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35 Cats So Mischievous That They Come With A Warning Label

Like it or not, cats have a way of winning your heart. They may make a mess of things, break all your glassware, and transform every furniture leg into a scratch post. But we are certain you will still keep them plump and pampered because they know they are royalty. Indeed, cats have many sides to them. They may appear hungry and irritable, but in reality, they have probably been securing handouts from passersby the whole time.

To keep other people from falling prey to their cats’ antics, these 35 cat owners have left notes on refrigerator doors, on the front porch, or even via text message. Here’s a golden rule to live by: If it isn’t your cat, leave it alone. If you leave these notes unheeded, you may well become a feline’s next victim!

Birthday Grinch

Another year has gone. With our joints aching, we can tell that we’re a year older. It seems like we humans aren’t the only species that are cranky about blowing out those candles. George the cat is quite the grinch during his birth month.

Image Courtesy of @Siefertson / Twitter

The locals have put up this picture of him, warning foreigners to leave him alone. The report says that George meows a lot, but that he is neither hungry nor lost. He just wants to greet people, and this is his way of having fun. So bid him a happy birthday and scram!

Leave It On the Tabletop, and You Pay For It

It doesn’t matter if you finished your drink or not. Once you pay for your tab, make sure to have the bartender take your glass, then leave. If you leave it on the tabletop, you will be charged for the breakage of glass too, thanks to this a**hole.

Image Courtesy of Jay 690045 / Reddit

Don’t believe for one moment that he’s deep into slumber. Once you leave the table, he will open one eye to check if there’s any glass on the table. He will lazily stretch himself thin until he knocks that glassware off the tabletop.

Mud Bath for Cats

This seems like the most unlikely scenario for cats, that they would bother bathing in muddied water. But these cats might be feeling the summer heat. They frequently visit the toilet to cool themselves down. Do you think they would self-groom after a bath in the toilet?

Image courtesy of Open Faith / Reddit

Reddit user OpenFaith won’t take any chances. She doesn’t want to come home to her litter of cats that are in need of a bath. Not only do these cats claw at her, but they can also run as quickly as lightning. That leaves this Redditor little chance to catch them.

Locked Outside for A Reason

Cats can’t seem to make up their minds. One minute, they want out of the house, the next minute they want to get back in. So instead of hiring a doorman to let this cat in, this couple decided to lock her out of the house to bask in the sun!

Image courtesy of @DavidBennun / Twitter

Now, this cat has learned to use the tree as her shade. Any time she feels that it’s too hot outside, she will climb the tree and comfortably perch herself on its wide branches. Not to worry, this couple will open the door to let her in just before dinner.

Lightning Quick

We can’t count the number of times guests have been taken aback by this lightning-quick cat rushing in and out of the door. Once it catches sight of the lawn, it will immediately scram outside just before the door locks.

Image Courtesy of a_Light_Umbrella / Reddit

Guests put a hand towards their chest and muffle a cry. Oh my. Then just as quickly as it dashed out of the door, this cat will scramble back in. Regulars know better than to swing the door wide open, to allow more room for them—and the cat—to pass through.

The Hollow Cat

Remember the 2000 sci-fi horror film Hollow Man? A scientist discovers a solution that renders him completely invisible. Soon, he starts breaking into people’s homes while they’re asleep, confident that he can’t be seen by the witnesses. Like the mad scientist, this cat has a habit of intruding on people’s homes.

Image Courtesy of _Glade / Reddit

He probably thinks he can’t be seen, but the joke is on him. People at the building are calling him out on his trespassing. With neighbors’ slamming their doors in his face, he is left to turn back and head home. Careful now; he just might find a way to break into your flat.

Gets Them New Friends

You will see this cat visiting several houses at a time. It will play on your emotions and ask for a couple of treats. Sometimes, it has even purred its way to choosing the priciest milk on a stranger’s shelf.

Image Courtesy of I Love Cats Central / Facebook

As quickly as he is fed, he will flee (the good samaritan) and come back home. Now, his owner has put this collar to warn other folks. This cat is only loyal to one home but he will find as many families to leech food from as possible.

Express Warranty

With only a handful of people on deck, everyone is all hands in this shop. The owner mans the cashier and oversees the employees. His kids assist customers and stock the shelves. And this cat, well, consider her the store mascot.

Image Courtesy of Jaadia_7 / Reddit

Just don’t let her get close to you. She will be tempted to swipe at your ankle or play with the keychains hanging off your bag. Make no mistake of petting this store cat. She will mark you as her territory and have the kids include you in the inventory.

