An Homage To Cattitude: 40+ Hilarious Memes Inspired By Our Feline Friends

By Jhoana C

Some people love dogs, but others like cats better, and that’s perfectly fine. We are all allowed to have our own preferences. But one thing that remains true of both these species is that they are the perfect companions and confidantes because they won’t tell anyone about your deepest, darkest secrets!

For this article, allow us to focus on felines. If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, you have come to the right place. We have compiled some of the funniest cat tweets that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and brighten your day. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a cat lover or not. These kitties are the epitome of purr-fection, and their owners couldn’t love (or sometimes hate) them more!

#1 This cat knows how to live life

Deborah is one adorable feline who knows how to live life and live it well. Most of us can only dream of being half as carefree and unbothered as her. Imagine having a glass of wine and just catching up with friends and family at the end of each day.

Image courtesy of goulcher/Twitter

It is not difficult to imagine her sipping expensive wine brands such as Domaine Leflaive Batard Montrachet and 1811 Chateau d’Yquem. Suffice it to say, if there was a live-action remake of The Aristocats, she would easily get a part.

#2 This is tragic but funny at the same time

This would have been hilarious, but the fact that the cat’s face ended up looking like that has stopped us from laughing out loud. Let this be a lesson to felines everywhere to stay away from wasps because they pack a mean punch!

Image courtesy of GJDiebelius/Twitter

Aside from pain, a few common symptoms of wasp stings include swelling, as you see in the photo, and heat around the sting area. We can only hope that this was the worst that happened and that the cat healed beautifully after.

#3 The email did not find the kitty well

Ah, the irony of receiving an email that begins with ‘We hope this email finds you well’ on a rough day. We don’t know who came up with that line, but it’s widely used nowadays, and most of the time, these emails are sent to people who don’t want to be found at all!

Image courtesy of weirdlilguys/Twitter

This kitty’s face is exactly how most people’s faces look when they open an email that begins with such a line. The cat doesn’t look happy and actually seems a little disappointed that it even received an email in the first place!

#4 This cat is as sexy as they get

Care to guess why this adorable fellow here is called Heart? We’ll give you a clue if you haven’t zoomed in on it yet. Look at the second picture and particularly the lower part of the cat’s legs. Got it? Yup, that’s a heart right there.

Image courtesy of cat_auras/Twitter

We’d like to think that this kitty is as sweet as a cute munchkin can be to its pet parents. Also, it’s not every day that you see cats like this, so its pet parents must really count themselves lucky to have this kitty as a member of the family.

#5 Who’s the prettiest of them all?

“Snow White’s” stepmother’s vanity has nothing on this kitty. Just look at her admiring herself in the mirror as if saying, “No one can hold a candle to my serene beauty.” Whether that’s true or not is up for debate, but we like a confident kitty.

Image courtesy of chaoticcatpics/Twitter

How many times have we looked in the mirror and zoomed in on our flaws instead of what makes us beautiful? The fact that the different reflections have been compared to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of the psyche is just the icing on the cake. So clever!

#6 I can’t wait; let’s eat!

If you’re famished, you have no time for formalities or sometimes even grace before meals. All you want to do is reach for the fries and stuff all of them in your mouth, and that’s exactly how this kitty must have felt.

Image courtesy of weirdlilguys/Twitter

Manners did not even matter anymore, and all this little guy could hope for was that his pet parent wouldn’t punish him later for stealing food from other people’s plates! Well, we hope it was worth it in the end.

#7 Good riddance

Though it may not be an issue for everyone, some people are worried or troubled that their true love might be allergic to the things they love. What would happen if they were forced to choose between their one true love and the things they love most? Which would you choose?

Image courtesy of coolcatsociety/Twitter

Apparently, cat lovers do not even think of this because they know that when it comes down to it, they will have no second thoughts about choosing their kitty over the ‘love of their life.’ Good riddance romance; Mr. Whiskers is more important!

#8 I’m the boss here

If you’re still questioning who’s the boss between you and your cat, allow this photo to be the definitive answer that will put all questions to rest. Would you agree to spend a night in this room where you have to stare at the cat’s face all night until you fall asleep?

Image courtesy of DontShowYourCat/Twitter

It may not be the best-looking blanket, but it will keep you warm and toasty at the very least as you drift off to Cloud 9 and start dreaming about cats scratching you so roughly all night long that you end up with marks all over your body!

