Canine Chaos: A Gallery Of Broken Dogs Being Their Goofy Selves

By Anni K

Dogs are often called man’s best friend and for good reason. They are loyal, fiercely protective, and will always greet you with enthusiasm when you come home after a long day. Even if you have a bad day, they’ll be there, eagerly wagging their tail, eager to please. Dogs never fail to put a smile on our faces. Sometimes it’s because they’re just too cute to handle, but occasionally it’s because they’re up to their goofy doggy antics.

Honestly, we’re glad dogs don’t understand pictures because we bet they’d be embarrassed by the plethora of ridiculous photos their humans have of them. And, of course, we can’t keep these snapshots to ourselves. From odd sleeping positions to toy malfunctions, here are some of the silliest and wackiest photos dog owners shared online.

Mighty But Sweet

If you think all pit bulls are vicious dogs, then you’ve clearly never met one. They’re gentle sweethearts that are nothing like the outdated stereotype associated with them. Sure, they still have a mean growl, but they’re usually pretty harmless.

Image source: engg_girl/Reddit

This pretty pittie broke all the “rules” of how a pit bull should look. He’s pretty imposing, but the stuffed Pooh Bear in his mouth says otherwise. Toy alone is adorable, but we love how he seems so focused on not losing his precious companion. 

Bigger Is Better

Dogs have very basic requirements when it comes to sticks. They need to be longer than their mouth and have some weight, so you can throw them far enough to play fetch. And, of course, they have to be tough enough to withstand a game of tug-of-war.

Image source: f**dcorp/Reddit

This Great Dane found a stick that matched all the requirements and then some. He didn’t just find a stick; he found a whole branch and happily brought it to his human. We wish the owner had taken a video because we’d love to see the dog try to run with that “stick.”

Catch All the Toys

Nothing to see here; just an ordinary dog showing off how many toys he can fit in his mouth—several tennis balls and a bonus stick. He’s efficient at playing catch. Instead of chasing down each ball, he’d rather just get them all in one go.

Image source: stewartmjohnson/Reddit

Although, we would like to know how he’s actually able to hold all of these securely in his mouth. Surely it must be very uncomfortable, but maybe the pride in showing off overrides the discomfort. 10/10 for this doggo’s skills!

Sad Boy

This is something we would expect from a human child when throwing a tantrum when they don’t get what they want, but to see it in a dog is something new for us! We don’t want to encourage bad behavior, but this is seriously cute. 

Image source: 1LittleSunflower/Reddit

Apparently, this dog enjoys walks so much that he dreads returning home. Most dogs would be happy to take a break, but he can’t get enough of his walks and needs to protest every time his owner decides it’s time to head home.


Most dogs are either aggressive towards strangers or keep to themselves in their yard, but this dog has evolved into a very creative and smart dog. He realized if he sits in one specific spot, looking poised and cute, he’ll get something he loves—pets!

Image source: HimeTheHusky/Reddit

So he has optimized his location to be accessible for every passerby to give him a pet or rub without scaring them off or obstructing their way, and we just think it is the sweetest thing. He is truly living his best life!

Fresh Dye

If you’re a dog owner, you know that mowing your lawn can be risky and can be a disaster waiting to happen. The first and most annoying thing your dog can do is poop on your freshly mowed lawn, or they could do what this fella did…

Image source: GeekyMirror/Reddit

Dogs love the smell of freshly cut grass as much as humans do, so they often roll around in it to add some scents to them, only this grass was so freshly cut, it dyed this dog a shade of green. Now the owner has to clean up the dog, too.

Pie Bush 

Has it ever happened to you with your pets? If they find a tasty snack or even some forbidden human food somewhere in your house or local park, they want to go back and look. If it happened once, it can happen again, right?

Image source: ChrisBramwell/Twitter

This happened with Dusty and their owner. While on a walk, they found a half-eaten pie, and ever since then, Dusty wants to double-check the magical pie bush to see if more pies have popped up for Dusty to enjoy. 

Don’t Be Fooled

Dogs are known to be able to mimic humans. Sure, sometimes we’re just projecting human emotions onto another animal, but any dog owner can tell you that they’ll copy their humans’ actions. They’ve watched us long enough to know how to act to get attention, sympathy, or snacks.

