Wonkey Donkeys: 45 Adorable Photos That Prove These Animals Deserve More Attention

By Ridwan S

Animals can be quite beautiful and can melt even the hardest of hearts. In this regard, however, donkeys hardly ever come to mind when considering adorable creatures. In fact, many individuals will obviously consider cats and dogs before thinking of most other animals, especially donkeys! However, donkeys should not be looked over in the rankings. Believe it or not, they have adorable looks and charming personalities. Aside from being friendly, they certainly have impressive intelligence. Hence, they make heart-warming pets for those who have the space for them. Interested in discovering WHAT we are talking about? Here is an extensive article for you. Herein, we have compiled 45 adorable donkey images that will make your heart sing. Let’s begin!

A friend’s donkey and barn cat have a special bond

It’s not every day that you come across a picture of a donkey and a cat cuddling. You are lucky to be witnessing it today. Here’s a photo of a special relationship between a cat and a donkey. It is one of the most gorgeous images you will ever see.

Image courtesy: thepickledchef/reddit

The donkey and the cat are both filled with admiration and love. They seem secure in each other’s arms. Or better still, the friendly cat appears to have found a safe haven. With the donkey’s chin soothing the cat’s fur, it is clear they enjoy spending time together cuddling.

Donkey on a fence

If you haven’t seen a picture of an animal sitting like a human, you should check this out. In this image, the donkey sits pretty and comfortably on an iron fence. Contrary to a more familiar image of a donkey sitting on the grass, our little friend here chose to enjoy the weather his way.

Image courtesy: studabakah/reddit

While how comfortable the donkey is could be debated, the donkey’s calmness says otherwise. He appears to be having an amazing time, and it is lovely. After all, he could have chosen to lay down on the grass behind and even take in some succulent grass.

A friend’s mule enjoying the sun

Baby animals are among the cutest things on the planet. It warms your heart to watch all of their activities and tantrums. The image below illustrates a baby donkey who appears to be enjoying a public tantrum. Or perhaps, in a lighter mood, it’s getting a tan.

Image courtesy: corey333/reddit

Humans tan all the time, so we don’t see why animals should be exempted. Thanks to the owner’s friend for capturing the moment on camera. Otherwise, nobody would have had the opportunity to see such an admirable being in a lovely moment.

A selfie with his pet

Pets are their owners’ brightest and loudest heartbeats, literally. They can brighten your day with adorable acts and habits. One such habit is how this donkey manages to share a similar pose with the handler. The duo looks quite happy.

Image courtesy: JayJay/reddit

The donkey’s broad smile suggests that this isn’t its first time taking such photos. You should also notice its impressive dentition in this image – it’s not every day you come across a smile like that, right? The owner also has great teeth!

The perfect picture

The picture below depicts a donkey who photobombed a rainbow. The donkey’s owner wanted to take photos of the sky and rainbow, but the donkey decided to join in. The colorful backdrop certainly makes the donkey’s image more appealing. The donkey’s posture and its half-opened mouth are both amusing too!

Image courtesy: JMyers666/reddit

The owner claimed that the donkey was throwing a tantrum because he wanted a cookie. However, this appears to be the sweetest tantrum imaginable. You’ll agree that keeping this image will surely bring some smiles to the owner’s face in the future when they look back on the memory.

The zoo-born baby donkey

Don’t you wish you could have been at the zoo to see this stunning little one? The foal is a pleasurable sight. No matter what gender, baby donkeys are always referred to as foals until they are a year old. As baby donkeys are fully developed at birth, they don’t require much care.

Image courtesy: danigavorcik/reddit

If you’re wondering why the foal is already standing, newborn donkeys stand up around thirty minutes after birth. The baby donkey’s stature is adorable with its big, floppy ears staring right at you. Overall, it’s quite a picture, especially with the mother in the background.

Always one cheeky one

Someone is always the goofiest among a group of friends, especially when taking pictures. The image below makes it easy to decide who is the most laughable among the three, right? Look at how expressive one of the donkeys is.

Image courtesy: quirkyherd/Instagram

Unlike the goat, who is simply having a nice time taking a shot, the donkey duo are quite expressive. Even though both had goofy reactions, the middle one seems cheekier with a little tongue out. They are simply adorable together.

The cat and donkey bond

You should probably start by acknowledging the lovely colors of both animals, which are in contrast to one another. Yet, the hues are beautiful as they bring different shades to the image. More interestingly, the cat’s attitude makes the whole picture hilarious.

