Doggie Diaries: Artist Showcases Captivating Photos Of Dogs From Puppies To Adults

By Aileen D

You know what’s truly magical? The way artists sprinkle stardust on our perception making us see things in a whole new light. Take animals, for example. This artist, Mandy Helwege, has this uncanny ability to capture their growth over the years like a time-lapse wizard.

With good angles from the click of her camera and incredible editing skills, she was able to show us the incredible journey of these creatures, from tiny fluffballs to magnificent beings. It’s like watching a captivating story unfold right before your eyes!

Through her creativity, we get to witness the miracle of growth, reminding us that life is a captivating canvas waiting to be explored. If you want to see more pictures taken by this artist, you can head to Instagram or Facebook (@seeingdoubleedits), where we guarantee you’ll be just as impressed as we are.

The Reality

You may think that these pets are posing with their offspring. But the reality is that they’re posing with younger versions of themselves. Pet owners submitted pictures of their furballs at different points in their lives, and this artist worked her magic.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Mandy Helwege has made it her life’s purpose to feature pets just as beautifully as humans throughout different stages in their lives. You can call her a pro for editing these pics as beautifully as she did since she clearly knows exactly how to pose them just right.

Visual Wonder

Ah, Photoshop, the wonderland of visual creatives! It’s like having a magical paintbrush that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The power to enhance images and create stunning artwork is truly captivating. But as with any potent magic, it comes with a cautionary tale.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

In skilled hands, Photoshop can be a force for good, bringing joy, inspiration, and raising awareness. However, when misused, it can weave deceitful illusions, distorting reality and fueling unrealistic expectations. This adorable picture represents the best parts of this tool!

Quite A Skill

Photoshop is like diving headfirst into a bottomless rabbit hole. At first, it seems like a walk in the park with all those fancy icons and tools, but as you start tinkering, you realize it’s a whole new universe of complexity. Layers, masks, blending modes – it’s like learning a secret language!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

You make countless mistakes and accidentally create disasters, but hey, that’s part of the fun, right? It’s a rollercoaster of frustration and triumphs, but as you keep at it, you unlock the secrets, and suddenly, the possibilities seem endless. Plus, cute photos like these make it all worth it!

The peak of her Career

Whether Mandy Helwege cares to admit it or not, she has achieved fantastic levels of success in her career, where her work transcends reality. It’s hard to believe her pictures are even photoshopped! They make you feel like you’re stepping into a surreal dreamland where creativity knows no bounds.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

The long hours of honing her craft, the trial and error, the moments of self-doubt – they all led her to this magical apex. People gasp in wonder, thinking, “How on earth did she do that? It must be pure genius!” Her artistry blends reality with imagination.

How She Does It

As we mentioned, Mandy collects adorable pictures of pets from their owners from when they were just tiny fluffballs. Then, like a magical time traveler, she blends those memories with the present, morphing both into one incredible picture, like a heartwarming time capsule.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

With each stroke of her digital brush, she breathes life into each unique masterpiece, celebrating the beauty of growth and the bond between pets and their humans. Check out this fantastic edit of a labrador retriever. It just makes your heart melt!

The Ultimate Model

It is easy to tell why Siberian Huskies make the ultimate models for photographs! These majestic fluffballs are like natural-born supermodels. With their striking blue eyes, thick coats, and regal postures, they exude an undeniable aura of elegance and charm.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Whether it’s in a snowy wonderland or a sunny park, their photogenic nature is simply irresistible. Plus, they’re always up for some fun, adding that extra touch of playfulness to every shot. These cuties were born to strike a pose!

Soulful Eyes

A mesmerizing gray dog, with eyes so deep and soulful, was just casually gazing off into the distance. It was like witnessing a real-life canine model in action! With every fiber of its being, this pup had mastered the art of natural posing.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

The wind gently ruffled its fur, adding a touch of drama to the moment. It felt like a timeless portrait, capturing the essence of pure serenity and mystery. It’s incredible how even our furry friends can steal the spotlight with their innate elegance and grace.

