40+ Funny Frogs That Don’t Need A Princess’ Kiss

By Aileen D

We traditionally think of pets as having four legs and some fur — cats, dogs, hamsters, etc. But what about another type of four-legged friend? Would you ever consider having an amphibian as a pet? It might sound unconventional, but some people love those bulbous eyes and sticky webbed feet.

But we’re not here to convince you that you should get a pet frog, we just want to remind you that they’re fantastic companions. They just function a little differently from cats and dogs. Even if you don’t see yourself with a frog tank in your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what these adorable amphibians have to offer. We’ve compiled a list of over 40 funny and cute frogs. Enjoy!

Got a Hangover

It was a Friday night when Reddit user Zac Hefner went home. He ate his dinner and spent the next couple of hours watching the telly. He nearly dozed off when he heard the doorbell ring. Who could it be? He shuffles towards the door and peeks at the front cam. He sees this heartbroken frog begging for some company.

Image Courtesy of Zac Hefner/Reddit

“Go home, frog. You’re drunk!” It rings the doorbell again. Zac turns around and walks back to the living room. This toad keeps at it. In between rings, it croaks for some company. Zac is forced to open the door and invite the cold-blooded critter in.

What a Beauty

When your day isn’t going as planned, and everything seems to be a hodgepodge of mess and chaos, spend a couple of minutes in nature. If you’re at work, take a walk in the park. There is always something refreshing about the vast space and abundance that nature can offer.

Image Courtesy of absolute frog/Reddit

Who knows? You might encounter a lovely frog such as this. If not for its grace, you would be smitten by its unusual color – rose pink. We reckon its other family members have the same shade. If you have enough time, why not wait and see.

Wing it Like Angelina

Remember that time when Angelina Jolie made rounds on the internet for openly admitting she snacked on crickets? There was even a follow-up video of her cooking some of them with her kids. Well, this froggo had seen both and had found crickets to be a scrumptious snack!

Image Courtesy of Boris Dinosaurus

When Pepper the frog found out that they wouldn’t be having crickets, she couldn’t help but sulk. She didn’t want them to see her pout, and mom would have her leave the table. So, she turned around and waited for everyone to finish what was on their plates.

Cuteness Overload

Would you ever consider having a frog as a pet? Imagine those bulbous eyes staring at you from the aquarium or its thick, warty skin rubbing against your arm. Granted, that you haven’t had one as a pet makes it more likely that the feel of its webbed feet on your skin would make you shiver.

Image Courtesy of Teju The Gecko/Reddit

But after being shown this picture, you might reconsider having a particular species of frog to look after. This introvert keeps to himself for most of the day and has a very peaceful nature. You would most likely coo at it, like the baby that it is. Just imagine feeding it some insects from the palm of your hand. How neat!

Is it Here Yet?

It’s Friday night, and everyone is itching to watch their favorite show on Netflix. Most hadn’t made plans with their friends and have gotten tired of scrolling through their feed. They rub their tummies and struggle to remember the numbers. “What is it again – 4-7000?” Someone looks over and nods! Yep, that’s the golden number.

Image courtesy of cool jeet/Reddit

Everyone makes their way to the door. It should be here in a couple of minutes. They can imagine the wafting smell of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese coming from a box. And not a long while after, they hear the doorbell ring. “Oh, good! It’s here!” Everyone is poised to stick their tongues out.

Out in the Woods

Nothing beats a walk in the outdoors. Just make sure to do it during the day, because you wouldn’t want to get lost on your way back home. This froggo doesn’t worry – not one bit. After all, he can see in the dark. He spends the whole day gazing at the trees from his wooden chair.

Image Courtesy of pink hair girl 37/Reddit

He had the chair fashioned after him. You might think it’s relatively easy to produce this woodwork, but the truth is far from that. You have to be very careful in assembling all the pieces to keep them from getting stuck to each other during the drying process.

