Bad Bunnies: 45 Pictures Of Adorable Bunnies Behaving Badly

By Farah J

Whoever said, “don’t judge the book by its cover,” must have been talking about fluffy bunnies. The person either had these innocent-looking pets bouncing around their home, or maybe they encountered a long-eared floof ball creating a menace in someone’s front yard.

Either way, they weren’t wrong. Bunny rabbits are the most social, goofy, and mischievous little creatures—but their looks say otherwise. They can burrow a hole through your heart just by existing innocently in front of you! 

Putting them on a time-out after they act like total jerks is almost impossible! If you are considering getting a rabbit because of its adorable looks, check out these bunny parents’ experiences. Looks can be dangerously deceiving. These pet parents found out the hard way!


Rabbits are known for their natural burrow-digging ability. Dirt and rabbits go hand-in-hand. You cannot keep a rabbit in a house with a garden and expect them to stay away from the plants and the dirt. You are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Image Source: Caroline Swartling/facebook

Digging is their favorite activity. They love greenery, dirt, plants, and flowers. So, make sure to think it through if you intend to buy new plants and flowers for your yard. This person’s dahlias stood no chance against this white fur ball.

Cheese lovers unite

“You love cheesy pizza, I love cheesy pizza, we all love some yummy, melted cheese pizza. So, please, hooman, can I have some (and by ‘some,’ i mean all of it)?” says the chubby bunny flashing his best puppy-dog eyes from under the table.

Image Source: [unknown user]/facebook

The hooman, obviously entranced by his dirty little trick, captured this “before the pizza disaster” moment. We can bet our large pepperoni pizza that this bunny ate the entirety of the cheesy goodness and that the hoomans had to order another one for themselves!

No bill, no worries

Paying bills and taxes is a hassle, but we must do it if we want to keep a roof over our heads. What if there was a solution, or an excuse, for not paying your bills? Just say that your bunny ate your bill. No bill, no worries!

Image Source: Mary J Foot/facebook

This sympathetic little babe located his hooman’s source of worries and tore it apart. Honestly, we cannot tell if he did it for his hooman or for the fun of nibbling on paper. Who knows? The excuse for not paying the bill is still pretty valid, though.

The bun and cat duel

It is your job to keep your neighbors’ pets and your own away from each other. Usually, animals don’t fight unless one feels threatened by the other. If this happens, you’ll find yourself pulling your bunny off of your neighbor’s cat.

Image Source: Darcy Warby/facebook

This person’s neighbor’s cat entered the wrong bunny’s territory. Defending your territory is a natural thing, and this bunny sure put up a good fight. It must have been a fierce duel— the bunny has a black eye. You should see the other guy, though!

Batman is angry

Taking your pet to the vet or animal grooming center is quite tricky. The grooming center is arguably their least favorite place on the planet. Despite their hatred for grooming, you have to do it and just suffer the consequences later.

Image Source: Lindsay Wetzel/facebook

This Batman look-alike bunny may look super cute and innocent on regular days, but grooming makes him angry and bitey! Batman’s human should definitely watch their back for a few days—just until he calms down. The angry rawr is cute, though, no?

Dorothea just wanted plants

When one domino falls, the others follow. That’s how it goes, right? The same is the case when you live with pets. One jumps onto the counter, and seconds later, your kitchen is flooding with muddy water. You get a bunny, and menace comes with it.

Image Source: Pema Ferris/facebook

This long-eared bunny called Dorothea hopped onto the kitchen counter to innocently chew on the glorious green plants sitting on the window sill. Well, her mission was not a success— unless her motive was to surprise her hooman with a disastrous kitchen.

Ripped punk crop top

Get a rabbit, they said. It will be fun, they said. What they didn’t say was that you would be wearing ripped, chewed-on clothes every day! It seems like you are just going to have to rock your new punk-chic look.

Image Source: Gail Mcartney/facebook

“Gen-Z up, human, ripped crop tops are the fashion statement nowadays.” At least, that’s what we think the bunny in this picture is thinking. The chunky chum sits on the bed, looking at his human wearing her “new” shirt, ever so proud of his art. 

You’re late

One thing pets always get mad about is their hoomans being late. When it comes to feeding time, humans must clock in precisely at lunchtime. If they are even one minute late, they will suffer dire consequences—the silent rage of their beloved bunnies.

