Doggy Antics: 40+ Cute, Silly, Derpy Corgis That We Can’t Help But Love

By Arvyn B

If there is one thing that most of us can agree on, it is the fact that dogs are just such darn cute animals! With so many breed options, picking a favorite can be an impossible task. You have got dalmatians, chihuahuas, labradors…the list goes on and on! However, we have to admit that corgis are certainly one of our favorite breeds of puppy out there. There is just something so hilarious about them, and it is clear that we are not the only ones who feel this way. Even the Queen of England has quite a number of these dogs. The history of corgis started well over 3,000 years ago with a Celtic tribe in Wales. This species of doggy has fascinated humans ever since. Here are 45 of just some reasons why!

Pumpkin Prize

If you have a dog, then you will know that some of them have a seriously bad habit of eating anything at all that they find. This corgi is a great example of this fact, as it ate some pumpkin seeds.

Laurenlvt (Reddit)

Like with any animal, the corgi ended up pooping the seeds out on the ground. Jump forward a few months, and the pumpkins actually started growing from those seeds. Look at how proud the corgi is of her creation! As well she should be.

He’s Not Dead!

At first glance, you might think that this picture is of a puppy that was hurt in an accident of some kind — but you would be wrong. This dog is perfectly happy and healthy, as any corgi owner will tell you!

Abeeeeaaann (Reddit)

This position is just how this user’s dog slept when he was a puppy. We love how he sleeps but that’s not our favorite part of the post — we love the dog’s name. They called him Nugget, and we think this name is absolutely perfect.

Scary Sheep

Corgis are so expressive and we absolutely love that about them. You can almost always see what emotion they are feeling because of the look on their face. Need an example? Check out this puppy below and guess his feeling.

Legitschooling (Reddit)

It should not be too difficult — it seems pretty clear that this puppy is feeling absolute terror at the sheep! The toy can climb up furniture and walls, making Otis the corgi feel quite freaked out. Don’t worry, Otis!

Half Breed

We can all agree that corgis are probably one of the cutest breeds of dogs out there. Still, they are not the only adorable animals. Rabbits are pretty darn cute, too! Now we can’t help but wonder what a cross between the two would look like…

Derpina428 (Reddit)

We think that it would almost be too cute for words — just like this little doggy above! We wish that a breed like this was real because it is just so adorable to look at it. Those fluffy ears are truly incredible!

Shake It

Here is another feature that we love about corgis — their butts! This breed of doggy just looks so hilarious from behind, and we just love how they are posing in the picture below. Have a look at them for yourself!

Peko_poko_P (Instagram)

These three doggies just look so proud of their booties — and for a good reason. They have tails that are almost in the shape of a heart, which we think is pretty amazing! They are definitely the dogs with the most fabulous butts.

Copy and Paste

If you did not know, most dogs have quite a few puppies when they are pregnant. Unlike humans, who tend to have only one, dogs sometimes have 5 or 6 puppies. This corgi managed to give birth to 11 of them!

Stengebt (Reddit)

Honestly, we have no idea how the owner of this corgi can tell each of these puppies apart. Each one of these doggies looks almost identical to the other, except from the mommy corgi, of course. Speaking of — how happy does she look?

A Balancing Act

Another thing that we love about corgis is how they seem to have almost no clue about what is going on around them. Take the puppy in these pictures, for example. It does not seem to have any idea about what’s on its head!

Thingsonhazelshead (Tumblr)

It is honestly pretty amazing how they were able to balance so many things on this puppy’s head, and we wonder how the owner discovered this talent for the first time! We wonder what else they ended up balancing on there.


Now, this is a kind of Happy Meal that we could definitely get behind! If only you could actually order a meal like this at a McDonalds — it would be pretty incredible! Sadly, it is just a dream for now.

RobotPolarbear (Reddit)

The cutest part of this picture is the fact that the corgi actually has zero clue about what is going on. This little puppy is completely blind, so she does not even know what is on her head. How adorable is that?!

Oink Oink

Whenever a doggy meets another animal species, it is always a hilarious sight to see. They never seem to understand what to do, and the picture below is certainly no exception to this rule. Just look at the corgi’s face!

Hamlet_the_piggy (Instagram)

Honestly, we can totally understand the doggy’s confusion in the picture — we would feel pretty spooked after seeing a piglet for the first time! We really cannot decide which animal is the cutest because they are both pretty adorable here.

