Cunning Kitten Seeks Validation For Mischievous Schemes

By Martin B

In the quiet town of Burlington, VT, an adorable yet mischievous kitten named Crowley has been stirring up quite the commotion. According to insiders, this pint-sized feline has a knack for hatching wicked schemes that have recently taken a more elaborate turn.

Source: @houston100/Unsplash

However, despite the gravity of his nefarious plots, Crowley has found himself plagued by a concern that no one takes him seriously.

Initially, Crowley’s misdeeds were relatively innocuous, involving playful antics like hiding the dog’s food. However, the pandemic granted him an abundance of leisure time, prompting his schemes to grow increasingly audacious. Witnesses report stumbling upon elaborate blueprints outlining a pet extortion racket, leaving them in awe of the kitten’s devious imagination.

Yet, despite the magnitude of Crowley’s plans, he finds himself frustrated by the lack of urgency with which his actions are treated. The anonymous source, fearing potential backlash, explained how difficult it is to resist the charming allure of Crowley’s innocent facade.

Source: @szamanm/Unsplash

The source, torn between the desire to prevent Crowley’s dubious exploits and the irresistible cuteness that emanates from the kitten, admits the predicament faced by those who encounter the conniving creature. While the notion of Crowley defrauding the neighborhood’s pets is undoubtedly concerning, his enchanting appearance seems to have an uncanny ability to disarm any suspicion.

As his plans grow more elaborate, it remains to be seen whether Crowley will find a way to be taken seriously amidst his irresistibly charming persona. For now, the town of Burlington is left with a mischievous kitten whose wicked intentions are met with a mix of adoration and concern.