Signs That Our Dogs Give Us To Show How ‘Fur-tunate’ They Are For Our Love

By Yeshwanth K

In most cases, people who own dogs don’t understand the reasons why they do the things they do. If you have felt the same about your dog, get in line because most people feel exactly the same about their furry friends. However, do you really know why your dog specifically behaves in a particular manner? Well, not only you, but most other people don’t understand why their dogs act crazy sometimes. We are here to enlighten you. We are about to discuss the details about your dog’s behavior and what their particular actions mean. By having a look at this list, you can also check whether you already know what your dog means by their peculiar, heartwarming, and downright hilarious actions!

Offering you things

One of the most common tasks for dogs, or should we say playtime activities, is fetching things. Whether it is a ball or a frisbee, dogs often fetch back the things you throw repeatedly. By doing so, your dog will be tired enough to get some nice shut-eye. In most cases, they bring the things to you when they want to play.

Image courtesy of Instagram/frenchprincenugget

However, your dog bringing you things does not always mean that it wants to play fetch with you. Even though it sounds surprising, sometimes dogs bring you toys to symbolize their sharing and affectionate behavior. In simple words, they want you to play with their toy and have fun. We don’t deserve dogs, do we?

Circling before a nap

You can often see your dog moving around in circles and loving it. It often seems like they are trying to catch their tails, and this specific behavior can especially be witnessed before they take a nap. So, have you ever thought about why your dog runs in circles before they are about to lie down?

Image courtesy of Instagram/westladogs

Dogs inherit the habit of circling around before they take a nap from their wolf-related ancestors. In general, wolves circle about trying to make the surface flat before they can lie down. Even though the environment you create from your dogs to sleep is flat enough, they just can’t help their instincts.

Catch the tail

Unlike most other weird behaviors of dogs in this list, dogs trying to catch their own tails have a variety of reasons to do so. Some dogs are just trying to have fun, and the dog’s way of having fun is by chasing something. Some might feel an itch on their tails and try to scratch it, which is understandable.

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However, there is another reason why dogs chase their tails, and you should be highly concerned about that particular reason. Some dogs, which are facing neurological health problems, might also keep chasing their tails constantly without getting distracted by anything else. In such circumstances, you should seek immediate advice from your vet before your dog’s condition gets worsened.

Tongue flicking

Does your dog flick its tongue out of its mouth like it’s licking its face when it approaches you? Well, they often do this when they have done something bad such as chewing your household items or going potty in your house. They don’t just flick their tongues out randomly, and there is a reason behind this behavior.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@westladogs

When your dog is flicking its tongue, it is trying to convey a sincere apology to you for the things it has done. So, when your baby does something terribly wrong, and they’re flicking their tongue, then don’t be angry with them. They’re already feeling bad about what has happened and want to make it up to you.

Flicking ears

Dogs flick their ears when they are trying to get rid of flies around their ears or when they don’t want to pay attention to you, right? If you are also thinking the same, then you must know that you are entirely wrong about this behavior.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@curious_cleo

Dogs do so when they are explicitly trying to pay attention to you, whether you are saying or doing something that involves them. They also flick their ears when they hear a new sound for the first time, such as birds chirping or a car horn.


After a long run or extreme playtime activities, you can see that your dog tends to pant a lot. In the case of humans, panting means that they are trying to catch their breath after some strenuous physical activity, but the same does not apply to dogs.

Image courtesy of Reddit/AnimalsBeingDerps

Panting in dogs is an indication that it is feeling hot and trying to cool itself. If you don’t know about it, dogs don’t sweat, and therefore, they tend to cool down with the help of a panting mechanism. And this is why your dog may start panting on a sunny day even if it doesn’t get involved with any physical activity.

Stopping you with forelegs

Whenever you go out and come back home, your dog will be ready to barge on you and show an immense amount of love. They wag their tails furiously, circle around you, bark softly, and even lick you a lot if you allow it to. In those situations, they first stop or position you with their forelegs before showing how joyful they are to see you.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@westladogs

This type of tackling situation using its forelegs means that it seeks your attention to show its love or wants to annoy you with its extreme affectionate behavior. There is no denying the fact that dogs can’t wait to express their love towards you.