Smartly Dressed

We all have our own opinions on dressing up dogs. Some people think that it is a little cruel to do this, while other people feel that it is perfectly acceptable to do. Whatever your opinion, we can agree on one thing…

JeremiahGottwald (Reddit)

This corgi is one smartly dressed little pup! We wonder where this corgi is going, dressed like this — perhaps it is a fancy date of some kind. Or maybe he’s trying to impress another pup at the dog park. Good luck, little puppy!


There is a story behind this picture! This user went for a hike with their corgi when the doggy got a little tired. Instead of forcing the dog to carry on walking, they put the puppy inside their backpack. Just look!

Albertjason (Reddit)

One look at the expression on this doggy’s face, and you can tell that he is enjoying this easy ride so much, and we honestly cannot blame him! If only we could look this good in a photo — it is seriously so impressive.

Ready for Action

When most of us think about police dogs, it is likely that our first thoughts are of big dogs like Great Danes or scarier ones like German Shepherds. Well, it appears that corgis are also part of the police patrol now, too!

Chx_ (Reddit)

At least, this is true in Thailand, where this picture was taken. We are not sure what kind of job this corgi is doing for his handlers, but it is certainly pretty cute. What a clever little fellow he is!

Super Sad

We truly feel that there are not a lot of things worse in the world than seeing a sad doggy. Whenever we see a puppy feeling down, we want to immediately fix the problem and make the puppy feel happy again.

Khaidu (Imgur)

This puppy is certainly no exception to this rule — just what on earth could have made this cute corgi feel so upset?! Even the floor is showing off how sad the puppy is! We hope that it felt better soon after.


There is an old idea that “dogs look like their owners.” We have no idea how scientifically accurate this is, but this picture seems to show that it is quite true indeed — this dog and its owner got matching t-shirts!

noonelikesmeg (Reddit)

We just love the level of detail that went into designing these shirts, like the shade of the human shirt being the exact same shade as the puppy’s fur. Both of them look so happy to be wearing this clothing!

Swimming Along

If you are not a dog owner, then you might be pretty surprised to know that some dogs are pretty good swimmers! However, it seems that corgis are not one of them, judging by the picture below. There is one corgi in a raft…

Raisuchan (Reddit)

…and it seems pretty happy to be floating along in the water. The other one, who is swimming, does not look anywhere near as happy as the raft corgi! We hope that it was able to get a turn on the raft later!

Corgi Bear

One of the cutest things in the world is seeing a dog with a teddy bear. We do not know if they know what the teddy bear even is, but that does not stop the image from being super adorable.

Stengebt (Reddit)

This one is even cuter — just look at how the corgi is cuddling its lookalike! We truly cannot get over how cute this puppy is, and we truly wish it the sweetest of dreams. What an adorable little photo this is!

Hover Corgi

We have already seen a picture of a corgi that has joined the police force to help protect the streets from crime. But did you know that this is not the only job that corgis can have? We are not joking!

Jasperislington (Imgur)

Judging by this picture, it appears that corgis have a calling as superheroes, too — just look at the way that this one is flying! We wish that this was possible, as flying corgis would be quite the sight for us.

Clever Corgi?

So far, it is pretty clear that corgis are one cute species of doggy. But it appears that they are not the smartest canines out there, and this picture is a pretty good example of this. This dog was having trouble reaching his ball…

Peteynice (Imgur)

The ball was on the other side of a wire fence, and the doggy was clearly trying super hard to pull the ball out. Unfortunately, it did not realize that it could have just walked around to get the ball out!

Corgi Calling

Here is another picture with a story to go along with it. This woman lives in a different city from her boyfriend, so they usually Skype as they go to sleep — so sweet! Usually, the call disconnects when she wakes up…

Shenuhcide (Reddit)

This time, however, things were a little bit different. Instead of waking up to a blank screen, the woman was super surprised to see the pet corgi on the call. What a lovely wake-up call that must have been for her!

A Little Stuck

Another thing that we love about corgis is their little round bodies — they are just so cute! Of course, this can sometimes get corgis into trouble, like in the picture below. The little pup got stuck on the fence!

Deleted User (Reddit)

We absolutely love the expression on this little guy’s face! It is like he is saying, “Hey, I know that I am cute, but please get me out of this situation.” We hope someone helped him pretty soon after this picture was taken!

Dogs & Cats

Most of us seem to think that dogs and cats do not get along with each other. After all, that is what the cartoons always tell us! In reality, the truth is very different, according to the picture below at least.

Davidhslee (Imgur)

This cat and corgi are actually the best of friends! The user who posted these pictures said that the pair are always hanging around each other. It is difficult to separate them. We are really not sure why anyone would want to!

