When Good Dogs Go Bad: Devilish Dogs Named And Shamed Online

By Romy M

We all share a love for cute and cuddly dogs, and we adore seeing people post about their mischievous pets in weird poses, zooming around in the living room, or just sleeping on the couch. If you think that’s entertaining, imagine a Twitter account where people post pictures of their dogs along with signs explaining the silly things they did. Well, you don’t have to imagine because “@dogshaming” on Twitter exposes all the silly, fun, and embarrassing things dogs have done. So, without further ado, get ready to laugh your head off with dogs sneaking into UPS vans, breaking their owners’ noses, eating entire pizzas, and priceless guilty (and sometimes proud) looks on their faces after the damage is done.

Who’s a Hungry Boy?

Dogs can get very hungry, so who can blame this poor pup for nibbling on the lamp? We’re hoping that small plug isn’t all that’s left of the light. Otherwise, this owner will be in for a very expensive vet bill.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

All jokes aside, we’re sure this dog only managed to chew off the plug before its owner noticed what it was up to. That’s probably why he’s giving her the side-eye. Perhaps they should invest in a lampshade-shaped chew toy. 

The Flipping Dog

Some dogs are high maintenance—they require constant belly rubs and pampering but not this innocent pup. All he asks is for his loving owner to flip him over every once in a while when he gets stuck on his back. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Although half of his face is cut off in the picture, we can assume he’s showing his owner those puppy dog eyes. Who could say no to that face? If the rolling over becomes a problem, we’d be happy to take him off their hands. 

Hakuna Matata

We’re sure this family will never again make the mistake of leaving pizza unattended with their dog in the house. Even though it didn’t work out for the owners, the dog looks pretty satisfied with his achievement. Just look at him showing off his full belly. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

In case you were wondering, the phrase “Hakuna Matata” is Swahili for no worries. This doggo can relate. As for the parents, they probably don’t agree, considering they’re left to clean up the mess when the dog’s upset stomach kicks in.

Scaredy Cat

It is a known fact that Chihuahuas are cheeky dogs. Somehow, they have a lot of aggression packed into those little bodies of theirs. So, it’s no surprise that this tiny pooch picks on dogs that are a lot bigger. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

We know he’s a troublemaker, but we can’t stay mad at him. Firstly, he’s sitting in a chair that’s way too big for him. Secondly, he’s wearing a tiny blue jacket. And, lastly, he has a white heart-shaped patch on his head—how cute?


Since we’re back on the topic of dogs biting things they shouldn’t, we highly suggest investing in some chew toys for your pooch. This dog apparently favors… peaches and has a tendency to munch on them on a regular basis.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of the dog to go with the sign, but we can imagine the shameless smirk on his face. Hopefully, we’ll receive an update with a higher number on that paper and a happy pup with his peach-shaped chew toy.

Peanut Butter Thief

Dogs are exceptionally intelligent creatures. They understand more than you think and are capable of stealing and hiding snacks, like Levi over here did. Although it’s naughty, we believe such a genius plan should be rewarded with… oh, we don’t know… maybe peanut butter. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

You may have noticed Levi’s different-colored eyes (known as heterochromia). This condition can generally result from a genetic condition or other disorders and eye injuries. But as you can see, Levi’s brown eye is simply caused by a surplus of peanut butter.

The Best Kind of Package

It’s great to see a dog that doesn’t play into the stereotype of hating delivery drivers. If we were the UPS driver, we’d brag about it nonstop. But of course, the bag of cookies in the truck probably has a little something to do with it. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

This Golden Retriever looks absolutely exhausted from his afternoon rendezvous. We’re certain the pack of biscuits and a new friend made the outing in the freezing weather all worth it. Now he can go sleep peacefully with a full tummy.

