45 Cats Who Are Adept Players Of Hide-And-Seek

By Arvyn B

Any cat owners will tell you that their special furballs are very talented beings. From hiding themselves in the tiniest places to pulling the weirdest expressions, cats are bosses at various things. But the one thing they are the very best at has to be hide-and-seek! Some cats are so good at doing this we honestly believe that they must have heard of the game hide-and-seek before. Either that or they have some kind of special powers that allow them to almost completely disappear from view! So, it should come as no surprise that an account on Twitter started posting some of the cats who are the best at playing hide-and-seek. You might be surprised at how difficult some of these are – you might not be able to spot them all!

All images in this article are courtesy of @Thereisnocat_ on Twitter.

3-D mat

Traditionally, black cats are seen by many as being mysterious and evil creatures. Although no cat is inherently evil, superstition is based on reality. If anything, they are very silly and playful animals. Just ask anyone who owns a black cat.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

This picture is the perfect example of this! You might not be able to see it, but the second cat from the right is actually a real cat! This kitty is pretty smart for lying down perfectly between the lines of the mat-cat.

Multi-colored cat

This cat is definitely one-of-a-kind. It has so many different colors, and each of them is absolutely beautiful! So, it comes as no surprise that this beauty managed to blend in with multiple surfaces and even multiple textures. Talk about versatility!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

At its owner’s house, it managed to hide on the tile floor and on the carpeted stairs. Each of them was almost exactly the same color and pattern as the cat! This is such a lucky coincidence. We’re sure the owner has to tread carefully around their home.

Fluffy pillow

If you sit down on this gray sofa, you might be surprised if the cushions start scratching your back. That is because one of these cushions is something a little different – it is actually a little gray cat that’s hiding!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

This little kitty looks so cute sleeping peacefully on top of the cushions. We would never want to disturb it! But we are pretty sure that the owners must “lose” it sometimes since it’s exactly the same shade as the pillows.

Table for one

We’re not going to lie; this one took us a pretty long time to find. Can you spot it? We’ll give you a hint: this adorable kitty is not camouflaged against the wall, and it is not hiding on the sofa either…

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

It is actually hidden away on one of the chairs at the table! Take a closer look at the teacup on the table, and you’ll see that it’s actually a little kitty! This cute feline looks like it is playing peek-a-boo.

Silly slippers

When you look at this picture, you might be surprised to see that there is actually more than one animal in hiding. And we’re not just talking about the Crocs! There is also a cute little kitty hiding away from the untrained eye.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

We can only imagine the confusion that happens in the morning when this user tries to put on their slippers. As it turns out, that it is actually a kitty pretending to be a pair of slippers instead! What a clever kitty.

I spy

Honestly, this picture has to be one of the most difficult entries on this list. There is so much going on in the picture that it is an extra challenge to find the kitty! Are you able to spot it?

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

We would not be surprised if there were a bunch of different animals hiding away somewhere in this picture. We have already spotted a few pet birds, for one! If we could only find where the cat is. Let us know if you find it because we’re stumped!

Messy cupboard

The cat in this picture is not only a master at hide-and-seek, but they are also pretty great at getting into tight spaces, too! This cupboard is an absolute mess, so it might be a little difficult to spot clever kitty.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Take a look under the bottom rack, and you might be able to spot this white and orange feline. The little cat is hiding near the back! Whoever posted this picture needs to clean their closet, or they may never find their cat again.

Cat-mas tree

If you have a Christmas tree and a cat, then you will know the challenges of trying to keep them apart. After all, the Internet has tons of pet owners documenting their cat-proof trees. For some reason, cats always feel like attacking the tree or trying to climb it!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Judging by this picture, that is exactly what is about to happen to this tree. We can’t see the whole cat, but we can see its fluffy black tail sticking out at the bottom. This scene is a disaster waiting to happen!

It’s behind you!

One thing that always seems to give a cat away is its pointy ears. Somehow, they seem to forget that they have them and never hide them properly! It shouldn’t be too hard to find this kitty if we try looking for some rogue ears.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Take a look at the back of the sofa, and you might see some little ears of a fluffball sticking out. That is indeed a cat! We have no idea how it managed to get behind the sofa. It’s a pretty smart hiding place!

Messy room

This one is for all the pet owners with messy rooms: it’s time to clean it up! After all, a messy room is a cat’s playground since there are way more places for them to hide. Remember the cluttered cupboard?

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Although, the cat in this picture chose a pretty private place to keep away from others. It is hiding in the box near the back, under the board games. It must have found it a relatively peaceful place to rest.