#9 This Romeow is waiting for his Juliet

Juliet was supposed to be the one on the balcony, but we can forgive this Romeow for taking her place because he is still looking for his Juliet. We’d really like to know what was going through his mind as he watched some of the female cats passing by.

Image courtesy of DauntingToaster/Twitter

They say that if your cat likes another cat, it will be extra clingy, groom itself excessively, and have litter box issues. However, we don’t think that applies here. Maybe Romeow here is just thinking, “Hmmm, this one seems too sassy while the other one’s too aloof.”

#10 Do a little dance

Pets, especially dogs, get really excited when their humans come home from work. The delight is palpable as they see you approaching the door, and sometimes it almost looks like they could lose their minds! They go round and round and sometimes even do a little dance if you’re lucky!

Image courtesy of sheismarose/Twitter

But when it comes to cats, it’s generally the opposite. It’s the cat parent that’s overly excited, while the cat looks like it doesn’t give a damn. Whether you come home or not, most kitties don’t care and won’t even have the courtesy to greet you at the door with a thousand kisses. So rude!

#11 Hi everyone, it’s me!

It seems that all this kitty wants to do is watch people and observe the nuances as they go about their everyday life. We can only hope it’s comfortable as it perches on the door and commences with its busybody activities.

Image courtesy of Cats_Culture/Twitter

Frankly, we wouldn’t mind if this happened in our street. Actually, we’d love it because, to tell you the truth, this has got to be the cutest feline ever. It can observe us and the neighbors as much as it wants as long as it wears that red shirt!

#12 They covet the potato

If you thought cats are only interested in tuna and other things fishy, think again. Here are two kitties worshipping a sweet potato. They can’t get their eyes off it and look like they are ready to claw each other to claim it.

Image courtesy of aznfusion/Twitter

Do you agree with the poster in thinking that this would be a unique and interesting painting? Well, we think so, too. But perhaps the bike tire shouldn’t be included in the painting because it would be a little distracting.

#13 So, that’s a cat?

If you want to have a cat like the one in the photo whose fur you can confuse with the cozy rug at home, you should opt for long-haired breeds that you can literally swoon over. They are cuddly, playful, wispy, and altogether adorable.

Image courtesy of thejoshl/Twitter

Some of the most popular breeds are the Maine Coon, Persian cat, Ragamuffin, Pixie Bob, and the Turkish Angora. Just make sure you get a rug whose color doesn’t resemble your cat’s because we’d hate for you to step on the poor kitty.

#14 Mommy, help me

Some of the cats we know are quite aggressive and won’t take no for an answer, but not this one. This kitty must like the rabbit so much that it’s letting it get away with plenty of things, including claiming its bed.

Image courtesy of BlacklineNurse/Twitter

Poor kitty! We hope that the bunny was kind enough to share the space with his feline friend so they can both get some shut-eye. In the fourth photo, the cat looks like it’s imploring its parent to do something, so maybe the bunny didn’t budge.

#15 How sweet can these two get?

Looking at this photo, we could only wish that more siblings were like this. If you grew up with a brother or sister, you certainly remember the phase where you fought over the littlest of things, and all you wanted to do was to argue with each other.

Image courtesy of gatinarios/Twitter

These two, however, are the picture of love. Look at the little kitty peacefully sleeping on top of its doggo friend. This is exactly how we imagine we would sleep in the presidential suite 5-star hotel after winning the lottery!

#16 This one’s ready for the catwalk

This kitty has impeccable taste when it comes to footwear and can easily give any fashion model a run for their money. Look at it proudly displaying its sandal with a fierce look reminiscent of big-name models on the catwalk.

Image courtesy of judith_ism/Twitter

Usually, brown does not go well with a black and white combination, but this kitty is pulling off the look to purr-fection, and we have nothing to complain about. Work it, girl, and don’t let whatever they say dim your light!

#17 We wish we could also fit in the sink

Plenty of children wish they could do this too, disappear in the sink when it’s time to go to the dentist to have their teeth checked. We originally thought that going to the vet was much better than going to the dentist, but now it seems like there’s no difference.

