Doggie Destroyers: 35+ Pet Owners Who Came Home To Mischief And Mess

By Amy M December 18, 2023

Some people say home is where the heart is, but for us, home is where the naughty dog is – the one that uses your valuable items as a chew toy and leaves their mark on just about anything it can get their paws on. Even though pups can turn your hair grey with their antics, they are still loveable – they will always give unconditional love and greet you with a wagging tail whenever you come home. The canines on this list were caught red-handed, or more like red-pawed, making a big ol’ mess, but were still given a treat or two by their pet parents because they were irresistible. If you are considering getting a dog, we ask you to scroll through the list to prepare you for all the mischief and love doggos can fill your lives with.

When Playtime Turns Destructive

The crime committed: destruction of property—the criminal: a beagle. It looks like the pup decided to go limp in the middle of its crime scene to avoid getting into trouble – or it was spent after removing all the stuffing from the couch.

Image courtesy of howaboutsomecake/Instagram

When you have a dog, you can wave goodbye to all your nice furniture, but all the joy that they bring makes up for it. As someone once said, “Without my dog, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean” (and my couch would look brand new), “but my heart would be empty.”

Wreaking Havoc is Tiring

The sound that went viral on TikTok, “And it was all too much for little Lando Norris, twenty-one years old, he just needs a bit of sleep,” popped into our mind when looking at this photo of a dog who passed out after all its hard work of spreading dirt all over the floor.

Image courtesy of AlexandraLSmit2/Twitter

The doggie’s owners definitely had a “ruff” day after having to clean up the aftermath of the pup’s playtime, but they probably weren’t mad at him for too long. Just look how cute it looks – it’s sleeping like a little angel.

What Sharp Teeth You Have

Upon returning from work, someone was greeted by their dog and their new minor repair project: fixing up the wall their dog chewed through. We think we’ll change the lines from Red Riding Hood to “Oh my, what sharp teeth you have.” “All the better to eat your wall with!”

Image courtesy of Aubu/Reddit

A symptom of separation anxiety is destructive chewing, which explains why this pup did this. We hope the owner found a way to ease the dog’s stress, or else they’ll have more chunks of their house missing next time they leave it alone.

My Dog Ate My Homework

Teachers have heard every excuse in the book for why their students failed to hand in their homework – one popular fib that everyone knows is “My dog ate my homework.” Well, it happened, but this time, the teacher’s dog chewed up everyone’s assignments. As Michael Scott from The Office said, “Well, well, well, how the tables turn.”

Image courtesy of paulathekoala95/Reddit

This husky looks like he had a lot of fun ripping students’ homework to shreds. We’re assuming the kids all got A’s, and they would have this boisterous pup to thank. Now, we must add paper to the list of things that dogs can’t be trusted alone.

Just Admiring His Handiwork

This is Taco Bell. His hobbies include napping, walking, playing fetch, and destroying other people’s belongings. He just chewed up a book and couldn’t look prouder. Taco Bell has no regrets and would probably do it again. His face says it all.

Image courtesy of cuppamaeve/Reddit

It looks like this Golden Retriever has a teddy that he can use as a chew toy, but he would much rather rip a book to shreds. Maybe it’s because he’s tired of his owner always reading instead of paying him attention. “Here’s your book, Nora. Have fun reading it.”


This dog was caught nibbling on an expensive pair of boots. Wow, he really transformed the shoe – half of it is gone. Dogs will be dogs, we guess. Taylor Swift Said in her song Shake It Off, “players gonna play, play, play.” Well, dogs are gonna chew, chew, chew.

Image courtesy of Unique_the_Vision/Reddit

Someone once said, “What if dogs destroy shoes because we always put them on before leaving?” Umm, okay, we’re not crying, you’re crying. Apparently, they actually do it because they are bored. Anyway, it would be nice if they stuck to their chew toys.