Chew it off

The extremely disastrous thing dogs do best is chewing things, whether it is furniture or footwear, or literally anything else they can chew. Imagine going out and coming back to see that your dog has chewed off your favorite and expensive sofa. Yeah, frustrating. But why does your dog chew the furniture or any other items?

Image courtesy of Instagram/@abe.lulu.keiko.freya

Dogs or puppies chew things to say in their own way that they are incredibly energetic and are trying to let out all their energy. To make your dog or puppy chew less, try spending more time playing with it in a park or a beach where they can get rid of excessive energy.


Generally, yawning means that we are sleepy and need a nice long nap, and the same applies to dogs as well. It is cute to watch a dog yawn, and especially if it is a puppy, it looks adorable. However, in the case of adult dogs, yawning doesn’t always mean that it is feeling sleepy.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@madisontakesminneapolis

It is a sign that your dog is absolutely comfortable when you are around. It is a type of submissive behavior, letting you know that they don’t have to be on guard and can feel free when you are around.

Public yawning

At home, yawning means that your dog feels secure around you and is not on guard. Doesn’t the same apply when your dog is yawning in a public place as well? If you are thinking like this, then you have a misconception about your dog.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ honeydewholler

When your dog is yawning in public places, it means that your canine companion does not feel so comfortable in that particular environment. This can be because the place is new to them, or it is the first time they had that specific experience. Nothing to worry though!

Leaning on you

Has your dog ever leaned on you by putting its body weight against you while standing somewhere? Yes, dogs often exhibit this behavior when you might be on a walk and then stop somewhere. Most people don’t know what their dogs are trying to say is revealed in this type of behavior.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@molly_thegreydachshund

Your dog leaning on you doesn’t mean it’s trying to relax or is scared. Instead, they do so when they are trying to seek your attention or express their affection towards you. So, when your dog does this the next time, try to give them a treat or pet them.

Innocent eyes

Anyone falls in love with dogs when they put on a face with their puppy eyes, and we can confidently say that dogs master this technique from a young age. Even people try this face when they are trying to convince others into doing something they want.

Image courtesy of nIstagram/@iamnachothepug

Contrary to the general conception, puppy eyes don’t necessarily mean that your dog is begging you for something. Instead, sometimes they just do this to show their love towards you. Therefore, when your dog flashes you their “puppy eyes,” try to show some love from your side, too.

Tilting their heads

Does your dog tilt its head to the side often? Yes, this is typical behavior among dogs that is particularly seen while their human companions are saying something. To be precise, this often seems like your dog is in a state of confusion while trying to understand something you said.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@som_pompom_

Your dog might be curious if you mention “treats” or “food.” They try to figure out what’s going on, i.e., if you say food, they are confused about whether you are going to feed them or not. Researchers proved that dogs who tilt their heads are smarter and more attentive than others based on research.

Post-meal cuddling

After a hearty meal of your favorite food items, what do you end up doing? Unless there is any other important work, most people tend to relax and sleep for a bit. Well, dogs are no exception to that because they also want to relax and cuddle you.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@westladogs

Why do they come and cuddle you right after a meal? For beginners, you should know that you happen to mean the world to your dog, and you should feel proud of yourself. Your dog gains a lot of comfort from being with you, and this is their way of displaying that.


Wolves howl, as we know, and dogs who belong to a similar lineage also tend to howl sometimes, but this is most common in Huskies or Hounds. Wolves howl in order to demonstrate their territorial behavior over the land in which they live. Does the meaning of howling mean the same to dogs as well?

Image courtesy of Instagram/@susan_grogan

Humans tend to scream or shout when they feel anger, frustration, joy, or extreme excitement. On the other hand, dogs howl when they feel wonderful. Yes, howling does not always mean a cry of distress or assertion of leadership. It just means your dog is happy. However, they also howl for other reasons such as long-distance communication, loneliness, pain, and more.