Fluffy rug

We can imagine that there is a funny story with this picture. This user probably walked into their bathroom and was surprised when their bathroom rug started purring. That is because it was really a cat of the same color!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Seriously, that cat looks super peaceful and is enjoying that nap a lot. We would hate to disturb something that looks so cute and adorable! It is pretty hilarious, though, that they are the same shade (and just as fluffy) as the bathmat.

I’ve got my eyes on you

Cats have a strange habit of staring intensely at their owners, no matter where their human is or what they are doing. It feels like cats are constantly judging us. And it seems that even a curtain cannot stop them from glaring at the photographer.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Look at those eyes. They seem to be planning world domination and many so much more! Normally, this would be scary, but those little toes poking out from under the curtain remind us that it’s an absolutely adorable kitty. How sweet!

Hiding on the bed

It is time for another cat that seems to have forgotten its ears again! This time, the cat in question is trying to hide out on its owner’s bed. Unfortunately, they need a little more practice if they’re going to master the art of camouflage.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Those beige-colored ears poking out from the top of the blanket are a dead giveaway! We bet that this kitty was having a great nap and did not want to be disturbed. We don’t blame them! No one wants to wake up early from a catnap.

What’s on TV?

Here is another black cat that is doing his best to show you that he is not at all a creepy creature. He just wants to play a game of hide-and-seek! Just look at the TV, and you can spot them. (Hint: turn up the brightness on your screen.)

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

It must have been playing this game for quite a while since it seems to have fallen asleep. The worst part of this picture has to be the sand under the glass on the coffee table. That’s just teasing the cat!

Special delivery

If you are a cat owner, then you will know all about felines and their love of boxes. No matter how many toys you buy for them, they will always go straight for the boxes instead! Take a look here.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

If there is a box in a room, you can be pretty sure that a cat is hiding inside it! They love boxes because they are small and comfortable places for these little kitties to hide inside. The more you know!

‘Ear she is!

Just what is it with cats forgetting to hide their ears?! This cat made the same mistake as some of the others on the list when it tried to hide inside the cat tree. Those pointy ears aren’t fooling anyone.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

It didn’t do a very good job of trying to hide. You can see its ears from a mile away! There are plenty of places that it could’ve chosen instead, which would’ve been much better. Just ask the black cat hiding in the shadows of the hallway.

Order up!

One of the last places that you would expect to see a feline friend is at your local McDonald’s. But apparently, they enjoy visiting that place, too! We wonder what they would want to order. Do they still sell fish sticks?

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

If you couldn’t spot it, the cat is sitting in the driver’s seat of the car, right next to the window! We sincerely hope that there was a human at the wheel. There is no way that a cat has a license!

Black on black

Black cats have to be some of the hardest ones to spot, as they camouflage so well against black fabrics, especially fluffy rugs. And this cat is no exception! The only thing that gives this feline away is its bright green eyes.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

If it were not for these emerald orbs, there is no way that we would be able to see that anyone was hiding there. This cat is definitely a master of disguise! Though it seems to be very annoyed that it lost a game of hide-and-seek.

Under the curtain

This one cat managed to hide its ears from view, but it forgot one very important thing: its tail! It did not manage to tuck it under the curtain, easily giving away its hiding spot. This kitty needs to try harder.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

We do have to give this cat some credit for trying, however, as it does seem like it didn’t want to be found. It did everything it could to stay hidden. It just didn’t manage to keep its tail tucked away.

Do cats grow on trees?

If you don’t own a cat, then you will honestly be surprised at how well cats can climb. They can shoot up trees like monkeys! This cat has done exactly that but, like the cliché, seems to have got stuck up there.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

If you cannot see it, try zooming in to the middle of the picture. There is a little black and white cat stuck amongst the branches, who seems to be saying, “help me!” It appears that this kitty wants to give up and go home already.

Cycling kitty

Looking at this picture, you might just think that this is a picture of someone’s garage. Guess again – it is actually a snap of a little kitty hiding. Can you find it? Take a closer look near the bicycle.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Here’s another little kitty trying to hide behind a curtain. It seems that this is another case of a kitty who didn’t hide his tail – perhaps he forgot about it, too. At least the ears are hidden this time!

Orange wood

We’ve already seen quite a few cats hiding on rugs, usually the sneaky black cats. Now it is time for something a little different. This time, we have an orange cat that is hidden almost perfectly on a wooden floor.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

We are honestly impressed at how well this cat managed to hide on the bare floor. The pattern of the wood is almost perfectly matched with the kitty’s fur! This is either a cute coincidence or the work of a true master of disguise.