Say Cheese!

We have already mentioned how much we love the expression that corgis have on their faces, but it is worth saying it once again. They always seem to be so full of emotion, as you can see in this picture as well.

ZachOnTap (Reddit)

This little doggy is clearly so keen to get inside, and he is willing to do anything that he can to let his owners know that fact. Check out those pearly whites — he definitely does not need to see any doggy dentist!

Not a Cat

We are not sure about the scientific reason why corgis seem to get stuck in so many different places, but we have a few ideas of our own. Namely, the fact that they are so long and round gets them trapped!

Xjayroox (Reddit)

They also seem to have very little idea about how small some of the holes can be, which is why they get stuck in such weird places. For example, this cat tree! This doggy thought he could fit through it, but sadly not.


One pretty cool feature on most cameras today is the ability to take a panorama shot. This type of photography allows you to take a comprehensive picture of a scene, making sure to get in every detail of it in the photograph.

Ceanders (Reddit)

Of course, this type of picture only really works if all of the subjects in the photo stay still. If they do not do this, you end up with a pretty bizarre-looking photo like this. The corgi looks like a baguette!

Good Boy

Some people say that dogs do not understand what people tell them, but we think that this is just not true. This photo is a great way to prove those people wrong! The first picture is the corgi in a normal position…

DonutPlains (Reddit)

…while the second picture is the same corgi after it was told it was a “good boy.” Just look at the sheer joy and happiness on its face — there is no way this corgi does not know what is going on!

Mirror Image

Even if you don’t own a car, we’re almost guaranteed you’ve been in one and could recognize this familiar saying: “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” This saying is printed on almost every side mirror in cars.

Chubby_corgi (Reddit)

Even though that is true, we do not think it has any effect on this little guy. The corgi looks just as cute and adorable in the mirror as it does in real life! Perhaps it should say, “Objects in mirror are cuter than they appear.” He is such a sweet puppy. Good boy!

Playful Pup

Most people also think of corgis as being very majestic animals. Still, any corgi owner will tell you that this is far from the truth. If you do not believe us, just look at the picture below and see for yourself!

Emica095 (Reddit)

This dog, named Ruby, is far from being majestic at all. Instead, she looks like a huge fluff-ball! We would love to cuddle this little doggy, as we are sure that her fur feels so soft and fluffy. How adorable!

Perfect Shot

If there is one thing that we have learned so far about corgis, it is the fact that they can sometimes be so perfectly photogenic. We are honestly surprised at how good some of these shots are of these puppies!

adriD2 (Reddit)

This picture is a perfect example of that fact. Just look at the way that this puppy is holding its paw out at the camera, with a wink in its eye. And to think that this was taken at a dog show, too — we know who the winner is!

E.T.’s Hiding Spot

Our next picture might require you to take a little closer look at it. It appears like there are a bunch of stuffed corgi toys sitting on the bed, which is mostly right. Can you spot the odd one out?

Goldenretrievers (Imgur)

One of these corgis is not like the others! Hint — look for the cutest doggy in the pile, and you will find the imposter. It is a real corgi, all snuggled up in between with the others like it is a stuffed toy. We love it!

The Wrong Side

Another thing that we adore about corgis is just how clumsy they can sometimes be. We expect all doggies to make mistakes now and again, but it seems like corgis end up doing it all the time. They are such silly pups!

Jasperislington (Imgur)

Just take a look at this little doggy, for example. We have absolutely no idea how it even ended up in this position. Still, we are guessing that it somehow fell off the sidewalk and curled up into a ball.

Sleeping Dogs

There is an old saying that goes, “you should let sleeping dogs lie.” This saying is supposed to mean that you should not get involved in situations that are not causing you problems. Still, we think it actually means something else.

Donut_corgi (Instagram)

Just look at this adorable little puppy named Donut, for example — who on earth would want to disturb something as cute as this?! We would definitely leave this adorable puppy alone to sleep in peace. It is so darn cute!

Vet Visit

Pretty much every pet owner out there will agree that one of the worst experiences around is having to take your loveable furball to the vet. They just never seem to enjoy it, and the drive there is always a nightmare!

Fab1000 (Reddit)

However, the scariest part of this image definitely has to be the look in the corgi’s eyes. Somehow, it figured out that it was going to the vet, and it seems to be plotting its revenge the whole way there. This is quite scary!

