Moo-tiful Canines: 45 Photos That Reveal The Dog-like Side Of Cows

By Abigail S

Farm life is a world of its own that isn’t always accessible to everyone. The experience of cuddling with your dogs doesn’t always have to happen in a house, and it doesn’t always have to be with a dog, either! As these next few Internet users will show us, cows are actually just like big dogs in disguise. Yep, that’s right. Cows! The four-legged animals, which most people only associate with a farm, milk, or meat, are really just big sweet creatures who love a good cuddle and back rub. As you scroll down, you’ll see that there are so many different types of cows, ones you might never even have seen before. We hope that these 45 adorable cows will encourage people to treat these creatures with the love that they deserve.

Couch cuddle

Some families don’t let the dog on the sofa or the bed. It would only make sense that cows aren’t allowed on the furniture too. But these guys just want to be comfy, you know? Check out this cow who just walked through the door and plopped on the couch.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@shaysaprocky

According to its owner, the door was left open for five minutes without supervision. When they returned, their cow was already making himself comfortable on the couch. He really does look like a dog just curled up on the sofa.

I’ll be there for you

Dog owners know that your dog can sense your emotions when you’re feeling down and nobody is around. They can be the shoulder you cry on when nobody is there. But dogs aren’t the only animals that can provide this kind of emotional support.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Infinity

Cows can also do the same. In fact, there is a farm in California called The Gentle Barn, which offers cow hugging specifically as an activity. Just look at how relaxed these two are on the floor of the barn. Just a couple of best friends being there for each other.

Blending in

Happy cows are not only friendly to humans. They are also friendly to fellow animals, as proven in this gif. The clueless black-and-white Spaniel wandered into a barn filled with cows, and the cows thought, “Hey, look, he’s like us with long ears!”

Photo courtesy of YouTube/David Minish

The cows happily welcomed the little pupper into the herd with a whole lot of licking and sniffing, making him feel right at home. They seem to be excited to have a new member in the group. How sweet are these cows?

Wave hello

Teddy bear or cow? You decide. b We bet you never thought that cows could look like this, right? There are more types of cows than just the usual black and white ones you commonly see. This little guy is named Ady, and he’s waving to you.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@happyhensandhighlands

So many things are adorable in this photo, from how Ady is waving to his fluffy face to how his tongue is sticking out. We’re falling more in love with him! We just want to give him a big hug and tell him what a good job he’s doing.

Back to nature

Like dogs, cows also go crazy when they are set free in a wide and open space after a period of confinement. Do you know how your dog shoots through the door and runs around in the garden once the door is open? Cows do the same.

Photo courtesy of YouTube/Denis Vila

Look at these happy cows. They’re literally running and leaping for joy because they’re finally free to roam around in the green pastures again. They were kept in the shed all winter, and it’s finally time to enjoy beautiful weather outside.


This is a picture of pure love. The way this cow is leaning its head on the girl’s shoulder melts our hearts. The way the girl is also leaning into the cow is pure bliss. You can just tell the cow is smiling. We want this kind of friendship.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/petey10

This photo just proves that dogs aren’t the only animals that can be dubbed “man’s best friend.” Happy and content cows can easily become anyone’s best friend, too. The key is to treat them kindly, and with respect, so they do the same to you.

New toy

We’ve all seen the movie Airbud. It has us convinced that dogs know what to do with a ball. Well, guess what? Dogs aren’t the only animals who would be able to star in a movie such as Airbud. Movie producers should consider featuring cows.

Photo courtesy of YouTube/dkany

Just look at the way this cow named Herbie is playing with his new ball. His friend doesn’t even stand a chance. He’s pushing the ball around with his nose without a care in the world. It’s like Herbie is finally happy.

Cow belly rubs

Just like dogs, cows also love a good belly rub. And yes, they will roll over for you when they really want that rubdown! This behavior is so associated with dogs that we don’t even think other animals would do the same.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Berryl The Brahman

This just looks like the cow, and the owner had a lot of fun playing catch in the field. The cow then got tired, flopped down, rolled over, and begged for a belly rub—what a satisfying way to end a day of running around.

