Creature Copies: 40+ Uncanny Images Of Animals Mirroring Human Actions

By Jhoana C February 7, 2022

Animals are fascinating, regardless of whether they are wild or domesticated. Just like humans, they have their own personalities, likes, dislikes, and habits. Think of the majestic whales in the oceans and the king of the jungle with its glorious mane.

The animals we have on this list may not be as grand as a whale or as regal as a lion, but they’re just as complex and multifaceted in their own unique ways.

In fact, animals emulate humans so often that there’s actually an Instagram account, @doggo_taxi, that compiles and shares these well-timed photos for all to enjoy. Whether it’s the facial expressions, the activities they are engaged in, or some other random thing, these animals look scarily human.

Check them out for yourself, and we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

All images in this article are courtesy of @doggo_taxi on Instagram.

#1 Where’s the fish?

If there’s one thing people all over the world over believe about cats, it’s that felines love their fish. We have never seen a cat who enjoys eating vegetables. There might be a few of them out there, but we just haven’t seen one yet.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

This picture is proof of how much cats dislike veggies. Look at the little fellow’s face after he was served a plate of salad. Greens, seriously? What do you expect the cat to do with it? We have never seen a more disappointed kitty than this one.

#2 Don’t you dare disturb his sleep

This lizard is living the life! Look at it lounging on its pet parent’s palm like a boss, without a care in the world. It looks like one of the patients you see on the therapist’s or psychiatrist’s sofa, trying to talk about all his hang-ups and troubles.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

It looks human, and we have to say that this is a photo we seldom get to witness. Oh yeah, we also have to mention the lizard’s leg. Man, how fabulous can a lizard get! We can only wish to be half as fabulous as this fella.

#3 Go find Nemo yourself!

Forget about angry birds, there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s got an attitude worse than those birds. Marlin may have been a grumpy clownfish, but now he’s got some competition. This grumpy-gilled fish clearly does not find any of his jokes funny.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

The talk in the town might be finding that missing fish called Nemo, but this frown fish does not give a carp. Do you see what we did there? You didn’t? Better read the sentence again. This is one fish we’d pay thousands of dollars for — the look on its face is priceless.

#4 All aboard?

If this guy was the captain of a boat, would you get on it? Even if it’s just for fun? You would? You can’t be sealrious, right? Yes, we know that it’s very cute and all, and you hardly see walruses on boats today, but it’s still not safe.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Is this walrus the boat owner’s pet, and if so, where are they? Why did they leave the poor guy alone? What if the walrus left with the boat and sailed into the sunset? What would he say to the authorities if he reported the missing walrus?

#5 The poor guy can’t sleep without his chick

Some cats eat chicks, but this particular cat loves his chick very much — his stuffed chick, to be precise. He can’t sleep without it, and they both look very adorable. The sight melts our hearts and we know a lot of people who’d love to get a cat like this.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

He may have other stuffed toys, such as the penguins behind him, but he’s not going to part with his chick nor trade it for anything in this world. Though, we bet if they give him a ton of tuna, he’ll willingly let go of his chick…maybe.

#6 Welcome to the goat spa

Where is this goat spa?! We’d like to go there and witness these amazing creatures having the time of their lives while getting pampered instead of just producing milk for greedy humans. How nice would it be to be cradled by humans while sunning yourself?

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

This is a business model we could get behind, and we’re willing to risk our money to open another branch of this goat spa. We know plenty of goats in the neighborhood who’ll willingly pay for the experience, and we’re willing to accept milk as currency.

#7 Have a slice of pizza and you won’t drown

Pizza is one of the best things to have ever come out of Italy, aside from gelato, of course. More than 30% of pizzas ordered today are topped with pepperoni, and more than 90% of Americans eat pizza regularly. Every year more than 5 billion pizzas are sold all over the world.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

We have always thought of pizza as just food, but apparently, it makes a suitable mode of transportation for if you’re a lazy little duck. And we’ve got this duckling’s photo crossing the pond to prove that! Pizza never lets you drown.