We have already seen quite a few cats that look like their owner’s flooring. Now, it is time to see a cat who matched something even stranger than that – another pet! Somehow, this cat looks almost identical to the dog.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

What is even weirder than that is that both the cat and the dog match the floor tiles! We’re not sure if the owners deliberately chose these pets for that reason or if they bought the tiles to match their companions. Either way, it is an odd coincidence!

Eye see you

This one is a pretty funny picture, for sure! If you look at it quickly, you might think that there is something wrong with the woman. After all, her eyes look a little bit strange. There’s a reason for that…

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

No, this is not the latest trend in plastic surgery. Those aren’t human eyes, but they’re actually feline ones peeking through a hole in the box. It is so cool how they managed to fit perfectly with where the woman’s eyes should be.

You can’t see me!

We feel sorry for this little kitty, as they look so determined to find a cozy hiding spot. It appears that was not good enough because we can still see them quite clearly! And it’s not just their tail that gives them away.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Their eyes are peeking out from underneath the dresser, too! This photo is clear proof of just how flexible cats can be, as there is no way that any other animal could get under there. It is a tiny space!

Sneak attack

Sometimes, cats will run around the house like crazy for no apparent reason. This is called “zoomies,” and it happens because the cats have too much energy. There are a few signs that warn you a cat is about to start doing zoomies.

Source: Thereisnocat_ (Twitter)

One such sign is peering around the corner like this kitty is doing. Either it’s time for zoomies, or this cat is trying to sneakily attack the person taking the photo. Whatever the reason, this cat certainly looks very mysterious, and we would avoid it.

A wild encounter

This is definitely a challenging picture because there are so many things that look like a cat, but they’re not. For example, the statues and hedges could be concealing a cat. Or perhaps it’s up a tree again. Where is it hiding?!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Do not worry – we will help you out with this one. The little kitty is hiding at the bottom left of the photo, next to the fence! The fact that it is looking straight at the camera is pretty helpful.

Bed time

This picture seems to just be of a slightly messy room, with a few cushions and a dressing gown on top. However, we don’t think that you would enjoy sleeping on this bed because some of the pillows will bite you.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

If you look closely, you might see what appears to be a black pillow on the bed, near the top left. That’s not a pillow – it’s a black kitty instead! It’s curled up, so you cannot see its eyes, only its fluffy fur.

Cleaning up

If you are a cat owner, then you will definitely know the difficulty of trying to do some laundry with your feline friends around. No matter where you put the laundry basket, they always seem to find their way inside!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

That is exactly what this kitty did. It’s probably curled up in there because the freshly dried clothes are so warm, and the basket is a nice space for them to hide in. That doesn’t mean it’s not pretty annoying, though!

Too much floof

Honestly, we are not even sure how many cats are actually in this picture. We know that there is at least one; you can find him curled up on the rug on the floor. But there could be many more…

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

…because that rug looks so furry and comfortable. We would not be surprised if there were another white cat hidden in all that floof! It’s no mystery why cats would like sleeping in there because it does look very comfortable.

Zoom in!

For this picture, you will definitely need to zoom in to try and find this kitty. It is really well hidden among all the leaves! We are honestly surprised that anyone managed to spot it before taking this photo. We certainly wouldn’t have.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

If you need some help, try looking at the plants on the red tiles near the front. That black and white patch next to the yellow plant pot is actually a kitty! This cat is truly a master of hide-and-seek.

Bed legs

Here is another cat that needs to try a lot harder if it wants to be a hide-and-seek master. It did well at hiding its tail and ears, something other cats seem to forget, but it left out something very important – its feet!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

This is such a rookie mistake that we reckon this cat was not actually playing hide-and-seek. It was probably just taking a rest under the bed, where it is dark and safe. Not to mention the fluffy carpet to lay down on. We hope that it had a good nap.

Monster under the bed

As kids, most of us had a fear of a monster hiding under the bed, like the bogeyman or something worse. Looking at this picture, however, we probably should not be afraid since there might be something very cute and lovable underneath instead.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Like this kitty, for instance! If you look at the bottom right corner, you will see a little cat screeching at the camera. It seems annoyed that its cover was blown. Either that, or it found an actual monster under the bed…

Living room

This looks like a picture of an ordinary living room, and you would be mostly right for thinking that. However, if you look really carefully, you might notice that a little kitty is hiding in here! Did you spot it?