Baby friendly

Who says babies can’t be near giant animals? This photo shows us that maybe it’s time to adopt a cow for the household instead of a dog or cat. These two seem to be chilling together like a couple of best buds.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Gilley Photography

Look at the way the baby is patting the cow’s head. Look at the way the cow is enjoying the company. It’s so adorable and peaceful we could cry. These photos are definitely changing our minds about big ol’ cows!

Nap time

This picture is making us sleepy. These two look so comfortable leaning on each other and napping. This is actually an image that went viral after this boy and his cow lost the Iowa State Fair dairy cattle show that they competed in.

Photo courtesy of Mitchell Miner

The kid, Mitchell Miner, decided to take a nap with his cow Audri after discovering that they didn’t win the competition. Despite losing, they have one thing that is much more valuable—each other! A classic story of boy and cow.

Cuddly baby

How sweet is this? Another story of a child and her best friend. They seem to be enjoying each other’s company so much that this cow is actually falling asleep in the little girl’s lap. We’re here for this wholesome content.

Photo courtesy of Billie Jo Decker

Head scratches really are the way to a cow’s heart. Once relaxed, you basically have them in the palm of your hands—sweet little girl. Sweet baby cow. We can just tell that these two will grow up to be lifelong friends.  

What a star

Check out this next photo. Who do you think is the celebrity here? The cow, or Howie Mandel? Sure, Hollywood might say it’s Howie. But, if Howie Mandel stopped to take a picture of this baby cow, then you know who’s the real star.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/InterTim

The fact that the owner of this cow brought it out for a walk on a leash is peak dog owner behavior. And check out the way this cow has his front legs crossed, like a model posing for a quick photo with a fan—what a star.

New best friend

This is the second photo we’ve seen of cows welcoming a dog right into their circle. The pure joy on the dog’s face shows us that these cows really are sweet, gentle creatures. They’re just giving the dog a warm cow welcome.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/glentylee

It’s not uncommon that dogs and cows on a farm become besties. The two creatures share the same qualities and personality traits that they can reciprocate those traits for each other. It’s just a wholesome bond between animals.

Giant teddy bear

Here’s another photo of our favorite Scottish cow, Ady. He’s still a baby, so he’s still small enough to pick up in this man’s arms. It looks like this guy has just won a giant teddy bear from one of the games at the fair.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@happyhensandhighlands

Ady looks so chill, just resting in the embrace of his best friend. If you look closely, it looks like Ady is actually smiling and enjoying the cuddles. What an adorable little guy. Gorgeous, friendly, and camera-ready. All the things you would want in a superstar.

Cow bed

Sometimes, animal owners will put little baby cows on dog beds to sleep. Like any baby, they’re expected to grow out of that initial bed or crib. But not this cow. This guy’s name is Radar, and he still loves it in his dog bed.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Karen White

Radar is 11 months old. You would think he would outgrow his childhood cot by now, but nope. It looks to us like he still finds it extremely comfy, and he’s trying to convince us all that he still fits comfortably on it.

Pure bliss

The absolute joy on their faces in the next photo instantly brightens up our day. These two look so happy together as if nothing in the world can possibly bring them down. To feel what they are feeling in this moment is to feel pure bliss.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Infinity

It’s so evident in the way the cow is leaning into this girl and closing its eyes. Whether these two have known each other forever or if this is their first time meeting, we have no doubt the friendship that is formed will be for life.

Smile for the camera

Did you know cows are photogenic, too? You’ve probably noticed in a lot of the previous photos that cows know how to pose for the camera. They’re almost better at it than dogs. Look at this one just straight cheesin’ for the gram.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/a1nasir

He’s probably happy because this girl has a handful of snacks in her hands. Maybe he just knows that if he obliges with the photo session, he’ll get his reward in the end. What a sweet and smart little guy.

Nap time, part 2

It seems like napping with your cow in the stable of a state fair is a common thing to do. Mitchell Miner isn’t the only kid to do it. This boy and his cow decided to take a nap at the fair, too.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/tiameghan

The duo was spotted catching some Z’s in the stables at the Goshen Fair. Judging from the way the cow has his head on the boy’s chest and their sleepy faces, these two are in a deep sleep. They’re probably dreaming of winning the gold.

