35 Hilarious Memes That Prove Dogs Are The Ultimate Pets

By Farah J

There has always been a debate between cat and dog lovers about whether dogs are better than cats. Unsurprisingly, we still haven’t reached a conclusion. One moment, cats, being their proud and elegant selves, melt our hearts. The next moment, it’s dogs being their goofy, loyal selves.

Dogs, being the adorable fluff balls they are, have the supernatural ability to turn us to mush by merely existing; the power they hold over us is indescribable! You don’t even have to see and pet them in person; just a simple video or a meme of dogs can take away all your blues and sorrows.

As we enter this universal debate, we bring forth some proof that dogs are better than cats. We’ll do that dog memes from all over the world. These memes will make your day, month, or even your year brighter. We bet you’d be convincing your parents to get you a dog by the end of this list!

Kimba’s Palace

One of the most wholesome duos in this world: a dad and his dog. There is no replacing the love for the dog in that man’s heart. You’d think that dads won’t get along with the pet until you bring the pet into the picture. The bond between them is instant and unbreakable.

Image Source: yagirlyarelli/twitter

This dad is representing dads all around the world who go above and beyond for their dogs — even though you’ve heard them saying that they don’t want animals running around the house just a few years ago! Kimba knows he’s got Dad wrapped around his paw! How wholesome!

Bambi’s new mom

We all were crying our eyes out when we watched Bambi, right? It was a heartbreaking animated movie that, despite its intense emotions, we couldn’t get enough of. We have something for you that will make you cry tears of joy.

Image Source: animals_gallery/twitter

Here’s a picture of a little real-life Bambi with an adorable floofball! Looks like this doggo has watched Bambi, too, and adopted him as soon as he saw this little munchkin. The dog is already so in love with the little thing that he didn’t even listen to his owner when they called his name!

Dog pillow

Now, this little doggo is already living her best life right there. This tiny gem deliberately goes and finds the fluffiest and biggest doggos in daycare and takes her sound naps on them as a pillow or even a full king-size bed!

Image Source: unknown/instagram

And the fact that this hand-sized thing changes her nap partner — the dog pillow — every time she wants to sleep is making us go uwu! Also, how wholesome it is that the big fluffy doggos don’t even mind a little munchkin sleeping on them. They even decided to take a nap with her!

All of me

“Beloved doggos, we are gathered here today to admire the beauty in front of us, i.e., yourself.” If you are judging us for our monologue of this beautiful floof standing in front of several mirrors, well, go ahead. We don’t mind at all — we’re too focused on this beauty to do that.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

By the looks of this dog meme, it looks like the blondie knows how beautiful he is — every angle is a masterpiece itself. Or he’s probably confused about seeing these many doggos like himself appear in front of him suddenly. Whichever it is, we can watch him watch himself all day!


In case you didn’t get this meme: NFTs stand for Noses, Feet, and Teefs! These are the kind of NFTs we are interested in. And we are pretty sure everybody else is, too! The NFTs in the doggo world are so much more joyful that it almost feels like heaven on earth.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

The nose boops, the feet beans, and the teeth grinds; these NFTs make our day. We’d even do it for free! The dog lovers among us wouldn’t hesitate to work on these NFTs for no money in return. Welcome to the land of the prettiest NFTs!

Corgi in disguise

Corgis are one of the cutest smol-bean dogs with tiny legs, small bodies, and the happiest faces. And if you cross them with any of the other breeds, the result looks like a basic corgi in the body of the breed it was crossed with!

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

You won’t be able to unsee this after this meme. The tiny legs and small body of the corgi are still there, but the rest of the look is of another dog! If you see a husky with tiny legs running on the road, just know it’s a corgi disguised as a husky. 


Errands are seldom interesting, and when they are, they better be this entertaining. We don’t usually expect dogs to get their heads out of a moving vehicle and howl at the sky. But it’s always better to expect the unexpected, right?

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

This person was probably lost in their own thoughts when they had the best sight of their life. It definitely would’ve made their whole day. The dog was probably summoning all the nearby dogs for some dog meeting at night. Almost like a werewolf, but a morning one!

Who’s got the power?