Graying Fur

You know what’s the most heartwarming thing ever? That adorable old doggo, with graying fur and a gentle wobble in its step, still looking at you with those same quizzical puppy eyes! Time may have etched lines on its face, but the sparkle of curiosity and love remains unchanged.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It’s like they’ve unlocked the secret to eternal youth. We can’t help but wonder what stories they hold, all the adventures they’ve shared. Through the ups and downs of life, that unchanging gaze is a reminder of the everlasting bond shared between childhood and adulthood.

Abound with Energy

Look at this incredible doggie transformation! When he was just a pup, this fluffy ball of joy had the most perfectly tamed and kempt fur, like he’d just stepped out of a salon. People couldn’t resist running their fingers through his soft locks. But guess what?

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

As he grew older, his fur took on a wild and ragged look, turning him into a majestic wolf-like creature! He seems to have tapped into his primal roots and embraced his inner wolf! But despite the untamed appearance, he still carries that same lovable spirit and wolfish charm.

Stark Contrast

Here’s a dog with a coat as soft as marshmallows that’s a delightful mix of white and brown hues. But what truly steals the show is those striking blue eyes! They’re like twin pools of cerulean wonder, shimmering with intelligence and mischief.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Against the backdrop of their light-colored fur, those mesmerizing eyes pop like brilliant gems. Looks like nature decided to gift this pup with the most captivating gaze. One look, and you’re entranced! The contrast between those dreamy eyes and their fluffy coats is pure magic.

Never Gets Old

Whenever this retriever heads out for a camping trip in the woods, he’s got this adorable habit – he never forgets to wear his trusty trekking socks! It’s his signature camping style! He trots through the forest with his paws snugly wrapped in these cute, protective socks.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

They’re made for exploring the wilderness. Not only do they make him look charmingly funny, but those socks also keep his paws comfy and safe from rough terrains. It’s a sight that brings smiles and warm fuzzies, making him the trendsetter of the doggy camping crew!

Where To, Next?

This is one tail-wagging twist you won’t believe! Meet Fido, the doggo with a magical gender-changing surprise. As a pup, everyone was sure he was a handsome little boy, and he rocked that “puppy prince” vibe. But guess what happened when he grew up?

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Fido transformed into a stunning lady dog! It’s like he had a secret plan to keep us all guessing. With luscious fur and a daintier demeanor, she’s now the queen of the pack. It’s a funny story of fooling humans just for fun!


Who would’ve thought that wielding Photoshop skills could turn into a money-making superpower in this day and age? It’s like discovering a secret goldmine hidden in your computer! With the rise of social media and influencers, everyone craves that picture-perfect image, including pets!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

From retouching selfies to creating jaw-dropping visuals for pet owners, editing pet pictures has become a lucrative gig. People are willing to pay top dollar for that polished look, and savvy artists are cashing in on this digital alchemy. So, if you’ve got the chops, turn your creativity into cold, hard cash!


Get ready for the most heartwarming underdog (pun intended) story ever! Meet Rocky, the adorable pitbull pup who couldn’t quite get the hang of balancing on those tiny paws. It was a comical sight, but his determination to make it was unmatched.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Fast forward to today, and you won’t believe the transformation! Rocky grew up to be a steadfast adult, utterly devoted to his master. Nothing could sway him from sticking to his human’s side. He’d found his purpose in life – being the most loyal companion anyone could ask for.

