Checkout Some Interesting And Stylish Sweaters For Chickens This Fall

By Stephen M

As the cold season is getting closer, pet owners are looking for better ways they can keep their buddies warm. Previously, we thought that it was only dogs and cats that received such treats. However, some pictures we came recently prove otherwise. People are finding exciting and stylish ways to clothe their pet friends.

Image courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion/Etsy

Chicken owners are also finding interesting ways to keep their animals warm during chilly weather conditions. Clothing designers have responded to this positively and have released some Fall collections for your feathery friends. Some social media users have been sharing diverse opinions on the development.

What People Have to Say on Chicken Sweaters

A social media user Daphne Cybele believes this might even make the birds colder. According to her, fluffing the feathers is one of the ways chicken regulates their body temperature. However, this sweater would trap their wings and prevent fluffing; hence, natural temperature regulation would be difficult.

Image courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion/Etsy

However, Maureen Schmidt disagrees with Daphne’s assertion. She says chickens with fewer feathers can get cold easily. She opines that the garments can be designed in a way that the feathers won’t get trapped. Schmidt’s mother has been knitting some sweaters for her chicken. Her designs have openings for both the wings and head, making the birds free and comfortable.

WhimsyofWillow creator Erin Langston has also been responding to some of the negative comments about the chicken clothing. In an interview, she indicated that he has been using chicken sweaters for the past five years and has encountered no problem. She was, however, quick to add that chickens must be supervised when wearing sweaters.

Miranda McPherson, who has been knitting sweaters for England’s Little Hen Rescue, says the sweaters help chickens with fewer feathers to cope with the cold weather. Until their feathers grow fully, she believes the outfits are the right way to go.