40+ Candid Photos Of Birds For When We Need To ‘Chirp’ Up

By Aileen D

What is that? Is that a plane? Is that a bird? You can’t help but follow the gaze of the cluster of people around you. You strain to make sense of the flapping wings, those curved beaks, and those claws clutched around a package. Is it a bird or a drone? Well, we can’t tell either. And no, don’t think that you need glasses to understand what’s going on up there in the sky. Otherwise, we would all be wearing glasses. But one thing is for sure, the few drones that have made this list are bound to make you break out in laughter. Here are some of the most memorable pictures of birds taken in their most candid moments.

Avril Would Be Proud

You won’t be an alternative rock fan if you don’t know Avril Lavigne’s songs. Back then, the blue-eyed, 19-year-old would captivate the hearts, and tv sets off so many angst-filled teenagers. It didn’t matter if you were in a relationship. Every time you hit play, you were ridden with heartbreak.

Image courtesy of Ciara /@ciara pollock/Twitter

“He wanted her. She’d never tell. Secretly, she wanted him as well. But all of her friends stuck up their noses.” They had a problem with this skater boi’s stunts. Within minutes of uploading this picture, many couldn’t help but love @ciarapollock’s tweet. It was too cute to ignore.

Birds’ Eye View

If you are not one to believe that birds aren’t real, we have proof for you. Reddit user, Mr_Zena, had gone inside the room for his next class when he saw these flock of birds monitoring the area in real-time. There was a pair of eyes glued to every corner of the room. He felt the sweat trickle down his back.

Image courtesy of Mr _ Zena/Reddit

Now, there’s not a chance that he can take a couple of minutes of sleep in his professor’s class. Oh, he would have to fix his schedule and get those darn 8 hours of sleep every night at the same time. A thought comes to mind. How can he render these drones defunct? A wooden slingshot, perhaps?

Playing It Cool

Twitter user @buckleyjack was too lazy to cook himself breakfast. He was hungry for some fast food grease. And he had come up with a list of items to order from Mcdonalds. He called the troop, and within a couple of minutes, they were pulling up to the drive-through speaker.

Image courtesy of Jack, your new pal/@buckley jack/Twitter

“Hi, how may I take your order, the voice cracks through the speaker? Uh, I would like Two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, Large Iced Tea, and a sundae to go!” He cranes his neck and looks at his pet as if to ask, “how about you?” Jack drives the car towards the second window to pay for the merch.

Omen of the Underworld

We don’t know what we would have done if we had visited a wildlife and bird sanctuary and then had one of these predators nest on our head. Fortunately, @spreadterror’s girlfriend knew how to handle the situation. She bent down and giggled, allowing the predator to eat her hair.

Image Courtesy of @spread terror/Twitter

We don’t know what it had whispered in her ear. But we are assuming it had brought ill tidings. She was so upset her hair turned gray. She had to shake this big fella off her head and yank her boyfriend out of the sanctuary. Other than that, the trip had gone fairly well!

Watch How It’s Done

There are a lot of things we take for granted. Take, for example, the physical characteristics of different types of birds we find online. Just how do scientists compile the data about their height, diet, and weight? Well, this guy who works at a bird banding station has got some answers for you.

Image courtesy of bird nerd 111/Reddit

They have to weigh the birds they take to the station. So to keep their feathers from ruffling, birds are wrapped up in cloths like a burrito. This owl didn’t put up a fuss when they weighed him. But everyone in the room did. This owl is too cute with its large beady eyes!

What’s With the Ear Piercing

Reddit user missgymlow had been face-timing her friend. They were catching up on many things, granted that they weren’t able to visit each other’s houses in the past few months. “What’s new with you?” he asks. Everyone could tell she had gotten a haircut. But as far as she could see, the only thing that had changed about him was that he had gotten a new piercing.

Image Courtesy of Miss Gym low/Reddit

This photo was taken just a few seconds before disaster struck. He hadn’t seen it coming. He hadn’t even been able to take a deep breath before this sucker bit into his ear. Sure. Blood trickled down. But at least he has one hole to loop an earring into. That counts! Now, on to the next ear.

