Paws & Positivity: Uplifting Cat Snaps For Those Dreary Moments

By Sachin P

We’re expecting, or should we say hoping that the year ahead will be an improvement compared to a year ago. Yet, wishful thinking isn’t going to cut it— it’s time to get down to business. Because we are dedicated to lifting your mood, we scoured the internet for what are the sweetest things trending now. We want to remind you about all the goodness that you can discover around the entire planet. That’s why we painstakingly prepared this list with the purest cat posts here on the World Wide Web, just for you. We found some derpy-looking ones, a few chonky cats, and many cuddle buddies to make you smile. So, sit back, relax, and grab a tissue box if you can because this might take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Clockwork Kitty

During her brief halt in Staraya Russa, the train operator of the Pskov-Moscow locomotive treats the cat, Felix. The woman stated that Felix arrives at the rear of the train at 22:40 every night. He has been meeting the train here like this every day for several years.

Ancient-Interaction / Reddit

All of the operators are familiar with the cat and have prepared a sausage (especially for him) ahead of time. It’s quite unusual for cats to keep time, the exact time in this case. But it’s so cute! He deserves all the treats!

Oh Deer, What Do We Have Here?

We wish Sir David Attenborough could see this. We would absolutely love to hear what the wildlife legend has to say about this unusual pairing. In his legendary voice, nonetheless. What a treat it would have been if it were possible.

Bunny Food /Tumblr

Look how calm and composed the deer is with the cat. The deer seems to be totally in its element. Like it is chilling with one of its kind. We adore the cute resting of its head on the cat.

Hiker Kitties

When you are hiking by yourself and setting up camp by yourself, there’s one thing you absolutely dread. That would be an unwanted presence in the middle of the night, inside your tent, when you are alone. And least expect it.

9999monkeys / Reddit

That is what happened to this hiker. He felt something weighing down on his legs through his sleeping bag. He woke up startled to find these two cuties snuggling up on his legs. Now, these two get a free pass!

Love Conquers All

Just look at these adorable eyes! They can give Puss in Boots a run for his money. They are loaded with so much consideration and kindness! Yearning for her master to love her more. That is something that this kitty need not ask.

hitthebrownnote / Reddit

This adorable little ball of fluff is named Penny. Her current owner rescued her from a shelter about a decade ago. Back then, she was a bit aggressive, but she’s become the most darling cat ever through love! Way to go, Penn!


The subway of New York is truly a place that can’t be described in just a few words. Those born and bred there (in the five boroughs) can’t even contain or understand the vibe of the subway. You never quite know what to expect.

memesandkarma /Reddit

So, seeing something like this is not entirely unexpected in a place like this. In fact, it is perfectly natural. Here we have a human being showing us what it is to be human—serving those in need of our help who can’t ask for it.


Bad things were associated with black cats, and their masters were suspected of sorcery. Humans believed that black cats aided sorcerers in performing horrible deeds. They believed these sorcerers could shapeshift into black cats and perform hexes on humans while lurking in the darkness.

TazedTaco / Reddit

Just look at this black ball of fluff right here. Look at it just putting its tongue out. Mlep, is what we assume it is named. How can this vision of cuteness be branded as something that aids evil is beyond our understanding.

If I Fits, I Sits

Your cat will feel completely safe in small spaces. They would not like to be unguarded in an open field if they were out in the wilderness because they’d be more prone to attack. Ambush is also an instinct for cats.

Just Cat Posts /Tumblr

They can see and monitor their environment from afar by concealing themselves in tiny, cramped areas. This gave rise to the slogan, “If I fits, I sits” because it has an evolutionary background, just like this. The more you know!

Time For A Bath

This person gives their cat washes by allowing her to hang in a plastic container. The box is kept in his closet. They have only been doing this for about a month, and now she rushes towards the closet and leaps into her container when it’s bath time.

somewhatvaguelywitty / Imgur

How adorable is that now? Cats are notoriously difficult to be given a wash because of the natural displeasure cats have towards the water. But this is a unique take on that and it has conditioned this cutie to absolutely love baths!