Neck scratches

Just like dogs, cows also appreciate a good neck scratch. Take a look at Oliver here, who is very grateful to this human for all the neck scratching. He shows his thanks by affectionately licking this guy’s forehead over and over.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

Oliver is a cow who found a home in the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Oregon. The sanctuary is a sprawling 54 acres home to rescued animals of all kinds. It looks like we could use a little bit of TLC just like these cows do.

Nap time, part 3

Okay, now we’re convinced that sleeping with cows results in a deeper, more satisfying sleep. They are the perfect cuddle buddies. If you needed any more proof, just look at this additional photo of a boy asleep on the ground with his cute cow.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@rivercrestfarm

The boy is leaning with his head against a rock, and yet somehow, he still looks incredibly peaceful and comfortable. We’re convinced the only way this is possible is because the cow is there with him. The cow is the deciding factor if you want the experience of sleeping on the ground.

Two of a kind

Let’s take a moment to observe this gif. There is both a cow and a dog here, and they are both lying down in the exact same way. The cow behaves the way a dog would when a person is cuddling them, and they’re relaxed.

Photo courtesy of YouTube/Santuario Igualdad

The way this cow slumped and rested its head on this man’s chest is exactly canine behavior. He just loves a cuddle and a good rub. He’s even got the dog competing for affection from its human. How sweet is this little scene?

Complete peace

Now, this is the life. Open fields, blue skies, the sun is shining. Your cow is asleep with its head in your lap. You’re probably getting sleepier by the minute too. You might just decide to take a short nap too.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Infinity

Doesn’t this cow look like it’s in so much peace? It’s in a state of relaxation, tranquility, and complete peace of mind. For this cow, there is nothing like taking a nap under the sun with your favorite human.

Curiosity confused the cows

Yes, yes, we know that’s not really the expression. But just look at this next gif and tell us that we should leave cats out of the old saying once and for all. These cows were so intrigued by a remote control truck.

Photo courtesy of

Here they are gathered around the foreign object, confused. When the truck started moving, they initially freaked out. Then, a hilarious thing happened. All of them started chasing after the truck. Who knew a remote control truck could function the same way as a shepherd’s dog.

A love like this

Next to this cow, this woman looks minuscule. But the love these two have for each other is clearly immense. We’re looking at this picture, and we can’t help but think we want a love and connection just like theirs.

Photo courtesy of

The woman looks happy, and the cow looks so content. They are the picture of pure bliss and happiness. The gentle giant resting its head on the woman’s lap like it’s just coming home after a long day, and all it wants is to rest.

Nap time, part 4

There have been so many photos of cows napping with kids. Here’s another one to add to that list. A boy and his cow snuggling on the barn floor while keeping each other warm. In almost all these photos, the cow has its face on its human’s chest.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Infinity

We’ve never seen any two creatures look so serene together. Maybe it’s something about the hay under them or the warmth that the cow exudes. It makes us think that falling asleep with a cow is worth a try.

A team game

What did we tell you? Cows will find any way to entertain themselves. Whether they’re alone or in a group, they will always find a way like this group of cows, for example, who found a bale of hay and decided to push it around a field.

Photo courtesy of YouTube/ViralHog

As the hay unraveled, more cows started joining in on the fun, and they all ended up chasing the bale of hay down the hill. This lot looks like they’re having a lot of fun. It really is the little things in life that bring greater pleasures.

Wheelbarrow snooze

Shhh, don’t make noise. The little calf is sleeping. Don’t tip the wheelbarrow over either. You might disturb it. This little cow appears to be in a deep sleep, and we don’t want to do anything to wake him up from his slumber.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kathersss

It’s not every day we see a cow in a wheelbarrow. We do have one question, though—how did he manage to get himself in there? Unless, of course, he had a little bit of help from the human who took this photo.

Cow in the car

Have you ever sat in a parked car at the grocery store waiting for your mom to finish shopping? Then you look over to the car next to you and see a dog also waiting for its human to finish shopping? Pretty common, right?