Image courtesy: coral225/reddit

Although the picture above is insufficient to conclude that the pets like each other, the owner confirmed that they do. It would be great if the owner could release more images to support this claim while also entertaining people. Photos of pets having fun together are always heart-warming.

Duncan enjoying the warm sun

The foal in the image below is named Duncan, and his position suggests that he is enjoying the sun. He appears to be in the best possible situation, lying quietly and enjoying the company of his mother. The sun must have been a blessing, especially on cold mornings.

Image courtesy: OVER_9000_1991/reddit

The arrival of the sun can provide warmth and relaxation to your body. Until it becomes extremely scorching, at which point you begin reapplying sunscreen and seeking shade. Duncan’s calmness in this photograph suggests that the sun he is basking in is of a calm and warm variety.

Hay there

Doesn’t this remind you of some of your selfies lying around in your gallery? Yes, it does. The donkey appears to be used to taking solo pictures and has a calming look. Look at his black and adorable eyeballs; they’re quite appealing.

Image courtesy: petermal67/reddit

The rocky backdrop of peculiar and stacked rocks that matched the donkey’s hue also did justice to the image. This cute image will surely make an impressive wallpaper on any device. You can see the donkey’s smile every time you look at your phone.

Eeyore wants some food

We are living for his name! Donkeys are extremely intelligent. According to the owner, the photo was taken when Eeyore went into the feeding room to get some breakfast. Considering how important breakfast is, you can understand Eeyore’s desire for some.

Image courtesy: fortheloveofsass/reddit

Aside from the beautiful coloring of the donkey, the beautiful sky behind it makes an excellent backdrop. The sky hues are as stunning as the donkey’s gaze. They both made the image priceless. In the background, there is also a donkey staring in the direction of Eeyore – you may want to recheck.

Aren’t siblings great?

Take a moment to admire the love and beauty in this picture. Start by looking at how relaxed they appear. All of that is what you can call the donkey-hug, and it is truly beautiful. One of them appears to be comforting the other. Seeing this may make you wish for a comforting hug as well, don’t you?

Image courtesy: Bearschoke/reddit

You can probably guess whether the little horse or the donkey is the older sibling based on their height. Everyone deserves to have a relationship like this with a brother from another mother. It’s a fantastic sense to have somebody that will comfort you whenever you need it.

Stay strong friends

If you enjoy having animal images as your wallpaper, here is a lovely recommendation for you. The donkey is not only adorable, but the owner took the time to groom it and photograph it appropriately. Here’s one of the most lovely donkey photos you’ll find in this article.

Image courtesy: bamagirl122/reddit

The image appears to be a portrait with the focus solely on the donkey’s face. With the hairy face and flower band, you will be forgiven if you can stop staring at the lovely creature. Another thing to admire about this donkey is the colors on its body, which are also beautifully combined.

Donkey eyeing the carrot

When pets want something from their owner, they often make a cute expression. A good example is our little friend here making a “look, I am here” kind of expression because it wants the carrot the owner was eating. Look at that cute pity face he’s making at the camera.

Image courtesy: PhiloshopherStriking1/reddit

Hopefully, the owner gave this adorable pet a carrot after they captured its expressions. The donkey’s position allows you to examine its facial features closely. It almost feels like this photo is 3D, and we can feel those whiskers tickling us.

The floppy-eared donkey

Looking at the ears of this particular donkey, they are quite different from the others on the list. The hair on its body is also curly, unlike other donkeys. With all of these distinguishing characteristics, it must be a different breed of donkey.

Image courtesy: fenwai/reddit

From a distance, the donkey appears to be a giant rabbit. Also, it resembles a teddy bear for various reasons, including its curly hair. However, as stated by the owner, it is a donkey, and an adorable one at that.

Birthday celebration with the donkey

Birthdays are special occasions, and you should spend the majority, if not the entire day, doing what you enjoy. It is a moment of contemplation for some people. They spend their time doing activities that allow them to meditate and reflect on the previous years.

Image courtesy: darkscottishloch/reddit

Others spend their time outside with friends and family. Here, we have a celebrant who decided to spend time with their friend’s pet. If you’re seeking a different way to celebrate your next birthday, you might want to consider this.


There is always time to meet up with friends, and such occasions are always enjoyable. Here is a hang-out that has been captured for your viewing pleasure. You can tell by looking at this picture that the engagement was lively. It’s so cute to see pets bonding.

Image courtesy: grahambruton/Instagram

They both appear to be at ease and enjoying their time together. The fact that this is so adorable may put you in the mood to meet new people. Hopefully, your wish comes true and you meet wonderful people who become friends.