Pokémon Evolution

Just look at the glow-up on this darling right here. It went from helpless darling to aristocrat in no time. Man, this is the kind of glow-up that they promote on social media all the time. Maybe we should start believing some of those ads…

211av8r / Reddit

There might be thousands of people dying to know the secret behind this glow-up. We think we know what it actually is. It is nothing else than love and kindness, friends. Little of that could do a lot of miracles.

Marty The Loyal

There are countless memes, cartoons, and jokes about how cats have this sort of arrogance to them. When compared with dogs, that is. Dogs are known to wag their tails and make an absolute show in greeting their masters when they come home.

beyoncetofupadthai / Reddit

Well, so do cats! Look at Marty over here! Marty’s owner has been working from home for months now, but Marty doesn’t seem to care or realize it. Marty still chooses to wait for him at the door, as he did all this time.

Ol’dichromatic Eyes

Dichroic or dichromatic eyes are characterized by the presence of two different hues among both eyes. This is really gorgeous and relatively uncommon! It’s produced by the cat’s irises possessing varying degrees of melanin in different places in the eyes. It makes this kitty and its baby all the more gorgeous.

Luciphyr729 / Reddit

Around the pupil, the eyes often exhibit a prominent oval of one hue that blurs over into another hue. The hues will be divided into pieces in some instances, including one color covering a fourth or part of an eye and a different color covering the rest.

Kind Boy

Whatever is said and done, we think we all can agree on one thing when we see this image. That this little boy, whoever his parents are and his background is, was raised right with good moral values. Bless his heart.

TheMirSinho / Reddit

Here he was, going about his business, when he saw this cat in need. It might not be the most effective strategy in this instance, but we can all agree on this: it is the thought that counts. Especially considering how young he is.

Flower Boy

As Marie Kondo said, this absolutely sparks joy in our hearts. Here is a cat, an absolute chonk of a fluffball, who brings flowers to its master. Not just any flowers, it knows well enough to pick the best ones.

TheWednesdayProject / Reddit

We are pretty sure that this cat observed how its master likes the flowers. It is smart enough to associate one object with positive emotion. To be honest, this one cat is more emotionally competent than many people. A beautiful cat and beautiful flowers make for a winning situation!

Cuddle Buddies

Aww, man! If this doesn’t warm your heart, we don’t know what will, fam! He was likely one of those dudes who said he would never have a cat in his home. Before long, his wife found him at home snuggled up with their furry friend.

thegrumpynurse / Reddit

This guy right here was not ready for the responsibility of having a cat. He made sure to let his stance be known in the house. Fast forward two months, and he is warmly embracing his duties as a cat dad!

A Catto With A Whole Lotta Love

Just look at its face. It’s full of love. Why shouldn’t it be? The catto here has three hearts. Four if you count his real organ heart, beating and just spreading all-out love throughout and about. What bliss it is to be him!

Haxters / Reddit

Imagine coming home after a stressful day. This ball of fluff just walks up to you and curls up next to you. What can you do other than to let go of all your stress and cuddle with it? Perfect stress buster!

Work Friend

There is this unexplainable habit of cats hanging out in their masters’ workstations like they own the place. Well, once you delve deep, it is not that complicated to understand. People spend the majority of their time in their workstations.

TeisTom / Reddit

And if the said workstation happens to be in a place that is accessible to the house cat, of course, they would be there. They just want the warmth and affection we give them. Also, how cute is this arrangement right here? He always fits in those arms. Aww!

When You Are All Outta Retrievers

The Maine Coon is a New England native, originating out of Maine, where they have been renowned mousers, farmland felines, and very likely ship cats as early as the beginning of the 1800s. The initial thing people notice about Maine Coons is their size–they’re massive!

jenpriester /Reddit

A Maine Coon, which can develop to be nearly four feet long, set the world record for the world’s lengthiest house cat. So a catto of that size and floof can be considered a suitable alternative for a Golden Retriever.

Metro Cat

This is how it plays out with cats when they decide to sleep on something. Seeing this, we are reminded of a Japanese painting where the lady illustrated literally cuts a part of her silk kimono so that it won’t wake the cat.