Photo courtesy of Reddit/ellzellie

Well, have you ever been in the exact same situation, only instead of a dog in the neighboring car, it’s a cow? Look at this little baby staring wistfully out the window, wishing its human would return soon. Who knew cows rode in the passenger seat, too?


Most dog owners train their dogs to do tricks. The most basic one is teaching them to sit on command. Well, no one’s ever said you can’t teach a cow a dog’s trick. Just look at this guy, sitting perfectly on his bum.

Photo courtesy of Sneaky Dog Friend/Twitter

This cow is just sitting and waiting patiently for his good boy treat. We’re laughing at the way his legs are positioned. He looks like he’s holding the pose for the camera, and after he gets his treat, he probably would jump back up and run around again.

Cows just wanna have fun

If there’s anything we’ve noticed about cows from all these pictures, it’s not just that they are basically big dogs. It’s that they will find whatever way to entertain themselves. From a ball to a remote control truck, and even snowfall…

Photo courtesy of YouTube/Daniel Rodriguez de la Viuda

…to a bale of hay. This guy is just pushing around a bale of hay in the cold and having the time of his life. Nothing can take away the joy this cow is experiencing, so we’re just going to let him push around this bale of hay until the cows come home.

“Hey I know that guy”

What happens when you wear a cow print t-shirt to meet a cow? Apparently, the real-life cow will recognize its cousin on the shirt. Just look at this cow. He’s itching to get his head through the railing and say hello.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/MooYorkTimes

“Hey!” he must have thought as he saw the little kid approaching, “I know that guy! We used to be roomies in the stables.” The cow looks more than thrilled to be meeting a fellow bovine. Although, maybe he is also wondering where the rest of that cow print’s body is.

Cow love

Ever wondered how a cow shows you that it loves you? Look no further than this photo. Just like dogs, cows also lick your face when they’re a fan of you. Of course, face licks from a cow may feel a little rougher because of the texture of their tongue.

Photo courtesy of

This photo perfectly captures the moment a cow decided that he likes this girl. She’s a little bit surprised at the tongue to the face, but rest assured, these two love each other. The cow just needs a bit of getting used to.

Real life bull ride

Do you know those mechanical bulls at the fair? They make you think that all bull rides go down that way—all bucking and no control 100% of the time. The realities of it are not that scary. Just look at this girl on this black bull’s back.

Photo courtesy of BoredPanda/Tammy Hills

She’s so relaxed up there that even though it looks like she’s holding on for dear life, she’s actually enjoying it. The bull also doesn’t seem to mind that there is a human girl on his back. He’s just sitting there chilling like it’s a normal day.

The opportunist

Dogs are considered to be one of the most intelligent creatures. But, after you see this gif, you will at least consider cows to be in the running for that title too. Just check out this cow, ever the opportunist, giving himself a good scratch.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/GrimnirTheGreat

Whatever this contraption is, the cow saw it rotating and thought, “This is my ticket to a back scratch.” And so he stood there, positioning his face, neck, and head, for the ultimate scratching session. See. He didn’t even need to wait for a human to do it for him.

Selfie partner

You know how when girls take selfies, they always seem to have the same facial expression? It’s either a smile, the duckface, or the tongue out. It would help if you had a good selfie partner who will synchronize facial expressions with you.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/somethingmarsha

This cow is definitely fit for the job. Look how it’s sticking its tongue out after taking a cue from the girl. They look so adorable together, and this cow really looks like it’s feeling itself. It’s always nice for them to have people stop by their pens.

“I like you”

As we’ve previously mentioned, dogs and cows express their love in similar ways. How can you tell that this cow approves of this dog? He’s licking the dog’s face. How can you tell that this dog enjoys the company? He’s smiling.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Simplyvenal

Name any other animal species that are friendlier than this. We love that dogs and cows can coexist and enrich each others’ lives in such a way that rule melts our hearts. It’s truly a reminder that we don’t deserve animals because they are so much better than humans.