Activate Drill Mode

This drone had traveled a thousand miles to reach its destination. It has to collect data from a mine shaft, ensure the specimen’s integrity, and ferry it back to the lab. It sounds like a lot of hard work. So this drone dives right into it. “Activate drill mode!” It points its head at the slab of stone.

Image courtesy of beefinator 51/Reddit

As you have guessed, not all drones have this feature. Only select versions of owls can drill into thick stone slabs. After an hour or two, it will need to regain its strength. But rest assured that these types of drones will get the job done. That is something the US Government can guarantee.

Missing Drone

A good samaritan took to the streets to this bill of a drone he had found. He knew drones were pretty expensive, and whoever owned this would want it back. He tried to search its neck for a nametag but couldn’t find any. So he went old-school, posting these flyers.

Image Courtesy of rorimirror/Reddit

We never know. This drone just might belong to you. In case it is, just contact Reddit user rorimirror. He should be able to locate this ordinary-looking pigeon and have it delivered cross-country to you. Of course, you can always just maneuver the controls and have it migrate to your house.

So Would We

Reddit user, Doorabl, thought it would be nice to have company over. But she couldn’t handle the demands of a dog. Much like a baby, she would have to bathe, walk, and feed it. No, she was thinking more along the lines of a bird. Give it some seeds, and it should cope the rest of the week. The thing is, birds weren’t as nice as she had thought.

Image Courtesy of Doorabl/Reddit

Palms sweaty, knees jerking, and her legs giving in. Just put it down. Right there, she tries to calm this angry bird. Instead, it flies across the room with a pair of scissors. “Okay, I might have to move to a new house then!” She screams as she takes flight for the back door.

Doesn’t Give A Darn

We didn’t know that some birds have a sweet tooth. This one saw a honey nest below. It locked its eyes on the target and then swooped right in. Within a couple of seconds, it was flying to its nest with a torn piece of honeycomb in its beak. Bees buzzed with anger.

Image Courtesy of R ganibi/Reddit

You should expect this type of behavior from the Crested Honey Buzzard. It didn’t receive that name without reason. It raids wasp and bee nests but prefers the latter because their honey’s smoother and thicker texture. Too bad for these bees. They happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sweet Dreams

Birds are pretty observant creatures. Well, they have to be if they want to live in the wild. But for its entire life, this lovebird had only known the comforts of cages and pet shops. Within weeks of adjusting to its new home, it had taken to this Reddit user’s bed.

Image Courtesy of drugs _ are _ yummy/Reddit

It tucked itself in without having to wait for mum to turn off the light or kiss it goodnight. It flew in the room and then snuggled itself under the covers. It laid its head against the mountainous pillow and then closed its eyes. Whether it dreamed of seed and nuts, we will never know.

Find Yourself A New Home

This married couple had been throttling each other’s throats for weeks. Guess what they had been fighting about? To adopt a bird. So, she decided to adopt a bird a month ago. Things went well the first couple of days until she saw that it preferred her husband over her.

Image Courtesy of zaphod _ beeble _ bro/Reddit

She is over it. They are only sweet to her husband and want nothing to do with her! Helpless, her husband can’t do anything but nod his head. He couldn’t explain lest he wakes this bird on his shoulder. Neither can he give it up. He doesn’t have the heart too!


We have always known that Love Birds were pretty to look at. With their gentle demeanor and colorful feathers, it’s tempting to have a couple as pets. But of all the Love Birds that we have seen, no one seems to top nature’s artistry on this one.

Image Courtesy of Shadow Girl 9/Reddit

Reddit user, shadowgirl9, couldn’t help but compare this bird to the popsicle stick she had as a treat for lunch. She had taken a photo of it just before nibbling on it. It looked too pretty to eat, but what a waste to see those beautiful colors melt on the floor, right?