Image courtesy of mattafaak/Twitter

Just look at those scared faces that can’t handle going to the vet. They look no different than scared children, and our hearts go out to them. Don’t worry, kitties; everything will be alright. Your parents will make sure you’re in good hands.

#18 No need for a feather duster

Who needs a feather duster when you have a cat to help you remove all the dust and cobwebs in your home? The best thing about it is that it doesn’t need batteries, and it goes under the bed and in all sorts of nooks and crannies by itself!

Image courtesy of CatWorkers/Twitter

This photo makes us think this must really be a dusty and dirty house that’s in desperate need of vacuuming and top-to-bottom cleaning. Most pet owners can only wish that they had such an industrious little helper around the house.

#19 Hey, y’all, I’m standing

This feline must be so proud of being able to stand on its hind legs that it can’t stop bragging to people. Look at it standing at the window, making sure all the passers-by are aware of what it can do now. You don’t see other cats doing this every day.

Image courtesy of ayydubs/Twitter

From the looks of things, cats are evolving fast. Who knows, a year or two from now, they could be doing our taxes in exchange for tuna sandwiches! Wouldn’t that be something? That will definitely make the world a better place.

#20 What are these two plotting?

If we were the pet parent of these felines, we would be very concerned. For all we know, these two could be planning their demise so they could cash in on the insurance money! From their paws, you can tell that they’re up to no good.

Image courtesy of misseagleLllna/Twitter

While it’s possible that they could be planning a surprise birthday party, there’s a greater chance that they have something nefarious in mind. Oh, how we’d love to be a fly on the wall (or under this table) just so we’d know what these two were discussing. We’re sure it would be eye-opening!

#21 Cruel humans

Like other domesticated animals, most cats have a favorite toy. Something they can’t let go of and always want to play with. Pets are basically bonded to their favorite toys as it gives them comfort and fills a gap in their lives.

Image courtesy of mikeabrusci/Twitter

Would it be cruel for parents to put the toys away where the pet won’t be able to reach them? Well, it depends on the situation. If you’re in need of some shuteye and want the house quiet, you might want to put the toy away. But the cat won’t be impressed.

#22 Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is wake them up

If you’ve read or seen the clip about a Japanese woman cutting her kimono just so she wouldn’t disturb her cat’s sleep, then you have a good idea of the extent pet owners will go to just to make sure their little ones are comfortable.

Image courtesy of CATBRAINCELL/Twitter

To what lengths would you be willing to go to ensure your cat’s comfort and not disturb them when they are resting? While we would certainly want to make sure they are fine, it wouldn’t be to this extent. We have plenty of things we need to do too!

#23 Leave her to her spells

We don’t think there was a mistake here. The kitty didn’t knock the pot over; she was just performing her spells because she thought her pet parent wasn’t giving her enough food. If she accomplished what she had set out to do, she would be inundated with cat treats.

Image courtesy of alxjasper/Twitter

There’s nothing to see here, folks, so move on. It’s just a perfect circle that may or may not be used to summon the Cat Satan! At midnight, you might find her and her kin sitting around the circle, purring harmoniously until something appears. Spooky!

#24 We can’t unsee this

Filters can either be fun or not. There are times when the results are quite hilarious, but there are also times when it’s unsettling. This photo belongs to the latter category. We can’t unsee it, and we have a sinking feeling that it’s going to give us nightmares.

Image courtesy of Lolo Fennec/Twitter

Why would anyone use a Snapchat filter meant for humans on cats? The bearded cat on the right is what’s freaking us out the most because there’s something diabolical about it, wouldn’t you agree? The cat on the left is slaying it, though.

#25 We love this version of Dark Knight

A silent guardian and watchful protector, “Batman” was called the Dark Knight because he works in the shadows, and unlike other heroes, he operated on the other side of the law and sometimes did things that heroes are not supposed to do.

Image courtesy of Cats_Culture/Twitter

This cat might not be able to save a damsel in distress or put a stop to the “Joker,” but the ‘mask’ on its face is enough for it to deserve the moniker. Now all it needs is the voice distortion device, and we can’t wait for it to retort a raspy “Meow.”

#26 Shopping spree

The next time you rack up ridiculous credit card bills, you might want to check the items you’ve been buying or, perhaps, the items your cat has been buying! There is a very good chance that the feisty feline in your life is going on a shopping spree when you’re not looking.