Baby’s first snow

Let’s all take a moment to watch this baby cow experience snow for what is possibly the first time in its life. Doesn’t this remind you of a dog sticking its head out of a car window? Or a dog sticking its tongue out in the rain?

Photo courtesy of YouTube/Anita Diamantopoulou

It’s behaviors like this that convince us dogs and cows are practically one and the same. This cow is so fascinated by all that snow that he just had to have a quick taste. We just want to go over there and give him a hug.

Cow cuddles

When they’re not busy cuddling and taking naps with humans, cows also cuddle with each other. As you can see, these two cows found a friend in each other while at the Virginia State Fair. They instantly hit it off and fell asleep together right away.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/wmartin428

When cows are in a safe environment, they know it. They then feel safe to relax and be themselves around people and around other cows. The cows in this picture are clearly calm and enjoying the day in each other’s company.

Fluffy guy

Look at this guy! Don’t you just want to pick him up and squeeze him and cuddle him and tell him how special he is? How adorable is he! And he’s just the right size that you can still pick him up in your arms.

Photo courtesy of Bread

Wait a few more months, and he’ll be a little too big to pick up. This calf reminds us so much of a toy stuffed animal that people are able to win at games at the fair. And the way he’s smiling at the camera? Impeccable.

Sleepy baby

How could we not feel love for this sleepy baby? It looks so exhausted, and if it laid its head on our lap, we would immediately give it all the head scratches until it falls asleep. This image is so wholesome.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Infinity

This behavior is not unlike a pet dog or even a small child. Our hearts just grew thrice as big watching this calf’s little eyes flutter as it drifts off to sleep. Precious baby, we hope nothing in the world harms you.

Say cheese!

Out of all the selfies with cows, here’s another just to prove to you that they’re the best selfie partner out there. The joy on these two’s faces is so apparent. We can’t help but also grin as we’re looking at this photo.

Photo courtesy of

You know how people’s eyes disappear when they’re really laughing? The same is happening to the cow! You can just tell that he’s having such a good time. We’re glad they caught this moment on camera for the world to appreciate.


It’s not every day you get a chance to sit on a cow’s back. These kids took the opportunity, and they picked the perfect cow to pose with them. This cow is serving us all the looks, from the smile to the casual and cool pose.

Photo courtesy of

These kids look like they’re having the time of their lives on top of this beauty. The cow also doesn’t seem to mind, proving again that these creatures are totally harmless to kids as long as they are treated with kindness and respect.

Hiking friend

We know what you’re thinking. So far, all the cuddly cows are the ones who either live on a farm or a sanctuary and are most definitely receiving the best care possible. But what about the wild cows—the ones that don’t live in a contained habitat?

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Infinity

This gif pretty much proves that they’re all the same. This guy was hiking when he saw a cow in the middle of the trail, so he just approached it. And what do you know? The cow responded to the kindness with face licks.

Who’s the good boy

We’re all too familiar with this angle of the photo. It’s usually used by dog owners when they’re taking a photo of their furry friends. But this time, instead of a dog, it’s a cow. Although to be completely honest, we don’t really see the difference.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/courtneyewwie

This cow might as well be a dog with the way he’s looking up at the camera, just begging for more head scratches. Who’s the good boy? This guy is! It’s almost like he’s waiting to get a treat or something.

My squad

Who says cows aren’t badass animals? Just look at these three in the photo with this girl. The way they’re looking at the camera says, “You mess with her, and you mess with us.” You do not want to get on these cows’ bad side.

Photo courtesy of Aimee Vogelsang

If these guys are protecting us, we’d be alright. They seem like nice cows to hang out with. They definitely make for a good group selfie. And we can definitely count on them if we ever need a ride.

Curiosity confused the cows

Yes, yes, we know that’s not really the expression. But just look at this next gif and tell us that we should leave cats out of the old saying once and for all. These cows were so intrigued by a remote control truck.

Photo courtesy of

Here they are gathered around the foreign object, confused. When the truck started moving, they initially freaked out. Then, a hilarious thing happened. All of them started chasing after the truck. Who knew a remote control truck could function the same way as a shepherd’s dog.