Lindsenn / Reddit

She could have saved that kimono by shooing the cat away, but she didn’t. This is just like the people on this train. They would prefer to let the cat be as it is, rather than chase it away. We love that so many people are seen standing around while this cat takes up space.

Stand Beside Me, Friend

Dogs have a much sharper taste and smell than humans, so when they poke their heads out through the back window, air rushes past them at an increasing speed, providing a pleasant sensory overload. Dogs love sniffing novel fragrances and being in cars in general.

healrum / Reddit

They love hanging their head out the window of something like a moving car that allows them to take it all in. So, this dog wants his cat friend also to experience what he is experiencing. Now that is a benchmark of a true friendship.

I Would Climb Trees To Be With You…

This is something right out of a fairytale. As you know, in Rapunzel. Yeah! We know Rapunzel had to let her hair down for the prince to come up. But all you have to do is substitute certain things and it equates to the fairy tale.

9999monkeys / Reddit

Substitute Rapunzel and the prince with these two adorable cattos. The tower becomes this house, and instead of Rapunzel’s hair, we can substitute some cat treats? There you go, a budding friendship or a romance in the making. Isn’t this cute?

Cuddle Buddies

Now, how adorable is this? This has to and will take the cup when it comes to being one of the cutest pictures in existence on the internet. Just look at it. A mere glance is enough to fill you with love.

jasontaken / Reddit

These three kittens wanted to be with their beloved tiny human. They wanted the warmth and the company. What better way to achieve their goals than to cuddle with the small human? They have done it in a way that won’t affect the baby! How thoughtful!

Love Is In The Air

The human sits down to watch something on TV. The kitten also joins the human to watch TV. The human stops watching the TV and starts watching what the kitten is doing. The kitten realizes this and looks at the human.

MusicMelt / Reddit

Can you even imagine the level of love and care that is exchanged here? It has to be seen to be believed, and we are grateful that the owner was reminded to take a photograph of what transpired between them.

Peak Humanity

What seems to be happening here? Well, ladies and gentlemen and people of other preferences, what we are seeing here is humanity. In its most raw and most authentic form, humanity is when people step out to help people and animals in need.

Sunny Skyz / Facebook

This man could have just turned a blind eye to the plight of this stray cat. He didn’t. He went out of his way and found some food for the cat. But since it was raining, he gave the cat his umbrella so that it won’t get wet.

Emotions Overload

Is it a thing of vanity to have something that resembles you in your possession? Like a portrait painting or a statue or, if we are being modern, an action figure? The question stems from the depiction in this image.

BasedOnAir / Reddit

One look at this adorable cat, and it is pretty evident that, in this case, vanity isn’t the question. It is so overwhelmed by emotions to have something that resembles itself. If this picture hasn’t broken the internet yet, we’re pretty sure it’s about to. We. Can’t. Take. It!

Rejection Overruled

It’s quite common that people are not ready to have a pet in the house. But when a furry friend decides to join the family, they can only maintain their stance for a maximum of 24 hours. That’s it. After this point, they must crack!

gundam2017 / Reddit

After that, they are sold on the idea of having a pet in the house. A pet is a part of their family now. Just look at this image right here. He was opposed to having a cat in the house, but now, look at the arrangement! Cute!

All-Of-A-Kind Cat Family

We are reminded of this old book that we had the privilege to read when we were young. It is called “All-Of-A-Kind Family.” It is about a Jewish family of five girls who grew up in 1912 in New York City.

9999monkeys / Reddit

Each of the girls are separated by a gap of two years. So that when they stand according to their height, it looks like a step ladder. Just like the arrangement that we see here today. How adorable is this?


Cats love to be a part of their owner’s worlds. That is how, in part, they get the attention that they need from the humans that they love. So, occurrences like this are pretty common to see among those who own cats.

PooterContributor / Reddit

So, on occasion, these two cute kittens like to join their owner’s husband in his game of League of Legends. Like two very supportive spectators, they watch how the game unfolds in front of them. How cute is that?