Some Dogs Have Expensive Taste

“You break, you buy” – a rule the owner of these AirPods probably wishes applied to pooches. Those wireless earphones come with a hefty price tag, so they gave their Golden Labradoodle the silent treatment – for only five minutes. Don’t worry – after they treated it like a dog bone. The poor pup looks like he feels so bad, though.

Image courtesy of De-Eh-Team/Reddit

Many dog parents have seen their AirPods meet an untimely end at the jaws of their furry friends, so they probably wish that Apple could somehow make them chewproof. That’s highly unlikely, though, but one can dream. Just remember, canine owners, hide your AirPods – dogs have expensive taste!

DoorDash Turned Into DogDash

Forget a breakup – have you ever ordered food and the delivery driver left it on your fence, but your dog got to it before you? It happened to someone – their dog ripped through the packet and consumed everything. The furry fiend sure ate nicely that day, unlike their owner, who went hungry.

Image courtesy of Lucia_Unicorn/Reddit

Next time, this fellow better ensure the delivery driver hands it to them at the door so their dog won’t get a very pricey treat that was not meant for them. It is called DoorDash, not DogDash, after all. We can’t help but wonder how much that meal cost.

When You Leave Your Puppy Alone For a Few Minutes

Someone left their 14-week-old German Shepard alone for five minutes, and in that time, the furry creature managed to litter the floor with torn-up bits of kitchen paper towels. He can get away with anything with a face like that. His only crime is being too cute.

Image courtesy of Grammajean33/Reddit

Apparently, this pup is quite a handful – when he’s not busy tearing things up and making a bit of a mess, he’s terrorizing the house cat. That is puppies for you -they’ve got a lot of energy and want to get up to no good all the time.

Money is Funny in a Dog’s World

“Money, money, money, must be funny in a” dog’s world. Dogs value treats, naps, and playtime more than cash, so they don’t realize destroying over $750 is a big deal, but it is. We feel sorry for those who came home to find their hard-earned tips destroyed by their pooch.

Image courtesy of stevelang/Reddit

According to an article published by CBS News in 2012, you can get reimbursed by the federal government if a pet destroys your money. Well, we sure hope this person got their week’s worth of tips back. As people say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“My Roommate’s Dog Ate My Dinner”

Yikes, someone definitely went to bed angry (yes, angry and hungry) because their housemate’s dog tipped over and ate the butter chicken they left in the slow cooker for hours. It’s safe to say they now have beef with their pet, but they might understand if they see how unappetizing dog food looks.

Image courtesy of DopeCalyps0/Reddit

The butter chicken thief isn’t pictured here, but if it was, we bet they would have the food all over their paws and furry face with a look that says they’re not even sorry – we’re sure they enjoyed the human food very much.

Who Let the Dog in With a Sprinkler?

Dogs wanna have fun, and sometimes, fun to them means bringing a sprinkler indoors through the doggy door and drenching the whole house. We’re talking about this pup here. He looks so happy and carefree- welp, he’s not the one who’s gonna clean that up.

Image courtesy of Radiowarsaw/Imgur

We are surprised that the owner decided to stop and take a photo while their room was turning into an indoor slip-in slide instead of immediately removing the sprinkler. We guess they just had to take a pic, or else no one would’ve believed their doggy had done something like this.


Here’s a husky! This dog looks like he was trying to recreate the scene from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining when the character Jack broke through a door and stuck his face through it, but it’s not as terrifying – it’s upsetting for the owner because now they had to pay to have the door fixed.

Image courtesy of AlecWaycaster/Reddit

According to PetPlan, Huskies crave companionship and want to always be around their owners. So it looks like the dog’s owners can’t be in a closed room without it because the Husky will go to great lengths to get to them and cause a lot of destruction.

Karma the Dog

Taylor Swift has a line in her song Karma, “Karma is the breeze in my hair on a weekend. Karma’s a relaxing thought.” In this case, Karma is the name of a German shepherd who decided to destroy its owner’s amazing artwork. Karma’s not a relaxing thought – the pupper causes mayhem.

