Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend: Little Known Facts That Show The Love

By Anthony K

It is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend. These humble yet brave creatures know how to cheer you up if you have a bad day. Being loyal and trustworthy, you can tell your darkest secrets to them without fear of being judged. This article explores the top qualities of these fantastic beasts and explains some facts that you probably did not know about your dog. They are impressive creatures. Any dog lover understands the joy of coming home and being received with your canine as it wags its tail and growls. Although we often misread their intentions, our BFFs try their best to communicate with us and even provide comfort when we need it most. If you do not have one yet, get yourself a pup and discover what you have been missing.

Happy Face

Canines and humans have had to rely on ways other than dialogue to relay their feelings to each other due to dogs’ lack of ability to speak English and people’s limited understanding of what each bark implies. We’ve made do.

Image courtesy of yaplakal.com

While some indicators are pretty obvious, such as a dog’s wagging tail, others are more discreet. When a dog’s eyes are soft and kind, it’s not only to be cute; it’s to signal you that they’re content in that time.


At some point, we have seen dogs welcome others by smelling their behinds, so why should welcoming a person be any different? Canines have a method of checking on their buddies that most of us would find offensive if done by another human being.

Photo Credits: dogminders.com

They tend to get personal. Don’t panic if your puppy buries itself in your personal area; it’s typically for the best. Although most people find this annoying, dogs can decipher a lot about us by sniffing us in this spot.

Checking for Prints…

Dogs can be naughty. It is difficult to realize any breed’s level of mischief when breeding dogs. No two dogs’ nose prints are identical, just as no two people’s fingerprints are similar. Dogs frequently use this identification technique to identify the shady characters among them.

Photo Credits: Twitter@RageCook

A dog’s nose is its unique identification, and not merely for picking up aromas from miles away or specific odors from right next to them. Hence, dogs tend to recognize their friends from foes with noses. It is similar to a human’s voice pattern or behavior.

Interesting Features

We begin to perceive features about their anatomy that are significantly different from a human’s due to the time we spend with these wonderful tiny critters. To start with, dogs and cats both have “Henry’s pockets,” which are little pockets on their ears. Second, they blink sideways from time to time.

Photo Credits: Twitter@HighrisePetCare

Like beavers, polar bears, kangaroos, and a few other species, dogs have a third eyelid that moves side to side rather than up and down. They also have tear ducts in the corners of their eyes that are invisible to the human eye.

Adapting Takes Time

Anyone who has had a dog knows how much these cute beasts slumber. Dogs can fall asleep at almost any place and in virtually any position as long as they feel safe and secure. But when does the amount of sleep they get become excessive? Is it a cause for alarm if they always appear to be exhausted?

Photo Credits: Reddit/RetroRez

If your dog’s sleeping patterns have changed, he’s likely feeling a little worried about his new surroundings. As his stress level drops, so should the length of time he spends napping. Nonetheless, you should let your dog rest as much as they prefer.

Family Member

The first few days in a new place, regardless of age, are likely to be nerve-wracking for a dog due to new people, odors, and, of course, surroundings. That’s why it’s critical to do everything possible to help the family’s latest member feel at ease. Fortunately, a dog will do a few things unintentionally to indicate to its owners that they are willing to trust them.

Photo Credits: Twitter@SarahMoro1001

Resting on their side with their arms and legs extended indicates that they are at ease in their environs and feel secure in their new family. After establishing some level of trust, your dog will start getting territorial and protective of you and its territory.

Sweaty Paws

When the opportunity comes up, dogs enjoy running around the park with the other tiny furballs. It’s only natural that your dog and the group would get a little sweaty after rolling around in the grass and chasing each other around throughout the afternoon.

Photo Credits: Twitter@puppypawsLo

Dogs, unlike humans, do not sweat from every pore. Although many people have long assumed that dogs sweat from their noses and mouths, their sweat glands are in their bear-like paws. If it’s a hot day, provide them with a kiddie pool filled with cold water.