King Of Pride Rock

In an anime, the hero should be the main protagonist. On the other hand, secondary personalities could become more famous for a variety of reasons. The show revolves around the central protagonist, mainly known as the hero. They are fundamental to the entire story.

Yuto3o / Reddit

That is what this kitten is. The main hero or the protagonist of whatever the story or the plot this is headed toward. Look how gallantly the little guy is posing here. It is channeling its inner Lion King. Cutie!

He’s A Keeper

How many of you have observed your cat blinking gently at you? This one is referred to as “kitty kisses” by behaviorists. Your cat’s slow blinks are a means of expressing love and letting you know how much they like and respect you.

EggshellsandEyeballs / Reddit

Cats would most probably keep blowing “cat kisses” in your direction if you blink gently back at them. This relationship is unmistakable in this picture, even though it is not even a video. Oh, how these two adore each other!

I Sleep Where I Prefer

Even small dog breeds get some of their feral forebears’ hunting instincts. Dogs have a natural desire to pursue moving objects, whether that’s a toy, a rodent, or a domestic cat. It’s simple in seeing how relationships might swiftly worsen to dangerous territory.

iUkraine / Reddit

When so many cats run whenever they see a dog, that is. Dogs love following cats because a quick cat activates a powerful, natural impulse that requires training and socializing to overcome. Socialization must be the case for this husky as he has accepted to tolerate this adorable kitten.


Yin and yang are two primary components in Chinese religion and philosophy, one dark, negative, and feminine (yin), and the other optimistic, brilliant, and masculine (yang). Their interplay impacts the fates of beings and things. This is what the circle symbolizes.

inayaakhtar /Instagram

You know, the circle in black and white with black and white dots on the opposite sides? A symbol that is sometimes mistakenly used to represent martial arts? So that’s what these two cuddly cuties are representing in the positions that they have taken.

Suite Life

This cat is living life in a lap of luxury. Just look at the surroundings! It has its own living room complete with a comfortable sofa, a small TV (which is a mobile phone), and a bowl as a TV stand. Wow!

Ross Harry Hardy / Facebook

But what takes this to the next level is the fact that the sofa was crocheted. Yeah! You heard that right! The owner’s mother went the extra mile to crochet this comfortable sofa for the cat. It looks like it’s loving it!

Touch My Belly, Hooman

Cats are great hunters, and feral cats have a 70% hunting rate of success on open terrain, making them being among Mother Nature’s most effective hunters (lions have less than 30 percent). On the other hand, domestic cats are tiny enough to be game – and they realize it!

ShalalOmar /Twitter

Cats recognize that the midriff is among their main vulnerable areas as prey, revealing it allows predators entry to their essential organs. So, if your cat bites you because you pet their tummy, you’re probably simply activating their natural defense mechanism.

Glow Up Extraordinaire

The sweet and loving Persian cat is recognized for its dignity and docility. Persians are known for being laid-back and amiable, but they also exude a sense of nobility. Even if they aren’t swift to snarl or claw, they will become irritated.

TeisTom / Reddit

If loud youngsters or dogs harass them. Having said that, it would be amiss if we don’t appreciate the glow up on this Persian right here. Even before, it was a ten, and now, it turned the dial forward to a full 11!

Privacy, Please!

Oh, come on now! Give these two romantically inclined felines some room, please! Someone must have said to these two to get a room, and since they couldn’t find an appropriate space for themselves, they went in with the fridge.

kursedkitties /Tumblr

It must be a pretty cold encounter, for having to meet inside the fridge of all places. But love conquers all, and, in this case, love conquers the apparent cold. It’s like when you have to go, you have to go, and when an opportunity strikes, you must take it.


Remember the Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies and from its own standalone movies? Well, now they are milking the character as much as they can like every significant cinematic franchise is doing at the moment—money talks, they say.

Sharonxls / Reddit

But the reason we invoked the name of the Puss in Boots is because of the eyes. Those round, cute eyes would make even the most cold-hearted person go “aww” when they see it with their own eyes. How could one not?