Image courtesy of PaulKissack/Twitter

Why do we think so? Because we saw this tweet and thought it would be a good thing to give feline parents a heads-up. It’s quite possible that they have been spending a lot of money without their knowledge. But on the bright side, at least this guy will never run out of spices!

#27 A convention of cats

This cat convention seems to be going well, and the only thing that would make things even better is plenty of snacks and a more comfortable room, don’t you think? From the picture, it is clear who the speaker is and who the audience is.

Image courtesy of TranslatedCats/Twitter

The committee has gathered, and it seems that s%*t is about to go down from how serious these felines look. Care to guess what they are talking about? Where to get more cat food? How to evict the neighbor’s Chihuahua? We’ll never know.

#28 I’m famished, human

Not eating for an hour is not that big of a deal, but for dramatic cats like this one, that might as well be an eternity. You don’t die or even lose weight for failing to eat within such a short time, but this kitty thinks it’s on the brink of possible death by starvation!

Image courtesy of ItsLumberzack/Twitter

This pet parent’s pantry better be stocked with tons of cat food and treats at home so every time their beloved pet starts acting as if he’s been starved, they can rescue it from the claws of hunger. We don’t want it to end up looking like a stick figure!

#29 This cat means serious business

Judging from this photo, this cat seems like it hasn’t been happy since the time it came into this world, but we wonder if its expression would still be the same if it was given plenty of treats. Surely it would be excited, right?

Image courtesy of LVGHST/Twitter

When we’re given the things we need and want, we automatically light up. We certainly wouldn’t be glowering like this. What can put a smile on your face, kitty? Is it plenty of cat treats? How about an activity tree you can scratch and climb on? Oh, if only you could talk.

#30 We can’t decide if we want this adorable cat thief caught

This might be interpreted as a proud display of this cat’s klepto skills, and maybe it could prompt the feline to become even bolder and up the ante. Right now, the cat is stealing garden gloves, but tomorrow, it might bring a whole blouse home.

Image courtesy of I_make_music/Twitter

If you’re drying your clothes outside your home, you should be wary of this little thief because you might end up with missing socks or underwear. Props to the owner who saw it fit to hang the stolen gloves outside in the hopes that they may be reunited with the rightful owners.

#31 This is Wednesday Addams as a cat

“Wednesday Addams” is one of the most popular members of the eccentric family that lives in a dilapidated mansion with a Mansard roof. She is known for always wearing black, and if you opened her closet, there wouldn’t be any other color there.

Image courtesy of dumbricardo/Twitter

This cat is what “Wednesday” would look like if she were a feline. This stunning cat is one photogenic being, and it seems unfair that she gets such good genes when most of us can’t take a single cute selfie!

#32 Hop in, buddy!

This kitty could no longer contain its excitement at the prospect of its pet parents coming home from work, so it snuck out of the house to meet them on the streets. Luckily its pet parent spotted it on the way.

Image courtesy of SherlockyTweet/Twitter

Just look at the expression on its face when it was caught strolling on the streets alone. It must not have realized that there are tons of dangerous predators like coyotes outside just waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting kitties.

#33 The horror!

Although cats can get restless and even scared when they notice unknown felines or canines wandering in their territory, we’ve always thought of them as courageous creatures. But a cat that’s afraid of a moth in the bathroom? Now, that’s something we didn’t expect.

Image courtesy of ellle_em/Twitter

Look at the utter horror on its face. It looks as if it’s saying, ‘Mom! Get it away from me and get it out right now!’ Unlike wasps and bees, moths are not that dangerous and won’t bite or scratch. But judging by the look on this kitty’s face, that must be one HUGE moth.

#34 This cat loves camping

This cat must love the outdoors and camping so much that it demands to be in a tent, even inside the house. As bratty as its pet parent might think, we think it’s cute, and unlike other pets that can’t seem to make up their minds, it knows exactly what it wants.

Image courtesy of AlainaLucius/Twitter

If you ask us, playing cushion forts is an excellent way to pass the time. The next time this lady cat-sits for her mom, she should bring her own little tent. We think that would definitely solve all her problems.

#35 I haven’t seen this fellow before

Let this photo be a reminder to cat sitters everywhere that before you commence with your cat-sitting responsibilities, you ought to introduce yourself properly to the cat in question. That is if you don’t want to be seen as an intruder.