A pair of chocolate cookies

What’s better than a single foal? Two chocolate babies, of course. The pair in this picture looks cute together. It’s understandable if you seek a cute chocolate cookie after seeing this duo. Look at their long, floppy ears; such a lovely feature.

Image courtesy: skiller67/reddit

The long ears and chocolate color make them too cute for words. We have an urge to pet these guys and see how soft they are. Without any donkeys in sight, we will have to settle on a chocolate cookie. Not a terrible trade off…

Happy donkey

If you’ve been having a dull day, we’re confident that this image will brighten it. Take a look at that lovely tongue-out gesture. The donkey appears to be a goofy pet. If this pet keeps up such a funny face every day, it’s sure to get all the extra snacks.

Image courtesy: twohappyminidonkeys/Instagram

Lively pets are always a pleasure to be around. They brighten your mood and ensure that you are always feeling well. Feel free to revisit this article and enjoy this funny sight whenever you feel the need to. It’s also cute enough to use as wallpaper if you want.

Good morning

Here’s a cute picture of a lovely donkey to greet you on a new day. The owner was feeding their donkey and decided to photograph it for documentation. Look at those beautiful caramel-colored ears. What a face!

Image courtesy: inanidigiada/Instagram

The photo above shows how close the owner is to the donkey. Bonds between pets and their owners are admirable. We honestly never considered it before, but perhaps snuggling up with a cute donkey is a great way to end the day.

Rudolph is ready for Christmas

Christmas is a time when families get together to enjoy each other’s company. They also use this time to exchange gifts with one another. Santa Claus is a fictitious gift-bearer who arrives on Christmas Eve. To receive gifts from Santa, everyone is always advised to be on their best behavior.

Image courtesy: sparkledonkeys/Instagram

The owner of the donkey above has dressed it up in preparation for Christmas. Take a look at the golden crown atop its head. Rudolph the Donkey with your nose so bright, won’t you guide Santa’s sleigh on Christmas night?

The new hat

You might wonder if this mule is wearing a hat at first glance. However, this is not the case. Right at the head of the accommodating and lovely donkey is its friend – another pet who trusts the friendship enough to take a seat.

Image courtesy: Clean_Possibility_56/reddit

The fowl appears to be having a good time where it is seated. Both pets must be comfortable with one another for the donkey to be that calm and unbothered—another sweet yet definitely unexpected bond between these two animals.

The open-mouthed themed selfie

The image below perfectly demonstrates how adorable donkeys are. The three cute baby donkeys are undoubtedly enjoying their moments under the relaxing sun. You can’t help but wonder why donkeys love opening their mouth wide.

Image courtesy: michellebsinger/reddit

You could say they’re all trying to throw a tantrum from another perspective. Whatever angle you take, this is an adorable image of donkeys having fun. Another thing to admire about donkeys is their dentition, which is so close together.

A donkey and his sweet smile

Stress can permeate our entire being and manifest itself visibly in our faces. Smiling helps you avoid looking tired, worn down, and overwhelmed, but it can also help reduce stress. When you are stressed, make an effort to smile. You and those around you will benefit from it.

Image courtesy: MBE1993/reddit

After all, smiles are contagious. This donkey’s adorable smile will make you have a gentle smile too. So if you fall on a rough day, you might want to have a quick peek at this friendly donkey wishing you goodness and peace.

The swimming donkey

Would you have guessed that a donkey can swim perfectly without stress? The size of a donkey does not suggest that they can easily lift their bodies in the water. Swimming is an activity that you would not expect donkeys to enjoy.

Image courtesy: Osiris0900/reddit

If there were only one picture of the donkey swimming without stress, you might have assumed it was drowning. However, these three slides show that the donkey enjoys his time in the pool. The image also indicates donkeys could be intelligent and good learners.

The Floofy Baby Donkey

Fuzzy pets are highly appealing; they resemble teddy bears, which you will want to hug tightly. The charisma of the baby donkey is admirable as well. The extra fluff on the donkey makes it more adorable. The color of the donkey’s fur is another appealing feature.

Image courtesy: mallorn_hugger/reddit

You should also notice the donkey’s stance in this image. The donkey in this image has many admirable qualities. The donkey’s floppy ears and attitude are examples of such characteristics. With all of this combined, you will adore the appearance of the baby donkey.

A friend in need

It was snowing when this picture was taken, and the pets were outside playing. The donkey is giving the cat a delightful piggyback ride through the snow. If the cat had to walk through the snow, it might have become too cold, so this is a thoughtful gesture.

Image courtesy: owhart28/reddit

Since the donkey can walk safely in the snow, it is in the best position to assist. You need friends who will look out for you wholeheartedly like this in your life. The image and caption may remind you of a close friend who is always there for you.