Pitbulls may seem like big, bad boys who have all the power and rule the house, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This picture is the exact representation of our dearest Pitbulls! They’re not much of biters — they aren’t even dangerous or scary, as we all consider them to be.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

They are softies at heart and scaredy cats deep down! The irony here is making us laugh our butts off! The four Pitbulls piled on top of each other on one end of a couch, and one black cat sitting in all its glory and power on the other end is the sight we all needed!


Not all accidents are bad. If you are lucky, they turn out to be the highlight of your life. Accidents like this brighten up your entire day. We bet the person who tried to Google “Godzilla,” likely to watch the movie, ended up with pictures of “dogzilla” instead.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

Whoever turned their fluffy doggo in the bath into “Godzilla” and decided to share it with the Internet, you did this world good. Thank you. We all need more of these people in this world. Next time we’re going to “accidentally” Google dogzilla, too!

Ragnaroth, the Devourer of Souls

When they name you as ‘the devourer of souls’ to make you seem intimidating, villainous, and mysterious, but you turn out to be completely opposite of that — that’s the kind of attraction we all aspire to be. We want to be devoured by this “devourer of souls” so bad!

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

Speaking of, whoever named this adorable ball of tiny-legged floof this, was probably thinking in a more literal way. This doggo surely seems to devour the souls of his humans with his cuteness and lovability! This name seems a lot more fitting now.

Big Baby

So, this doggo is tough enough to chase coyotes but acts like a big baby in front of his humans? We are here for all the stories of this human’s adorable softie. And the fact that he asks his humans to wrap him up in plastic bags before going out in the rain made us all go “aw”!

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

Peeing in the rain is no joke for fluff balls; it’s uncomfortable when their fur gets wet in the rain while they try to pee. We don’t speak dog much, but his adorable wrapped-up face says it all. He wants his human to give him all the care and attention to his needs — as he should. 

Teacher’s pet

When they came up with the term “teacher’s pet,” it was most likely based on this picture of these good bois. Surely, whatever they are studying, they are trying their best. The obedience and the attentive posture of these two are remarkable, even better than humans!

Image Source: unknown/instagram

These doggos must be in the group of “popular kids” who are loved and wanted by everyone, who get good grades and all. They better get golden stars on their foreheads at the end of the day for being good bois. We wish we were in this classroom!

Catto’s son

It’s always fun to see one species acting like an entirely different species of animals because they were raised by them. By now, we’ve seen cats acting like bunnies and humans acting like monkeys, but this is the first time we’ve seen a dog and cat combo.

Image Source: glvdengoddess/twitter

And we’re not going to lie; we love the epic adorableness of big doggos acting like cats who raised them. Other than the similar pride and arrogance of the cats, this doggo has everything: the soft, playful looks, the lazy, bored looks, and the majestic sitting posture, everything.

Brother Whiskers

Whoever abandoned this dog, we won’t say they did the right thing, but we’re kind of glad they did. Because then, we wouldn’t have met Brother Whiskers here! These wholesome monks gave the world a gift when they adopted this dearly beloved dog.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

And not only did they take him in, they instantly made him a part of their monk family. The tiny robe of the dog is the moment! He’s a part of the monks, and he knows it. We can’t be happier for this little family— look at their smiley faces! Our hearts are swelling!

Santa’s here!

The joy on the little gem is so visible that you can feel it! Imagine the dog’s surprise when he saw that his favorite toy is all grown up and moving! It’s like us meeting our idols in real life instead of just seeing them in the pictures.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

We can feel the amount of joy this doggo is feeling right now while sitting in the lap of his “favorite toy.” Santa fulfills the good bois’ wishes! We can’t help but remember our first time with Santa before we got to know the truth. Hope it doesn’t get ruined for this dog.


And the best self-made Halloween costume award goes to Mr. Peek-a-boo! He’s the moon, he’s the ghost, he’s the ghost in the moonlight, and he’s our favorite dog! Whichever one you want to perceive him to be, he’s the best of them all. 

Image Source: crimsonfarina/twitter

If the results come out like this, we also won’t be mad at our pet for chewing a huge hole in the middle of the blanket. Even if we want to be mad, we won’t be able to say anything. Yes, it’s that adorable. This dog made sure of that.