Image Source: Jessica Carpenter/facebook

Here’s a view that will either surprise you or make you cry with laughter. Either way, it is absolutely adorable how the bunny’s spine is rod-straight while sitting beside its bowl. You can almost hear it saying, “You’re late by 4 mins and 22 seconds, human!”

A bunny as a drunken old man

We should all aspire to be a little bit more like this chilled-out bunny. This guy looks like he is living the good life. He almost looks like a drunken old man. You can tell this little chum is living a happy and comfortable life.

Image Source: Claire LeBlanc/facebook

We wish we could have the kind of sleep that this little guy is experiencing. The only time we might sleep like this is if we had too many drinks the night before. Not this bunny. For him, this is just a regular Tuesday afternoon.

Easter bunny!

Imagine a bunny tap dancing in green makeup. The sight of your bunny getting into your expensive makeup might make you mad, or you might be impressed by the tap dancing skill. This mischievous munchkin looks just like the Easter bunny.

Image Source: Jonathan Wylie/facebook

This teenager had to come face-to-face with her bunny’s artwork—and her makeup was his medium of choice. We shudder to think of the mess he left behind. It is no wonder she made that hilarious face after seeing his colored paws! 

Cookie wants a cookie

Pets and humans have several things in common. One of them is their love for food and their attraction to the refrigerator—even when they are not hungry! We sometimes open the fridge, take a look, and close it without taking anything.

Image Source: Arya Jose Umali/facebook

Bunnies are the same. They want food even when you have just fed them their favorite snacks. They will root around the fridge, just in case something pops out of there. Cookie, the bunny on the floor, is probably looking for cookies!

Criminal apprehended

The one thing that is common among all pets is that they have this enormous capacity to act super innocent and loveable, even when we know that they are as guilty as sin. Here’s the thing, we fall for it every time!

Image Source: Shona Bt/facebook

Look at this remorseless yet adorable bunny whose eyes ever-so innocently deny that he just bit the hair out of another furry pet! We can see gray fur hanging out of the criminal’s mouth. Well, Britney Spear is right: “Mama, I’m in love with a criminal.”

Chubby chum chews

Plants and rabbits have this natural, magnetic connection between them. If you are a plant person as well as a parent of a rabbit, you have two options: you can get rid of one of them or be prepared to have your chubs chew on your plant babies.

Image Source: Dilek Babadagli-Sharpe/facebook

It seems that this plant-lover chose the latter. Even though they tried to keep their new basil plant out of their bunny’s reach, hoping that this time would be different, their chubby cheeks found ways to make the unreachable reachable!

Pillow fort – bunny version

We all used to make pillow forts when we were little. We would stack all the pillows on top of each other and hide in the fort, eat our snacks, and play all sorts of games. A bunny’s version of a pillow fort is somewhat different.

Image Source: Leigh O’Connor Wolfe/facebook

Rabbits can burrow through anything. For example, his human’s throw pillows seemed like the best choice for this bunny to burrow his way through and make a pillow fort. Naughty naughty, but who can say no to this round, innocent face?

Hungry bunny

“How dare you not feed me breakfast, hooman? Now I will stare at you from the end of the hallway and make it seem like a scene from some scary horror movie. I hope you are traumatized enough to never leave me hungry again!”

Image Source: Kaylee Haney/facebook

That is what the bunny’s voice sounds like in our heads. The stare across the dark corridor, a chubby face that is so calm it’s scary, and the fact that this person knows what hunger does to his rabbit…they must be petrified!

Nanas are bleh!

Being a parent is not easy. Whether you are parenting a human kid or a fluffy chum like this bunny, it takes patience to handle situations that can make you pretty frustrated. You have to learn the art of taking deep breaths to control your annoyance.

Image Source: Melanie Hunt/facebook

For instance, this little snow-white chubbs wanted the banana his human was eating. Not another banana—the exact one his human had just started savoring. And when he finally had it in front of him, he “bleh-ed” it. Parents can never win.  

Charged with satisfaction

Ever since the lockdown, Zoom meetings have become the norm. Working from home has meant dealing with your pets at the same time as having a meeting. At least these furry colleagues are a welcome distraction from those long, boring meetings.