Bon Appétit

We think we’ve learned that people need to feed their dogs more often. We can understand a dog eating a few steaks but six?! That’s a bit excessive, don’t you think? It’s possible the family had to eat dog food that night.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Not only is this unhealthy, but also super expensive. In America, filet mignon steaks cost about thirty dollars per pound, so it’s safe to say they lost about sixty dollars’ worth of meat. At least the owners have learned to not leave the food on the counter.

Treat Time

One of the best parts of browsing this dog shaming account is admiring the different ways that owners display their shaming signs. Hanging a paper plate around your dog’s neck is a surefire way to make them feel embarrassed for what they did. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

All those stolen treats are doing wonders for this Sussex Spaniel’s hair. Dog treats can contain important nutrients that may even help a doggo’s fur stay soft and stylish. It’s obvious that Olive won’t be experiencing a bad hair day any time soon.

Let It Snow

Christmas came early for this family. Who needs snow when you have a dog that can rip up his bed and leave the stuffing covered across the floor? You can live your winter wonderland dream and create snow angels without the fuss of going outside. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

You can tell this handsome pupper knows he’s in trouble—his ears are pulled back, and he looks completely sheepish sitting in front of his mess. If only we were there to tell this cutie that he is still a good boy in our eyes.

Couch Eater

Bringing your dog on vacation with you is a valid option for most people nowadays. There are many more dog-friendly hotels and restaurants than there used to be. If these owners had brought their doggo along, they could’ve avoided a trip to a furniture store. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Coming home to a broken couch can be a nightmare, but imagine how the hapless dog sitter felt when she discovered the dog going to town on the couch. Luckily, the owners find it humorous, and it seems the brunt of the punishment will be going to this unfortunate doggo.

An Act of Love

Even though this dog is being shamed, he might have done his granny a favor. Who wouldn’t want to be stuck in another country with their family? However, we bet her bosses probably won’t believe the “my dog ate my passport” excuse. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

We will never be sure if this was done on purpose. Many people would love to have their granny over for longer. It makes sense since they feed you, tuck you in at night, and give you lots of treats, love, and attention.

Walking on Water

How does one manage to nearly drown in a pool with a pool cover? We thought the whole point of a pool cover was to prevent that. In all seriousness, pool covers can actually be extremely dangerous for many pets. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Fortunately, the pooch’s owner was able to get there just in time to prevent anything serious from happening. We hope this little sweetie pie will no longer traipse too close to the edge of the pool without any human supervision.

Buffet For Three

This time we don’t have just one culprit—we have a team of three committing the offense. They worked together to perfectly execute their plan with a lookout, a delinquent, and a composter. We are shocked they didn’t get away with it.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

In reality, the parents of these lovely doggies should be thanking them instead of shaming them. A month’s worth of meat being delivered in a box that was left outside in a backyard for hours on end is a recipe for food poisoning.


For some dogs, one supper just isn’t enough. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and sometimes you just have to trick your brother and eat his food. Luckily, we can see there’s plenty of food in the bag in the background, so his brother will still get a meal. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

This pupper’s face shows us how content he is with his scheme. When he flashes his pearly whites, it is clear he feels no remorse and will undoubtedly be doing this again. He is purely devious, and we love it.

Brave Boy

We think it’s safe to say the only crime committed here was paying $700 for an autonomous vacuum cleaner. All this dog was trying to do was protect his family from the robot that came alive and developed a mind of its own. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

The pup’s small tooth sticking out of his mouth probably contributed to the damage done. It’s so impressive that we think he should join some sort of crime-fighting unit. We need him to save us against any threats that we come across.

Impulse Buy

Amazon should really update its security. If a dog can order a package on the internet with one click, what could a thief do? It’s difficult to tell how she pulled it off, especially since she doesn’t have any opposable thumbs. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

We’re curious about what kind of book Skye ordered. It’s probably something along the lines of ways to get extra treats, how to catch the delivery guy, or where to find friends. Either way, she looks pretty chuffed with her buy.