She Said, He Said

We have all heard different versions of the same story. It really depends on who you are listening to and how believable they are to you. Today, we encounter a conflicting story between Diane, a cat owner, and her cat. Which side do you believe?

Image courtesy of knand_542 / Imgur

We don’t know about you but we believe cat. We have seen Diane, and how she has manhandled that cat. We can swear she has grabbed that cat with both hands, squeezed it until it almost ran out of air, and then dragged it out of the building. Oh, the poor kitty!

Don’t Even Think About It

This guy thought it was his lucky day. He had come across this friendly kitty by the park. It was as if this good boy was made to be his best bud. He looks around and doesn’t see anyone claiming this cat. Then he checks to see its collar.

Image courtesy of [deleted] / Reddit

Wish I hadn’t read that. He’s tempted to remove the collar from this good boi and bring him home. It’s not like anyone can tell, right? But one look at this furball’s eyes and he can tell: The kitty will only be here to stay for one afternoon. Nice to meet you, pal!

Consume, Before Leaving

Of all house rules, there is one that everyone holds most sacred: Do not leave drinks unattended. Whether it be a glass of water, champagne, or even chocolate milk, consume it fully before leaving the container on the countertop. You wouldn’t want to be cleaning up after this cat’s mess.

Image courtesy of Joey Devilla

Trust us. This furball will look you up and down and stand idly by the side until you forget you had left it there. Then it will slink towards the container, sniff it, then watch it freefall into the carpet. Whoops. Thought gravity wouldn’t work this time.

Gone Rogue

This cat’s cries have fallen on deaf ears. His parents are alarmed that he has been putting on too much weight. They have decided to ban snacks after 8 pm. To break the law, this chunky boi tries to steal food every time someone opens the refrigerator door.

Image Courtesy of Carrot.the.cat / Instagram

If I could just…ugh. This chunky boi has made sure to sharpen his claws to increase his chances of snaking that plastic bag. This time, he succeeds, and it falls to the floor. He grabs it with his mouth and unpacks it, only to find fresh lettuce inside. Damn.

Beware the Moose or a Car Wreck Awaits You

This is the we-don’t-even-know-at-this-point-th time a car has been towed from this parking lot. To keep other residents from having their cars wrecked, management put up a sign. Drive slowly, and be alert for several moose crossing. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Image Courtesy of psychman3000 / Reddit

It almost seems unbelievable that there had been that many wreckages because of cats. But car owners are more likely to steer the car to the right (or left) and crash into another car than to run these cats over. Fingers crossed; this is covered by insurance.

Plays the Victim

Have you ever come across someone who loves to play the victim? There’s something off about them. Whether it’s their story, their look, or their pretending to cry, you can always tell if someone is playing on your emotions, kind of like this cat who loves to cry bulls***.

Image courtesy of eric_mos_berger / Reddit

First, it will be about how his fur is wet and matted, and how he is never brought to the salon. Then it’ll be about the lack of catnip. There’s nothing to help his digestion. Lastly, it will be the lack of acceptable food. Somehow, his steak is always either underdone or toast!

Don’t…And Oh, Sorry

What’s causing the delay? A lot of the residents wondered why there was a line to the elevator. They were taking the time to read this advert about not feeding a cat. Says here that he’s getting sick from getting too many treats and keeping the rodent population at bay.

Image courtesy of @harrytomlomsom / Twitter

Despite his resilience, this cat seems to be getting sicker and sicker. Makes sense. With a dwindling rodent population, he hasn’t been getting the exercise he needs to burn off those excess carbs. It can be a tough life for predators, too.

One Warning Isn’t Enough

This cat owner has had it with the deliverymen. He has informed them repeatedly to close the door shut right after they drop off the packages. But he finds himself in search parties for the feline trio right after making a jailbreak. He puts up two more warnings.

Image Courtesy of @peckagangsta / Twitter

Seems legit enough, right? At first, we would shrug off that warning. Cats can’t be that fast. Then you read the second warning in all caps, and you start to believe it a little bit. Read the third, and you’re sold about leaving the packages in the front.

When You Should Act Cold

Before you get yourself some cats, make sure to have a stone-cold heart. Most of the time, your furballs will look at you with those innocent eyes, and ask for another serving of milk or meat. Stay strong! Don’t. fall. for. it!