Staring Contest

When a cat stares at someone, he’s most likely attempting to engage its audience. Such a “staring contest” could indicate that he’s still on constant alert for someone or a circumstance if the contact is severe. It’s best not to look your cat in the eyes directly.

pikafish / Reddit

Like any other creature, felines perceive this as an aggressive act in anticipation of a confrontation. That’s in a general sense. But this can be likened to the fact that this guy is mesmerized by the flickering candle flame. Who knows?

King Of The World!

Cats’ capacity to “conveniently” cram themselves into narrow areas rarely fails to astound or fascinate us. There are still plenty of comfortable places for them all to relax instead, such as in the quite comfortable cat bed you bought them.

Enlightned_Ape68 / Reddit

Why would cats like to snuggle up in containers, bath basins, little hampers, and, in this case, the bald head of this person? Well, it’s because they feel safe in such a small area. Being ambush predators, it gives them much-needed leverage over their prey.

Ceiling Catz

A Photoshop meme in the name of ceiling cat is inspired by a picture of a cat peering through a hole in a room’s ceiling. Its internet success spawned a slew of knockoff personas, notably his rival Basement Cat and Basement Horse.

9999monkeys / Reddit

But in this case, if we have these two absolute chonks watching over us like some feline gods, we won’t mind. Humankind’s relationship with cats has been and will be something of a deifying reaction. Plus, this is good motivation!

Soak Up The Sun

It’s essential to remember how felines have a greater core temperature than humans; therefore, they can withstand hotter temperatures. They seek additional heat to avoid wasting vital energy creating it themselves. Cats are quite efficient in this regard. You can find a tiny spot of sun in your hallway, and you’re almost guaranteed your cat found it first.

neptunesmoon / Reddit

While you watch your cat soaking up the rays, it’s absorbing the warmth to compensate for the slight drop in internal temperature fluctuations when cats nap. So, no wonder this adorable kitten is over the moon to be outside, soaking up the sun!

What A Magnificent Portrait

We are still wondering if it is a matter of ego to get something in one’s hands that looks like oneself? A picture, a sculpture, or, while we’re being very current, a stuffed toy? The scenario depicted in this picture brings up that question again.

Murraj1966 / Reddit

With just one glance at this adorable cat, it’s clear that ego isn’t an issue; it’s overcome by sentiments to see something which mirrors itself. It can sometimes be difficult to appreciate the minor things that individuals take for granted.


Cats who love each other’s companionship will remain side by side with their tails intertwined. This might be another method for pheromones to mix. Allow napping cats to rest. Cats who are comfortable and familiar with each other may snuggle up.

Native_CSGO / Reddit

Cats as such also sleep or rest alongside. It’s really good for them, and it’s so cute to watch. Something which is proven in this image. Just look how cute these two cats look! It’s actually like an engagement photo of these two.

What A View!

Like most pictures, this picture too has a small story. So, it will be something like this. This gorgeous black cat in question, has been a house cat for the past six years. It had no view as such to admire daily.

AlwaysLocal / Reddit

But now, everything has changed. The owners managed to move into a new place and it has some amazing views. We would be speaking for the majority when we say, we adore this view too. We feel so good for this cat!

Mini Me Cat

Study your own actions if you wish to comprehend your cat’s emotions. Cats spend a significant amount of time in close vicinity to people, a connection that influences their thinking and behavior. Maybe that’s what led to the family to this cat.

??? ????? /Facebook

If you all have the same thoughts as we do, then we share the same brainwaves. Yes, the cat in question does look like this little girl. In a way that both of them could pass as siblings. It is cute in a sort of an eerie way.

Up Top!!

High-fives aren’t just for show; they can also assist your cat to become used to getting their paws touched. More than merely displaying your cat’s innate intellect, teaching a cat to offer you five has a function, like most other things.

Got_It_Big / Reddit

The method gives cats a consistent, spontaneous way to engage with people, which enhances their self-esteem. Plus, it damn sure makes our day too. How can one be grumpy, even after a cat decides to give you a high five? Plus, how cute in all is that overall interaction?