Watching Over Her Grave

Today was Reddit user Additional_Let_8891’s mom’s death anniversary. She had told everyone that they would pay their respects that day. They hadn’t expected it to rain, though. And they had almost canceled the visit had it not been for this Redditor’s insistence. “We’re going!” She took charge, umbrella in hand.

Image courtesy of Additional _ Let _ 8891/Reddit

Just as expected, the grass was soft, and the earth gave off the smell of petrichor. Their boots crunched against the mud until they stopped in front of grandma’s tomb. They see this earthly angel taking watch. They said their prayers, lit a candle, and then went their way.

Will You Say Yes?

Reddit user SirNoFangs has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for over three years. He feels like she might be the one. To seal the deal, he canvassed the local shops for the perfect ring. It has to be meaningful. She’s a veterinarian, of course. By the end of the week, he had found it!

Image courtesy of sir No Fangs/Reddit

It can nestle atop of her finger, and it will look like a stone on a ring. Besides, she would absolutely love this addition to the family. All that is left is to buy this froglet is an aquarium so she can place it there. He can’t wait for the big day. He is confident that she will say yes.

Caught in Motion

You might not know it, but frogs can jump to over 44 times their body length. That’s right! Granted that most are only three inches long, these critters can travel over 130 inches with those strong hind legs. Here is a picture of one of these amazing critters in motion!

Image Courtesy of hand stand creative/Reddit

Guess it had gotten tired of all the attention Reddit user handsandcreative was giving it. It stretched its hind leg muscles and entire body until it softly landed on the grass below. It glanced back one last time, croaked, and then went on its cold-blooded way.

Not As Cold-blooded as You Think

Reddit user gorddoo decided to take a walk in the backyard. He owed it to himself to take a break from work. He slid the door open and then stepped barefoot on the grass. He took some stretches and then saw this trio by the side of the yard. “Why do they do this?”

Image Courtesy of gorddoo/Reddit

Little did gorddoo know that it was that time of the year. It’s unusual for most frogs to piggyback each other in threes, but a pair of them are probably doing the deed to secure the species’ future existence. Had gorddoo known, he would have burst out laughing. A future tip – leave them alone!

All Smiles

Just when we thought we had seen all of them, Reddit user gothpunpun uploaded this picture of his boy. On cue, this frog smiled with his teeth bared for everyone to see. We don’t know how this Reddit user was able to do it. Reckon he promised this frog a palm of insects if he said cheese?

Image Courtesy of gothpunpun/Reddit

Other frogs would have frowned or scowled. But this frog did neither. Without any hesitation, he smiled for the camera and kept it until after Reddit user gothpunpun showed him a platter of bugs to feast on. “This is the life,” this frog thought, tongue smacking on a dead fly.

Morning Coffee

Every food company has its sole secret ingredient. We would name a few, but then it wouldn’t be a secret. KFC prides itself on using a set of herbs. Papa John’s credits its success to farm-fresh vegetables, and this Redditor is proud of using this unusual ingredient for making the best-tasting morning coffee.

Image Courtesy of B9 _ PBG/Reddit

If the caffeine doesn’t wake you up, we are certain that this image will. No wonder that mug of coffee tasted slimy and slightly smelled of mudwater. Reddit user B9_PBG has his pet take a bath in it before using the water to brew his coffee in. The next time you pay him a visit, opt for dinner!

One with the Family

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you would find most frogs in moist, damp places. If they’re mating or breeding, you will find them nearer to bodies of water. That is because they absorb water through their skin, and the females lay their eggs in rivers or lakes.

Image Courtesy of analslapchop/Reddit

It hadn’t come as a surprise to this Reddit user to find this many frogs residing in these bamboo poles. After all, he had been hearing them croak for a whole month. He just couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. Now that he knows where he couldn’t bring himself to evict this family.

Up for a Bath

This Reddit user isn’t a morning person. She dislikes being woken up early, and most days, she would sleep in had it not been for the urgent nature of her work. This particular morning, she was met with some good news. She discovered that someone had just moved in.