Image courtesy of DissectionsNDragons/Reddit

The owner of this mischievous cutie patootie and destroyer of art did end up actually repainting the piece and liked it more than the original. So all’s well that ends well. They must keep the new artwork out of their pet’s reach if they don’t want a repeat of the previous episode.

A Dog With a Plan

Here’s a dog with a plan to stop their owner from traveling. The dog chewed up their owner’s passport several days before leaving for an international trip. Dogs are smarter than what some people give them credit for; he knew exactly what he was doing.

Image courtesy of Mpc80/Reddit

Some pups will act like they didn’t destroy something, but this one looks very guilty. He really needs to work on his poker face. Oh, but he probably knows those puppy dog eyes will make their owner forgive him in a heartbeat.

Puzzle Thief

A long time ago, a dog decided to join the dark side by indulging in some bad behavior; it ruined its owner’s Star Wars puzzle by eating a piece. To change a quote from Shmi Skywalker, you can’t stop a puppy from destroying things any more than you can stop the sun from setting.

Image courtesy of boyinawell/Reddit

Luckily, the pup’s parents are creative and have a good sense of humor, so they filled in the gap with a pic of their dog’s muzzle shot and a hilarious sign. This might be an unpopular opinion, but we like it more now that it includes a pic of the adorable puzzle thief.

Caught in 4K

This dog was caught in 4K playing tug of war with a tablecloth by its owner while they were at work. They said all they could do was watch – probably through their fingers. That must mean their security camera doesn’t have audio because they probably would’ve tried to get their puppy’s attention to make it stop if they did.

Image courtesy of SomeChickkkk/Reddit

If you’re wondering if the puppy ruined anything else, specifically that owl that’s on the edge – surprisingly, it didn’t. It just shredded one side of the tablecloth and left it all over the lawn. Puppies, you can’t live with them and have nice things, but you can’t live without them.

Caught Blue-Pawed

Look what we have here; two dogs were caught red-handed or rather blue-pawed eating a blue pen. What a mess they made. Well, we hope the partners in crime were feeling ok after digesting ink. They do look a bit blue and might need a visit to the vet.

Image courtesy of afk1984/Reddit

We don’t know if the ink-stained duo got the ink on anything besides their mouths and fur, which actually brings out the blue in the one’s eyes, like their owner’s carpet. Even if they did, their owner was probably more concerned about their wellbeing.

What’s the Worst That Can Happen When You Leave Your Dog Alone?

Yikes, while home alone, this 10-month-old puppy took it upon himself to unpack the toilet paper that was left on the table – by unpack, we mean he ripped the bag open and played with it. Many pup parents would say leaving the dog alone with the toilet paper was a rookie mistake.

Image courtesy of Objective_Reward_893/Reddit

The puppy’s owners must’ve been frustrated that their home was redecorated while they were out. However, they acknowledged that they should’ve put the toilet paper away and said they couldn’t hold a grudge because he was too cute.

Retrievers Won’t Stop Retrieving

Meet Doug, an innocent Golden Retriever who doesn’t get why the humans don’t appreciate the present he left for them on the couch, a plant that he dug up from the ground outside. If he flashed us those baby browns, we would forgive him for getting dirt everywhere.

Image courtesy of ttam281/Reddit

Golden Retrievers live up to their name; they always like to retrieve things for their owners. Well, it would be nice if little Doug here could’ve retrieved a cloth from the kitchen to help his owner clean up the mess he made, but it’s fine; he’s just a baby.


There is a quote, “Dogs leave paw prints on your heart,” which is very true. But that is not the only place they leave paw prints; they like to imprint them in freshly laid concrete like this pup here, much to his parent’s dismay.

Image courtesy of Adderall?/Reddit

We don’t know why dogs like to make their mark on wet concrete. It is pawsitively awful for the workers who spend a lot of time laying it and then have to redo it. Dogs fur-real don’t care, though. They just want to have fun.

