Cute And Adorable Chickens In Tutus And Their Personalities

By Shivam B

Chickens are not particularly stunning. But a little makeover helped the farm birds to come under the limelight. Images of chickens in tutu skirts have been doing rounds on the internet. They look stage-ready with the beautiful skirts on. It seems as if they will perform a beautiful choreograph on stage.

Image Credit: happyhenhaven/Instagram

Can Animals Dance? 

Undoubtedly, an animal won’t be able to perform an elaborately choreographed routine like us humans. But they can dance. Ed Hagen, an anthropologist at Washington State University, animals often dance in nature. 

The movements of the animals are used to communicate important information to their mates. Chickens often use dance to find a mate. This process is called courtship. 

More About Courtship 

Extension poultry scientists at the University of Georgia have explained the meaning of courtship. It revolves around a sequence of events. The chickens drop one of their wings and begin dancing in a circle. They keep the lowered ring inside the circle. 

The hen couches by dipping her head and body. This is indicative of receptiveness to their male counterparts. The rooster mounts the hen and grabs her comb, skin on the back of her neck feathers. This helps the rooster to hold on to the back of the hen.

Image Credit: thimbleworks/Instagram


Roosters perform another kind of dance which is called tidbitting. This dance is kind of a food call. The roosters move their head up and down while simultaneously picking up and dropping food bits. Hens prefer roosters who frequently perform tidbitting. 

Final Thoughts 

Even hens prefer roosters who have a few good moves. Maybe you should also learn a few moves to impress your girl.