Cute Pupper Is Obsessed With Her Starbucks Puppuccinos

By Stephen M

You may have heard or encountered many spoiled humans (especially children) brought up in wealthy families, who get emotional about the little “unimportant things.” We personally know of one who got infuriated and smashed his new car because it wasn’t his preferred color. Amazing, right?

But, do you know that just like humans, some pets can also exhibit spoiled tendencies? This is evident in Harlee, a three-year-old dachshund who only prefers eating her puppuccino only from a Starbucks cup.

 Photo credits: harleethedachshund/Instagram

Meet Harlee, a dachshund that’s obsessed with Starbucks. After just a couple of visits, she now gets upset when they pass by without entering. And if she enters, of course, Harlee should be treated to her very own cappuccino. Oh, sorry, puppuccino.

 Photo credits: harleethedachshund/Instagram

Harlee’s owner was so excited to share pictures and videos of the pup that she created an Instagram account just to share cute dog updates. Finding out Harlee loves Starbucks was an interesting “episode.” It all started as part of a normal routine, with the owner and her boyfriend stopping into Starbucks for a morning coffee on the way to work. One day, the cute pupper got a drink, too, and the rest is history! Anytime they don’t enter, the sweet dog gets upset and heartbroken.

 Photo credits: harleethedachshund/Instagram

Even more surprising is that she needs her special drink in a special cup. She’ll only eat a puppuccino if it’s in a Starbucks cup. She is just a spoiled dog who doesn’t take a no for an answer. She always gets her way and we love her for it!