Occasional Sprints

For some time, almost daily, you may feel as though your dog is out of its mind. For no reason, it might be jumping and running around the house like something or someone is on their chase and their life is in danger. It is worth noting that this behavior is normal and not exclusive to dogs.

Photo Credits: Instagram/brubear_and_brothers

They’re known as “the zoomies,” and they occur when dogs perform the habit of running around with no purpose or aim in mind. Don’t be anxious. It is an indication that the dog is healthy. It is only when they stop that one should be worried.

Establishing Territories

It’s tough to ignore how frequently and in how many locations a dog will leave its signature while out for a walk. When they do so, it’s difficult not to observe that male dogs usually elevate one of their hind legs.

Photo Credits: Reddit/aleagueofmyown

Many people have mistakenly assumed that male dogs do this to avoid “leaking” on themselves. According to research, this is not the case. Dogs, it appears, elevate their legs while relieving themselves to leave a more widespread message.

Part of You

When a pet is brought home and becomes a family member, it immediately becomes clear that everything in the house, including the inhabitants, is theirs. Given that dogs rarely mature beyond the age of a two-year-old human child, their clinginess and isolation anxiety is natural.

Photo Credits: Reddit/SPiderfreak37

Consider leaving some unclean garments for them to cuddle with when they’re alone at home. It should go without saying, but dogs sleep on their owners’ clothes because they want to be closer to them. To put it another way, they are missing their best friend.

Playful Partners

There are a few ways your furry companion can demonstrate how they feel about their playmates that stand out a little more than others on the cuteness scale. Squatting down and bouncing from side to side is how dogs express their playful side is one.

Photo Credits: Reddit/englishteachernerd

This stance that corgis make famous. It’s more popularly known as “splooting” and is also the position most dogs use when showing playful tendencies and trusting people they are playing with. So if you always thought this was cute, it’s also a sign of affection!

Body Language

A dog’s demeanor speaks much louder than a person’s because of their incapacity to disguise what they’re feeling. Her subconscious covers her mood much more than her conscious mind does when she falls asleep. Your pet’s stance as she passes out around her people reveals a lot about how she thinks about them.

Photo credits: Twitter@gilibugg

Your dog could fall asleep on its back, belly up, signifying it has complete faith in whoever was nearby when it dozed off. Thus, it is essential to consider your dog’s sleeping posture to discover any signs of discomfort.

Lean on Me

From a tender age, you may notice your dog walking up to strangers and sitting beside them while leaning their body weight against their legs. Initially, it is hard to glean meaning out of this habit. It is common for dog owners to be misled that something is amiss with their pets. On the contrary, this is good.

Photo Credits: Instagram/teddy_theshibainu

A leaning dog is an indication of a loving dog. Although some dogs tend to lean on their owners when scared, most dogs resort to this behavior as a sign of affection. In our canine friends, leaning is tantamount to hugging.

Rolling bath

One of the first things you may notice about your dog is that it stops, drops, and then rolls when you take it outside. Although it is possible to misinterpret this as a sign of distress, it usually is not a reaction to something bad. While you may be apprehensive about cleaning grass out of their fur, there is nothing that a quick towel rub won’t fix.

Photo Credits: Reddit/Mopi_is_short

Are you mad at the thought of your dog getting dirty a little bit? Rolling in the grass is a suitable way for your dog to experience some relaxation and unwind. In addition, they use this habit as a stress relief strategy to combat any negative emotions.

Compassion with Accompaniments

Whenever you take your dog for a walk in the park, you can be sure you guys will not be traveling alone. Occasionally, you will notice your pet is enthusiastic about bringing some of its favorite and longest-serving friends along.

Photo credits: Twitter@sampson_dog

Like a toddler, a dog might carry along its favorite plaything wherever they go. Their motive for doing this is majorly for protection from mistreatment by others or fear of getting lost. Dogs have a sentimental attachment to little things, like humans.

You Look Good

Since most dogs spend much of their time locked up and away from people who are not family, they tend to be excited when they eventually get the opportunity to head out for some playtime. It can be challenging to determine whether they are playing or not.

