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Cute Rat Pictures That Might Make You Want To Adopt One

Rats are among the most annoying animals available in our homes. They can infect your food and improve your chances of developing conditions like a plague or shred your documents and clothes. Unfortunately, these images can make you wish to adopt a rat.

Humans and cats have been quite unfair to rats and their unique features like fluffy hairballs and bare tails. An in-depth investigation proves that rats don’t carry lethal diseases, intentionally ruling them out as potential villains.

Image courtesy of LegalizeRats/Twitter

Scientists and artists haven’t been quite friendly to rats over the years and have not included them in their unique art pieces and used them in scientific experiments. A Twitter Account known as ‘The Rat Review’ seeks to change your mind on rats by posting pics and memes glorifying rats.

The Rat Review has earned over fifty-two thousand followers. The Rat Review seeks to change the minds of Rat haters by presenting a different side of rats and their abilities.

At some point, rats may behave like humans in eating, playing, or sleeping. When the rat steps out in a costume, you could mistake them for a different animal. The rat is also a fast learner and could play with your toys.

Image courtesy of LegalizeRats/Twitter

When you leave a positive impression on the rats, they could also begin to send greetings or give you a high five. Rats are also naughty players that you may find hiding in the least expected spaces, like sandwiching themselves inside banana peels.