Image Source: Mary Lundemo/facebook

Well, this bunny felt his hooman’s desire to end the meeting. So, he chewed away at the charger cable! His face looks like he is charged with the satisfaction of admiring his artwork. At least he has his mother’s undivided attention now.

Flying rabbit

Rabbits can be very suspicious sometimes. They do these unbelievable tricks out of the blue, and you can only stand there and try to piece two and two together. One moment, they will be sleeping in the yard, and the next, they’d be nowhere in sight!

Image Source: Chantel Reeves/facebook

Look at that! We know that bunny rabbits can jump relatively high, but they are not kangaroos or flying rabbits, are they? Unless they are and we don’t know it. How else would you explain a normal-sized rabbit sitting up on the garage roof?


If you are considering getting a rabbit as a family pet, you should be aware that their favorite thing to do is to nibble on everything in sight. From wires to your couches, nothing is safe. Take this person’s experience for an example.

Image Source: Maya Amero/facebook

The rabbit chewed his way from one end of the couch to the other. Peek-a-boo! There is no remorse or fear of punishment in his eye. Instead, his face reveals the wicked pride in his achievement! At least you would get to order yourself new stuff every other week.

Boot, the artist

Those who have rabbits as pets know all too well that no type of barrier can keep these chewy chubbs out of the restricted portion of the house. Rabbits are super beings. Putting up fences is a foolishly futile exercise.

Image Source: Vikki Haley/facebook

Look at this artist. This is Boot. His humans tried to put up a fiberglass fence to keep him away from the electrical wires (rabbits can chew electrical wires!), but when there’s a mission of creating artwork, no one and nothing can keep the artist away.

An alternate universe

Usually, when we bring pets into our home, we buy a safety fence to keep them inside a particular area. They can play, eat, and sleep in the room without making a huge mess of the rest of the house.

Image Source: Bella Yogindrasinh Chudasama/facebook

This picture looks like it is from an alternate universe where the human is caged while the rabbit roams around freely! Apparently, the exasperated husband came up with this idea so that he could eat in peace, away from any thieving bunnies.

Barbie murderer

The art and the artist. Or should we say: the murder and the murderer? Honestly, we can’t convict this Barbie murderer of a gruesome killing—he is too adorable and chubby for us to be mad at. We just hope the 5-year-old Barbie owner understands that.

Image Source: Laura Hayward/facebook

The fluffball could have chewed on any body part of this plastic Barbie doll, but he chose to kill it by devouring half of its face! What a traumatic sight it would be for a little kid. This chub has some explaining to do to his little hooman.

Where’s that bunny?

A camping trip with your bunny seems like a whole lot of adventure until you can’t find them in the trailer! It can go from a fun-tastic time to you bawling on the ground, thinking that your little fluffy soulmate has gone missing.

Image Source: Kenneth Stacey/facebook

After some frantic searching, you’ll realize that the little guy was hiding in plain sight all along. It is such an adorable optical illusion. A passing eye would definitely miss him. This bunny would be a fearsome opponent at “hide and seek.”

Camera shy

Fluffy pet animals are so adorable that we can’t help but fill up our phone galleries with their pictures. Some pets get used to the camera in their faces – they even pose for the photos – while others hop out of the frame before you can snap one.

Image Source: Katy Johanna/facebook

This is a husband and wife bunny couple. While the hubby was all ready to give the hooman a nice, warm memory, the wife hopped quickly away. The camera-shy diva clearly has a “no paparazzi” rule. Fame is so exhausting.

No remorse

In case you didn’t know before, here’s proof that bunnies will nibble away at all of your books too. It would be wise to keep your books, especially the ones that have bunny pictures on them, away from your fur baby.

Image Source: Anna Moody/facebook

This furry little creature must have thought that Bunny 101 was quite tasty. He probably does not want his humans to know about the secrets of handling bunnies. We bet he would have torn all of it if this person had not seen him.

The comfort of a shoe rack

If you have pets, you would be able to relate to this: no expensive bed contains the comfort of an old rag, a torn box, a small container that is way too small for the pet’s size, or a dirty shoe rack!

Image Source: Brooke Turner/facebook

You can get them the best pet bed, and they will turn their nose at it. Take this cute little chub as an example—she would rather sit on a scratchy shoe rack and look at the pretty bed than sit on it!