Defying Aging

Meet Max, the pupper who seems to have discovered the secret to defying aging, except in size! While his fur may have grayed ever so slightly, his spirit is as youthful as ever. You’d think he’s in a never-ending puppy party!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

The curious thing is, while the world around him changes, Max stays the same. It’s like he found a hidden fountain of puppyhood that keeps him forever young at heart. Everyone who meets him is left in awe, witnessing this bundle of joy who proves that age is just a number/

Eyes On You

This doggo has the most adorable flowers perched on its forehead. They’re like nature’s crown. But here’s the twist – it’s completely oblivious to those flowers as long as it has you in view! With eyes only for you, it doesn’t seem to notice the petals that add a touch of delicateness to its fur.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

You are its whole world, and nothing else matters. This is a heartwarming reminder of the unconditional love our furry friends offer. Flowers or no flowers, as long as they have us, they’re the most devoted creatures you can imagine.


Here’s our fur baby’s secret weapon – those puppy-dog eyes! It doesn’t matter if it’s all grown up; those eyes still have the power to melt our hearts like butter on a warm day. With one longing look, it can make us forget all about discipline and turn us into complete softies!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Those eyes are like a direct line to our souls, and our dog knows it! We’re powerless against its charms, and we find ourselves heading towards the cabinet to retrieve its leash so we can head to the park no matter how exhausted we feel. “Alright, alright! We’re coming.”

Another Round

You’ve got to witness this dog’s superpower – being completely oblivious to the cold! When it’s time to play fetch, it’s like a switch flips, and the chilly weather doesn’t exist. It bounds through snowdrifts, chasing after that beloved ball with endless energy.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

You could be standing there, shivering in your coat, but this furry friend? Not a care in the world! It’s like its sheer love for fetch generates a warm, protective shield around it. Whether it’s snowing or freezing, the game must go on! If only you can carry on for ten more minutes outside.

Canine Trio

From chasing butterflies in the meadow to scaling the highest hills, this canine trio’s shared tales are like epic journeys of camaraderie and bravery. Together, they have sniffed out hidden treasures, splashed in every puddle, and left pawprints on countless trails.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Each day is a new escapade, and they face it with wagging tails and hearts full of excitement. Their bond is unbreakable, and as they share their tales, you can see the sparkle in their eyes, reliving every thrilling moment. Their bond is a true testament to the magic of friendship.


As a tiny kitten, this furbaby was the epitome of slim and petite, like a little ballerina. But boy, did it surprise us all! Within a couple of years, it had grown into an oversized baby, adamant to get the attention it so deserves.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Its once dainty paws are now massive, and its sleek body filled out into a grand feline presence. It’s like a magical growth spurt turned this kitten into the king of the household. But as they say, we doubt the owners mind since it just means there’s more of him to love!

Come On, Now

This dog is the ultimate photo critic and adventure enthusiast rolled into one! With its playful pawing gesture, it’s like it’s telling us, “Hey, enough with the pictures; let’s live in the moment!” It’s hilarious how it seems to know exactly when someone’s gone overboard with the camera.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Those expressive eyes light up with pure excitement as it points toward the woods. We think it’s saying, “Come on, let’s go on a thrilling adventure together!” Its eagerness to explore is infectious, so you can’t help but put down the camera and follow this furry guide into the unknown.

Call of the Wild

Wait until you hear about this pup-to-deer transformation. As a little furball, this dog had the most adorable floppy ears, tugging at your heartstrings. But as it grew into adulthood, those ears seemed to have experienced a growth spurt of their own!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

They became so large and graceful that the pooch now looked like a majestic deer on four paws! Seems like Mother Nature decided to gift it with the most enchanting set of ears. Now, this canine-deer hybrid roams with elegance, astonishing people who chance upon it.

Run for the Hills

Imagine this adorable little pup fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. Now fast forward a bit, and you won’t believe your eyes! That tiny furball grew nearly 12 times its size, like a real-life magic trick! It’s like watching a living, breathing miracle unfold before you.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

From pocket-sized cuteness to a magnificent, larger-than-life canine companion, this dog defies the laws of growth in the most awe-inspiring way. We wouldn’t ever want to butt heads with it, given how large it is and how it can chase us off the property in seconds!