Too Nosy

Another adorable feature that we love about corgis is just how nosy they are. They seem to be very interested in the world around them, and they love learning more about the things that they can see. Sometimes, this can cause trouble…

CaptainMan5 (Reddit)

…which you can tell from this picture here. The corgi got a little bit too nosy, and his nose became stuck in the bars of his crate! We do hope that it did not cause him too much pain, and the human taking the picture helped out right away.


No matter where you are from in the world, it is very likely that you will have played with Lego toys at some point in your life. But having a pet can make it difficult as you can lose all the pieces.

Alandizzle (Reddit)

We totally understand why the dog in this picture looks so freaked out — we would be, too, if we saw someone had made a Lego version of us! We hope that he was not scared for too long, as it is pretty freaky.

End of the Rainbow

There is an old legend that at the end of a rainbow, you will find a pot of gold. Obviously, this is not true, and science has proven many times that this myth is not accurate. But there is something better than gold waiting there…

AxelAlejandroPradaConde (Imgur)

What is it? Well, of course, it is a corgi! It would certainly be lovely to find a pot of gold lying around, but this is much better. We would love to get a corgi because they are such adorable little animals. They’re so cute!

Super Shopping

If you did not know, corgis are also an excellent pet to help comfort you in any place or at any time. Shopping with them is always a lot of fun, and we particularly love taking our corgis plant shopping.


Just look at the expression on this little doggo’s face — how could you not fall in love with that?! He seems to be having so much fun, and we seriously cannot blame him. Retail therapy is such a relaxing way to spend time.

Coat Hanger Catastrophe

If we have learned one thing about corgis, it is the fact that they have a bad habit of getting themselves stuck in pretty weird situations. Check out how this one got stuck in a coat hanger — just how did that happen?!

Voxel_ (Reddit)

The look on this puppy’s face seems to suggest that he is pretty happy about getting into this situation. He does not appear to be ashamed at all for the problem that he has got into — and we do not blame him!

Nom Nom

What could be better than having one corgi? Well, having two of them, of course! Having two little puppies that look as sweet as these ones do is truly the dream. Hopefully, they get along better than these do, though!

DarkLazer215 (Reddit)

We are pretty sure that these puppies are just joking, and the big one does not really want to eat the small doggy. That would be quite a terrible situation to be in, for sure! He is a good boy, really.

Big Corgi

Most of us expect corgis to be pretty small animals, but did you know that they can actually be quite big? Just look at this one, for example — it is absolutely massive and looks more like a wolf than anything!

Awoolman13 (Reddit)

We are seriously amazed at how a corgi could actually get to this size — just what on earth did the owners feed it?! Even though this corgi is huge, that does not make it any less cute of a pet.

Dog Derp

You should already know by now that corgis are usually far from being graceful creatures. Sure, they have their moments of looking beautiful, but they spend most of their time looking quite silly indeed. Check out this one, for example!

LAE123 (Reddit)

This user took their corgi to a meet-up with other puppies and could not stop laughing when their pup pulled this derp face. We have no idea what it was thinking, but it is an absolutely hilarious shot for sure!

Where’s Mom?

If you decide to get a pet, you should know that they are not easy, and they will massively change your life — hopefully, for the better! This corgi made huge changes to its owner’s parents’ lives when they dogsit.

ShirleyFunke482 (Reddit)

We just seriously hope that the dad was joking about the mom being in the crate, as that would just be way too harsh if it were true! Still, we cannot blame him. Corgis are so much better than humans!

So Scared!

There was a recent trend on social media that involved putting cucumbers near cats. They end up flipping out and getting super scared, which made many people laugh! But it seems cats are not the only ones afraid of green foods…

Mtglilianavess (Reddit)

Corgis get very scared of zucchinis, too! Honestly, we are not surprised that they look so scared, as a zucchini of that size is pretty impressive. We wonder how they were able to find one that looks so freaking huge!

Loafing Around

As we have already mentioned before, there are no pets that enjoy going to the vet. It is a real hassle even trying to get some of them through the door to the vet. But, what about when you get into the vet’s office?

Sevenson (Reddit)

Well, then you might find that your doggy ends up playing dead as this one did! It appears that this corgi wanted to escape any kind of examination by pretending to be a loaf of bread. It was not too successful, though!

So Tired

Taking your dog to a special event, such as a wedding, is always a risky move. You just never know what your lovable puppy will end up doing, from pooping on the dresses or tearing up a corsage. And don’t forget the photos!

Corgiarya (Reddit)

Luckily, this photo was the “worst” thing to happen at this wedding, as it just involved the doggy yawning in the middle of the shot. The little guy looks terrifying but also pretty darn adorable at the same time! We seriously hope that he was the ring bearer. How cute would that be?