Breaking news

If there’s a kind of breaking news we look forward to seeing on our TVs or social media, it’s this: a pitbull in one car showing his teddy to another dog in the opposite car. It’s like something is going on between only the two of them; they’re in their world.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

We want what they have — the pitbull is making his shot to the dog in the other car, and he isn’t backing out either. They probably went out on a date later or became fast friends. We want an update on this adorable couple. Even a short piece of breaking news about it would be good enough.

The only carry-on needed

“Oh yeah? Only one carry-on? Cool! Check out my one carry-on!” This lady is, even if unconsciously, representing all of us dog lovers out there who cuddle our best friend while sleeping. You can tell that this is her most prioritized and prized carry-on.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

This woman cuddling her dog describes our lives perfectly: we don’t need anything as long as we have our best friend, our pet, with us. Life is always full of joys and love with our dogs by our sides. Sure, we need money to survive in this world, but we need dogs by our side to live.


Imagine being buried in snow and seeing this savior’s face! Even a frozen-solid person would melt and come back to life by the sight of this warm and adorable smile. We bet that the training of these dogs is one of the best jobs to ever exist in this world.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

The faces of these rescue dogs covered in snow are something we would bury ourselves in the snow for, willingly. The foggy breaths, the joyous and victorious smiles of finding their humans, the white snouts, this must be the view that poets talk about when they write about the heavens. 

Staring contest

Someone staring at you constantly is the most uncomfortable — not to mention creepy — feeling to ever exist. Especially when you are at work or in a public setting, but when the starer is this adorable little floof, we don’t think anyone would mind it in the slightest.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

It is always a good thing to dog-sit for a coworker, and it’s even better when the dog starts to like you back. If it were us, we’d let that dog stare at us all day as much as he wants and go hang out with him at the end of the day!

Ideal work environment

If the ideal work environment was described in one picture, it would be this. Plus, when they say that dogs are emotional support animals, they are absolutely right. And God knows, we all need a heck load of emotional support in our workplaces.

Image Source: CalebJHull/twitter

And who is a better provider of that than our best friend? Our ideal working environment is the same as this person’s. We would also like to start a petition to let us bring our pets everywhere we go; it’s time that we did this. Are you all in?

Dog couch

We aspire to be this weatherman who bought a small couch solely for his dog. And he wasn’t even ashamed of it; rather, he was flaunting it on the camera while working from home. The sleeping dog looks appeased and comfortable with his bone-shaped pillow!

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

This is the level of dedication we want to see among dog lovers for their dogs. Getting separate comfy couches and dog-related cushions and plushies and building them their dog room — we don’t think it can get any more thoughtful than this!

Dog baggage

Anyone who was involved in this, we’d like to thank you for making this happen. If this didn’t make you laugh and spit out the water you’re drinking, we don’t know what will. This dog is waiting for his tagged “baggage” on the belt at the airport.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

It’s not a joke when it comes to dogs and their sticks. And by the looks of it, the people involved in this mission knew it because they even tagged it and put it on the belt, just like the rest of the humans’ belongings. There is no discrimination in their luggage sorting, and we love it!

Don’t leave

We would be lying if we said that we — humans — have never done this. This dog fake coughed just to get his human to stay at home with him instead of going to work. The look on this adorable doggo is priceless while he cuddles his human.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

The human took a leave from work to take care of his “sick” dog, and took him to the vet and paid him, only for him to tell him that the dog was playing with him! The dog wanted the attention of his favorite human, just like we sometimes do. Good job, doggo!

Matching chairs

This seat stealer got his own chair that is similar to his human’s, and to say “he’s pleased” is the understatement of the year! This dog is smiling so wide that if we didn’t know the context behind this picture, we’d say he’s plotting revenge against another dog.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

Still, he looks so satisfied that he won against the human. His chair stealing idea went according to plan, and now he’s got his own! The human probably sensed that the dog needed his chair anyway. The victorious look on the dog’s face made us laugh so hard, though!

XS for XL

If someone wants to see what gratitude without even saying thank you looks like, this is the picture for you. This human accidentally got his huge dog the smallest size of the bed, but the dog was still ever so grateful for it that he didn’t mind the small size one bit!