#8 The hills are alive

When we see the hills of Switzerland and Austria, we often think of the Von Trapp family singing as they go about their daily business or as they have a picnic. We have never imagined a dog or wolf jumping on the hills and chasing something.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

This isn’t the image of tranquility and calmness that comes to mind when one thinks of Switzerland and its beauty. This dog definitely needs a different soundtrack than The Sound of Music. Maybe something like hip hop or rock, instead. Got any good recommendations?

#9 Can’t help it when the egg comes out

We have so many questions about this photo. Where has this pigeon been, and what is it doing on the escalator? Did it decide that it has had too much of the coop, so it decided to explore the town? Did its owner forget all about it and leave it behind?

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Why would an obviously pregnant pigeon leave home when it’s near its due date? We only hope that the egg and the pigeon are both safe after this picture was taken. No matter the species, we don’t want to see a bird or its egg getting hurt.

#10 “Don’t get cocky”

Being “cocky” means being conceited or confident in a bold way. We are often told that we shouldn’t get “cocky” no matter how good we are because there will always be someone else out there who is better than us.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

However, this bird might not have gotten the memo. Look at it being overconfident and all as it perches itself on a sleeping dog. That rooster better be ready to escape once that dog awakens and realizes what the bird has been doing to him.

#11 Baby it’s cold outside

This is one of our favorite pictures on this list. Why? Because it’s certainly a rare sight to see a dog bundled up by a campfire in the great outdoors. Seriously, how cool is this? Whoever took this photo should be proud of their achievement.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

On another note, this is exactly how you should care for your canine best friend when you’re both exploring the great world yonder. Remember that it’s not just humans that get cold; your companion does, too. Make sure to get a doggy-sized coat so they are protected from the elements.

#12 The boba must be safe at all costs

There are many delightful dogs in this world, and some of them can even perform neat tricks. No matter how many they are, we always welcome the chance of adding another dog to that list, and today we have discovered a talented dog.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Not only does it know how to ride pillion, but it also knows just how to keep its owner’s boba cup safe because we all know just how important a cup of boba is. Just make sure you ride safely, doggie.

#13 The cat that’s silently judging neighbors

We all have that neighbor who likes to sit on their porch or lurch at their door while trying to see what is happening across the street and silently judging other people. Well, we have news for you, it’s not just your neighbor, but your neighbor’s cat’s too.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Look at that cat trying to hide behind the bushes so that it won’t be so obvious while it’s being nosy, trying to see what’s happening across the street. Is that Myra getting together with the gardener? This cat security system is better than any CCTV.

#14 Look at all those silly humans!

We have been to zoos and aquariums and have marveled at majestic animals for so long, but have you ever considered what animals might think of us when we look at them through the glass? We bet you they think we are crazy!

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Look at all those capybaras observing the humans, who are also observing them. And look at all those silly humans wearing equally goofy headgear! We know for a fact that the capybaras think they are a little loose in the head.

#15 How you doing pal?

At first glance, we thought there was something wrong with the poor turtle and that it might have one of those congenital defects, but as it turns out, it’s just being silly and trying to play with whoever is holding it.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

You can’t deny that sight is unnerving, though, but when you look at it a little closer, it seems like it wants to get out of its shell. Is it getting too crowded in there? Not enough ventilation for you, pal?

#16 I’ll take care of ya, Mrs. Katz

This photo proves that male meerkats know how to take care of their female companions better than humans at times. Don’t we all wish our partners were like this? That little guy is patting his lady friend’s head as if making sure she is okay.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

It also seems like a demonstration of affection: “Don’t worry, Mrs. Katz. I’ve got your back, and I will never leave you. I will make sure you are okay and happy.” We know a few people who’d want to have a Mr. Katz in their lives.

#17 Caught the early bird and the egg

This cat must have heard the saying, “The early bird catches the worm,” so he had made it a point to be earlier than the early bird so he could catch it and get the priceless egg at the same time.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

We know that’s not a golden egg laid by the golden goose, but from how the cat is protecting it and making sure no one else gets to it, it seems more valuable than a golden egg. We never thought we’d see the day when a cat protects an egg.

#18 Market day

It’s shopping day today, and this dog is not letting anything get in the way of getting the freshest produce. The doggo has expertly navigated pedestrian lanes and roads to ensure it reaches the market on time. And judging by the stuffed bags, he sure did!