Of all the birds in the kingdom, it seems like vultures have a thing for custom-made clothes. Having gone to the tailor, they couldn’t help but wear their new pair of pants. They raised the ends of their coat and had everyone take a look. Oh, you can bet it had cost them a lot of money.

Image Courtesy of Jes Layton/@A geek with a hat /Twitter

Some of the birds couldn’t help but feel a tinge of envy. After all, those pants were custom-made to fit the skinny thighs of these vulture bloomers. They would need to have it replaced in a couple of months, which would be another costly expense. But to this duo, it almost seems like a necessity.

And I’ll Owl always Love You

Today was a special day. These two wore their finest attire and exchanged vows in front of close friends and family. She couldn’t help but tear up, and he heard his voice cracking on the microphone. It was such a perfect event had it not been for this owl that happened to swoop in during the exchange of vows.

Image Courtesy of Interesting Engineering

“And I’ll Always Love you, deep inside this heart of mine, I do, love you!” But not to worry, there were other photos of them on the altar. In fact, they have a copy of the whole thing on video. They would play the tape every anniversary and relive the vows they had said when this bird flew in.

Snooping in

How would you feel if you found out that someone had tried to unlock your phone? Anxiety? Fear? Well, that largely depends on what you’re trying to hide. Those emotions quickly dwindled when this owner found out who had been trying to take a snoop.

Image courtesy of @crazy birds /Facebook

What he found was a selfie on his front camera. From the looks of it, this bird seems to be enjoying the attention. You can bet it wasn’t the only picture on his phone. His gallery was ridden with them, but he couldn’t bring himself to press delete. Would you be able to?

Someone Beat Ariana Grande

Think Ariana Grande. It’s almost impossible to imagine her without a winged eyeliner and a high ponytail. If you have tried to sport the look, we could maybe help you with the eyeliner. It only takes a couple of minutes (millets) to get these two to stay in position.

Image Courtesy of doorabl/Reddit

Place a couple of seeds atop your nose and have them take a peck every once in a while. Feeding them this way should be able to last give at least five Insta-worthy shots in ten minutes. Best believe you will have Ariana Grande on the run for her money.

Gloom and Doom

People taking a walk on the harbor couldn’t help but notice this eagle. He is perched on the rails, feathers drenched, and eyebrows are drawn in thought. “Oh, this seems familiar,” said one passerby. “With all the things happening in the past year, I have come across a lot of people with this default state of mind.”

Image Courtesy of TheMindCircle/Pinterest

Try as they might, they couldn’t snap this eagle out of his trail of thought. It might have been the weather or the lack of prey, but it doesn’t seem to be having a good day. To make matters worse, the sky is growing darker overhead.

Is It A She Or A He?

Everyone couldn’t help but gather around this chirpin’ momma. After laying an egg and tending to it for weeks, she finally saw the first few cracks appear on the egg’s surface. Everyone can make out the beak and its curious eyes. Within a couple of minutes, it stood beside its momma, ready to take on the world.

Image Courtesy of Birbs 4 U/Reddit

Of course, the question on everyone’s mind was – is it a boy or a girl? Well, we can’t really tell. But in the coming weeks, it should become clear. Until then, this momma carefully tends to her newly hatched baby. She licks at it and then nuzzles her head against its neck.

Quick Break Before Making A Dash

Reddit user, ashleyjjane and her husband often spend the afternoons on the patio. She props her feet up on the table and then skims through a magazine while her husband stares off, watching the neighbors at a distance. He waves occasionally. Out of the blue, this bird comes swooping in their patio. It lands where you wouldn’t expect.

Image courtesy of ashley j jane/Reddit

Fortunately, this cat is hospitable to birds. Instead of pouncing on this stranger, it allows it to ruffle its fur and sit there. It even stayed by the front door instead of walking towards mom’s feet, where it occasionally lays. After a couple of minutes, the stranger gives a quick peck and goes on her way.

Naval Drones Spotted

We don’t know which countries are currently embroiled in a war, but we are certain one will start after seeing this picture. Natalya Lobanova took to Twitter to report this haunting duo she had spotted. It seems like the government is taking offense. But just what is this artillery?