Image source: micindra/Reddit

Chrissy has mastered manipulation so much that her owners had to put up a sign so concerned passersby don’t fall for her sneaky tricks. Chrissy has a one-track mind, and if she doesn’t get her treats, she goes to extreme lengths to steal the hearts of those who pass her on the street. 

Look At Me!

This funny photo was the result of a combination of the dog’s cute behavior, the perfect camera angle, and fortuitous timing. It looks like this dog is putting on a weird dance show and isn’t so sure about which steps come next.

Image source: Merari01/Reddit

But really, this dog just decided to start to jump at the right moment when their owner took a picture. It looks like he practiced this move for quite some time, as he has perfected the pose. That’s one talented dog!


At first, this image looks fake, or like it is a scene from a video game where the graphics glitched and the NPC dog ended up perfectly standing on the fire hydrant. However, this is a real photo…and we have some questions.

Image source: amandalaguera/Reddit

We can’t help but wonder: does the dog do this often? What is he staring at, and is he about launch himself at the target? This surely is a glitch. Honestly, the perfect balance is the most terrifying part of the whole scene.

Just Comfy

This Great Dane dog either found the perfect glitch in the matrix where he could be extra comfy during long car rides, or he’s just a goofy and clumsy doggo who refuses to sit normally. Sadly, we’ll probably never know the answer to this mystery.

Image source: CromulentGuido/Reddit

We can’t imagine that this is actually comfortable for this massive dog. But hey, if it works for him, good on him for finding a snuggly spot in his human’s car. We hope he is on his way to the park, and not the vet. 

Picture Perfect

In the eyes of their owners, every dog is beautiful and worthy of a picture. We’re sorry to say, but we don’t think this dog is going to win any pageants. Nonetheless, their owner saw a moment of beauty on their hike and simply had to capture the moment.

Image source: siraelwindrunner/Reddit

We’re kidding, of course; we are sure this doggo is actually cute. It’s just the angle and timing of this photo where the wind messed with the dog’s facial features, and the photo was taken at the exact moment the dog was at its ugliest.

The Vet?!

We found the living embodiment of the Thalia and Melpomene masks—those happy and sad theater masks. In a single picture, these two buddies managed to encapsulate the wide range of emotions dogs can express. And, no, we’re not surprised the Golden Retriever is the happy one.

Image source: AirborneMarburg/Reddit

Did the owner just break some unfortunate news to their dogs? One looks mortified, as though they were tricked into thinking they were going to the dog park, but instead, they are actually going to the vet. Meanwhile, their friend is blissfully unaware.

Favorite Puddle

Some dogs love puddles, and dog owners are usually happy to oblige, but it can be a real headache if they drive to the dog park where said puddles are. Tracking all that mud inside the car is one of the major downsides of loving your pet.

Image source: xfocus/Reddit

The owner explicitly chose this park to bring their dog for some exercise because there were no water features. Unfortunately, you can’t stop nature, nor can you keep dogs from doing what they love. This pupper found the only puddle around and proceeded to lie in it, much to their owner’s dismay.


At first glance, you might think the joke is that this doggy has a weird and slightly dirty coat of fur, or that he looks too focused on whatever he is looking at. But have a closer look at the picture—notice the way he is sitting.

Image source: Imperfectyourenot/Reddit

This is just plain weird! We bet this dog was trying to copy their humans and sit fully on their butt. This looks rather uncomfortable, but according to the person who shared this photo, he does this all the time.

Big Dreams

At times, we forget that the dogs we know and love today once descended from wolves. Tens of thousands of years of domestication turned the noble pack hunters into fluffy goofballs. But their wild side still has a tendency to shine through.

Image source: tomtimus/Reddit

So Godzilla. Very powerful. This Shiba Inu might not have seen any of the Godzilla movies, but he knows what that giant statue represents, and he had to let everyone know how powerful and terrifying he is deep down. Dream big little guy!

Calm Life

When they added a new dog to their family, this owner couldn’t help but snap some comparison shots of the two canines in the house. When the photo was shared, the owner jokingly mentioned that they thought the previous pit bull had some serious attitude, but they were proven wrong.

Image source: Tegasauras/Reddit

We agree, the first doggy seems like he had quite the attitude, but the newest family member is vibing hard. He’s just so content with his life that he can perfectly copy a lazy human lounging in a lawn chair.