Gotta stop my hooman

If you are thinking of getting an adorable little bunny, forget about leaving your house ever again—especially on weekends. Getting a bunny means that you cannot leave them with a bunny sitter while you enjoy your weekend somewhere else without them.

Image Source: Andrea Lorraine/facebook

This person made the mistake of speaking about their weekend plans out loud. Moments later, they found their favorite bag ruined! The criminal? Pumpkin, the bunny, of course! Pumpkin had to come up with a plan to stop them from leaving!

Hooman love 

If we could show you what it is like to live life as a parent of a clingy, fluffy pet, this picture would be it! This is a perfect description of living life with a bunny that doesn’t understand the concept of personal space.

Image Source: Karmen Kincaid/facebook

The best part of being a parent of a pet who likes to sit on your face is that you don’t mind it one bit. Even though her face makes you think his butt is smelly, this person would probably not move an inch until the bunny hops down himself.

Bunny proofed

You know how you put all of the delicate things out of a child’s reach when they are old enough to walk? The same is the case with bunnies. You spend all day bunny-proofing your place so your stuff does not get ruined by that sneaky little floof.

Image Source: Laure Peninon/facebook

Sometimes, things don’t work out as expected. You may put away all of your comics and books before your bunny can burrow holes in them, but bunny-proofing your bookshelf won’t guarantee that it will keep the bunny away from the shelf itself!

Partnered up

Do you know someone who is addicted to video games? Maybe you want to talk to them about it, but you know that talking won’t do much good? If this is your predicament, then we have a solution for you!

Image Source: Amelie Hansson/facebook

Get a bunny who does not like them sitting in front of the screen all day, either! Look at this family. The hooman and bunnies are in on it together. This will put an end to the partner’s games, at least for a little while!


In case you were wondering, this is what happiness on a bunny’s face looks like. Sure, they are a menace and gobble up any food they see nearby, but the smiley, cheeky delight at the end is always worth it! You can’t be mad at this face.

Image Source: Kathleen Christie/facebook

This person probably had a pack of strawberries delivered to their doorstep. However, it looks like the bunny got to the goods first before they even had the chance to say, “strawberries are here.” We doubt this adorable strawberry-covered floof got into any trouble.

Hooman’s awake

Free-run buns are adorable and fun to be around. All is well until it’s nighttime, and it’s time for you to shed the exhaustion of the day so you can wake up fresh for the next day. That is when the trouble starts.

Image Source: Martin Robbins/facebook

The little terrors love to sit on your face a 3 in the morning. All they want is for their hooman to stay awake with them. Often, humans oblige them. For example, this person is unsure whether he should scoop his furry child away or not.

Party on the floor!

As we now know, free-run buns have the time of their lives. They hop around, roll in the backyard, and sleep wherever they feel like. However, if you leave them unattended at night, you might be in for a big shock in the morning.

Image Source: Taylor Smith/facebook

You never know what you are going to wake up to if you leave the buns roaming freely at night. You may wake up to your house looking unrecognizable and your bunnies licking flour off the floor. Looks like these two had quite the party!

Dive in!

Playing with clean water? No. Splashing in dirty, muddy water? Yes, all the way! Whether we are talking about human children or fluffy bunny rabbits, both of them have this one thing in common—you can never mop your floors in peace.

Image Source: Margaux Bernardini/facebook

This person had just finished mopping their floors. They probably didn’t even get the chance to wipe the sweat beads off of their forehead when their bunny dived into the bucket of dirty water. The person captured this messy munchkin perfectly.

Liquid bunny

The idea was to keep the rabbit out of the plant pot. What you didn’t account for was a bunny that is able to liquefy when it wants to get into tight spaces. Your little munchkin is always one step ahead of you.

Image Source: Rue Burgess/facebook

This picture is quite curious. How did this chubby rabbit manage to get itself into the pot without disturbing the thread wrapped around it at all? There is “no sign of forced entry,” as the detective inside us would like to say!

Now it’s mine

While some pets feel shy about taking another animal’s stuff and would rather keep to themselves, others are not as shy. They will take another animal’s things—even if they have better ones. They will mark their territory, and someone else’s, shamelessly.

