while they’re sitting or standing. And when he is in a deep sleep, he loves to purr. They wouldn’t have it any other way, though!

What Does It Look Like To Be Raised With Cats?

When a dog is raised alongside a cat, they become best friends. They play together, sleep together, and protect each other. They do all the crazy stuff together. Sometimes we have to keep them apart when they become crazy to avoid a mess!

Image courtesy of Duckduckandgoose/Reddit

This pupper never leaves his cat pal behind. He does everything the cat does, from scratching to climbing to jumping on the roof or to the couch. And, as you can see, he always has his back. This is one special relationship.

She Thought He was a Dog But It’s a Cat, For Sure.

This person rescued this dog from a shelter where he was living with a bunch of cats. Apparently, the dog acquired all of their traits and hobbies. So, the owner started to question whether or not she had adopted a dog.

Image courtesy of AdhesiveMessage/Reddit

However, we’re sure she doesn’t mind because he looks so cute all the time. How can you resist this face? Especially when he is trying to fit inside a box that is much too small for him. He looks so innocent, and it’s probably so entertaining to have him around.

Heard About a Corgi – Cat?

This corgi fits so well on the cat tree, and by the look on his face, he seems to be enjoying every second of it. He loves to hang in on the cat tree. However, the cat hates it. So every time she sees him there, she has a dirty habit of peeing on the corgi’s bed.

Image courtesy of locke.the.fluffy.corgi/Instagram

However, nothing phases this guy. He still goes through each day happy, knowing that he is the king of the house. But this does not go over was for the cat. Sometimes, she spills water in his food to make it mushy, but this crazy corgi still eats it.

Stuck In a Cat Tower

Well, this is his one way to get attention. When the cats are in the vicinity, he tries his hardest to steal all their thunder. What is it with dogs trying to take over the cat’s climbing tree? This seems to be a common theme.

Image courtesy of vrklikhus/Reddit

The owners thought the dog was stuck, so they started to panic. Little did they know that this was precisely what he wanted. When they realized he was just messing with them to get some attention, they sighed breaths of relief. What a naughty little fella!

Is Luna a Cat?

Meet Luna, the pitbull. Despite her size, she always tries to sit on the arm of the couch but eventually falls off. She is resilient, though. She must have got this trait from the family cat since they love to perch.

Image courtesy of ChiefII/Reddit

This girl is so talented and very much dedicated to every new trick of hers. When she runs out of them, she starts to observe the cat to see what she can do next. We are waiting for the day when she starts to climb the cat tree.

What Does Growing Up With Cats Look Like?

If you’re still wondering what it looks like for a god and a cat to grow up together, this is what it looks like. He lays down most of the day comfortably and naps there all the time. He has no regard for space, seeing as this is his kingdom.

Image courtesy of Scubachic0121/Reddit

And where did he learn this from? Take one wild guess! The cat has been doing this for years, so the dog thought to himself, “I’m going to try it too.” Now, it is his favorite pastime—so good luck moving him.

What The Floof?

We bet you haven’t seen anything like this next picture before. This dog loves to stand on the fence and jump off from it. Once he saw the neighborhood cat do it multiple times, he thought to himself, “I’m going to this too!”

Image courtesy of jayblink182/Reddit

Not only can he jump off the fence, but he can stand on it as well. It’s quite impressive because he looks like a chonky boy. His friend stuck inside the fence is probably so jealous that he can’t do the same.

Somebody Call 911

The emergency is this dog is walking on the ledge of the room. How dumb can this fluffy cute little animal get? Cats have a special grip on their paws that allows them to climb up and then come down effortlessly. But where did he get this trade from?

Image courtesy of PepperSprayP/Reddit

This family doesn’t even have a cat, so they have no idea where he learned this behavior from. It seems like he is always testing his limits and his owner’s limits too. We hope he learns his lesson because if he ever falls, it’s not going to be pretty.

Such a Fool

This guy is big, and he makes his presence known. Since he was a puppy, he has always loved everyone in the family the same, and that includes the cat. So, of course, he wants to share the cat tree. We can all agree that this is typical behavior.

Image courtesy of SmellyEggRolls/Reddit

However, even though he likes to copy the cat from time to time, he still stays true to his nature. He loves human food, especially when his daddy cooks a big ol’ steak. And he loves to bark at the neighbors if he feels they’re coming too close to the house.

Pug Being a Pug

This pug is set in his ways. He never leaves the room without his box. He sits there, sleeps inside it, and sometimes plays with it too. All day long, all you can hear is his box dragging across the floor. He is an easy one to please, at least.

Image courtesy of kingtooth_pug/Instagram

However, sometimes he doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings and ends up knocking things over with his box. If he were a cat, he would be very careful about this since cats have a way of sneaking around anything and everything.

A Cat Came Out of a Box

This boy is so adorable. The family thought they ordered a dog that likes to play fetch and chase the neighborhood cat around. Instead, they feel like he acts more like a cat than a food judging by the way he is sitting in this box.

Image courtesy of FearsomeMongoose/Reddit

Whenever the family receives a package, the dog is always right there to take the box, and they’re still not sure about his excitement to get a new one each time. But this is a small price to pay for their dog’s happiness.

Perfect Pose

You don’t often see dogs climbing on kitchen counters. Especially not huge breeds like German Shepherds. That’s cat behavior. But not all of them are Grinch. Yeap, that’s his name, Grinch Farber. And he probably has more followers than you on Instagram!

Image courtesy of grinchthegerman/Instagram

This sleek boi is a certified social media star with close to ten thousand followers on the platform. With numerous posts up on his page, we are not surprised that he seems completely at ease posing on the counter next to his ball.