Deep Sleep

Dogs and cats alike are often found sleeping in rather strange positions, but this guy has us concerned. If we ever slept like this, we would definitely wake up with a massive headache and a stiff neck the next day. 

Image source: Mickey67Mouse/Reddit

The funniest part about this dog’s sleeping habits is that his owners bought him an expensive orthopedic bed to help with his body pains, but he decides to sleep in these weird and awkward positions, rendering the bed effectively useless.

No Stopping Me

This owner spent a lot of time trying to put up these fences to keep small animals in—and keep some small pests out—but the dog decided it wasn’t up to par. It needed to be redone, so he got started and helped tear the fence down.

Image source: ZeblerTPK/Reddit

Anyone would be upset to see their hard work torn to shreds, but it’s hard to stay mad at that face. Sure, he looks smug, and he clearly knows what he did, but maybe he can blame this on someone else. We agree with the dog; it must have been those awful raccoons!

Taste The Rainbow

Cats might be the ones associated with laser pointers, aka chasing that frustratingly intangible dot, but dogs can be equally as fascinated with shadows and light. This pup thought he had found the perfect snack and thing to chase—a rainbow reflection.

Image source: dotgm321/Reddit

It is hilarious to think they don’t understand what light is and how reflections work, but they make for some good entertainment. This doggy was reluctant to give up on his colorful treat, but reality won this battle. Hopefully he earned a real snack for his efforts.

Captain Toys

Oftentimes, when we catch dogs acting like goofballs, they’re merely trying to entertain themselves. While these “shows” aren’t for us, per se, we’re always happy to catch them in the act. Like this silly German Shepherd who was having fun playing with his toys.

Image source: ClassyLifter/Reddit

We understand trying to fit both balls in his mouth—good job, by the way—but the hat is the most perplexing part of this scene. How and why did he use his food bowl as a makeshift hat? It must’ve been a tiring endeavor. Sleep well, little one.

Floating Snacks

This owner snapped a shot of their dog just looking at their pet fish float and swimming around in their fish tank. It seems sweet that the dog is curious about these weird little snacks just swimming in this big container of water. 

Image source: tantalizingGarbage/Reddit

We can not help but wonder what is going through this dog’s mind and if it came to realize that this is why cats always hover around the fish tanks. Maybe he is just enjoying the bubbles or watching his fellow housemates swim around.

“Excuse Me!”

Some people have mastered the art of side-eye, and it seems like dogs can do it, too. This innocent dog was minding their own business when a fellow passenger rudely interrupted them. We can almost hear the “excuse me, but I was reading something!”

Image source: Kezzva/Reddit

We knew from the get-go that this picture was just the right photo taken from the right angle, but our brains were still fooled. There are no dog-human hybrids; just a person and their canine companion on their daily commute.

All Ears

Have you seen those mood collages with characters showing their various expressions? Looking at this dog, we can’t help but wonder why “pet mood collages” didn’t catch on. One dog can hold so many emotions, each captured in their own picture.

Image source: Addrat91/Reddit

With this dog, though, it’s all about the ears. This cutie practically telegraphs their mood with their floppy ears, making it easy for their human to find out if something is wrong with their doggo. This kind of makes us want to run and adopt a whippet dog ASAP!

Kangaroo Dog

Action shots of dogs just never disappoint. If it isn’t their faces flapping in the air, it is something like what this person caught on camera—some hilarious body positions. Is it just us, or does this dog look like it is jumping like a kangaroo?

Image source: jakijo/Reddit

For some reason, this dog’s legs are extending very far forward and backward, making it look very funny when it is running. The focus on this dog’s face makes it 10 times funnier to look at. Maybe he has some kangaroo DNA in him!

Making The Most of It

We love that some restaurants and businesses look after people who are walking their dogs by providing some fresh and cold water—especially on hot days. You’d expect most dogs to just drink some water and catch their breaths in the shade.

Image source: Weekly-Reason9285/Reddit

But this dog decided it was so hot, and he wanted to cool down his whole body. So, he jumped into the bowl. We can’t even be mad because if he fits, he can sit! The look of innocence on his face is too cute for words. 

