When Nature Comes Knocking: 40+ Animal Encounters That Prove Meet-Cutes Happen In The Wild Too

By Aileen D

Humans have had numerous unexpected encounters with wild animals over the years. One such incident involved a man who was hiking in the remote wilderness when he stumbled upon a family of grizzly bears. The bears were initially startled by his presence, and he froze in place, hoping they wouldn’t attack. To his surprise, the bears simply walked away, leaving him unharmed.

A somewhat similar incident occurred when a group of tourists in South Africa were on a safari and encountered a herd of elephants. One of the elephants became agitated and charged toward their vehicle, but fortunately, it stopped just in time.

Despite the potential danger, these encounters can also be awe-inspiring and remind us of the beauty and majesty of the natural world. Just make sure to keep your distance whenever you’re in doubt because, just like you, these wild animals are concerned for their and their families’ safety.


How did this wild fox get up there? Maybe he’s part cat! But one thing’s for sure, this sly fox must have had a wild night out on the town. Perhaps he enjoyed a few too many fermented berries, stumbled onto the roof, and fell asleep!

Image courtesy of 1in7billion_ / Reddit

Or maybe he was just curious and wanted to see what humans get up to in their big houses. Evidently, he didn’t see much. He sighed in disappointment and tried to talk himself into climbing back down but sleep caught up to him before he could make up his mind.

Run or Charge

It was a hot summer day, and this family craved a refreshing dip in the pool. They stealthily walked towards it, hoping to take a swim before the homeowners chased them from the backyard. Well, if they choose to do that, they can always run or charge, depending on the mood.

Image courtesy of NotSure2505 / Reddit

After a few minutes, the kittens lost interest and wandered back into the bushes. The homeowners breathed a sigh of relief but also partly felt sad. They wondered if they had just missed the pool party and how soon these furry neighbors would visit again.

Got Here First

As the chipmunk scurried up the rocky terrain, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. He had done it! He had finally made it to the top of the mountain. Looking out over the vast expanse, his hopes were dashed as he saw a human approaching.

Image courtesy of EngineeringExplained / Reddit

The chipmunk scoffed, “Excuse meeeee, but I am the king of this mountain! And you, my friend, are trespassing on my kingdom.” Of course, this kind woman couldn’t understand a thing and instead gave this temperamental squirrel a pat on the head.

For When You Need It

It was a typical morning in the Sunshine State when this homeowner stumbled onto a pair of crows lounging on her balcony. The strangers had made themselves at home, leaving behind an old, rusty key. The homeowner wondered what it was for.

Image courtesy of cutelyaware / reddit

This woman couldn’t help but wonder what this secret key opened. Could it be an old treasure chest, a drawer, a closet, or even an attic door? Of course, she couldn’t rely on the crows to give her the answer, but just the thought of all the possibilities made her heart race.

Can’t Get Enough of Them

Baby possums, also known as joeys, are simply adorable. They are born as tiny, hairless creatures, barely the size of a jellybean. But they grow quickly, developing a fuzzy coat and distinctive pointy snout. Never encountered one? Well, here’s a picture of a cute joey for reference!

Image courtesy of Zayyded / Reddit

One of the most unique things about baby possums is their attachment to their mother. After birth, the joeys crawl into their mother’s pouch (much like kangaroos), where they stay for several months. They cling to her teats, drink her milk and grow bigger every day.


White deer, also known as albino or leucistic deer, are a rare and beautiful sight to behold. Often confused for their white-tailed counterparts, these creatures are not often seen by people since there aren’t many of them around. Also, the ones who are truly albino don’t survive too long.

Image courtesy of jarvo30 / Reddit

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop hunters from using these animals as trophy pieces to be mounted on their walls. That’s another big reason why most of us will go our whole lives without seeing one. The person who spotted this one is one of the lucky few who’ve actually encountered this beauty in the wild.

Get Outta My Swamp

Donkeys are known for their stubbornness and hardworking nature. But they’re also quite funny and playful. Whether it’s their large ears, droopy eyes, or comical expressions, goofy-looking donkeys can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Just look at this one right here.

Image courtesy of Oztravels / Reddit

Despite their silly appearance, Poitou donkeys are an important part of French history and culture. In the past, they were used as work animals, pulling heavy loads and working in the fields. These days, however, some people keep them as pets or use them to attract tourists.

Well, Hello There

Lambs are curious and playful by nature, often exploring their surroundings and playing with other little sheep in the flock. They are also highly social animals whose capability to form social bonds with others rivals our own! It’s embarrassing to admit, but true nonetheless.