The Price of Love

Hear us out—this was no accident. This doggy over here knew what had to be done. Technology consumed his mother’s life so much that he no longer received the love he so desperately craved, and resultantly, he killed the offending laptop.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

At the end of the day, this dog’s mom has to forgive her pup. After all, it’s a small price to pay for everlasting love from her doggo. We’d take the affection from a co-dependent dog over a lousy laptop any day.

A Perfect Day Out

You know you’re in for a rough ride when your dog looks this happy after peeing on a man because you know he’s bound to do it again. They won’t be able to take him anywhere for fear of what he might do next. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

The man at the beach clearly didn’t have a very good day. When you go to the beach, you don’t expect to be used as a human toilet or have to get your dog out of a fight. At least it was an eventful afternoon for all involved.

Finley, the Flip Flop Eater

We feel so bad for the house cleaner that had to go home barefoot, but we feel even worse for Finley. He looks completely distraught. Or maybe he’s happy. We can’t really tell with that blank stare and those lifeless eyes. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

In all seriousness, we hope the helper didn’t actually go home with no shoes on. That would be a horrible way to end a long shift at work. Hopefully, Finley will get a new trainer who can teach him he shouldn’t eat people’s shoes.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Wait, is it just us, or does that paper say “signs,” as in multiple, meaning that this isn’t the first time this canine has been shamed for doing something naughty? She also doesn’t seem to be phased about it with that narrow-eyed stare. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

How can anyone ever compare their dogs to useless possessions? It’s not like anyone needs a retainer to keep their teeth straight. And sunglasses… pfft… who needs UV eye protection from the sun. All you need in this world is a doggo with a smirk.

Clumsy Skittles

Man’s best friend can get stinky and mucky easily from playing around outside in the dirt all day. Some of these pups refuse to be hosed down, which can get gross. Many people would kill to have a dog that willingly gets into a shower. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Some may say that Skittles locks himself in the shower on purpose. He must get a lot of attention when being that cute and just needs a little bit of time away for himself. Plus, it probably smells good in there.

The Book Had it Coming

Dogs are fed up. They are tired of being shamed for just living their lives and being free. We know the book started this war in the first place, and this husky was just trying to save himself and his friends from further humiliation. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

On the other hand, this pooch might’ve done this as a way to get on the dog-shaming Twitter account. It is possible that he was chasing fame. Well, he got what he wanted because we are all cheering him on.

Box of Shame

Nooo, let him out! He didn’t do anything except for having a dream; he just wanted to be taller. He’s too sensitive to be put in the box of shame—he looks like he’s about to cry. We will go to the ends of the Earth to release him.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

The least this pug’s mother could have done is get him a bigger and shorter box. He can barely see out of it and doesn’t have nearly enough space in there. We truly hope that he gets lots of cuddles after this.

Mmm, Toilet Paper

The Covid-19 pandemic had all of us stressed. People were panic-buying toilet paper for some strange reason, and apparently, dogs were in on the trend, too. Thankfully, those days are long behind us. 2020 was an insane and wild year.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Surely eating toilet paper can’t be healthy for you. It doesn’t contain any nutrients and isn’t the most appetizing thing to eat. Fingers crossed that it was only 1-ply toilet paper so that it went in easily…and came out smoothly, too.

Eyes on the Pies

We’ve heard of people going into food comas after eating hefty meals, but this beagle brings it to a whole new level. Take a look at how relaxed he is. We don’t think anything could phase him at this point. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Things could’ve been worse. He could’ve eaten a book or toilet paper like the previous dogs. Fortunately, he ate actual food and not a random object he found lying around. Besides, eating an entire pie around Thanksgiving is what we humans usually do anyway.

Carrot Enthusiast

You know you’re having a bad day when your doggo eats the carrots you’ve been growing for over two months. What she should’ve done was steal a few every day so her owner wouldn’t have to go through the pain of losing them all at once. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

We know Alice didn’t mean any harm. She smelled those delicious carrots in the ground and couldn’t help herself. We’re glad to know she’s getting the help she needs at Carrot Eaters Anonymous and won’t have to wear glasses anymore.