Eyes speak the greatest language

Do you think that your dog’s body language lets you know about its mood or behavior, such as its tail movement? Well, not just looking at their tail or the way they move their body, but you can also find out more about how your dog is feeling by another method.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@mundo_pet_2019

Yes, you can know how your dog feels by looking into its eyes. Just like human eyes, your dog’s eyes also speak an easily understandable language. When they are happy, their eyes become large, and when they are sad, they tend to look downwards while making their eyes smaller.

Tail signs

There is no need to mention that your dog just loves you when it is wagging its tail, and this can be considered a sign of a happy dog. However, some other tail movements mean something else, and this can be observed when your dog meets other animals.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doglove

When the tail is pointing up, then your dog is getting excited about something. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s happy. When the tail movement seems slightly shaky when it meets other animals, then it is expecting some repulsion from the other animal.

Lying on their backs

Your dog lies down and rolls over on its back when it wants you to rub its belly. Have you ever thought about why they roll over as if they are asking you to scratch their belly? They sure do like it, but there is a deep meaning for dogs to behave in this specific way.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@westladogs

If your dog lies on its back while seeking a belly rub, it means that they trust you and have an immense amount of respect for you. They are trying to be more submissive by doing this and want you to play with them. It is not wise to offer belly rubs to your cat when it does the same, though.

Lying at your feet

While working on your laptop or watching TV, does your dog come over and lie at your feet, making you unable to move. And right after they do so, they actually sleep over there, and some might feel a bit frustrated about this behavior. You will not be frustrated anymore after knowing why they insist on doing this.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@rebecca.dale.g

Guarding you is one of the primary objectives of your dog, and they will do anything for it. So, even when your dog is asleep, it wants to make sure that your protection is the top priority, and by sleeping on your feet, they can know when you move and be on guard again.

Stare as you go out

Even though they are busy with their lives, people free up their time to spend with their canine companions. However, sometimes we have to do what we have to do, such as going to work or on vacation. In such cases, you can observe your dog sitting down and staring at you while you are leaving.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@westladogs

Although it seems as if they are sad or angry at you for leaving, they are assuring themselves of your return. Yes, they are confident that you will get back to them in a while, and hence, they soothe themselves with the belief of your return.


Why exactly does a dog bark, and what does it truly mean? Just like we have different types of words with different meanings, dogs tend to communicate with different kinds of barks, and it’s not just because they see something as a threat or showing aggression.

Image courtesy of Instagram/team_arzago

If your dog or puppy barks softly without much sound, then they want you to spend some time with them. However, long and loud barks mean that your dog is being aggressive, trying to ward off something they see as a threat, or they could be suffering from pain. Some dogs often try to communicate, and this specific behavior is commonly observed in breeds such as Huskies.

Follows you to the bathroom

Not just you, but almost everyone who owns a dog has experienced this circumstance where their dog follows them into the bathroom. They don’t just do it randomly, and there is a meaning behind why your dog follows you and wants to see what you are doing.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Allerleirau

Wolves tend to stay in packs and protect one another. Just like wolves, your furry friends also think that you need to be protected all the time. However, it can also mean that your dog or puppy is trying to seek your attention or feeling insecure. If you see anything concerning, then you should consult a vet immediately.

“Bow” ing

Sometimes, dogs bend on their forelegs while keeping their rear legs straight as if they are imitating a tiger that is about to strike. There is no need to be intimidated when your dog behaves like this. The meaning of them doing so is probably not what you think.

Image courtesy of Instagram/charleythelabrador

Dog trainers refer to this movement as “play bow” because they just want to play with you when they’re in this position. So, you don’t have to worry when your dog behaves like this because they’re not getting ready to attack. Instead, they want to play.

Paws Up

Dogs tend to keep one paw up while making it look like they are trying to get into that position for sprinting. However, some hunting dog breeds such as Beagles, Bloodhounds, or Pointers lift their front paws to indicate that they are extremely alert and are waiting for the opportunity to chase an animal or fetch an object.