Image Courtesy of trash bunny 9/Reddit

She cocks her head, and it flashes a smile at her. She presses the sink stopper and fills the sink with just enough water for him to take a bath. Then she presses her palm against the soap dispenser. He stays where he is until she pours the soapy water onto his back. After cleaning him up, she rinses.

Where’s the Spag?

On most days, this Redditor can’t keep her frog from jumping all over the place. That’s why she usually keeps him in the aquarium. But this day was different. Once she laid him in front of this cool painting, he stood almost motionless. She nudged him to see if he was still breathing.

Image Courtesy of salt _ sheep herder 748/Reddit

“So, where’s the spag?” This frog turns to look at her. She breaks out into a laugh and then brings out the bowl of spaghetti she had hidden behind the painting. The frog jumps over to the bowl and digs in. Isn’t that a great way to immortalize an event in a painting?

Meet My Mate

Reddit user nuglesrot loves to go camping in the woods. He calls up his friends to cross a forest off the list. If their schedules are too hectic, they will pick the closest one to them. On this trip, nuglesrot encountered this frog peeping from his lair. It is really proud of the shroom that had sprung by his entrance.

Image Courtesy of nuglesrot/Reddit

If nuglesrot were to guess, he would say that a mushroom is the best indicator of a habitable environment. After all, those umbrellas only spring in moist places. That’s one thing frogs have in common with fungi. Another would be their love of privacy.

Sagely Advice

This Reddit user has plenty to show her friends. She has a rad book collection, some great vinyl to browse through, and a kitchen space filled with every cooking ingredient you will possibly need. But, she prides herself most on this item. It’s one of the largest species of toads.

Image courtesy of aww/Reddit

This giant marine toad looks cryptically at her with one of its webbed feet anchored on her arm. She takes what he is saying lightly, but she is careful not to bruise his feelings. If taken care of, marine toads can be tamed. But spurn his advice, and he just might spew off the poison.

Through Its Peephole

Contrary to what most people think, some frogs are naturally bold, whereas others recede from the limelight. This fellow falls under the latter category. When confronted with guests, it takes its time to peer through its peephole and decide whether you are a friend or a foe.

Image courtesy of Pinguin_o _the_Dead/Reddit

We can’t tell what it is with most guests that makes this frog become a friendly host. It might be their tone of voice or pitch. Whatever it is, this frog calls out to them in either a subdued or excited croak. You can also tell by its movement that it is more than ecstatic to have you over.

Uhm. Nope

Unlike most people, this frog has a particular dislike for fads. He loves his coat the way it is. So when his mom suggests that he try on an accessory, he politely declines. If she insists, he makes a jump for it. He doesn’t like to be bogged down by necklaces, or in this case, hats.

Image Courtesy of diveonfire/Reddit

He knew something was up. She was unusually kind today. But he couldn’t be too sure, so he hopped onto her palm and looked around. He coos at her like the baby that he is, but he doesn’t let his guard down. He sees a shadow forming on the side and makes out what appears to be a hat. He makes a mad dash for the floor.

Not Her Prince Charming

Despite her age, Twitter user aves learned the hard way that we can’t believe in the fairy-tale endings our parents tell us. No, you can’t expect your grandmother to flick a wand and turn a pumpkin into a carriage. You can’t expect your prince to visit you with glass shoe in hand, and no can you expect a frog to stand patiently as you kiss it.

Image Courtesy of  @__avess /aves/Twitter

As aves had learned, frogs don’t do too well being kissed. At the sight of her pouted lips, this frog flexed its hind legs and took a leap. It would have preferred to land on dry grass, but her cheeks would do – anything just to get out of the pool and back to safety.

Melts Even the Cold-Hearted

What’s one thing we love about the internet? You just might happen to scroll past a picture that could make your day. Take this one, for instance. Redditor j3ff33dom found himself smiling back at it and felt uncanny thumping in his chest. This frog’s smile can melt even the cold-hearted.