Sir Chews-a-lot

Is chewing up your adoption papers really a crime these days? This puppy knew that he had to make sure he couldn’t be returned, especially with all the chewing he does. With any luck, he’ll learn to chew his toys instead of paper. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Five days of no forbidden snacking is a pretty good record for a puppy, if you ask us. The first mistake was made when they left the adoption papers near a pup in the first place. However, they made the same mistake again when the owners placed another piece of paper in front of him.

Daycare Troublemaker

It’s hard to believe this doggie misbehaves at daycare; he looks so calm in this photograph. Although, another possibility is he’s merely tired from his day’s work of attempting to get kicked out of daycare. Either way, we fully support him.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

We’re dying to know what a dog could do that would make not one, but two daycares decide he’s not worth the trouble. It’s uncertain how his parents will find another caretaker for him since they’ve most likely gone through every daycare in town.

The Trickster

Mason is extra intelligent and knows how to trick his way into getting twice the number of dinners. His parents need to up their communication game tremendously if they want to avoid buying double the amount of dog food to keep up with this trickster.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

We think if Mason sits there patiently like a good boy, he deserves an extra meal or two. Not many of the dogs on this list would be willing to wait for food and would probably steal it without their parents even noticing.

Silent but Deadly

You wouldn’t want to be in the same vicinity as your dog after he eats an entire Subway sandwich. Those extra jalapeños farts will definitely be enough to clear a room. And don’t get us started on what it’ll smell like when it fully leaves his system.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Even though this Golden Retriever has seemingly good taste in sandwiches, he is in for a rough night and a sore tummy. We would say he’s already feeling it, judging by his sorrowful facial expression. Good luck, buddy. We believe in you!


Puppers like this are known for having breathing problems due to their flat nose and face. So, it only makes sense that his mother should be stuck with the same problem. Now they’ll have a matching nose along with difficulty breathing. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Although his unfortunate mother will miss a few days of work, she finally has an excuse to stay home with her pup all day. She will also have the perfect icebreaker for her meeting and one heck of a story for her family.

Princess Lu

As we’ve seen before, beagles can be quite defiant, and it turns out they’re also sassy. It’s absurd to think that a dog mom would give the blanket off her back to her dog, but we suppose we’d also do anything to make the barking stop. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Lu’s mom should include “speaks dog” in her resume since she knew exactly what Lu was after. It’s just like a mother who knows what her baby’s cries mean. We hope now she’ll know to buy an extra blanket for audacious Lu.

A Real Winner

Geddy is one of the most unique names we’ve heard of and somehow fits this pup perfectly. We know Geddy has lost to the skunks an astounding number of times, but he will always be a winner in our hearts. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

This little one is so innocent and small that he doesn’t know what he’s in for with those rascals. Just look at him—he’s so tiny that the ribbon that’s meant to go around his neck wraps around his whole body instead.

Bark Bark!

Teams of two never disappoint. There is nothing you can’t accomplish when your best friend is by your side. We’re positive they had an incredible night together and decided they wanted mom and dad to join in on the fun. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

The one thing we’re intrigued by is how they successfully set off an alarm with only their barks. They must’ve moved the whole house with their howls. But we’ll forgive them because they were only doing their job—protecting their home.

Time For Less TV

As if German Shepherds weren’t frightening enough, this doggy parent thought it would be a good idea to post a photo with their dog’s glowing eyes. It’s as if he’s staring into our soul. Ten to one, it’s from all that TV watching. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

A simple way to solve this problem would be to start spending more time outdoors. Then their dog would start barking at real animals instead of the TV. The fact that the photo was taken in front of a TV cabinet speaks volumes.