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

This adorable golden gem used the bed like a pillow or a soft mattress underneath, and even though he didn’t fit, he didn’t mind that most of his body was still on the floor. We hope his humans instantly got this good boi, another bed of his size — he deserved it after all!

Be yourself

No matter how weird you are, you shouldn’t ever hide your true self or apologize for it. That’s what they say, right? Well, this dog is the living embodiment of that quote: you need to enjoy your life exactly how you want!

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

The dog rolled and played in the mud while his friends swam and splashed in the pond. And you can tell by the looks on his face that he doesn’t care what they think of him; he’s living his best life. If we could, we would’ve rolled in the mud with him — unapologetically!

The opposites

There are always two types of dogs in a household: one who is wild, hyperactive, and full of energy, and one who is quiet, isolated, and looks like he’s questioning his existence most of the time. This picture of two dogs in one family is amazing proof of that!

Image Source: laurenncarterr/twitter

Amazing, yet hilarious. The energetic one looks like he was born for this Christmas photo. In contrast, the other one seems like he’s landed in the wrong place. Poor dearie, we feel for him. We can’t stop laughing at the look on his face, but we honestly understand his pain.

Who are you?

This dog looks like he’s either never seen his human before, or he’s suspicious that his human is up to something. The curious and suspicious looks from all around the house are giving us major “I can see you” vibes. If it wasn’t a dog, we surely would get creeped out.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

The pets, especially dogs, aren’t usually used to seeing their humans wandering around the house, as they are used to a daily routine of them going to work and leaving the dog alone. His suspicious looks are purely rational. We won’t argue with it.

The black hole

Is this a dark, black void, or is it a black floof? We can’t tell, honestly. All the fallen food seems to disappear in its mouth, so it’s a black hole, right? We see two button eyes in this dark void, though, gazing straight at us. This black hole looks like man’s best friend, no?

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

This void-black floof is the face of dark aesthetics, the black beauty. Sure, the beauty of snow-white dogs or golden blondies is legendary, but this is the major black aesthetic that we all aspire to. Imagine cuddling this black, adorable hole.


This is the pettiest dog we’ve ever seen, and we are aspiring for the level of ‘petty’ here. We aren’t sure if we’d be able to compete with this dog at being petty, but we sure want what he has. Turning back to see if your person is jealous is the best move anyone can make.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

We don’t know about this human, but we sure are jealous of that lady who’s petting the petty dog. Just the looks on the dog’s face are enough to make us scream with laughter; it’s like, he’s saying, “jealous much?” Help!

The cult rising

This person only owns the dog, but the way they are all staring directly at the human with that level of seriousness on their faces would make us pee our pants. We aren’t even there, yet it feels like we invaded a very private meeting of the cult.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

We wonder what they are up to, because they definitely are planning something. Or do they just like to hang out together without any discrimination or disregard for other species? We wonder how this scene ended. Does the human now have a pet cat?

The dog and the pelican

This is another duo that we did not see coming. It’s one of the rarest and most unexpected couple of friends we’ve ever seen! The backstory of this beautiful picture that portrays their close friendship brought tears to our eyes — joyous tears, we are guessing.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

The kind human not only adopted the dog but brought him back to the docks to meet his friend, Petty the pelican! Look at how comfortable and easy-going their friendship is: both of them are enjoying each other’s presence. We, humans, need to learn from them.

First day at work

The little pup is only one day into his job, and he’s already exhausted and possibly questioning his decision to get a job in the first place. He reminds us of our days at work every single day. But at least he’s got his human for emotional support.

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

We hope they give this poor dearie a long vacation after his first day at work. He needs it way more than we do at this point. We’d prefer that they send us with him on his vacation, but oh well. His sad and tired face is making us want to hug him tight.

Pool party

A pool party with dozens of Golden Retrievers sounds like a golden moment to us! This is the pool party we’d love to go to. If this is some kind of job for that human, to bathe the Golden Retrievers, we will volunteer to do it for free!

Image Source: doggosdoingthings/instagram

We don’t know why there is only one bulldog among all those Golden Retrievers, but they better get him in the pool, too. It sounds like a golden summer vacation plan to us, living our best life here. Guess who is going to plan this kind of pool party this summer!