Image Courtesy of beanstalk boi/@Han _ 707/Twitter

To which Beanstalk Boi quickly responded, that sly cat is out to protect the citizens. He ferries his way through the lake on the back of a duck. Once near dry land, this cat lunges and climbs the cobble steps to disarm the enemy and then secure the city.

Its Own HVAC Unit

Birds love to live someplace comfortable – preferably warm and sunny. They can’t always settle for Los Angeles, so most of the time, they adapt, just like us. For his siesta, this smart fella cooped himself up in mommy’s mug where she’s steeping a teabag.

Image Courtesy of General Pigly/Imgur

She had just poured in half a cup of warm water – just perfect to this bird’s liking. Within a couple of minutes, it slept soundly and woke up to mum rubbing its neck. “Gotta let me have my brew, honey.” It gingerly crept off the handle and then moved to mum’s palm, which was warm from holding the mug.

Drone Vs. Hawk

This is an unlikely sight to see. So, spectators gathered around and gawked at the flight mid-air. One strikes a blow to the other, while the other tries to disarm the enemy. Oh, you bet these two are going at it neck to neck. Who do you think will win?

Image Courtesy of yeah makes sense yeah/Reddit

Like us, you wouldn’t want to place a bet. It is better to watch this fight unfold. After all, we can’t help but feel some degree of loyalty to Silicon tech founders and the US government. The loser can always repatch, recalibrate, and upgrade its drone.

Jean Bird Van Damme

After making waves on the internet, some people can’t help but ask, “Can Jean-Claude Van Damme really do those nut-cracking splits?” Yes. Those aren’t video edits. Neither had he made use of a stuntman. The martial artist did over 80,000 splits in his career. And like the avid fan that this bird is, he’s trying to catch up.

Image courtesy of davioro/Reddit

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Jean Bird Van Damme. If he can hold this split for a minute, he will progress to a riskier stunt. Its owner is planning to recreate the Volvo epic split using toy trains chugging along the track. Now isn’t that a sight to see!

Need To Fix A Bug

Unknown to her friends, Twitter user Chaos! in the kitchen is a government operative. She has her own drone to collect info about people in the neighborhood. This morning, she had to fix a bug she found on her bird drone. Just why was it sitting criss-cross? Is that an auto-update or a glitch?

Image Courtesy of chaos! in the kitchen/@jvonne 78/Reddit

The owl stares fixedly at her. She tries to force restart and finds that nothing is wrong with its system. She smooths its feathers and then cocks her head. “Well, if there’s nothing wrong with you, then there is really nothing to fix, is there?” In a couple of minutes, she does a quick satellite check.


There isn’t much that goes in on this neighborhood. It’s fairly quiet here. Some would even say it’s uneventfully boring. But this afternoon, Reddit user, TedTheHappyGardener, wasn’t so happy encountering this hawk on his neighbor’s fence. Credit to the sign on the fence.

Image courtesy of Ted The Happy Gardener/Reddit

That’s right. Whoa. Anyone who sees a predator of this size on someone’s fence would pretty much say the same. This story would have been hard to believe. But owing to the guy’s quick thinking skills, he had immortalized this hawk in a picture on his phone.

Hold Up!

One of the few ways the government has us divided is to create new drone prototypes. That way, we wouldn’t be able to identify one even if we were faced with it. After several attempts, the government had succeeded in creating a hybrid of a bird drone and a dog. Say what?

Image courtesy of The Dark Side of Nature/Instagram

This new prototype can stand more stably on the ground than previous versions. It can leap, lurch and jump forcefully too. But scientists are concerned as to whether or not it can fly high attitudes like previous versions. They would have to recheck in a couple of months until it grows its feathers.

Self-Destruct Activated

There is one other feature we hadn’t told you about these drones. The government had installed a self-destruct program on each. It seems like it’s the best bet for when the enemy gets its hands-on DNA samples and covert pieces of information. Better to have it gone than fall into the wrong hands.