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

We wonder if its master gave it a list of what veggies and meat to buy and how much he should get. We know he doesn’t know how to count money, so we can only hope that the people in the market treated him well.

#19 Mirror, mirror on the wall

Technically the mirror isn’t hanging on a wall, but what the heck. The frog is looking at his reflection and, for the life of him, cannot understand why he hasn’t turned into a prince yet. Isn’t he supposed to be a charming prince by now?

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Hmm, something must have gone horribly wrong with the spell? Or was the lady who kissed him not the girl of his dreams? There are too many questions we simply have no answer to. Or, maybe, have we misunderstood things all along, and it’s actually admiring itself in the mirror? “Yeah, I’m one handsome dude!”

#20 Why are you taking my photo?

Is this the first time you have seen a cat reading a magazine? That seems to be the question the kitty in the photo is asking. Well, what’s your answer to his query? It’s definitely a first for us because most kitties we see nowadays just lounge on their beds or scratch posts.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Now we won’t be surprised if next time we see a kitty operating a microwave, baking a cake, having a cup of joe and a great breakfast in a nice café, or taking a selfie with its iPhone 13. Seriously, how did they get this one-of-a-kind photo?

#21 Such a tiny doggo

This tiny adorable doggo is just sitting on its equally small bag and minding its own business. Where is he headed to? We can only guess that he’s going to the market with his pet parent, who couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the little guy at home.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

We’d advise the pet parent to be extra careful, though, because this precious package is so small and isn’t wearing any protective clothing. There’s not even a protective helmet to guard its little head against falls. It may be a cute photo, but safety should always come first.

#22 Summertime indeed

Ah, summertime! Time for fun and time for relaxing. This duck has got his summertime game on at 100%. The living is easy, and he might as well have his servant birds waiting with an ice-cold drink. Or, at least, a cool pair of sunglasses to complete the look.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

It takes a lot of luck to come across animals posing in unique, strange, and human-like ways and have a mobile phone or camera handy to capture the moment and immortalize it. We only wish we could all take photos like this.

#23 Just another day at the vet

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this photo? Are you like us and wondering what the reptilian buddy has eaten this time? From the looks on its owner’s face, this isn’t the lizard’s first time being treated or getting an ultrasound.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

It looks so at home on the bed, as if it’s the boss. We can only guess what the veterinarians saw on the screen. Would you care to take a guess? It could be insects, worms, or spiders. Whatever it is, we hope it’s safe and healthy, and it all worked out in the end.

#24 These two have better hair than most women

Perhaps these two were born with it, or maybe they are using the newest shampoo and conditioner combination in the market. The only thing we see in this photo is hair, hair, and more hair. Or if you want to be specific about it, coat, coat, and more coat.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

We know a lot of people who could only wish to have hair as thick and as shiny as these two. We’re sure some of the hairless doggos so jealous of these two as they shake, work it, and sashay down the street.

#25 A donkey with goats in its pockets

This image has to be one of the cutest we have ever come across. At first, we were thinking, “what is the donkey doing with those little sheep?” Is the donkey’s owner trying to steal them, or is he using the donkey to protect the little sheep?

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

And whoever tailor-made the coat, or jacket, or whatever you call it with the deep pockets on the side did a very good job. Apparently, donkeys make great guardians for sheep and goat herds…and they also make excellent school buses for small Caprinae.

#26 That one friend we can rely on when we have a hangover

We all have that one friend who always tries to get us to drink, sometimes more than we should be drinking. And we also have that other friend who is always there for us whenever we have a hangover after those long nights.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Guess which group this feline friend belongs to. Do you think the cat is the one getting its human friend to drink, or is it the one who tries to help its human whenever she has had one too many? We will let you be the judge.

#27 Is it the llamageddon?

This photo gives us the creeps. It’s foggy, misty, visibility is low, and the llamas are laying in the middle and sides of the roads as if they are waiting for something to come out of the fog. Not to mention they all seem to be looking in the same direction.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

We can only hope that what they are waiting for is a force for good and not for evil because we have all seen movies where there is a great mist and strange occurrences, and nothing good ever happened after that.