Image courtesy of Instagram/mindmylead

In other cases, this particular dog behavior has an entirely different meaning. Have you ever observed that you, unknowingly, tend to raise an eyebrow when you are trying to solve a problem or thinking about something with immense concentration? Similarly, your dog keeping its paw up means that it is in “detective mode” and trying to figure out something.

Sleeping with you

Some people let their dogs sleep on their beds, while others might not be so comfortable about it. However, almost all dogs try to sleep on your bed with you as if they want to see your face first thing in the morning. Humans like to see the person we love right after waking up, and why should dogs feel any different?

Image courtesy of Instagram/@thelifeoftuckerthedood

However, this does not necessarily mean that your dog is trying to get overly attached to you. Even dogs with the right amount of attachment levels might want to sleep with their owners as a sign of affection. No need to worry! Even if you don’t allow your dog to sleep next to you, it will still love you the same.

Smelling the air

Dogs sniff a lot, right? They smell almost everything or everyone they get into contact with. Sometimes, it might even look awkward when your dog is sniffing the butt of another dog in the process of getting to know them. However, some dogs sniff the air as if they smell something specific.

Image courtesy of Instagram/westladogs

This is yet another habit of dogs that they have acquired from their wolf ancestors. Wolves sniff out other animal scents through the air. Similarly, when your dog seems to sniff the air, it means that it smells an animal such as a squirrel or a rat, which is considered as prey.

Sleep movements

You might have noticed when your dog seems to move its limbs while being asleep. Most people worry after seeing this because they think that their dog is having a seizure, and some might even wake them up. However, after your dog wakes up, they look completely fine.

Image courtesy of Txbowen/Flickr

You don’t have to worry about such behavior because your dog is just having a dream and the limb movements mean that it is running in a dream or playing with you. Even a little bit of barking can also be observed in dogs along with this twitching behavior, and it’s completely fine.

Air Kicks

There is no dog that exists who doesn’t love to get a nice belly rub. And in some instances, when you scratch your dog’s belly in a particular place, they start kicking the air as fast as they can. This is originally a reflex mechanism in your dog that is similar to our leg automatically kicks when a doctor taps on our knee.

Image courtesy of ASWPhotography/Shutterstock

It is hard for dogs to control this reflex mechanism, and you should not misinterpret this as your dog is trying to push you away from you giving it belly rubs. Instead, your dog doesn’t want you to stop at all.

Contracted snouts

Not all types of dog behaviors mean that they are in an extremely loving mood and want to shower their affection for you. Sometimes, a dog might also indicate that it is angry, and you need to back off a bit.

Image courtesy of Instagram/akumatheshiba

You should give them space when they’re showing their teeth. This is an indication that you better leave your dog alone for a while as they are furious about something. However, dogs don’t exhibit such behavior towards their owners regardless of how annoyed or angry they are in most cases.

Burying objects

If your dog finds something that looks precious to them, especially bones, they try and bury them in your backyard or lawn or the neighboring house to which they have access. Some might even find their household objects are buried because of their dogs.

Image courtesy of Dawn Huczek/Flickr

Even though this behavior is rather frustrating, you must know that your dog is trying its best to keep that object safe. As for the instincts of wild animals, some bury their food or objects so other animals won’t steal them when they are away. So, when your remote is missing, don’t worry because your dog is trying to keep it safe for you even when you are away. Good luck finding it, though!

Sniffing Butts

Dogs sniffing other dogs’ butts is something that most people find to be extremely weird, unhygienic, and gross. Some people think that this particular behavior means that your dog is trying to greet the other dog. However, there is a significant meaning to this rather than just saying hello to the other canine.

Image courtesy of RandyRobertson/Flickr

Unlike our noses, dogs have extremely powerful ones and can find a lot of information through smell. When they sniff the butt of the other animal, your dog might be able to find out their health conditions, gender, diet, and mental state.


Most male dogs, and sometimes even female dogs, often exhibit this kind of behavior. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is horny, trying to breed anything that moves. In such cases, most people get their dogs neutered to get rid of those lusty feelings.