Cheerful donkey

While others were preoccupied with eating, the “cheerful donkey” was preoccupied with taking a picture to brighten your day. If that isn’t the most considerate gesture, we don’t know what is. The image should make you think of that friend who has to photograph their food before eating it.

Image courtesy: IanSausage/reddit

You can send this image to such friends to both laugh about it. From the puffy face, and small legs to the sheep running a quick check in the background, there are so many things to make you think and laugh here.

Derpy Donkey Hugs

Hugs are highly soothing and relaxing, and they provide emotional support. Getting a hug before starting your day can help you have the best day possible. And receiving a hug after a stressful day can help you forget about it. Hugs are the best when they come from your loved ones, including your pets.

Image courtesy: sour8grapes/reddit

Look at this donkey owner, who is getting a sweet hug from their tall donkey. The donkey’s face beams with delight, and although you can’t see the owner’s face, you can tell she’s pleased too. To relieve stress, make sure you regularly get hugs from your pets or loved ones.

Picture ready

Here’s a cute portrait of a baby donkey that clearly shows all of its features. Zoom in to admire every detail, beginning with the adorable ears. Then there’s the donkey’s eye, curly hair, and stature. What makes donkeys so appealing is the variety of colors they have.

Image courtesy: miss_neuron/reddit

You might be able to pick out three or four colors from this one. The fantastic thing is that these colors work so well together; just look at the ears of this donkey. If you don’t get a donkey for any other reason, get one for its lovely, matching hues.

It’s lunchtime

As stated earlier, donkeys are blessed with good intelligence. Here is an example; our little friend is seen with an empty plate in his mouth, indicating that he is hungry. This approach is more direct and effective than neighing unnecessarily to irritate its owner. The container in its mouth can only mean one thing – it’s lunchtime!

Image courtesy: EOakleyl/reddit

The empty dish can only mean hunger, saving the owner the stress of figuring out what is wrong. The donkey is making the owner’s life easier and should be compensated for it. Giving the donkey extra food or a special treat should suffice as compensation.

The head kiss

The bond between pets and their owners can be so endearing. The donkey’s owner had gone out of town for a while and returned to this reaction from his big pet. It is the cutest head kiss anyone could give or receive. The donkey must have missed their owner terribly.

Image courtesy: MrPangea/reddit

Looking at the owner’s face, it’s clear that he missed his donkey and enjoyed the attention too. If we were in his shoes, we would also sit quietly to enjoy such emotions and moments together. The image only further emphasizes how adorable pets can be.

Opie, the troublemaker

Pets that get into mischief can be exhausting to manage, but they will undoubtedly make your life more enjoyable. With their numerous outbursts and problems, they will increase your activity level. The owner of this foal claims that it enjoys looking for trouble, and the image suggests so.

Image courtesy: baldylox/reddit

After all, what would Opie be looking for under the desk? It could have caused trouble earlier and was trying to hide. However, with such a cute face, it may be difficult to punish it for causing problems. The owner will undoubtedly find a way to keep it under control and calm.

Lovely donkeys

Friendship is wonderful, especially when you know your friends will always be there for you. Look at how engrossed these donkeys are in this hug; this is all we need to know that they are friends. Hugs from friends are soothing and memorable.

Image courtesy: charitybliss/reddit

The donkeys’ expressions show that the hug is everything anyone could want. They appear to be at ease and satisfied. It is just as important to pray that you find a companion that looks out for you. Everyone deserves such a wonderful friendship – it makes life a bit easier and more fulfilling.

Donkey Mid-sneeze

Take a moment to marvel at the wonders of nature. The photographer captured this image just as the donkey was about to sneeze. It turned out to be a stunning capture. The image is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious images on the internet today.

Image courtesy: OpossumFTW/reddit

The truth is that we have never seen a more beautiful grey color than the one on this donkey. You can also see the donkey’s tongue and teeth because its mouth is wide open. The environment in which the donkey is standing is also very appealing.

Little Donkey

Here is a little donkey attempting to take in the beauty of the morning sun. Or perhaps, it’s gazing through the door to see what’s happening outside. The scene is similar to waking up in the morning and drawing your curtains to enjoy the day’s beauty.

Image courtesy: anne_picsnclicks78/Instagram

Despite that only the head is visible, there is so much to admire here. First off, resting on the short door and making such a funny look is hilarious and one-of-a-kind. It’s not every day you see a donkey in such a position. Hopefully, the owner spent some time with the beautiful creature after taking this captivating shot.