Image courtesy of benjbob111 / reddit

These fascinating creatures have a unique development process. Depending on the place, they have symbolic significance in certain communities. Their innocent charm and playful personalities make them a beloved part of the countryside and a reminder of the beauty of nature.

How’d This Get Here

This baby seal found itself in the middle of a wheat farm. It must be a curious little critter, having wandered away from the beach and somehow ending up here. Deeper it went thinking that somewhere within was an oasis!

Image courtesy of Rhett Burnie / Twitter

Maybe this little rascal was just trying to prove that he could balance a wheat stalk on its nose, or maybe it just wanted to beat the record for the longest time a seal could live without access to water. Either way, it has definitely made its mark.

Plus One

This homeowner noticed that a possum was regularly visiting his backyard, eating scraps from his compost bin. At first, he was surprised, but after a while, he grew accustomed to seeing the possum every night. He even started leaving out some extra scraps for his new furry friend.

Image courtesy of strongredcordial / Reddit

To the homeowner’s surprise, one day, the possum showed up with a tiny possum baby in tow. Looks like all this time, it had been testing to see if this home would be safe enough to accommodate a baby! This human evidently passed that test.

About to Get Wild

You’re at a concert, enjoying the music and swaying to the beat, when suddenly you feel something land on your head. You glance up, only to find a majestic owl perched on top of your head, staring back at you with huge, unblinking eyes.

Image courtesy of eldiablo11 / Reddit

As the concert continues, you start to attract some strange looks from fellow concert-goers, who can’t quite believe what they’re seeing. Eventually, you resign yourself to the fact that you’re now a living, breathing owl accessory, and try to enjoy the rest of the show as best you can!

Laden With Gifts

It was Christmas time, and the family was decorating the tree with all sorts of beautiful ornaments and lights. They wanted to outdo themselves that year, so they decided to pad the pine tree with one odd character. Fortunately, this picky eater didn’t mind.

Image courtesy of 1300Koalaz / Reddit

The only two issues it had with the tree were that it was bitter to taste and that the roots were not laden with gifts. Back in the wild, this Koala was accustomed to opening hundreds of gifts weeks before Christmas. He couldn’t believe how ill-prepared this family was for the season!

Nice to Meet You, Mate

Also known as Joeys, baby kangaroos are the most iconic animals in Australia. These adorable marsupials are born blind, hairless, and only about the size of a jellybean, weighing less than a gram. After birth, they instinctively crawl up in their mother’s pouch.

Image courtesy of EBhobo / Reddit

As they grow, they’ll start to venture out of the pouch, first by poking their head out, then gradually hopping around on their own. Joeys fully emerge from the pouch at around 9-12 months old and are able to conduct any and all businesses at 18 months. How old would you say this one was?

To McDonald’s

This Redditor was just minding his business when he looked over and saw a trash panda standing atop a closed bin. It had its left arm stretched, fist closed, with the thumb showing. When he offered a ride, the trash panda begged to be taken to the nearest McDonald’s.

Image courtesy of scareghost89 / Reddit

Just look at it. It can’t stand the wild berries and the herbs any longer. It needs some commercial junk in its system to give it some juice. And it knows McDonald’s has just the right amount of grease and salt to help jumpstart its week!

Bet You’ve Never Seen This Before

Ermines are fascinating creatures found across many countries. Despite their small size, they are known for their agility and ferocity, which makes them capable of taking down prey much larger than themselves. Just look at this one tackling a machine!

Image courtesy of boyinthecorn / Reddit

Their fur is also highly valued and unique, with a distinctive brown color in the summer that turns white in the winter months to blend in with the snowy landscape. In some cultures, ermines are seen as symbols of purity and nobility, with their white fur representing innocence.

New Friend

Wild rabbits, also known as cottontails, are common throughout much of the world and are known for their cute and fluffy appearance. Despite their reputation as gentle creatures, they’re actually quite adept at defending themselves, with powerful hind legs and sharp claws that can deliver a fierce kick to potential predators.

Image courtesy of rcarter95 / Reddit

In many cultures, rabbits are seen as symbols of fertility and abundance, with their ability to reproduce quickly and their association with the spring season making them a popular motif in art and folklore. That said, wild rabbits can also cause damage to crops and gardens, making them a nuisance for gardeners.

Checking In

There’s nothing quite like the sight of baby deer looking through a glass window. It’s like they’re plotting the best way to break in and steal all your snacks! One minute, you’re innocently enjoying your morning coffee, and the next, you see big brown eyes staring at you.

Image courtesy of MRairden / Reddit

You can almost hear them saying, “Hey, got any treats in there?” It’s hard not to be charmed by their curiosity and innocence, but let’s be real – if they knew how to work a doorknob, they’d be in there raiding the fridge faster than you can say, “Bambi!”

