Chameleons Holding Objects Are A New Internet Sensation

By Anthony K

Chameleons are widely known for changing colors. Nevertheless, these animals exhibit particular characteristics that make them stand out in the animal kingdom. Chameleons tend to hold on to just about anything you put in their tiny little hand. Not many animals are capable of such capabilities besides humans and apes.

Similar to how chameleons hold on to trees, so will they grab onto anything given to them. This fascinating discovery is absurd, considering not many animals can grab, let alone hold on to materials. Moreover, chameleons appear docile in comparison to other reptiles. For this reason, some enthusiasts have resorted to keeping them as pets.

Image courtesy of Emma_The_Ward/Twitter

Contrary to what most people think, chameleons transform their color subject to several factors, including mood, light changes, and humid temperatures rather than their surroundings. In addition, chameleons vary in color depending on sex and other dynamics. Males tend to be brighter and eye-catching, whereas females exhibit dull colors.

Image courtesy of Emma_The_Ward/Twitter

In a recent discovery by Michigan-based artist Emma Ward, animal lovers were left mouth agape with the latest discovery about chameleons. Emma shared photos on her online post revealing her pet reptile, Olive, holding on to tiny weapon props. Whereas you can hardly trust your chameleon to hold on to your glass of water or phone, there are certain items that a chameleon can easily grab. As such, the next you criticize a chameleon for being of the slowest animals on the planet, be sure to remember some of their unique capabilities that cannot be performed by even some animals appearing on the top of the food chain.