Photo Credits: Twitter@9GAG

Luckily, there are some signs that all dogs might attempt to imply they are just playing around. Sneezing is one of these indications. When your dog sneezes, it is trying to suggest that all is well and they are just having fun. On the other hand, growling is an indication that something is amiss.

Partner in Crime

Not many animals are as trustworthy as dogs are during life-threatening situations. Their sense of smell has proven handy in saving lives since time immemorial. Service dogs are a perfect example of how heroic these creatures can be. They conduct themselves meticulously, as per their training.

Photo Credits: Twitter@RealDiscoDonnie

Thanks to their incredible sense of smell, dogs can smell things we can’t. In addition, they can pick up scents that hint at numerous viruses and diseases, including seizures and cancer. Furthermore, their keen noses make them good at tracking.

Pitiful Eyes

Some dog lovers experience a hard time leaving for work in the morning. You will realize that puppy dog eyes are irresistible. Canines have a way of making their owners feel a significant amount of guilt when they look at you. However, it is not their intention to make you uncomfortable.

Photo Credits: Twitter@animalsleaning

When you notice your dog giving the “guilt trip” eyes, they are trying to communicate with you. This look is a way of your dog telling you it is fine that you are leaving since they trust you will come back.

How About Some Cuddling?

Are you having problems finding your floppy-eared, watery-nosed, big-eyed ball of fur waiting eagerly for its best friend to come home at the door or window? Perhaps you wonder why all the dirty clothes are continually removed from the hamper and relocated to piles around your house.

Photo Credits: Reddit/hinz1027

When they’re left at home for an extended period, they’ll burrow in their human’s clothing as a hint that they’re missing them. Burrowing in the garments is a method for dogs to feel closer to the people they care about.

Bed Mates

Dogs tend to fall asleep in some quite peculiar locations around the house. For each sleeping area, there is a meaning behind it. Many folks believe that the primary reason we occasionally wake up with foreign drool on our faces is because of warmth or solitude, but there is another, more healthy reason.

Photo Credits: Reddit/weatherworn

A dog sleeping on or with you is the definitive sign of trust. Through such actions, they try to show you that even when they let their guard down, they feel comfortable around you. So next time your dog wants to lay beside you, shooing it may not be the best idea.

The Ears

One of the prettiest characteristics of a puppy is how ridiculously proportionate its ears are. Unlike human babies, who have little ears that develop with their bodies, dogs’ ears are large when they’re pups and subsequently grow into them.

Photo Credits: Twitter@JeezySlemCCM

Each ear has 18 separate muscles that allow the ears to be adjusted in some quite cute postures, which explains why a dog’s ears can display as much expression as they do. Another interesting feature is the speed with which they alter their ear positions. You will fall in love just by looking at their ears!


Dogs and people have a bond that few (if any) other animals on the planet possess. While they depend on their human families for a lot, people find them relatable thanks to their love and friendship. If you have ever been part of a home that has a dog, you will be familiar with the feeling of being a pet’s favorite.

Photo Credits: Twitter@vickipeachxx

Like humans, dogs too show favoritism and have a best friend they fancy spending their time with. They are also sensitive to music. If your dog is homesick while you’re at work, it won’t harm to play some Mozart. Playing classical tunes could help to calm a sad pup.

Please, Don’t Leave Me

Going to the toilet is a sensitive moment for all animals, regardless of species. When it’s time to empty their chutes, most animals prefer a little privacy, but if that’s impossible, having a trustworthy person keep an eye on them is the next greatest thing.

Photo Credits: Reddit/BaxiaMashia

If you are observant enough, you will notice that besides giving a guilty look when doing their business, dogs further stare keenly at whoever they’re walking with. Whenever it is time to offload the food they ate, your dog will mostly make eye contact with their most trustworthy individual.

Give Me All Your Attention

Dogs do enjoy walking with their humans. Besides showing off his person to fellow dogs, they pride themselves in such tiny experiences. While on the walk, it is customary to shift your attention away and to some other dog. In such times, your pup will be envious, sometimes barking to express its discontentment.