Image Source: Renny Ives/facebook

Just like this long-eared, furry gray gem! When his hooman took them out for a spin, the bunny jumped up from his perfectly comfortable carrier into the dog’s, making it his own. It’s as if the dog was the intruder here, not him!

The innocence of a criminal

Some criminals can’t garner an ounce of our sympathy or forgiveness. Unless the criminal is your foot-long pet bunny lying on a bed and looking ever so regretful and adorable. This type of criminal could absolutely get away with murder.

Image Source: Ashleigh Gibson/facebook

We all know bunnies don’t often regret their nefarious actions. The naughty characters have no idea if something is super expensive or has sentimental importance. They are going to destroy it before you can even think twice. This bunny is in a lot of debt!


In case you have ever wondered how big rabbits can be, this is your answer. This huge, chubby rabbit has squeezed himself into a small igloo that is suitable for at least four normal-sized guinea pigs—with some space left over!

Image Source: Ferdinand Symons/facebook

Rabbits are kind of like cats—a whole room or even an apartment for them to roam around in isn’t enough. They want to be in a restricted area, which, in this case, is the guinea pig’s little igloo. The bully bunny has all the power.

Super bunny

When we said before that bunnies could fly – or hop so high that it almost seems like flying – we weren’t kidding. This bunny-loving hooman caught her little black and white chum flying up onto the kitchen counter! What an amazing shot!

Image Source: Daisy Wang/facebook

The bunny probably smelled something delicious on the counter and hopped up to get it before his hoomans could take it away from him. The bunny’s plan worked because, instead of stopping the bunny, the person preferred to take a pic of this incredible moment!

Straight for the face

We have seen bunnies chew on toys, books, and almost everything they see worth chewing. This floof seems to have a weird obsession with the plastic Barbie doll. Funnily enough, he goes straight for Barbie’s face every time!

Image Source: Donna Cameron/facebook

And the fact that this adorable black-eye chubb does not regret ruining a kid’s toy makes it even funnier. He looks like he would do it again if he had the chance. The doll definitely looks like she has seen better days! 

Hello there

Okay, this might be one of the most surprising things we have ever seen a bunny munch its way through! These fluffy bunnies may have the most innocent face on the planet, but they sure do some unexpected, mind-blowing things.

Image Source: Vicky Lonergan/facebook

This spotty little chubb poked out of the wooden box as if it was ever so normal for animals to chew their way out of a box. His chum-chum face still managed to look like it was saying “hello there” to his hooman.

Oops! I did it again

Just like we mentioned before, dirt and bunnies go hand-in-hand. But what doesn’t is expecting your garden to stay the same in the presence of your fluffy dirt digger. They will either nibble away all of your plants or burrow a massive ditch.

Image Source: Alyson Tompkins/facebook

There is no in-between. You are bound to suffer the consequences. However, it doesn’t feel like suffering because these cute chubs will look you dead in the eyes, and their proud faces will make you love them for their accomplishment!

Hair is the new food

Hunger can make anyone do crazy things—it can even make you eat something you would never eat on a regular day. You are not the only one whose starvation sometimes gets the better of you. This often happens to bunnies too!

Image Source: Grace Fonstad/facebook

This little floofball chewed on his mom’s hair while she was sleeping! It’s quite a surprise that she didn’t wake up until after her bunny had given her an awful haircut. Well, she didn’t give him his favorite snack, so, technically, it’s her fault.

Next in line

This bunny does not look like he knows that rabbit is a delicacy in some parts of the world. If he did, he would not be making that fire pit his new home. It is true that ignorance is bliss.

Image Source: Shelley Dilley/facebook

As if this picture couldn’t be any funnier, the second bunny patiently awaits his turn in the rusty pit that must feel like a safe harbor for these bunny rabbits! These lovely fluffballs are having the time of their lives in this ready-made fort.

A bona fide Houdini

If you have never heard of Houdini, he was a world-renowned escape artist. This funky rabbit is the fluffy, chubby version of Houdini. Look at his attempts to escape the fence of the house—looks like he will make it, too!

Image Source: Sarah Hall/facebook

This family built their fence around the house higher when their neighbors told them about the foxes that jump in and destroy their yards. This chubby chunk must have heard and decided to bring the fight to the foxes who dared invade their territory!