Image courtesy of why am I like this/Reddit

We don’t know what had happened to this mission. But the comptrollers had pushed the red button and engaged the system. It’s meant to blow up into pieces in 5. 4. 3. 2… This drone opens its beak wide open, fluffs its feathers one last time, and then yawns into non-existence.

Under Maintenance

Here is another rare release of the US government’s experimentation on drones. What had been the problem – whether or not allowing the drones to blink in flight would increase flight efficiency. They had spent over a couple of months testing and recalibrating this surveillance drone.

Image Courtesy of As A Chemical Engineer/Reddit

Just kidding. The picture above is actually one taken by a couple of scientists. They were conducting a series of experiments to figure out if birds blinked in flight. It doesn’t seem like groundbreaking research, but we can discover something new every day.

Can’t Hide

Make no mistake about duck drones. They seem relatively innocent, quacking about their business by the pond. But when assigned to a mission, these drones have the capacity of locking in their target at 4000 feet. Just look at this pair of webbed feet here.

Image courtesy of Particular – Ant 387/Reddit

You can book a ride, but you can’t hide! The passenger clutches at the sides of his seat and then looks around. “Can you see this,” meaning to ask the guy beside him only to find out that he’s asleep? Meanwhile, the duck stares coldly at him. He lowers the shade but finds the duck staring at him even after landing.

Found Out Something New About Her Husband

After several decades of marriage, Reddit user deranged_rover has yet to discover many things about her husband. Today, she had discovered a whole lot more than she planned. As it turns out, her husband was a Disney princess. Look at him, holding that gentle bird to his nose.

Image Courtesy of deranged _ rover/Reddit

*Cue enchanting, lively music.* Her husband hopscotches and then tap dances his way through the open court—meanwhile, the bird coos. The music slows and then fades to silence. Her husband nuzzles the bird to his cheek and raises his hand to bid his friend goodbye.

Version 1.9

The government has gone a long way since it had assembled its first drone. Most of the previous versions were largely inefficient compared to today’s standards. If you don’t believe us, here’s a rare release of the US government’s drone pieces released in the ’40s.

Image Courtesy of Experience _ Gay/Reddit

Version 1.9 still had a visible antenna. Comptrollers had to consider when flying the drones under power lines, roofs, and ceilings. There had to be just the right amount of space between the drones’ heads to detect signals without smashing their heads into smithereens!

Got DNA Samples

You wouldn’t guess where these birds collect their samples. Most of them get it from garbage bins and unfinished doughnuts by the seashore. This bird found the opportune time to swoop down and then peck at the sugary treat. Once it had collected enough, it took flight.

Image Courtesy of Frozen Pizza 07/Reddit

It lands gracefully on a countertop, has a machine scan it from top to bottom, and then lays the sample on a sterile petri dish. It taps its beak thrice to tell the scientist it’s done. And it gobbles up a couple of millet seeds on the petri dish next to it.

Better Luck Next Time, Pal

After a week of rain, Reddit user, downriverrowing, thought it would be nice to hang out in the backyard with cloudy skies overhead. He brewed himself a cup of coffee, poured some milk, and then added a few tablespoons of sugar. He cupped the mug and then carried it outback. Sadly, the seats were taken.

Image courtesy of down river rowing/Reddit

He peered closely at the thing before him. “Just what is it?” Soon he recognizes a beak and a pair of claws. Oh, what odd-looking claws. And are those wings, I see? The bird blinks. He is taken aback and then sets his cup on the table. “Well, aren’t you a cute fella! Thanks for visiting me today.’

At Their Charging Station

There are a lot of reasons why we refuse to believe that birds are real. For one, it’s near impossible to fly at that altitude. Second, where do they get aerial strength to fly against wind currents? And lastly, how do they live off seeds?This trio will let you know.