Who’s a Destructive Boy

This Doberman was feeling chilly and found that the bed was bare, so he took matters into his own paws and made a hole in the mattress to use as a makeshift blanket. Who’s a smart but destructive boy? RIP to that bed. We hope it didn’t cost too much.

Image courtesy of cenabollywood/Reddit

If dogs could talk, this one would probably say, “That’s what you get for not giving me a blanket!” Look at that face; he is not impressed that the bed has no bedding. Dogs, you gotta love them no matter what.


Dogs vs dog bed – the canines clearly won. If we hadn’t been informed about what these remnants used to be, we would have never guessed it was once a pet bed; the dogs completely destroyed it. What can you do, though? Chaos is part and parcel of having a pet.

Image courtesy of cynical_310/Reddit

What would you choose if someone said you had to choose between living a pet-free life or cleaning up messes as bad as this one every day? Personally, we would still want a dog in our lives; as Josh Billings once said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Dogs Gone Wild

There is a funny joke, “My house isn’t messy… It is custom designed by four dogs.” In this case, we can say this living space was custom-designed by two little rascals who enjoy wrecking everything they come across. These are dogs gone wild. #ShredHappens.

Image courtesy of thenaughtypuppyranch/Instagram

We can imagine there is never a quiet or dull moment in this household because of this dynamic duo -we’re sure they are always up to no good, especially the bulldog. He looks unfazed by the havoc in the room, while his furry pal looks a bit remorseful.

When Anxiety Strikes

This is the day in the life of a pup named Roscoe; according to his owner, he went ahead and decorated the house with white feathers for the holiday season. One could say he wanted a white Christmas inside the house. It looks, uh, great.

Image courtesy of franklegsTV/Reddit

This poor doggy apparently has really bad anxiety, and as experts say, they tend to tear things apart to soothe themselves. According to the owner, this little fellow has a sibling in the house who usually acts as his support animal and calms him down, but evidently, she took the night off.

That’s Not a Chew Toy

It’s not every day you hear, “My dog ate my PhD.” When we saw it happen to this dog owner, we were shocked. We have many questions, such as how the pup got its paws on it and why it wasn’t framed. We guess we will never get answers.

Image courtesy of KLJones_Science/Twitter

We can imagine this person gave their dog a major side-eye or, to quote a TikTok sound, “bombastic side eye, criminal offensive side eye” when they discovered they did this, but by now, they have no doubt forgiven them. It’s virtually impossible to stay mad at a fur baby even after they’ve just eaten your Ph.D.

Archer Misunderstood the Assignment

This dog, Archer, didn’t get the memo that a house needs to be tidied up, not trashed, before guests arrive. We think chewing up the carpet was his way of telling his owner it was time to redecorate, but with such short notice, nobody can accomplish such a thing.

Image courtesy of awfully_piney/Reddit

If there was no way of restoring the carpet’s appearance, we’re sure the guests understood that dogs think no home decor is complete without bite marks. They like to ditch their chew toys for things around the house – it’s simply in their nature.

The Kool-Aid Dog

It appears that this energetic doggo was trying to suggest to its owners where its doggy door should go in the new camper van by making a hole in the door. To look on the bright side, it wasn’t doggy accessible before, but now it is.

Image courtesy of RumbleDumblee/Reddit

As you can see, a dog’s pet peeve is being locked up. It’s never a good idea to leave them in an enclosed space; they will either turn into the Kool-Aid Man and smash through the door or will chew through it.

Destructive Mode: On

This cutie pie was clearly in a destructive mood, so it set its sights on a couch at the doggy daycare center. We hope it wasn’t sent home for its bad behavior; we’re only joking. The daycare knows it was just having some fun.

Image courtesy of bigbrownpaws/Instagram

This pup actually did not act alone. Another dog, not shown here, was suspected of being the ringleader by its owner. We have noticed that when a dog starts behaving badly, it encourages other dogs to follow suit. It’s time to get a new couch.