Image courtesy of j3ffr33dom/Reddit

What would you do if you had a pet that greeted you warmly every morning? Why, we would make a cup of coffee for two! One has creamer in it, while the other is ridden with flies. We would do anything just to make this frog stay happy and beaming. We could skip the sugar given this frog’s sweet predisposition.

My Man!

As you would have guessed, this critter has a wide circle of friends. He has an easy-go-lucky character, and he always knows how to make people feel at home. Just tap at his aquarium, and he will come out, the least bit disgruntled, with a warm, big hug like this!

Image Courtesy of GollumTheFrog/Reddit

“My man! How have you been?” It has only been a couple of hours since you two last met, but he greets you warmly like you hadn’t seen each other in a decade. Afterward, he props himself on those rocks, crosses his legs, and then rests his chin on his hand to listen to your day. There is nothing like this frog’s energy to give you good vibes.

No One As Fly

At first, Reddit user 1158pm couldn’t care less about this frog that lept onto his porch. It looked like any other frog, and its dull, snobbish stare was off-putting. But he noticed that it kept coming back every night. He decided to introduce himself and suggested that they have a little fun each visit.

Image courtesy of 1158 pm/Reddit

Now this frog is making rounds on the internet for its laidback style. Almost every other frog wants to mimic the cotton eye joe OOTD. In fact, if you listen closely enough, you will hear them croaking to Rednex’s country music song, and you might even see this frog’s head nodding to the beat. It’s just too catchy to miss.

Looks Like a Mochi

Most African natives have had it with this mochi-looking critter. Most of them live in the temperate forests and shrubby environments of the Mediterranean. Unlike other frogs, they have forked tongues and can puff themselves to about twice their size. You might least expect it, but they are excellent burrowers.

Image Courtesy of we shall join our houses/Reddit

They don’t always look grim or angry. We had encountered a picture of an African Rain Frog with its mouth turned downwards. We couldn’t help but feel sad for him. Might it be that he has no place to rest or that he has lost his home? Whatever the reason, we hope he returns to his old demeanor.

Sounds Like Jordan Peterson

There have been over 5,000 species of frogs discovered. An addition to the list is this tailless amphibian. You might have seen him as a kid. He has a very odd puny voice and bright, green skin. You ought to have guessed him by now. This frog looks a lot like Kermit.

Image courtesy of spsheridan/Reddit

What is its name? Hyalnibatrchium dianae. It is named after its mother species- Diane. Most folks aren’t surprised by this new member. After all, we had gotten accustomed to seeing Kermit parade the noontime telly shows as kids. So what makes this new member so special? When placed on a glass screen, one could see its heart and stomach without cutting it open! Yikes!

Meanwhile, In the Headquarters…

There was something about this night that made Reddit user yunxkat edgy. The hairs on the back of his neck crept up, and his whole being felt like an antenna tuned to something. He walked to the front of the house and found no one there. So he checked the backyard and saw this.

Image Courtesy of YungXKat/Reddit

The frogs seemed deep in thought. Little did yungxkat know that this team was an elite ops that was discussing how to dispose of a body. This Reddit user should have left them well alone. But instead, he poked at one, and now he’s one other name to add to the list.

Help Me, Obi- Wan Kenobi

You’re my only hope. This frog has a striking semblance to Princess Leia. Could it be those cinnamon space buns or that wide-eyed stare? Whatever the reason, we love this look! Watch this frog re-create it by using a pair of slugs she found by the trunk of a tree.

Image Courtesy of thegeyik.com

The best part about it is that she didn’t have to use any bobby pins. No mess nor pain! The only downside to this space look is that you would have to rub the slime off your face to keep it from ruining your make-up. But we are confident you can cruise the galaxy and ferry through lightsaber battles with this look.