Finding His Balance

Norwegian elk, also known as moose, are majestic creatures that can be found throughout Scandinavia. These massive animals can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and have antlers that span up to 6 feet wide. Despite their impressive size, however, Norwegian elk are known for their clumsiness.

Image courtesy of NOnotinthere / Reddit

Just look at this one, struggling to find his balance on a trampoline. But then again, even we have a hard time standing on two legs on this contraption. Someone should just tell him to stop struggling and try bouncing since that’s the only way to behave on a trampoline.

Just A Couple of Minutes

Can you imagine waking up one beautiful Saturday morning to find a tiny deer taking a nap in your front garden? It’s like it’s decided that your lawn is the perfect spot to catch some zzzs. You can almost hear it snoring away, dreaming of grazing on some tasty flowers.

Image courtesy of TheClandestineMason / Reddit

Don’t even try to shoo it away – it will just open one eye, give you a look that says, “5 more minutes, mom,” and go right back to sleep. It’s like having a fussy little teenager who doesn’t want to go to school. But hey, who can blame them? Naps are everything!


A pair of birds took notice of this unused pair of goggles and decided it would make the perfect foundation for a nest. They worked tirelessly, using bits of twigs and grass to weave together a cozy little home right on top.

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

If it weren’t for these critters’ insistence that they be fed, then the homeowner would have never found out that his goggles had been repurposed. He didn’t seem to mind it, though. At least someone else got his money’s worth!

Stay Still

Have you ever seen a bird perching on a dog’s head? Well, guys, it’s unlike any level of cuteness you have ever seen. It’s almost like the bird is playing the role of a captain while the dog is the loyal first mate.

Image courtesy of 12bore1992 / Reddit

We can almost hear the bird saying, “keep still, or else…”. The dog audibly swallows the hard lump stuck in its throat and nervously tries to eye the bird perched atop its head. If only its eyes could roll over, it might actually see the cute little thing.

What Have We Here?

A mischievous fox stumbled upon a treasure trove of food inside a garbage bin. It couldn’t believe its luck – there were chicken bones, scraps of pizza, and even a half-eaten sandwich. The fox dove in, feasting on the delicious food like a king.

Image courtesy of kilowhisky / Reddit

But just as it was about to bite into a particularly juicy drumstick, it heard a loud rumble outside. The garbage collectors had come to collect their haul. As the garbage truck drove down the road, the fox couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Maybe next time.

How Does This Work

One day, a curious owl was exploring a kitchen when it stumbled upon a sink without anything but liquid detergent in it. Because it couldn’t contain its curiosity, it decided to abandon its fears and inspect the bottle. Unfortunately, it ended up tumbling in the sink!

Image courtesy of cbadtron / Reddit

It flapped around wildly, panicking that it would be flushed with the contents if the homeowner opened the faucet. It didn’t want to drown this way. That would be such a cruel death! Fortunately, it was found and set free.

How’s School?

You’re a college student, working hard to focus on what the teacher is saying when you hear a strange scratching noise coming from the roof. Initially, you think you might be hearing things, but then you hear a faint voice say, “Hey, what’s up?”

Image courtesy of DarthTheJediv / Reddit

Looking up, you see a possum peeking over the edge of an open ceiling vent as if it was saying hello. Now, most people would be terrified by this unexpected encounter, but not you. You’re a college student, and you’re used to weird things happening at all hours of the day!

Frequent Visitor

This fox had found the perfect spot to catch some sun and watch the world go by. The humans who lived in the house didn’t mind. They thought it was cute to see the fox relaxing in their backyard. They started leaving behind eye masks for this frequent visitor.

Image courtesy of Itc_ir1 / Reddit

The fox, feeling quite spoiled, would often stay on the couch for hours, napping and occasionally twitching its tail. Guests would stop and stare in amazement, but the fox paid them no mind – it was too busy living its best life.

Self-inflicted Harm

Did you know that baby porcupines are called porcupettes? Despite their cute-sounding name, they are still covered in sharp quills that can cause quite a bit of pain. However, unlike their adult counterparts, porcupettes are actually quite clumsy and have been known to accidentally impale themselves with their own quills!

Image courtesy of Scarface11W / Reddit

It’s like they haven’t quite figured out how to handle their own ‘spikiness’ yet. But don’t worry, porcupettes also have a softer side as they love to cuddle up with their mothers like most other young ones in the animal kingdom.

You’re It!