#28 Friend or foe?

Yup, that’s the first thought on our minds; “how did this even happen?” How did the panther not hurt the dog? With a little bit of research online, we found out that the panther in the photo is a pretty famous one, and her name is Luna.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Luna is a domesticated panther owned by a lady in Russia. Apparently, nowadays in Russia, panthers are the new bears, and they are being kept as pets by the country’s wealthy. Both animals in the photo are clearly pets, and they are very good friends.

#29 Pretty please, hooman

It’s impossible to look at this picture and not feel bad for this cat, kept in an enclosure. It reminds us of Puss in Boots whose eyes no one can resist, as if it’s saying, “Pretty please, hooman. Help me get out of this glass cage. Why am I here and you there?”

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

We are glad that more and more people are supporting not putting animals behind cages and letting them roam free in their natural habitat. How would you like it if you were kept in a very small cage for most of your life?

#30 That’s a cute snowflake

This is one of the most magical photos we have ever seen. We know that each snowflake is unique, but this one-of-a-kind crystal has got to be one of the most beautiful we have ever seen, and it’s landed behind the ear of a cute dog.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

It’s rare when something like this happens, and it must be documented for the whole world to see. We can all use a little beauty every now and then. Life is already very gloomy, and we all need a reason to smile.

#31 The little doggo is exhausted

This little doggo must have been busy helping his human sell watermelons all morning, given how exhausted he looks in the afternoon. With his energy supply running low, he couldn’t help but fall asleep on top of the fruit. We don’t blame him. It looks oddly comfortable.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Poor little guy! We are curious why the watermelons didn’t sell out when the assistant is one of the cutest ever! If we passed by the stall and saw this dog, we would gladly buy all the watermelons, regardless if we couldn’t eat them all.

#32 That’s not a very flattering portrait

This kitty is not impressed with her photo because let’s face it, that portrait is not flattering at all. What got into its human’s mind that she thought it would be a good idea to have that picture blown up and framed?

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

The cat seems to be saying, “Susan, I am not impressed with this at all. One day you’re gonna wake up and find your face full of scratches. You will pay for this betrayal. Mark my word!” What do you think? Should they keep the photo?

#33 Deer to me

These two are obviously deer friends; see what we did there? They are dear to each other, and there is no one they would rather spend their time with. The deer must be saying to its owner, “Can we keep the kitty? I want it as a pet.”

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

The cat must be saying, “This is a very weird hat, but I like how it feels.” If only most of our household pets could get along like this, our homes would be a much better place. No fighting and no chasing around the house.

#34 The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

For thousands of years, there have been legends about what mysteries lay at the end of rainbows. Irish folklore says that leprechauns abandoned their gold and buried it so no human would ever find it. Other folktales also talk about finding gold where the end of the rainbow touches the earth.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

However, this is not the kind of pot of gold we are thinking about. Yes, the dog is as adorable as can be and is probably friendly, lovable, loyal, and all…but we don’t want the pot of gold at its behind. We’ll pass on this one.

#35 There are days when we are all just a little cuckoo

This pigeon is us in real life. No matter how calm we try to be, there are times when the situation is overwhelming, and we all just get a little cuckoo. This bird clearly has had more than enough for the day.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

It has resorted to walking round and round, pacing with no real destination. Perhaps it’s thinking that going around in circles might help clear its mind. We all have days like this, so hang in there, little bird, you are not alone.

#36 Surfs up

If you live in a place with beaches, you must have already seen surfer dogs in the vicinity or dogs that like to sunbathe with their owners. Clearly, this is a dog that loves swimming. We can only assume that this doggo is a regular fixture on the beach.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

If you’re someone who loves the beach, you need to get yourself this dog so you can have a buddy to enjoy the water with. There will never be a dull day when you are both out and about, exploring the beach together.

#37 Find me where the flowers are

This coquettish kitty has one thing on its mind; it wants to be found where the flowers are because she clearly looks at home amongst the blooms. We hate to break it to you, kitty, but you don’t blend in, so don’t try to play hide-and-seek there.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Perhaps you should be more like chameleons that can easily change their colors and blend in with their surroundings. But then again, maybe it wants to be easily spotted by male cats. After all, she looks like she gets a lot of suitors.