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

This one is definitely a master of hiding! The only thing that revealed where the cat was hiding was the ears. Those tiny white triangles are hard to spot, but they’re visible. Just look under the TV, towards the right.

Two of a kind

For this picture, there is not one cat to find, but there are actually two of them! One of them is certainly better at hiding than the other. The black and white one seems to be scaling a tree in the middle.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

There is also an orange tabby sitting in the leaves, near the middle left of the picture. We have no idea what each of these felines is actually doing, much less what they could be thinking. Still, however odd it is, we think that it is pretty normal cat behavior!


This is another pretty difficult one because this cat is almost invisible! Its fur coat is pretty similar to the pattern of the bricks, so we don’t blame you if it takes some time to spot the kitty. It took us some time to find him, too.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

Take a look at the space between the steps and the green bin. Do you see that odd shape in the shadows? That is actually a cat! What do you think he’s doing back there? Maybe waiting for some food, perhaps.

Wooden cat

Here is another cat that has pretty remarkable camouflage ability. The picture looks like just a bunch of chopped wood stacked in a forest. But, there is actually a kitty hiding among the stacks. The cat is the same color as freshly chopped wood!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

You can see the feline on the second stack of wood, on top of the second log. It is taking a well-deserved rest! We have no idea what a cat is even doing out there, but it certainly looks cute.

Cat plant

There is something about plants that really attracts cats. Usually, it is because they want to eat the plant or play with it. However, this cat had something very different in mind – it wanted to sleep under one, instead!

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

If you are struggling to find this kitty, we have you covered. This adorable cat is hiding underneath the leaves of the second big brown plant on the left. The photographer seems to have snapped a picture of it during an afternoon nap.

Don’t blow its cover

Anyone who owns a cat will know the struggle of making your bed. Your cats always want to hide under the covers – just like the kitty in this picture! It might be hard to spot but look closely, right where the pillows should be.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

It seems like there is a big shadow towards the back of the bed. However, that is actually a little kitty! They are probably sleeping soundly underneath the soft, warm covers. We do not blame them for this. We don’t usually want to get out from under the covers either!

Cat-less Christmas tree

Honestly, we are really surprised that there is actually a cat in this photo because the Christmas tree is still standing. Most cats would have torn it down before all the ornaments were hung! However, there is definitely a kitty in the room.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

It is hiding near the fireplace, behind the backpack. And it looks very angry! Maybe it just got told off for trying to play with the Christmas tree – that would not surprise us. Cats love tearing those things down!

In the storage

It is time for another picture of a storage shed that is hiding a secret. You already know what that secret is – a kitty! You might need to zoom in to find this kitty, though, as it’s hidden pretty well.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

This cat is sandy-colored, and it is hiding in the blue bucket on the shelf on the left. Just like the other cats on this list, it seems to be sleeping. What a comfortable life these kitties must have. We are jealous!

In the wood

Here we have another picture of a cat hiding among the wood. This time, the cat is not camouflaged against the wood, but it’s actually blended into the shadows! The only things giving it away are its bright green eyes.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

We are super impressed with how they managed to hide in the shadows there. It looks like a pretty dangerous place to be, so we seriously hope that this kitty did not get hurt while it was playing. Good thing cats are light on their feet.

Live painting

At first, this seems like a 3-D picture. There is a painting of a cat with a tail sticking out of the frame– and the tail looks awfully real! Of course, there is a reason for that. Can you guess?

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

It is a real cat’s tail! We reckon that the owners must have done this painting of their cat and framed it. It seems the cat really enjoyed the painting because it is playing behind it. What a cute and clever kitty!

Double trouble

Here is another tidy clothes cupboard with some unexpected guests. There are two sneaky kitties hiding amongst the towels! We reckon that they must enjoy the warmth and softness of this place. Can you spot each of these master hiders?

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

One of them is a gray cat, just above the dark green towel in the middle. The other cat is a grayish-black one, hiding on the middle shelf, towards the right. Hiding in a place like this takes practice. They must nap in there a lot.

Dangerous kitty

One strange thing that all cat owners will experience at some point is when your cat tries to trip you up. They weave in-between your legs, and it seems like their goal is to have you fall over onto the floor.

Image Credits: @Thereisnocat_/Twitter

This kitty certainly took things to the next level in this picture. Instead of going between their owner’s legs, this little kitty decided to hide under a rug to make them fall. We hope that no one got hurt as a result of this hiding spot.