Image Courtesy of elite prep history/Reddit

Om nom. These birds are unaware of everything else going around them – the steps people are taking and missing to keep stepping on their small heads. Crunch goes the millet as they gobble it up and swallow it. One looks to the other and asks, “do you know what goes well with this pack of millets? Ale!”

Caught In The Act

With the government investing a lot of money in these drones, they must have defense systems in place. Missiles, check. GPS functions, check. Telecom, check. Now, what do you think these drones do when enemies spot them? They drop poison.

Image Courtesy of Turtle eating giraffe/Reddit

Ugh, ew, says a guy who wipes the gunk off his forehead. From the smell of it, he can make out what that bird had eaten for lunch. It felt warm to touch, and by wiping it away with his palm, he ended up slathering it all over his face. He squints and heads for the nearest bathroom.

Got New Neighbors

This pack woke up early to check the new neighbor next door like in any neighborhood. Word has it that the guy is a hotshot attorney earning six figures a month. As the car pulls up to the curb, this trio strains their necks and tries to get a glimpse of the stranger.

Image Courtesy of monkey of chris/Reddit

But little did they know that Reddit user, Chris, had actually bought the house a couple of months back. It took him some time to pack his things and move south. If any, Chris should be kindly asking this trio to pack their bags and fly north. That porch light isn’t a good place to build a nest.

Fly Shoes

Forget Nike. Almost everyone in the park couldn’t help but notice this woman’s pair of fly shoes. They have come straight out of the store at a costly price. What can you do with them? It’s said that you can fly at top speed and collect information for the government from time to time.

Image Courtesy of Meli Baker 876/Reddit

Just look at the pair of pigeons staring dumbfoundedly at her. They cock their heads and ask if they want any of the crumbs. Receiving no reply, they gobble up the few morsels on the ground and then scratch at the dirt. “So, where are you off to after lunch?” The pigeon doesn’t receive a reply. But he stares fixedly at the woman, and those pigeons walk away from him.

Someone is Getting Even

Bird spikes are pretty intimidating bird control methods. But not to worry. These are simply designed to keep birds from attempting to land on a surface. These are usually effective against larger birds. So starlings and sparrows can perfect their petty revenge as this one did.

Image courtesy of u/DAM craft/Reddit

You can bet it didn’t like that new installation one bit. It landed by the side of the window, bit the edge of one spike, and then wrung its neck sharply to the side. Goodbye fellas! See ya! It gives out a hoot as the bird spikes land on the green patch below.

Making Itself A Nest

Here’s a fun fact – birds choose to build their nests in high places. That keeps them far from the reach of predators. It’s common for them to choose ventilation shafts, gutters, garages, damaged shingles, and even tall people. Just how tall do you think Reddit user, Willplayspiano, is?

Image Courtesy of u/Will plays piano/Reddit

He had just gotten a cold shower that morning. And as he took in the warmth of the sun, he felt a pair of feet land on his scalp. He looked upwards, and he felt that pair of feet claw even tighter. He felt his right jean pocket for his phone, took it out, and then took a selfie. Ah, knew it!

Like A Hawk

We don’t know what this homeowner has in his house, but he has it pretty well-guarded. He has cameras placed in every corner, has a guard dog roaming the lawn, and even bought this surveillance drone. We have heard it’s the best in the market and sells for a measly hundred dollars.

Image courtesy of eat – trash – be – free/Reddit

One look at this surveillance drone, and we can’t help but think there must be a mix-up. Don’t hawks have sharp, curved talons and strong beaks? The most this drone can fly is 10mph; hawks can fly 15 times faster than that. I hope this homeowner can avail of a refund.

See the Resemblance?

This comedian won himself a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy for playing Louie De Palma on Taxi. If you’re a 90s kid, you might remember him as the rude and unforgiving dad to Matilda. Had we mentioned that his character was a car-peddling swindler too? You should be able to make out the American celebrity.

Image Courtesy of jolt eona/Reddit

Danny de Vito in his rare appearance as a bird. This psychopathic man has a long-beaked nose, thinning, stringy hair, and a flipper for hands. It’s near impossible to see him without his bow hat and his yellow duck vehicle that he can drive and even sail with.