Photo Credits: Instagram/nokathegsp

Unlike what most humans tend to believe, dogs are pretty jealous when you show attention to another animal. There is no doubt that people have a lot in common with these magnificent creatures. It shouldn’t be necessary to avoid inviting friends and family over or shun other people at a public park, but make sure they know they’re number one.


These playful animals have a myriad of strange habits. Sadly, we might not get to understand them, regardless of how long we live. With decades of research, humans have not been able to interpret the meanings of some of their weirdness.

Photo Credits: Instagram/cutesamson

It is typical for dogs to kick up dirt after they’ve gone potty, and they do so without being prompted. Sometimes, they act this way with other intentions in mind. It’s how they leave their mark for others to see.

Mischievous Beings

Dogs involve themselves in mischief from when they are pups. A good example is spending time dragging toys from place to place. It can be particularly annoying when they leave them in your hallways or on stairs since they create a tripping hazard.

Photo Credits: Twitter@JonDeTrinis

You are likely to find your dog right in the middle of mischief upon arriving home. They are prone to make mistakes. It is wise to understand them and take it easy when dealing with their misconduct. They’re like children, after all.

Many Similarities

There are numerous differences between dogs and people, yet we begin to see similarities as we spend more time with our canine companions. The outward parallels are apparent. Both creatures have eyes, mouths, ears, and noses; however, the physiological resemblance is truly incredible.

Photo Credits: Instagram/firstapplepie

There is yet another attribute in which we are not so distinct from these four-legged companions. When yawning, dogs reduce their stress levels and calm themselves down. Another reason for yawning among dogs is when they feel sleepy, just like us.


After living with a dog for some time, it gets to learn everyone’s routine. They will regularly bid farewell when someone leaves for the day. Moreover, they might lay in the entrance trying to prevent you from leaving. Also, a dog understands when dinner is coming, letting you know if it happens to be late.

Photo Credits: Instagram/made_in_bulldog

It is not to say that dogs can tell what time of the day it is. But how can they tell time, you wonder? They can’t really read a clock, of course, but they know when someone is gone away for a while. .

Sweaty Nose

One of a dog’s most appreciated features is its nose. Their sense of smell is significantly stronger than a human’s. As a result, they use it for anything from deciphering messages left for them by pals to sniffing out medical emergencies.

Photo Credits: Instagram/leothegoldie

Most people believe that dogs sweat through the nose, while others mistake this wetness as a sign of happiness in dogs. Although a happy dog may exhibit a wet schnozz, the main reason for this wetness is to help them to absorb scent chemicals easily.


Dogs are very curious creatures. Most of their day is spent sniffing numerous things and eating or attempting to eat almost half of everything they discover. Whenever a dog experiences anything new, they have this tendency of investigating cautiously first (sometimes).

Photo Credits: Twitter@MinnieMaxPugs

They conduct their survey by placing themselves in an endearing position. Although it may look adorable, the dog is working. When staring at you with a tilted head, your dog is probably trying to read your body language. Dogs can tell a lot about your mood by studying your demeanor.

Family…for Better, for Worse

When a dog, whether a pup or fully grown, is introduced to a homestead, they become a fundamental part of the family. With time, they get comfortable and will ultimately reveal signs that other than being part of your family, you are part of its family too.

Photo Credits: Instagram/tatteredpawsgoldenhearts

Do you have any feel lonely? What about a gentle nudge or a cuddle? Do you have a stomachache? They’ll be by your side till you’re feeling better. Do you have a bad mood? Allow them to rest their head on your knee… or, better yet, hand over the ball and play!

Some Degrees to the Southwest

Although a dog feels content seeing their person arrive home after hours of separation, there are not so many things that a dog anticipates as much as that first bathroom break after a long day. However, you may wonder why your dog takes a long time picking the perfect spot.