Product Fail

Welp, that didn’t work -someone bought a chew deterrent spray only for their dog to end up chewing on the bottle. They will be asking for their money back. We don’t think this would make a good advertisement for the product.

Image courtesy of DanGarBruce/Imgur

Now that this person knows the spray doesn’t put off their pet, they must find another way to prevent it from chewing on their furniture and other belongings. We wish them good luck because that won’t be easy, and we hate to be in their shoes.

Bringing the Outdoors In

This dog wanted to bring the outside in; he dragged in a plant from the deck through the doggy door. We don’t know how he managed to do all that on his own, but we’re undoubtedly very impressed, unlike the owner. We’re sure they don’t have a smile on their face.

Image courtesy of Apollokaylpto/Reddit

Dog parents are always happy to see their dog having a tail-wagging good time, but we’re sure this one wished their best fur friend didn’t include the plants in their playtime. The pup owner had to spend their free time getting dirt from their carpet.

Jimmy Chew Shades

Note to self: Never leave expensive shades around a dog, as it will treat them like chew toys. We are not sure what designer shades this person had. If they are Jimmy Choo, they are now Jimmy Chew. Yes, we know that’s a lame attempt at a joke.

Image courtesy of itistoocoldonmars/Reddit

This husky really gave these shades a “ruff” makeover. The sunnies were so fetching; the dog just had to fetch them and bring them back chewed up. If this person didn’t love their pet so much, they would have brought it to the dog pound.

This is Pawsitively Awful

It looks like a dog got bored of its toys, so it decided to switch things up by playing with its owner’s brand-new switch’s joy-con. They had saved up for it for months, only to find it in their pet’s mouth not long after it was bought. Woof, we feel for them.

Image courtesy of yhandi/Reddit

Offers from kind strangers kept pouring in to buy this person a new Switch controller – we love the internet. They declined the generous offers, though, as they felt they were to blame for leaving it within the dog’s reach; therefore, they felt they didn’t deserve it.

Pup was ‘Porsching’ Around

Wow, a dog was gifted a very expensive chew toy: a Porsche. That’s one lucky pup. Jokes aside, they said they own a dog, but we’re inclined to believe they might’ve accidentally taken in a wolf, judging by the amount of damage it caused.

Image courtesy of Aquagenie/Reddit

Many people treasure their cars, especially if they cost your entire life savings – it’s possible that the dog perceived the Porsche as a rival for its owner’s affections, so it had to try and destroy it to be the only apple of their eye. Anyway, we’re sure all was forgiven.


Peekaboo, we see you engaging in shenanigans -we’re talking about Brownie, the sausage dog. Look at that adorable face; we gotta insert the meme “When you get caught doing something stupid and you try to cute your way out of it.”

Image courtesy of DogsTrippingOnAcid/Reddit

We were told Brownie is normally a well-behaved dog. But for some reason, that day, she decided to act out by ripping open a pillow. She made herself a cozy cushion dog bed and couldn’t be more pleased. We can’t say the same about her pet parent.

“No Travel For You” – Dog

Someone’s dog ate their passport, so they had to get a new one, a passport, not the animal. According to the owner, they left it on the table; their clever canine got to it as it taught itself to push a desk chair over to reach things. We don’t think it’s going to be robots taking over the world one day.

Image courtesy of Reddit

Stanley Coren once said, “The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.” That could’ve been the guiding force behind the pup’s destructive behavior. It clearly doesn’t want its owners to travel.

Dogs Aren’t Good With Money

A dog owner was saving money for a rainy day, but unfortunately, their dog found their cash stash and destroyed it. What can we say? Dogs have never been good with money; they like to rip it into shreds and treat it like other worthless paper.

Image courtesy of BullfrogOscar22/Reddit

To uplift their spirits after they discovered their dog thought money was a gourmet dish, this dog owner can reflect on what author Louis Sabin once said, “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”

Unleashing Mayhem

“Must destroy house” is what we think pops into a dog’s head the second their owner leaves for work. Just look at what this Husky did to the living space: she removed one of the houseplants from the shelf and got dirt all over the floor. Amazingly, she managed to avoid her dog bed – clever girl!