Baby foxes may be small, but these little bundles of fur are full of mischief and curiosity. They love to explore their surroundings, especially if it involves raiding a nearby chicken coop or garden. Just look at this bunch who have found their way to this Redditor’s backyard.

Image courtesy of Vechrotex / Reddit

They have been known to steal socks, shoes, (hearts) and even car keys from unsuspecting humans. And if they get caught, they’ll give you the puppy dog eyes and try to play innocent, as if they weren’t just caught red-handed with your favorite pair of sneakers in their mouth!

Bobcat Kitty

These little hunters are born with sharp claws and teeth. Even when they’re young, they are already honing their skills at hunting prey. That said, while they may be fierce predators, bobcat kittens can also be quite playful and silly.

Image courtesy of Doustin / Reddit

And like any baby animal, they also need plenty of rest and snuggles with their mother. So if you ever come across a litter of bobcat kittens in the wild, enjoy their silly antics, but keep your distance – their claws and teeth may be small, but they can still pack a punch.

You Never Saw Me

Raccoons are notorious for being skilled thieves. They have nimble hands and a keen sense of smell, making them experts at scavenging for food. Even warehouse managers are not immune to their thieving ways. One day, a raccoon was found rummaging through a warehouse, looking for snacks to steal.

Image courtesy of diabloivoryson / reddit

Warehouse employees tried to shoo it away, but the raccoon was determined to complete its mission. In the end, it won and managed to escape the employees. If you ever encounter a raccoon in a warehouse, be prepared for a battle of wills.

Feasting on Crumbles

There once was a bird who had a serious bread addiction. It loved bread so much that it decided to take up residence in a bakery. The bird worked tirelessly to evade the head baker, to keep its dream home.

Image courtesy of chipsnsparkles / Reddit

Of course, its days were numbered. After many customers reported its whereabouts, it had to flee the nest tray in search of better houses. It was so disappointed that it had to gather sticks and twigs to build itself a home from then on.


Look what we have here. It seems like this guy is trying to make a run for it. Last we saw, this lizard was by the aquarium, and now it’s found an escape route. It missed basking in the sun on smooth rocks, and no one was going to get in its way this time!

Image courtesy of lourdes_Ar / Reddit

It may be a different structure than a screen door, but to a lizard, it’s just another challenge waiting to be conquered. It looks at the screen window with determination in its beady little eyes and gives a quick flick of its tongue to gauge the situation. Today is the day!


Foxes are known for their slyness and intelligence. But did you know that they’re also experts at finding the perfect nap spot? It seems that these wild creatures have discovered the joys of snoozing on top of a shed’s roof.

Image courtesy of ElegantBob / Reddit

It’s not like they have wings or the ability to levitate. So, how do they do it? Well, foxes are excellent climbers and have sharp claws that allow them to grip almost any surface. They will use nearby trees, fences, or even other buildings to climb up to the roof of your shed.

Belly Rub

You might be wondering, “why on earth would a fox choose to nap on top of a haystack? Isn’t it uncomfortable up there?” Well, as it turns out, these animals are very good at adapting to their surroundings. That haystack is the perfect scratching post for its belly.

Image courtesy of madethisjustforpewds / Reddit

It’s warm, cozy, and best of all, it’s a safe haven away from pesky humans and other predators. Plus, it gets a bird’s eye view of its surroundings, which allows it to keep an eye out for any potential disturbance or danger.

Wakey Wakey

As the sun began to set, the fox in the corner of the room decided it was time for a nap. He curled up in a ball and closed his eyes, ready to drift off to dreamland. It only took him a few minutes to escape to the perfect realm.

Image courtesy of kurtis_f / Reddit

Hours passed, and the fox slept soundly. But suddenly, he woke up, begrudgingly adjusted his eyes to his surrounding, and realized he hadn’t eaten in quite a while. The fox jumped up and looked around the room for something to eat. Coincidentally, this Redditor appeared in the hallway!

Must Have Nuts

Picture this: a group of squirrels enter a convenience store and start frantically searching for nuts to stock up on before winter. It may sound like a silly scene, but it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. After all, it’s easier to find nuts at the convenience store than it is in the wild.

Image courtesy of Jimbobler / Reddit

As autumn rolls around and the leaves begin to change color, squirrels start to think ahead. They know that the colder months are coming, and they need to gather as many nuts as they can to ensure they have enough food to survive the winter.

I’ll Sing the Chorus

There’s something about the sound of a duck’s quack that’s just inherently hilarious. Maybe it’s the way their little beaks open wide or the way they waddle around while they do it. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that ducks are one of the funniest creatures.