#38 Waterworks

There’s Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium, and now there’s this peeing cat. It might not get as many tourists traveling the world over just to witness it do its business, but give it enough time, and it will soon be a top tourist destination.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Or, if you look at it from another angle, the cat is sitting tall and proud on its noble steed, although that steed isn’t going anywhere. It’s fixed in one place, so kitty, as much as you want to ride off into the sunset, you’re going to be in the same place.

#39 That’s one cute guy right there!

Almost everything about guinea pigs is cute. That paunchy belly, those little footsies, and those big, round eyes. They are the epitome of adorableness and textbook definition of cuteness, but some people on the internet point out that they always look like they are in the middle of an existential crisis.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

When you’re a well-cared-for and adorable guinea pig, what is there to worry about? What struggles do you have? You have nothing else to do but look cute, play in your cage, sleep a lot, and eat excellent food. In the wise words of Timon and Pumbaa, “Hakuna matata.”

#40 Dog art

We have heard of elephants that know how to paint and other creative creatures making artwork, and this dog must be the newest addition to that list. Look at the environmentally-friendly dog art it has created! Neat, right? As most artists do, it is doubting itself; but we have to say it’s done a great job.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Believe in yourself, doggo; that’s the only way you will get anywhere in the art world. Or perhaps this dog isn’t an artist but a member of the forensics team, and it’s investigating a doggie disappearance. We wonder who the culprit is.

#41 Feline fine

This cat looks fabulous, and she knows it, too, so she is sashaying and posing as if saying, “admire my beauty you, mere mortals. Look at how thick my hair is, and look at my beauty.” This is one fine and fluffy cat.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

We’d like to know what shampoo this feline uses because it’s working very well for her, and we know a few people who want their cat’s hair to look like this. Feast your eyes on this cat because you won’t see many like her.

#42 The drama queen

If they are making a movie about pet or animal drama queens and are still holding auditions, we would like to have this guy try out for a role because the tiny fellow would make such a good fit. He seems to be upset at not getting to taste human food.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Or maybe it’s just making that disgusted face because his human is eating pizza with pineapple on it. Perhaps he is a member of the no pineapple on pizza club because we know that there are plenty of them. We won’t judge, though.

#43 Don’t forget the salt and pepper

We only have one thing to say to the person who did this to the kitty, and that is not to forget the salt and pepper and other condiments if he wants a great-tasting kitty stew. Oh, and he should make sure that the kitty is soft enough once cooked.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Seriously though, how did they get the kitty to agree to this kind of photoshoot? We want to know because we want to do something similar with our pet, although it may be tough to recreate such a pose with a snake.

#44 No more piano lessons!

What a picture! “Piano lessons?! Again?! I have better things to do, such as chase after rats, scratch posts, spend time in my kitty litter, and play with my toys,” says this cat that is clearly not impressed by ebony and ivory.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder better behave because this cat is having none of that harmony thing. As a matter of fact, the kitty is so frustrated that it has taken to biting the piano keys. He’d rather play outside.

#45 They told him he’s a weird dog

This dog must be sad because his owner just told him that he is one weird doggo. Weird? We don’t see anything strange about him at all. Do you? Anyway, he felt insulted so he thought it would be a good idea to head outside and get some air.

Image courtesy of doggo_taxi/Instagram

So, now he is out there sitting on a rock and contemplating his life decisions. Should he run away? Should he stay with the woman who called him a weird dog? So many choices to make and so little time to think.

#46 Up Up And Away!

Being a photographer is not an easy job. You have to have the right lens, be in the right place, and click the shutter at the right time to get that million-dollar shot. Or, sometimes, you just get lucky like the guy who took this.

Image courtesy of steviebuoy75/Twitter

Apparently, he was on a walk with his wife when he heard a woodpecker somewhere, so when he saw it, he aimed his camera. When he looked keenly, he realized the bird had something on its back. Imagine the surprise on his face when he realized it was actually a weasel!