Image courtesy of NikKnack1313/Reddit

We can’t stop laughing at how it looks like the dog attempted to cover up her mess with a blanket. That clearly didn’t do anything, so it looks like she’s thinking, “Just smile and wag your tail and act like the plants exploded.”

What a Ruff Day

What would you do if you came home to this scene? Your $500 book collection destroyed and ripped to shreds. This is something you can easily forget. This picture will replay itself in your head for a long time. Would you turn your dog out? Give it away?

Image courtesy of SuloBruh/Reddit

The pup’s bark-baric act upset their owners as they destroyed expensive books, some of which were sentimental and collectors’ items. We know some tears were shed, but owners will forgive their dogs at the end of the day – they know they’re paw-fectly imperfect.


We’re shocked – a pup was all wired up and chewed on a wall around an electrical outlet. The dog is okay, but the same can’t be said for the wall. Note to all dogs: If you see this, please don’t try it at home; it could have disastrous consequences.

Image courtesy of Wordify20/Reddit

The owner of the German Shepherd mix who did this wanted everyone to know that they’ll be taking the pup on more daily walks to hopefully counteract restlessness and boredom so that it won’t go roaming around the house and chewing on the walls again.

He’s a ChewBarker

This dog, let’s call him Chewbacca, or better yet Chewbarker, decided he had a craving for a Coach purse and took it off his owner’s table. On a lighter note, now that it has been redesigned by the dog, it is chew-chic and might sell for more than the original prize.

Image courtesy of GunMTL_Grace/Reddit

They say diamonds and dogs are a girl’s best friend, but so are purses, so this one’s gotta hurt. In the dog’s defense, in its eyes, it is just a chew toy – it doesn’t realize how pricey that purse is.

Pillow Fight

This dog was just chillin’ after he was done killin’ a pillow. In a dog’s world, pillows aren’t just for sleeping on; they’re there to have fun with. Look at the pup, just sitting there innocently while surrounded by all the feathers – classic.

Image courtesy of CCbelle_7/Reddit

If you were ever curious to know how many feathers are in a Jordrök Ikea pillow, now you know. That was probably information the owner of this dog could’ve lived without – they had a big mess to clean up.

Oh no!

This dog owner didn’t name but shamed her two Shih Tzus for wreaking havoc. Who knew small dogs could make such a big mess? All this was done with big smiles; just take a look. They may be troublemakers, but they’re so doggone adorable!

Image courtesy of seauxphie_sophia/Instagram

The dog mom mentioned in her post that it took forever to clean up all those styrofoam balls that were all over the floor courtesy of her fur babies. We would not want to be her in that moment. She probably wished she lived alone as she was scooping the balls.

Pricey Treat

Here we have a puppy that gave its owner’s BlackShark V2 headset an unwanted “upgrade;” it went from a wired headset to wireless after she munched on it. That was a pricey treat that she enjoyed. We think the pup does have some regrets, though.

Image courtesy of Pieguy_12/Reddit

Many dogs chew on wires because they’re bored, so it’s best to go for wireless electronics whenever possible – you don’t want to be in the same boat as this dog parent here. It’s also wise to play with your dog and let it roam in the park to exercise.

Not the Pot Plant!

Oops, this puppy named Huckleberry broke his owner’s very fancy handmade Italian terracotta pot. In the owner’s words, “What a cryin’ shame!” She said he was four months old here. He was just a baby and didn’t know any better, so she would let it slide.

Image courtesy of mamasgreenthumb/Instagram

The dog mom who shared this mentioned that plants are frequently knocked down in her house, and there is rarely a time that there isn’t soil on the floor somewhere. As we said, you can’t have nice things when you have pets, but they more than make up for it with their lovely nature.