Check Out These Sidesplitting Doodle Arms On Snakes

By Anthony K

Have you ever wondered what snakes would look like if they had arms? We know that’s a weird question, but that’s a question some people have asked themselves and decided to imagine what it would indeed look like. This piece explores snakes with arms that will leave you in stitches.

1. Time for Coffee

Most of us love coffee because it helps the body regain its composure and gain the strength needed to get through the day. Without coffee, most tasks may not be completed in time…or at all.

Photo Credits: Funny Tok/ Facebook

This snake looks exactly like how we feel before we’ve had our first cup of coffee in the morning. Is it us, or does it look like it’s ready to head to the office?

2. When You Compliment the Snake

When someone compliments you on a well-done job, your heart may melt as you try holding back the tears. So, what happens when you thank your snake for eradicating rats and mice from your compound and compliment their hunting skills?

Photo Credits: BarracoPet_Oficial/ Facebook

This snake can’t hold back its joy upon receiving a compliment. The arms are perfectly planted on the chin as it maintains eye contact with the one sharing compliments.

3. We Love Jazz Music, Too!

Almost all musical instruments require at least one hand to play. With a little creativity, aka doodle arms, we can see what a cool snake would look like jamming on the saxophone.

Photo Credits: Hilarious Ted/ Facebook

We love that the person added cool shades, too. We’ll just pretend that the snake has tiny external ears to hold up those shades.