Photo Credits: Twitter@billbarnwell

Research indicates that dogs subconsciously align their bowels and bladder using the earth’s magnetic fields. For this reason, they tend to relieve themselves almost entirely along the North/South axis. This fact explains why your dog tends to take time finding the right spot.


Albeit dogs can do countless lovely things all day long, and one such thing is entirely beyond their control. When dreaming, puppies make adorable little noises as their legs move around. During such times, it’s dreaming cute puppy things that make it happy.

Photo Credits: Instagram/george_thebritish_bulldog

Adult dogs, however, do not dream as puppies do. This is so because a dog’s dream pattern is dependent on its age. Dogs tend to dream when they are pups or seniors compared to when they are in the middle years of their lives.

Sniff Sniff

Almost everyone adores the smell of coffee and sizzling bacon in the morning. As a fact, dogs can smell every bakery within a ten-mile radius. Imagine feeling the scent of deliciousness everywhere. What an incredible adventure it would be to walk through markets.

Photo Credits: Instagram/karlthebeagle

Some reports indicate that dogs can pick up scents from close to twenty kilometers away. The sense of smell in dogs is incredible. And, after a decade or two of research, there’s mounting evidence that canines can detect chemical variations between healthy and malignant cells.


Numerous breeds are known for their loyalty – after all, a pup is one of the most devoted companions. People want their dogs to be trustworthy and dependable, especially if they are part of a family. It’s difficult enough to look after youngsters without adding an obstinate, naughty canine to the mix.

Photo Credits: Instagram/mariedawn333

In everyone’s view, they will become a much-loved and valuable member of your family. Every individual will want to choose a friendly breed to own regardless of their home environment or lifestyle, but they must be openly loyal when it comes to a family dog.


Dogs tend to avoid individuals who are mean to their persons. Those who have “guard dogs” enjoy incredible levels of allegiance. Plus, according to an intriguing study, when dogs watched another person mistreating their owner, they shunned the “mean” person providing them a treat.

Phot Credits: Instagram/francien_wantia

They do not appreciate any mistreatment towards their human, especially their favorite. Anyone who has had a family dog knows they have that one member of the family they would defend to the death. Those of us fortunate enough to be the favorite know there’s no better feeling.


This one is self-evident if you have kids. You want a breed that is good with children; a dog that is lovable by all, no matter how large or small they are. You can be utterly bizarre or stupid in front of your dog, and he won’t mind. He even waggles his tail as though he understands.

Photo Credits: Instagram/marla_the_maligator

But keep in mind that it’s not just the dogs who can go too far; children aren’t always as gentle with dogs like they should be. This implies your dog ought to be patient and forgiving of a few harsh pats and ear pulling now and then.


Family life is never-ending, and your dog should be able to keep up with it. We all understand that dwelling in a family house entails a lot of activity. All kinds of people come in and out of that front door, including family, friends, children, and adults.

Photo Credits: Instagram/ryopachi8

Your dog must be able to keep up with all of this, as well as be ready for it. A lethargic or frightened dog may react badly in such situations, but an enthusiastic, sociable dog may welcome the chance for a good back rub and possibly an extra walk.


Canines are unable to hide their affection for us. They are utterly devoid of pretense. They are honest and genuine buddies. The mere presence of you in the room satisfies a dog. That’s fantastic! If only people were as simple as dogs.

Photo Credits: Instagram/harleybear_therottie

His love is true, long-lasting, and unconditional. Dogs get happy when they have the chance to solve a difficult challenge in exchange for a treat, just like we humans do when we solve a complex problem. They also love their cuddle time.

Lie Detectors

Dogs might stop paying attention to an untrustworthy individual. This is something that anybody who has a dog is familiar with. They understand “vibes” very well. Additionally, studies reveal how clever our canine companions are when it comes to social signs.

Photo Credits: Instagram/lukeythelabrador

Yes, it is correct! Dogs have intrinsic abilities that humans may never possess. They can read us like a book. They may learn a great deal about us without us saying anything by observing our facial expressions and body language. They’re perceptive and aware of our needs.