How’d It Get There?

We had only just found out that some frogs can perform an exciting feat. As it turns out, tree frogs can defy gravity and climb walls. This daredevil sure did. Guess how high this frog climbed? It left its print on this building’s fourth-story windows. Workers were left wondering where it had gone, but there was no trace of it past the window sill.

Image courtesy of Generaltso78/Reddit

Tree frogs rely greatly on mucus on the soles of their feet to climb. This serves as an adhesive for their toe pads to stick on smooth surfaces. They fare better if the surface is wet. So, it isn’t any wonder why this daredevil was able to climb four floors up.

A Penny of Wisdom

Reddit user Janek 102TV had the day off. She was done reading books, at least for the day, so she thumbed through her contact list to meet someone for coffee or tea. Finding no one, a thought came to mind. “How about visiting the local zoo?” She laced her sneakers and made a run for it.

Image courtesy of Janek102TV/Reddit

She paid for her ticket and took her time through the park. She saw giraffes, monkeys, and elephants. But she came across one critter she least expected – this frog. It stared expectantly at her with great calmness. Guess it wanted in on the show with the rest of the animals.

Turning Bipedal

It took us over four million years to walk upright. What kickstarted the evolution process? The need for men to provide for their families. They needed to use those arms and hands to carry food for their babies. And just like us, frogs seem to want in on the gift of bipedalism.

Image Courtesy of inzua/Reddit

He is the first of his kind that’s able to walk on his hind legs without wobbling or toppling over. Unlike us, he learned to stand upright without the need to provide for his family. He has his tongue for that. Neither did it take his species four million years to steady their gait. This little fellow only took a swim class.

Whatchu Lookin’ At

Reddit user katyvo had a half-hour-long debate with herself. The gear was stuck in reverse, and all she had to do was step on the gas. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t bring herself to disturb this frog sitting on top of her windshield. Just in time, it opened its eyes and turned to look at her. “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

Image Courtesy of katyvo/Reddit

She decides to transfer it to a plant. Once again, she mentally thumbs through a list of options. “Should I do it with a leaf? Do I need to wear gloves, or do I just nudge this fellow off and hope it’ll jump away?” It wouldn’t budge when she nudged it, so she was left to wear some gloves and place it in the grass.

The King in the Gorge

You might be old enough to figure out that most happy-ever-afters don’t exist. Those are just stories from a children’s book, except for one – frog princes. You read that right. In this valley, royalty decrees that fairies and witches cast spells to protect the kingdom. And they had managed to maintain peace and prosperity for over several millennia.

Image courtesy of flower flug/Reddit

What makes this ruler a cut above the rest? He’s a good listener. He can tune in on what you are saying without having to ask a question, and he can unblinkingly listen for hours on end without missing a beat. He will see through every twitch, flick, or drop of sweat.

Told You So

People frequent this park for many reasons. Some admire the graffiti, others love to chill by the swings, and others ask for advice from this uncanny sage. He nestles himself inside the spout and awaits visitors who pile up as the day proceeds. What brings you here today? Bit by bit, he will leave a piece of advice and wait to see if they follow it.

Image Courtesy of Kelsey Sradeja/Reddit

He has been in this trade long enough to know that no news is good news. That means that whoever asked for his advice had probably followed it. But, those who return are met with this smug face as if to say told you so. There’s no point resisting what he has to say, especially since he had put much thought into solving your dilemma.

Got A Spare Blanket?

What does it mean to be a cold-blooded critter? Science says that these animals, like frogs, do not have a constant body temperature. Their bodies adjust to the temperature of their environment. So, the only way for this froggo to feel a little warmth is to invite himself inside his neighbor’s home.

Image Courtesy of Rhainnon963/Reddit

He looks innocently at the cameras. “Pretty please, let me in.” It croaks a couple of times and then waits for Reddit user Rhainnon963 to open the door. He can feel the warmth from the hearth and the feel of those woolen blankets draped around him. In case this homeowner doesn’t have a blanket to spare, this frog can always snuggle close.