A picture during snow

Selfies are always enjoyable, especially when done with friends. The donkey and its owner went out after the snow had melted and got apples. They decided to take a cute selfie for their friends after their outing. There you have it, a brief explanation for the image below.

Image courtesy: aoxomoxoa111/reddit

Look at the donkey’s expression; it appears happy with everything. It’s making a face at the camera, and its expression is quite funny and inquisitive. You can’t tell if it’s excited, tired, or just being playful. The picture turned out well, regardless of the story behind the expression.

How did I end up here?

From the image, the donkey appears to be lost and confused. However, this might not necessarily be the case. The donkey was probably just enjoying the morning sun while sitting on the pavement. It appears to be meditating and confused for whatever reason best known to the cute baby.

Image courtesy: newforestdonkeypics/Instagram

That could be how the donkey was feeling at the time. Look at how calm it appears to be sitting quietly on the floor. Aside from the unusual sitting position, the curly hair is also a sight. We love this cutie and wish he were sitting in our neighborhood.

Burrito baby

In the image below, you get two for the price of one. The photo shows a lot of cuteness, with a donkey and a puppy included. The puppy looking out from the pocket of the cloth wrapped around the donkey’s body is not something you’ll find on the street on a regular day.

Image courtesy: jilldoesweddings/Instagram

The puppy sits quietly, trying to poke his head out to see what’s going on. You might be wondering why the puppy is hiding in the donkey’s cloth pocket. It could be because it requires protection, and this is the best way to get it. Consider free movement as well.

The first kiss

A maternal bond is an emotional connection formed between a mother and her child. From birth to eternity, the bond often lasts longer than many. This takes place in humans and animals, including donkeys. The image below exemplifies our point. According to the donkey’s owner, the kiss you see is the first kiss the baby donkey gave its mother.

Image courtesy: fortheloveofsass/reddit

Knowing that this kiss occurred only hours after its birth makes it even more precious. Every mother deserves this moment, which comes only once in a lifetime. Every mother’s wish is that their child will shower them with love and attention.


Some people enjoy dressing up their pets in the same way they enjoy dressing up themselves. You might be able to tell from this image that the owner enjoys dressing up. Look at the cap on the donkey’s head; that’s all you need to know about the owner’s sense of humor.

Image courtesy: badassburrobeanies/Instagram

You’ll also notice that the cap matches the leash on the donkey’s mouth. It is very likely to be a deliberate act. The camera angle also gives the impression that the donkey is winking, which is adorable. If we’re being honest, it’s a cute attempt at winking.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a worldwide holiday celebrated to show respect, honor, and love for mothers. The event honors mothers’ contributions, maternal bonds, and the role of mothers in our society. It is a day when mothers are honored all over the world.

Image courtesy: quirkyherd/Instagram

It is intended to remind people of the importance of mothers in their lives. It is a time when people demonstrate how much they adore their mothers. They use this time to lavish gifts and love on their mothers. The donkeys’ image is cute enough to be used for Mother’s Day cards.


The best time to capture a sun-kissed image is in the morning when the sun is just rising. Whether it’s the owner’s wish to capture the donkey at this period or the donkey just came out at the perfect time, the key thing is that this donkey made a really nice pose. The donkey’s structure and shadow create a charming capture even with the clumsy leg.

Image courtesy: alalvelaa/reddit

Shadows in a photograph add contrast, dimension, composition, and a sense of balance. In this image, the shadow emphasizes how the donkey’s legs are positioned. It’s a little scattered, but it’s adorable considering the donkey is only four days old.

Donkeys on a carrot diet

It may take some time to realize that this is, in fact, a donkey. We don’t have any hints to help you figure it out either. However, checking the carrot in it’s mouth might help if you are very familiar with donkeys. The photo had to be taken from the top.

Image courtesy: EireGoBrawl/reddit

The hair on the donkey’s head is wirey, and really makes a good shape. A walk around the valley with this cutie would most likely make anyone’s evening. All you need is to ensure to take along enough carrots to keep your companion engaged. You may even take a similar capture on your next walk together, right?


Let us conclude this list with a cute image of a donkey’s chin showing all of its facial features. The owner is holding the mules chin up to make sure all its features come out nicely. The donkey’s nostrils, with their cute shape makes a nice photo.

Image courtesy: sparkledonkeys/Instagram

The two nostrils are shaped like a love heart, but the one on the left is more visible than the one on the right. It also clearly depicts the donkey’s mustache-like hairs. You’ll agree that we haven’t seen any mustache-like hairs on donkeys as detailed as this so far in this list, making this image a one-of-its-kind.