Image courtesy of Tomas Castelazo/Wikimedia Commons /CC BY-SA 4.0

Dogs usually hump the legs of you or people when they are extremely happy and excited. As dogs get excited faster than you can expect, they just try to hump you as a sign of their happiness and extreme stimulation.

Eating poop

The most disgusting thing of all the things done by dogs, which makes us sick, is eating poop. You might see your dog eat the excrement of the other pets you have and still manage not to get sick from that. This is an instinct that just caught up with them from their ancestral lineage.

Image courtesy of The Well Spoken/via Flickr

In the wild, dogs need to protect their puppies from other predators at all times. In order to prevent other animals from following the pups, the mother dog eats the puppies’ poop while leaving no traces of its puppies behind. Even though there is a reason for that, it still is disgusting behavior.

Rolling in dirt

Does your dog or puppy constantly keep rolling over in the trash or dirt? You should consider an important thing over here – your dog is a wild animal, and like all other animals, their instincts tell them to roll in places that seem dirty.

Image courtesy of dirkvorderstrasse/Flickr

Instead of a single reason, there are varied reasons why your dog keeps rolling in a dirty place or trash whenever it gets a chance like they might be in hunting mode, trying to get back to their original scent, or they are exfoliating their coat.

Pickup rather than dine-in

Your dog might want to take its food somewhere else for eating instead of eating it in the same place where you keep it. This might be inconvenient for the owners because the food might spill all over the floor, and cleaning it can be a messy process.

Image courtesy of aww/Reddit

Your dog isn’t uncomfortable eating at the place where you kept its food. Instead, this is another wild instinct that dogs inherited from their predecessors. In the wild, dogs often kill their prey and take it to another place before they start to eat. The main intention behind this behavior is to avoid being interrupted by other predators while they are eating.

I’ll go vegan

Dogs often eat grass. This doesn’t mean that your dog likes to eat something that doesn’t consist of meat. Most dogs eat grass in very few instances, and some dogs get gassy or vomit after eating it. So, it’s bad for your dogs, right? Well, not entirely.

Image courtesy of smerikal/Flickr

Actually, it might not be the grass that caused the food problems in your dog. Dogs eat grass and might vomit if their regular food doesn’t go down well. So, if you see your dog eating grass, then don’t stop them. Instead, know that the last meal you gave them is not agreeing with their stomach, and they have an upset stomach because of it.

Perky Ears

We have discussed the importance of a dog’s tail and snout, but we can’t forget about their ears. The way they perk up when they are curious, and the muscles in their ears are impressive in their own right.

Image courtesy of Michelle/Reddit

They can pick up a whole host of sounds with them that humans can’t physically pick up. If you are ever wondering why dogs may tilt their heads a certain way, they are likely trying to locate the source of a specific sound.

Dog’s Tongue

Surprisingly, dogs don’t have a very diverse palate when it comes to taste. In fact, dogs only have a sixth of the number of taste buds that we humans have. This is why they are always so happy with their regular bowl of kibble.

Image courtesy of aww/Reddit

The reason for this is linked to their ancestors in the wild and their evolutionary instincts. So next time you give your dog dinner, don’t be surprised when they scarf it down. They are just trying to fill their bellies and are not expecting a delectable dining experience.

Smarty Pants

Not only do your furry friends understand you when you say, sit, stay, heal, and roll over, they can understand a whole plethora of words. According to research, dogs are just a smart as a two-year-old baby when it comes to brain capacity.

Image courtesy of aww/Reddit

Your best friend can understand up to two-hundred words, count, and manipulate you in order to receive a treat. Of course, it depends on the breed of your dog, and research proves that Border Collies are one of the smartest.

Sixth Sense

It’s time to reveal the truth to the myth once and for all. Have you ever thought about how your dog can predict a particular thing or event? Well, this is absolutely true, especially when it comes to the weather or if something bad is going to happen.

Image courtesy of

Many pet owners reported that their dogs would act strangely before a big storm hits, and others have stated that they act weird before something terrible happens. They will usually whine, hide in a safe place, or behave erratically if they feel this way.