Image courtesy of merryhappyhedgehog / Reddit

That goes just the same when finding a babysitter for your furbabies. You need to find someone who won’t feel guilty about passing by these cats that keep rubbing against your leg. If you need to, make a mantra out of it—they have been fed.

Wasn’t Me

This cat owner has wise words for anyone who is passing by the house window. Keep your eyes on the ground. Avoid eye contact with this cat. She can beguile you with one look and keep you in a trance for as long as she wants.

Image courtesy of Bouncy Mustard

If it hadn’t been for those pair of leather gloves, this fur mum would have never known that her cat was capable of letting itself out of the house and then frequenting other homes in the neighborhood. The audacity to come back!

Ooh, Terrifying!

If you pass by this house, you’ll see an unlikely animal guarding the front steps. Make no mistake, this critter can pack a punch. It has been clawing at the scratching post for several hours a day. One swipe to your most sensitive spots, and you can be reeling over in pain.

Image Courtesy of rxqueen85 / Reddit

If that sign hadn’t been enough warning, then one look at this furball and you would be shaking at the knees. It will stare at you unblinkingly, look you up and down, and then make a mad dash to the door to chase you off the property.

That’s Where Kindness Gets You

This woman was in for the shock of her life when she found out this pride of cats staring at her from the front porch. She thought she saw one of them yesterday and was certain that it was the same stray cat she had given food.

Image courtesy of Initiative_Indie_Dev / Reddit

This mum knows how to take care of her family. Wanting to have everyone fed, she told her children to fall into line and flash their most pitiful look to this homeowner. When that didn’t work, this mum threatened to tear the wire mesh door apart.

Habitual Delinquent

We know how tough it can be to be prescribed a certain diet. You might be craving pizza or spaghetti, but you’re forced to feed on gunk. Just like us, this cat did everything he could to get himself a serving of his favorite food.

Image Courtesy of Tatiana_Felix / Reddit

Boy, are we lucky we don’t live in a neighborhood inhabited by calculating crooks and thieving cats! We can’t believe that people fell for the likes of this pair when they look like they could conduct a kitchen heist. We sure hope that these two have been brought to justice.

Has To Be Treated Like Royalty

Look after them long enough, and cats will walk all over you. Take this one: She doesn’t want to use the side door. After having been taught the way of the world, she wants to be ushered in the front door like a proper human.

Image courtesy of @charlietrypsin / Twitter

These owners have had it with strangers and their ringing the doorbell with misplaced good intentions. Once the door is opened, the cat scrams toward her bed to leave the owner to frustratedly explain the situation. No, there’s no abuse here. Just a serious case of entitlement.

Jiji’s Day

Oh, if cats could talk, we’re certain they would entertain us with their adventures. But they can’t, so instead, whoever this cat visits will have to recount the funny antics the cat had been up to. Every day, Jiji’s newfound friends have a new story to tell.

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

As they say, not all who wander are lost. Jiji just happens to love discovering the local neighborhood, especially the wet market. Jiji’s parents are confident that he can return home to them unscathed and with a fresh catch in his mouth.

How Much of A Daredevil Are You?

People tolerate risks differently. One may love gambling his or her money while another may be more conservative in managing it. Similarly, some may like to insure their health and safety, whereas others love to pet Jack the Ripper twice.

Image Courtesy of Thats_Not_What_I_meant84 / Reddit

You must be as pure as a saint if you want to pet Jack the Ripper’s belly. He likes to harm those who have led a lifestyle similar to those who had contributed to his child’s death. Despite the passing of years, this serial killer can’t forget the past.

Likes The View

At first glance, this house seems pretty ordinary. But walk past the front door and you will see this cat seemingly stuck by the frame. The moment it sees you, it will call for help. Just how did it get there? Easy. It placed itself there!

Image courtesy of jesstorkington_ / Reddit

It just likes the undivided attention. It enjoys watching you panic and punch in numbers on your phone in order to alert the local police. Do you know what’s even better? Seeing his owner fuming and unable to do a thing about this shtick.

Keep Off the Magic Carpet

Wanna see a magic trick? Come right up and toss in your quarters. Then step on this magic carpet. In a second, watch the blood trickle down your leg. If you don’t want to feel any pain, then it’s best that you observe this trick from a distance.

Image courtesy of bergfried / Reddit

For the most part, this cat would prefer that you stay away. It doesn’t like its magic carpet being stepped on by anyone. So if you do, it’ll claw at you with all its might and then lazily fall back to watch you shriek at the sight of blood.