Forget Tickets

Since birds have are backed by the government, they usually skip the line. Just today, this girl paid for a ticket at this swell amusement park. She hopped onto the seat and then waited for the belt to secure her in place. Out of the blue, this seagull pitches a ride without having to pay for a ticket!

Image Courtesy of Depressed boi/Reddit

She was ridden with shock. She feels the seagull nuzzle its head within her chest, struggling to break free. Then she clutches at its chest and flings it to her side. It sure happened to be flying in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it might have even cost this girl her ride.

Found The Right Spot

Only a few people know this, but birds are actually pretty sweet critters. Some of the friendliest birds are the Cockatiels, Doves, Hyacinth Macaws, and the Budgerigar (Budgies), otherwise known as love birds. Teach them right, and budgies can rival parrots in terms of speaking.

Image courtesy of i am a lizard 04/Reddit

Take this little fella. It had crawled onto its human’s lap and then rubbed its neck on the human’s finger. Reddit user, iamalizard04, opened his palm and walked this Budgie. It lay there and then nested its neck just between his fingers. That’s the spot! Right there, it coos.

You Done Yet?

Reddit user, OrishaShango, knew she had to unload. She had eaten too much of that free croissant at the buffet table. So she hurriedly went to the bathroom and pushed each cubicle door to see if there were any taken. She abruptly stopped as she saw this kindly stranger looking at her.

Image courtesy of Orisha Shango/Reddit

Faced with this Marabou stork, she did what any of us would have done – she directed her palm at the open cubicle. Are you gonna go in or what? It simply stared at her. She flattened her back against the cubicle doors and squeezed her way to the stall on the other end. Then she latched the door shut as if the bird couldn’t fly overhead.

The Fly Gang

It seems like even with birds, there are rivalries. When this pigeon innocently flew past this fly gang, he was tackled to the ground. Try as he might, he couldn’t fly away. The leader tied his legs to the floor. The victim wiggles around and hears the dull peck of the gang leader.

Image courtesy of u/jan het joch/Reddit

His chest heaves. “Yeah, I was just going to. See, I had been flying north until you knocked me down.” He turns to the kindest of the bunch, “Hey Joe, nice to know you have got your nails cut. How do those feel?” He feels the webbed feet push harder on his back. “Stop tryna change the subject, pal! When I say beat it, beat it!”

On This Meeting’s Agenda

Like us, birds have a list of priorities to sort through every week. Where are they going to fly off to, who gets to scrounge for meals, and which neighborhood bins do they target – that sort of thing. Reddit user, K1ll3RZ, happened to walk in on them mid-meeting.

Image Courtesy of K1LL3RZ/Reddit

It was the only vacant seat in the restaurant. The three looked at him, blinked unaffectedly, and then returned their attention to the pressing issues at hand. “So, Phil, do you want to rummage the bins this week?” This user understood the gravity of the situation.

Way Back When

With scraggly hair and unkempt beards, conspiracy theorists often warn us about the illicit things governments have been up to. The worst we heard was that governments would spy on their unsuspecting citizens. Why would they ever want to do that? Most of us are quick to dismiss the notion.

Image Courtesy of Skunky Stoat/Reddit

Way back when governments had been monitoring us in broad daylight. Here is proof that they have been using drones to collect information. These drones would fly past wind currents, peck on bread crumbs, unload missiles, then peck at camera lenses. Scary stuff!

Who Locked Me Out?

Just in. The security guard mouths into his walkie and then blows into his whistle. There is sweat on his brow as he directs the team to look at a camera angle up top. “There he is! He has come back.” They eye each other nervously and then signal the alarm.

Image Courtesy of unkle jelly/Reddit

Just a week ago, they had banned this bird from the park. He had been cawing at the elderly, demanding that he be given the whole pack of crumbs they had bought. He hadn’t just harassed the pair; he chased them away, hobbling on their canes. Now, it seems like he is back to mayhem.