The Three Stooges

We know that’s not a dog, but given the circumstance, we shall award the cat an honorary title. It’s typical that the cat does all the dirty work, and the dogs claim the food for themselves. Poor kitty didn’t even stand a chance. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

If the cookies had chocolate inside, it might have actually been an attempted double homicide on the cat’s part. But fortunately for the pooches, it looks like three siblings working together to steal dog-safe, freshly baked treats. It took perfect cooperation. That’s what every parent wants, right?

Magpie Syndrome

This special creature is a corgi, and one of the things they’re known for is being intelligent. Either this corgi doesn’t match its job description, or it knows something we don’t. But above all else, he’s as cute as can be. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

We’re hopeful that the paperclip and piece of string aren’t an example of what this pupper chews on since they’re potential choking hazards. Otherwise, mom and dad will be “digging for gold” until they make sure the shiny stuff passes.

Scaredy Pants

Dogs seem to be evolving more and more these days. They have even developed the ability to lock their parents out of their houses and apartments. We don’t know how it’s done, but we don’t question the ways of a wizard. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Since dad has such a great sense of humor, there’s no doubt that he’ll be the one to clean the carpet. Even then, he still might not be able to control his laughter. We expect everyone to have gained enlightenment from the peculiar event.

Snitches Get Stitches

We don’t mean to be dramatic, but this doggy being scared is the appropriate reaction. Who knows what the cat will do if the pooch moves him? One thing’s for sure: the kitty will seek vengeance (they have, what we like to call, murder mittens). 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

In actual fact, he might already be risking his life by being a tattletale. Alternatively, the doggo should accept his fate, take a deep breath, and plonk on the floor at a safe distance away. That would be the smart thing to do.

Emerging Talent

Asha seems to be under the misguided impression that no one likes her art, but we do. We appreciate its beauty, and the way the light hits the torn-up pieces of toilet paper is mesmerizing. She is a true artist. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

This charming husky seems to be more interested in the pot plant than she is in her own artwork. It may be that inspiration has just struck, and she will be using the long green leaves as her next subject.

Powdered Snout

We are also baffled as to how they knew this pooch was responsible for the crime since there is not a shred of evidence in sight. But there does seem to be some discoloration on his nose. Could it be…?

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

We can’t blame this doggo for stealing the donut. He needs the energy to be able to walk with those little legs. We know he’s sorry (hence the puppy eyes) and will make it up to his sister with extra cuddles.

Cheesy Goodness

We have all been there, and we’d even argue that eating a lot of cheese all at once is the epitome of better life choices. He shouldn’t be ashamed and should continue to do the things that make him happy. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Here’s to hoping Cooper isn’t lactose intolerant. If he is, his parents will find out soon enough. They might want to consider not leaving cheese within Cooper’s reach. If not, they’ll be left to clean up the cheesy mess for the rest of their days.

Fresh Breath

Dogs aren’t exactly known for having the best breath. But we can’t blame them. After all, who has time to brush your teeth when there are so many toys, squirrels, and other doggos to play with? It’s all about prioritizing.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

These dogs were both smart and considerate. Even though they don’t have opposable thumbs, they still managed to unwrap the minty treats. Now, mom and dad don’t have to worry about all that pesky plastic messing up their doggos’ stomachs.

Frame That Guilty Face

We’re not ones to pick favorites, but we have a special place in our hearts that cats simply can’t fill. Sure, cats don’t need any help going to the bathroom, and can generally take care of themselves, but there’s no replacing a happy dog’s wagging tail.

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

This pupper wanted to help his parents clean up the cat’s litter box. How considerate? Sure, breaking the cat’s litter box was an accident, but they’re easy to fix. Mom and dad should be thanking him rather than shaming him online.

Super Pup

This is the perfect way to end this list—a bonus super dog. We’ve gotten used to dogs being shamed for the bizarre things they’ve done, yet sometimes we forget to reward them for being our best friends who look out for us. 

Image courtesy of @dogshaming/Twitter

Super Pup takes his job very seriously as you can see by the proud look on his face as well as his ears standing at attention. This baby will grow up with this pupper by his side and will never forget what he did for him.