Image courtesy of Officer_internets / Reddit

But what happens when a duck’s quack is paired with some music? That’s when things really get interesting. This duck was adamant about singing the chorus while the homeowner was serenading him. He was certain he could sing it perfectly…but as you guessed, it was so wrong!

Got Milk?

It all started on a cold, snowy morning. The family had just sat down for breakfast when they heard a strange noise outside. They peered out the window to see a tiny moose calf standing on their porch, looking up at them with big, curious eyes.

Image courtesy of learnorstayignorant / Reddit

At first, the family was a bit taken aback. They had never seen a moose before, let alone a moose calf hanging out on their porch. So, they started to leave out bowls of water and food for him, and ‘moosey’ quickly became a regular visitor, stopping by the porch every day for a snack.

Straight As an Owl

If you’ve ever seen an owl up close, you know that they are truly majestic creatures. With their large eyes and feathered wings, they are a sight to behold. But what happens when an owl decides to take up a spot in your backyard?

Image courtesy of johnnycolemanart / Reddit

It’s like having a free scarecrow and security system in place. We can feel this owl’s eyes recording everything from the quiet drop of a dried leaf to the flutter of birds behind him. And there wasn’t one that attempted to perch within this backyard.

Next-door neighbor

Moose are one of the most iconic animals of the North American wilderness. These magnificent creatures are known for their imposing size, impressive antlers, and distinctive look. Just look at this one making a grand appearance just by being himself.

Image courtesy of Bshilllz / Reddit

Moose are herbivores and feed primarily on leaves, bark, and twigs. They are especially fond of aquatic plants and can often be seen wading in shallow ponds or rivers, trying to find food. So it bothered this family to think they couldn’t treat this moose with anything except a serving of Caesar salad.

Must Zoom In

The smallest lizard in the world is the Jaragua Sphaero, which is native to the Dominican Republic. This lizard is incredibly tiny, measuring just 16 millimeters in length, which is about the size of a paperclip. Despite its small size, the Jaragua Sphaero is a fully-formed reptile.

Image courtesy of lynkcrafter / Reddit

This Redditor nearly washed this critter down the drain. If it hadn’t been for the lizard’s quick movement, he wouldn’t have taken a second, closer look at it, making a run for the dry countertop. Phew! Such a close call!

Whatchu Doin’ There

You’re strolling along the local pond, minding your own business when suddenly, a duck appears out of nowhere and starts quacking loudly in your face. At first, you’re taken aback. But as you recover, you can’t help but parrot back the answers to the questions it’s quacking at you.

Image courtesy of immuzy / Reddit

Now, the exact message that the duck is trying to convey is up for interpretation. Maybe they’re saying “hello” or “get out of my territory.” Maybe they’re telling you to feed them or warning you to back off. Or maybe they’re just having a bad day, especially after having met you!

The Real Threat

Frederick was not like other foxes. He had a grand ambition that extended far beyond merely hunting and gathering for survival. This guy was plotting world domination, one yacht at a time. Look at him judging your every misstep so he can claim the docks as his own!

Image courtesy of Ranin20 / reddit

It all started when he overheard a group of humans discussing politics and power. He was intrigued by the idea of ruling over others. And if humans can do it, then why can’t sharp-nailed, sly creatures like him? All he needs is a grand plan and time to put it into action.

Weekly Congregation

This park was known for its beautiful trees, lush greenery, and a pond where ducks and geese would swim. But there was something else that made the park special – it was a popular gathering spot for deer and cats.

Image courtesy of ShinNakashima / Reddit

No one knows exactly how this strange relationship came to be, but rumors abound. Some say it started with a lone cat who started feeding the deer. Others say it was the other way around, with the deer approaching the cats out of curiosity and forging an unlikely bond over time.

Attempted Theft

We have had our fair share of run-ins with squirrels. Apart from nuts, one effective food item to lure them to your table is Chinese takeout! These guys can’t get enough of the Schezwan sauce. And they’re not up for sharing!

Image courtesy of billynyethewiseguy/ Reddit

This was like a game of cat and mouse – or rather, human and squirrel. This person tried everything to keep him away – even going so far as to offer him a little piece of chicken, hoping that would satisfy his craving. But no, he wanted the whole box!

Sleeping Beauty

A strange noise caught the attention of a few curious onlookers. It sounded like a soft snoring sound coming from nearby. But it was mid-morning, and everyone was up, hustling. And what did they see? A fox curled up and sound asleep on the roof of a car!

Image courtesy of Johnnydisco / Reddit

Of course, the humans in the neighborhood were quite surprised to see a fox snoozing away on top of a car. Some of them even took pictures and posted them on social media, which quickly went viral. It wasn’t long before the fox became a bit of a local celebrity!