Defying Gravity

Every pet is different, but one thing dog owners don’t need to worry about is their beloved canines walking on the walks and getting into places far beyond their reach. Well, it seems like there is one dog owner that needs to prepare for such things.

Image source: Human-Sounds-Records/Reddit

Okay, we’ll admit, as much as we want super-powered dogs to exist, we are glad they don’t and that this is just some excellent timing on the person who took this photo’s behalf. No gravity-defying dogs exist—at least, not yet. 


At first glance, it seems like this owner should read the manual of this dog again since it doesn’t seem like he is properly assembled. But that is just what tall dogs do—they almost contort themselves up when they sleep. 

Image source: Mjyys99/Reddit

We can’t imagine he likes sleeping like this, but that calm face says otherwise. We are also pretty sure you should never challenge this dog to a game like Twister since he will win every single time while you are left popping your joints after getting all tangled up.

Sleep Tight

No, this isn’t a furry throw blanket draped over those cushions. That is an actual dog that is enjoying its sleep in a very questionable position. If we had to guess, we’d say that he didn’t start off in that position…probably.

Image source: volces/Reddit

Can you imagine coming home after a long day and seeing your dog just sleeping like this? We would laugh out loud, and maybe snap some pictures, before waking the little angel. That’s a surefire way to mess up your spine, little guy.

I Am Cat, Too

Dogs and cats can definitely get along and be best friends, and they might even sleep on top of each other, but this is one we haven’t seen before. This dog decided the cats looked comfy on their cat tree and he should have a try. 

Image source: iScootScootHotD***/Reddit

Not only is this dog sleeping on a cat tree, but he chose the highest platform, too. The two cats beside him are just as shocked as we are, but they do seem a bit more upset that their sacred space has been infiltrated by a dog!

Toy Catcher

No animal likes wearing the cone of shame. Although it is not a cone of shame, but rather a way to protect their wounds from being licked or scratched, they don’t know it’s for their own good. All they know is their heads are stuck in a weird device.

Image source: putput420/Reddit

This dog found a clever way for him to enjoy his cone—by using it to store his favorite chew toys right next to his face. By keeping them inside the cone, he can easily grab a toy whenever he’s feeling playful.

Beauty Sleep 

We just can not get enough of dogs doing human-like things. Of course, it has to be their choice—you should never force animals to do things they’re not comfortable with. This dog, however, seems perfectly fine sleeping in his doggy “bed.”

Image source: xynopit/Reddit

Dogs usually curl up or lie in awkward positions, but this dog is making full use of their miniature replica of a human bed. Look at him all tucked in, ready to head off to dreamland. Oh, what we would give to live this dog’s life!

Fresh Cut

This poor owner took a snapshot of their freshly washed and groomed dog. Since they had just returned from the dog groomer an hour prior, it was the perfect time to capture their dog’s beauty. However, their pooch didn’t agree and decided to do some styling of his own.

Image source: CottonCandy_Eyeballs/Reddit

He also looks like he is confused as to why the owner is upset with his new styling choices since he worked so hard to get it just perfect around his mouth and nose. Come on, just look at those eyes. He’s innocent!

Let Us In

Dogs know no limit when it comes to privacy or personal space. They will follow you everywhere, trotting at your heels, and even coming into the bathroom. These dogs are no exception to that trend, and they seem rather “nosy,” too. 

Image source: NascarTeri/Reddit

Although they luckily didn’t try to barge in on their owner in the bathroom, they all rushed to the door when someone knocked. They had to see who was coming to visit! We don’t know about you, but we would be honored to have such a warm welcome.

No Peeking

Don’t worry; this dog isn’t scared and curling in on himself as a protective measure. Nope. He actually just realized after 11 years on Earth that if it is too bright for a nap, he can shut his own blinds.

Image source: stokpaut3/Reddit

Isn’t this dog clever for blocking the light with its tail? We think so! Have you ever found yourself rudely awakened by the sun shining in your eyes when it’s not time to wake up yet, or you can’t take a nap because it is too bright? Now we wish we had tails.

Front Seat

This is a cute photo, and when you know the story, it’ll make your heart melt. Every adult dog still is a puppy at heart, and they sometimes forget that their body grows irrespective of their inner pups. As a puppy, this dog would always sit on the center console of their owner’s car.