Target Locked

It was a good thing this man bothered to read the sign before sitting next to the cat and cooing at it. With the text size, it’s hard to tell that the notice is relevant, let alone that it pertained to the feline wanderer lounging on the office chairs.

Image courtesy of Tyto_alba / Reddit

The cat stared at Redditor Tyto_alba and waited for him to make a move. Just one stroke, human; I dare you. Its whiskers twitched in anticipation. But there was nothing. This human backed off and sat at the far end of the aisle. No matter; there will be others.

Loyalty Can’t Be Bought

This is a tough lesson every good samaritan must learn: Spoiling a cat will not buy his or her loyalty. So imagine the disappointment of many folks who had fed this cat, only to find out that she had a home and belonged to another.

Image courtesy of DarkFox21 / Reddit

Her owners eventually had to post these signs all along the neighborhood. It has kept a few townsfolk from feeding this cat, but every now and then, a stranger manages to spoil her rotten. This cat may be full of cheap tricks, but they sure work!

Interesting Missing Cats Poster

We have to hand it to Bronin Brown. When we first read this missing cat’s poster, a wave of emotions coursed through us. We were partly amused, partly afraid, and most importantly, we didn’t want anything to do with this cat. Anyone would call Bronin in a jiffy upon seeing this feline on the loose!

Image Courtesy of Old_Rusty_Bucket / Reddit

Oh, we were so relieved that this ninja cat only passed by us. It walked in that direction. We point towards the fast food restaurant. Bronin Brown sprints towards Taco Bell and draws out his sword. His steel and this cat’s nails clash in one of the most epic battles we have seen.

When Nature Calls

One of the worst feelings in the world is having to hold it in when your body is just ready to let loose. You purse up, scramble towards the bathroom, and fumble for some rolls of tissue. This cat has often had to deal with this awkward situation.

Image courtesy of ZebraNetwork / Reddit

To keep her from clawing at the door, her fur mum had put this post-it by the door. Remember to keep the door open to let this cat through. The last thing we want is fresh goo over that lush carpet.

The Wild Child

Guess there’s a silver lining to being friendly after all. Take it from this cat: He greets visitors, rubs his body against their leg, and shows his tummy while he’s lying on their lap. And in return, he gets to be taken outside or better yet, given treats!

Image courtesy of Best Life Online

Unfortunately, this cat is getting the carrot without having worked for it. Now his pet sitter is advising everyone not to let him outside, and not to give him treats unless he has successfully given you a high-five! This wild child seems like our party animal.

The Heavyweight

Ever wondered why this apartment would leave the windows open? Well, that’s because they have a guard cat manning the sill nearly 24/7. It will disappear for minutes at a time to force food down its throat, otherwise, it will watch passersby like a hawk.

Image courtesy of slowdive / Reddit

As you can see, he’s not as slim as other cats. Make no mistake, he can throw quite the punch with that body weight. And with sharply kept claws, there’s no denying that he can guard the place well. Ever think of getting yourself your own guard cat?

Quite the Persuasive Liar

If you happen to be babysitting this cat, remember to bring one thing—earplugs. This cat will do everything it can to force you into feeding it. It will start off with some baby purrs, then some shrill shrieks, and lastly a traitorous hiss.

Image courtesy of steve_is_blah / Reddit

In time, it will get tired of calling for your attention. It will slink back to the corner and then eye you malevolently. We can only imagine the number of ways it wants to get rid of you. But first, securing the stash of food in the locked drawer.

Putting Up A Sign

How do cats get away with it, getting paid to do nothing but sleep? Well, it helps that they are ridiculously adorable and that they have a healthy coat we would want to run our fingers through. But that doesn’t give them a license to be mean.

Image courtesy of Ivanelsucio / Reddit

Like the others, if you make the mistake of petting this cat while it sleeps, you will be met with a couple of scratches on your hand and forearm. This cat has never missed. And although it might be tempting to be the first, don’t bother trying.

The Best Defense

You know what they say, the best defense is a good offense. That is why this cat has the habit of skulking in the corner and then going in for the kill once the opportunity is presented to him.

Image courtesy of sugarshizzl / Reddit

This attack cat doesn’t like its space being invaded. So visitors are warned to stay a safe distance of five meters or more. It may be easier to spot and avoid this cat in the daylight, but keep clear of this nook come sun…unless you think ten toes are too many.