Image courtesy of ec_outdated/Twitter

To say that this cat is highly suspicious is an understatement. It’s very cautious when approaching the cat sitter, and it looks like it’s just about ready to flee at the slightest sign of something going wrong. Though it’s good to be wary of strangers, there is such a thing as overdoing it.

#36 Don’t get too close to the fire

It must have been a bitterly cold, snowy day when this photo was taken because even the little kitty can’t resist putting its paws near the fire for some warmth. Be careful, kitty! We don’t want you accidentally toasting those cute little paws!

Image courtesy of pupperonis/Twitter

There must be something about wood-burning stoves and cats because quite a few pet parents have mentioned that their kitties just can’t resist going near them. Just make sure the little one doesn’t get too close to the flames and get burned.

#37 Want to adopt this feisty feline

Don’t let its angelic face fool you. This feline doesn’t have a lot of patience and will start scratching you on the face if it doesn’t like what you’re doing or saying. That said, if you like feisty felines, you could be its perfect pet parent.

Image courtesy of giantcat9/Twitter

Stay away if you like docile cats that will do whatever you tell them to. To some people, the sign acts as a warning to stay away, but to others, it’s an attractive feature. We have a feeling this kitty is going to find a new loving home soon.

#38 I summon you to fulfill your oath

This cat doesn’t look happy that its dinner was late by a minute. If you promise to have dinner ready by 6 pm, you better have it ready by that time because this guy looks like he doesn’t take to kindly to tardiness.         

Image courtesy of weirdlilguys/Twitter

It looks as if it’s trying to hypnotize its owner, “Feed me, human. Feed me.” Frankly, cats are some of the funniest, feistiest, and most lovable creatures on Earth. Thank heavens they exist, or we’d have fewer things to laugh at and about.

#39 A kitty has many uses

Aside from being an adorable addition to a family and home, a cat has many other uses. It can help you clean the house, chase the mice away, and keep the phone in an upright position so that you can watch your favorite show!

Image courtesy of weirdlilguys/Twitter

Sometimes you can also use your cat as a cuddle buddy. They are fluffy and soft and perfect for those nights when you just want cuddles. Some might not be amused when their pet parents use them as phone holders, but this one seems perfectly fine with it.

#40 Messing things up since time immemorial

This is all the proof you need that cats have been messing things up since time immemorial. Cats are highly intelligent beings, and because of their inquisitive nature, they want to understand the world around them. Their curiosity is something that must be satisfied.

Image courtesy of faera_lane/Twitter

Their curiosity is something that people simultaneously love and hate about them because that trait could result in broken things around the home and sometimes even the destruction of priceless artifacts. Ah, cats, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

#41 This cat is a John Cena fan

Is there a cat somewhere in this photo? We can’t see it, can you? Are we looking at the same thing? This cat must be a hoot to have around the house. We can already imagine its pet parent acting surprised every time the kitty jumps from its ‘hiding’ place.

Image courtesy of WholesomeMeme/Twitter

The internet would undoubtedly be thrilled if the pet parent provided a video of this adorable cat hiding and jumping up from the chair. Something tells us it must be a fan of a famous wrestler whose favorite line is “You can’t see me.” But, we do see you.

#42 The kitty is not even breaking a sweat

This kitty makes the downward-facing dog pose look very easy. It’s not even breaking a sweat! Yoga comes naturally to it, so keep this cat in mind when you go to a beginner’s class and think that it’s too much.

Image courtesy of Cats_Culture/Twitter

It looks like it’s saying, “Is that all? Is this all you can do?” The kitty’s owner must really be into fitness, and it seems like the feline has also been indoctrinated into the importance of staying in top shape.

#43 Thank you, human!

The look on this kitty’s face is one that other cats could only dream of. The cat’s human accidentally spilling cat food on the floor is like manna from heaven. In the cat’s mind, it’s the best day. Even better than Christmas!

Image courtesy of kl_coop/Twitter

The cat looks as if it’s saying, “Is all of this for me? Somebody, pinch me! Is this a dream?” If you ever need a demonstration of what amazement looks like, this is it. Since this doesn’t happen every, we hope the kitty took advantage of it.