Image source: onecoolchic77/Reddit

But as time moved on, he grew a bit too big for his special seat, yet he still tried to sit there whenever they departed to go to the dog park. It is sweet to see them act like a puppy and remember the things they used to love. 

Sweet Dreams

This adorable dog is either dreaming of a gold platter topped with treats, or he’s showing his teeth for his rival dog he spotted at the dog park. Whatever the reason is, this is one of the cutest photos yet.

Image source: eclextic/Reddit

He seems to have twisted himself like a pretzel and is sleeping very comfortably in his awkward position with no care in the world. How does he get up from this nap, and will he get tangled when he does wake up?


This is definitely a look of regret we see on this bright magenta-stained doggy. They got caught by their owners when they ate through the canvas bag with their art supplies and ate a whole tube of magenta-colored oil paint!

Image source: deepmindfulness/Reddit

Is this the photo that will inspire a new expression like “caught magenta-pawed”? We sincerely hope that this dog didn’t get paint all over this owner’s home and especially not on any furniture or sheets, as we can imagine it is quite a pain to get it out. 

Best Birthday 

Both these dogs seem like they are in dog heaven. The candid snapshot perfectly captures the joy on their faces when they saw all these fresh and bright new tennis balls. Where do you begin, and which ball do you leave? It’s all too exciting!

Image source: BeansandWeiss/Reddit

Potato—the bigger dog—had its birthday, and its owners decided to spoil them with 100 balls. Can you imagine getting 100 of your favorite item on your birthday? We are sure you would be just as excited as these dogs are.


If we didn’t know this dog was mid-yawn as this photo was taken, we would be a little terrified at the extra long tongue that this dog has. But luckily, this dog was just yawning, and he won’t likely lick your entire face off in one go.

Image source: husky2pack/Reddit

This dog must have some chameleon or frog DNA in his genes since its tongue is ridiculously long, especially when extended by the dog yawning. There’s no hiding the treats on high countertops with this dog in the house; he will simply snag it off with its tongue.

Own Your Mistakes

Dogs can be destructive, gnawing at everything from ruining shoes, toys, and even furniture. And they either act as if nothing happened, or you can often see them giving you puppy eyes and begging for forgiveness. But this dog isn’t ashamed of his misdeeds.

Image source: experiencedDominion/Reddit

He has ripped the owner’s nephew’s ball to shreds—quite well, by the way. But instead of hiding the evidence or even giving puppy-dog eyes to say he is sorry, he somehow got the ball to sit perfectly on his head like a helmet, and he seems proud of his creation. 

I Am Sitting, Mom!

We are imagining this dog being fed up with its owner’s commands of sitting and waiting, that he tried his absolute best and sat as deep as he could but ended up in a mid-split instead. His face is so innocent and world-weary, too!

Image source: Pianoismyforte/Reddit

But the owner of this dog said that the reason for this doggy’s weird sitting position is that they often go for such long and tiring walks that the dog seems to start wilting when he gets home. That makes this photo even cuter!

Am I Pretty?

This doggy got super excited for some pets and practically started to melt into this person’s hands, demanding more scratches and pets. He enjoyed it so much that he started making a hilarious face and showing off his bottom teeth. 

Image source: eommaj/Reddit

This dog has a bit of an underbite and likes to look at the people who are kind enough to give them some pets. Isn’t this the sweetest thing? No barking; just deep, loving stares and the desire for more cuddles and pets!

Doggy Door

This pupper took the idea of a doggy door too literally and became the doggy door itself. Obviously, he was a bit too big for this dog, but instead of staying stuck, he took matters into his own paws and took the door with him. 

Image source: hollysand1/Reddit

The owners of this dog were actually still busy installing the doggy door when the dog got a bit too excited to try it out and accidentally ripped it out. Luckily, no one got hurt, but it did make for some hilarious photos. 

Cats and Dogs

Contrary to what most people think, cats and dogs can get along. Some of them even become best friends that don’t go anywhere without each other, and they look out for each other. In this case, they even take naps together.

Image source: FinderSPF1/Reddit

Although the positions might be questionable at best, we do appreciate that the dog is so trusting of the cat to allow him to sleep on such a vulnerable part of his body. Let’s just hope the cat doesn’t get scared and chomps down on the first thing he sees.