What Day Is It?

Like the adult that you are, you might lose track of days. Thankfully, this little fellow reminds you what day it is. Scroll enough, and you will see it proclaim, “It is Wednesday, my dudes.” If you’re lucky, it might even tell you the exact time and a countdown to some special event.

Image courtesy of @Zoology Dave/David R. Williams/Twitter

As you would have guessed, Budgett’s frog has a voracious appetite. And when provoked, they can be the most aggressive enemies. Some bite, and a lesser few can draw blood before they recede. If that isn’t enough, you will hear a deafening scream coming from that wide throat.

Covered by the Warranty

Twitter user @shtoopy has enough room in the house to invite a lot of critters in. It makes more sense to care for animals. He already has a cat, a dog, and a school of fish. He logs into a marketplace online, clicks add to cart, has the amount debited from his account, and waits. Well, he was sorely disappointed upon delivery.

Image Courtesy of Love Craft Tea and Monster/@shtoopy/Twitter

He couldn’t make out the mass of goo before him. It opens its eyes and looks up. Twitter user @shtoopy pats its head with his forefinger as a greeting. Hello there! Then he looks at the box to check if a warranty still covers it. The toad croaks an answer, “No.”

In All Shapes and Sizes

You might have come across one without knowing, or better yet, seeing. These mini frogs are so tiny. They are even smaller than a penny. Adult frogs range from eight to nine millimeters long. You will encounter many of them on a trip to Madagascar, but if you’re as resourceful as this Reddit user, you could secure one as a pet.

Image Courtesy of Knight of pen and paper/Reddit

It won’t be easy. Scientists have declared these mini frogs critically endangered. There are about 40 micro frogs discovered since 2014, and scientific interest has only been growing ever since. Remember how frogs can jump up to 20 times their size? Just imagine that at max, this frog can jump from the edge of your palm to the tip of your finger.

Free Installation

Christmas is just around the corner. Much of our neighbors are purchasing lights online, and some have a Christmas tree design in mind. Fortunately for this Reddit user, he doesn’t have to break the bank to install lights for the Yuletide season. He only has to feed this family of seven.

Image Courtesy of hostile penguin/Reddit

These lights can flicker or shine for hours on end. And unlike the led lights you might purchase online, these install themselves in a matter of seconds: no mess, no plugs, no fuss. You can save up on electric costs simply by feeding this family with a pot of insects.

Found Himself A Boat

Just like us, frogs need to make friends in the animal kingdom. Whether it’s for play or survival, this one has that need in the bag. Every mid-morning, he hops onto the bank and waits for this fish to take him somewhere. All he has to do is wade into the water and hop unto its back. Bon Voyage!

Image courtesy of Wadey BB/Reddit

What are the odds of seeing a frog pull a stunt like this, much less a fish lending itself for a ride? So Reddit user WadeyBB quickly fumbled for her phone and took a picture of the two. “Where would they be going,” she thoughtfully asks. Probably to find some food.

Gotta Be Careful Around the House

Mom knew that something was up with her two grade-schoolers. They were talking in hushed tones, and they both kept looking over at her as if they had something to hide. She tried to listen in on their conversation, and she only heard that they had to be careful around the house. She sat them both down for a talk.

Image courtesy of Skifeur/Reddit

“But we hadn’t done anything wrong! Just let us keep him! We’ll promise to be good, and you can even tell Santa to give us coals for Christmas. Just please let us keep him.” She couldn’t believe her eyes at how tiny this frog was. Then she absentmindedly found herself saying, “Yeah, sure guys, just let me know if this critter needs anything.”

I Want My Mommy Back

It is every parent’s worst nightmare. You finished work well past midnight and had only managed to get a couple of hours of rest. Had it not been for your kids, you would have chosen to sleep in for the rest of the day. You force yourself out of bed to cook breakfast for everyone, and you are rewarded by this incessant shriek from your baby.

Image Courtesy of scbber pcppy/Reddit

“I didn’t say blueberries. I said strawberries!” You try to reason with him. “Just bear with me, just for today,” but no one can hear past his screaming. He slams his fists on the table and demands strawberry syrup. It’s the lone item on the list that you had forgotten to buy for this week’s groceries.

A Lullabye to Sleep

What do these Redditors think about putting their child to sleep? They love and hate it. For one, he’s picky about the bedtime story. But read the right one, and you will have his undivided attention. Second, it’s backbreaking work to carry him to his aquarium. But this chonkyboy gives the warmest hugs before bedtime.

Image Courtesy of Half ang/Reddit

Much of Reddit users’ Halfang’s guests have been freaked out by his child’s sheer size. And we can only imagine how much it weighs. It’s even larger than your regular house cat, and it has an attitude to match. Goliath frogs usually build their own ponds by using heavy rocks nudged between streams.

Someone Needed Some Attention

This couple heard a loud thud in their backyard and then a series of croaks afterward. Abigail’s boyfriend couldn’t help himself. He switched on the lights and traced the sound to this obnoxious frog. “What? What do you want?” It leaps a couple of steps towards him.

Image courtesy of Abigail/@a6igai1/Twitter

He decides to make it his pet. He goes back inside to get a mason jar and catches this attention-seeker. To tell the world of his feat, he has his girlfriend take a snapshot of them. Just in time, this frog raises its paws and then greets the world. Something tells us this isn’t the first time he was taken someone’s home.

What a Prankster!

Reddit user Lancastrian34 noticed that some of her plants were turning a tad bit yellow. Must need some water, she thought. She walked to the shed, took out the watering pot, and then filled it to the brim. Then she tried to spread some love on those plants. Not a drop of water fell out of the spout.

Image courtesy of Lancastrian 34/Reddit

“What is going on?” She can feel the water slush within. She lays the pot on a workbench and peers at the hole. A pair of brazen eyes stared back at her and blinked twice. And with that moist environment, this frog would find it hard to leave the watering pot!

Out of the Trenches

Thanks to Reddit user Fluffy Llama Pants, we were able to spot a rain frog! This grumpy critter refuses to climb out to greet guests even when requested. And even if you circled the aquarium, you wouldn’t see it anywhere. That is because it burrows itself up to six inches deep in sand.

Image Courtesy of FluffyLlamaPants/Reddit

Just like the few of us, it burrows itself to find privacy. In case you force it out of its hole, it will puffer up and show you just how much it hates being shown off. Instead of putting us off, this act only seems to endear us. “There, there, little one, we’ll put you back in your hideout in no time.”

Tell Me More How You Feel

As much as we deny it, but there is something about nature that makes us feel calm and centered. Think about it. Mentally imagine yourself walking through the forest and encountering a clearing. Hear the crunch of dry leaves against your soles and the feel of morning dew. Bet you would end up looking as zen as this little froggo.

Image courtesy of Emmababe04/Reddit

With eyes alert for movement and a wide-brimmed smile, it stares patiently at you. You may not be accustomed to being given this much attention, much less by a cold-blooded amphibian, but make the most of it. You can tell it anything, and it wouldn’t turn its back on you or jump away in a judgy haste.

Flex Those Glutes

Most folks couldn’t make out this frog with its back turned towards them. But upon seeing those webbed feet and those knitted eyebrows, people knew who had come to visit. “So, how did you spend the afternoon?” people ask. This frog croaks to say, “Got myself a tan and felt like showing off my glutes!”

Image Courtesy of bubbaganooshie/Reddit

Oh, the hours he had put into glutes day. Whereas before, he had struggled to jump out of bed, now he was able to jump out of the sink. He makes sure to rest once a week after flexing those glutes a hundred times. On those days, he frequents the beach and gets himself a tan.