Captivating Eyes

This stunning pup has captivating blue eyes that could steal hearts with a single glance. Against its fur, a mesmerizing blend of white, brown, black, and gray, those eyes stand out like sparkling sapphires against a canvas of nature’s hues.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It’s like the universe conspired to create this exquisite contrast, making its gaze even more enchanting. With every blink, those specks reflect the depths of this pup’s spirit. It is a walking masterpiece of contrasts and a symphony of colors and emotions that leave us in awe.


From the moment these two were pups, they were inseparable like peas in a pod. They tackled every adventure together, side by side, and their bond only grew stronger with time. As they entered adulthood, they became each other’s partners in crime, sharing life’s joys and challenges as a team.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors, playing fetch, or simply snuggling up after a long day, they’re each other’s rock. Their unbreakable friendship is a testament to the power of companionship and a reminder that some bonds are destined to last a lifetime.

Coming Back Home

You will adore the sight of this adorable furball scurrying back home! This pic is like taking a time machine to when it was just a curious little pup exploring the woods with boundless energy. Whenever it strayed too far, that same playful spirit would lead it back home.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Now, as a full-grown dog, it still has that endearing habit. Even after all these years, it hasn’t lost its knack for finding its way back. It’s a heartwarming reminder that no matter how far we wander, there’s always a home beacon in our hearts that will guide us back.


For a whole decade, this dog prowled through the wilderness, learning every secret the woods had to offer. With each passing year, it became a seasoned pro at tracking, sniffing, and hunting. The woods had now become its second home.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It knew every twist and turn like the back of its paw. From camouflaging in the foliage to evading treacherous enemies, this dog had evolved into the ultimate hunter. It’s a testament to the wonders of nature and the boundless intelligence and adaptability of our furry friends.

Whisked Away

You should’ve seen this furry daredevil on this windy day! As the wind danced through its fur, it couldn’t contain its excitement, zooming around like a fluffy tornado. But as a pup, it almost got whisked away once by a gust of wind!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It was like a wild game of tug-of-war, with the wind trying to sweep it off its paws. Now, as an adult, it’s seeking redemption, fearlessly embracing the windy adventures! It’s a heartwarming reminder that even in life’s storms, you can learn to ride the winds.


From the day they were born, these pit bulls were mirror images of each other. As they grew up together, they remained identical. Their matching fur, their playful antics, and everything else they shared made it seek like they had an eternal connection.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It’s impossible to tell them apart even in adulthood! Aside from being look-alikes, they’re also inseparable and united by an unbreakable sibling love. Witnessing these twin pit bulls in action is like experiencing the tangible power of family ties that only grows stronger with time.

Winter Warrior

Here’s the ultimate winter warrior! The alpine cold is no match for its furry prowess. This dog was born to embrace the freezing temperatures with gusto. While we’re all bundled up in layers, shivering, it’s in its element, loving every moment of the frosty wonderland.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Its thick coat is like a cozy blanket, and those paws are like natural snowshoes. The alpine cold never bothers it; instead, it’s a playground of endless adventures! This adorable pup is a true inspiration, reminding us that with the right attitude, even the chilliest days beckon adventure.

Teddy Bears

As pups, Rottweilers are just bundles of innocent cuteness. With their floppy ears and wobbly walk, they are like cuddly teddy bears, melting hearts left and right. But hold your breath because here comes the twist! As they grow up, they transform into majestic protectors, exuding a powerful presence that demands respect.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Their imposing size and strong demeanor might make you think twice, but here’s the secret – beneath that intimidating exterior, they’re still gentle and loyal companions. It’s the perfect balance of unsuspecting innocence and fierce loyalty, which makes them one of the best guard dogs.


When this Golden Retriever was just a tiny fluffball, his eyes were the cutest little slits, like two mischievous secrets peering out. As time went by, something even more astonishing happened – he became the size of a dime! Can you imagine?

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

This adorable doggo is now a teeny-tiny treasure that can fit right in the palm of your hand! It’s like he got a sprinkle of fairy magic that keeps him pocket-sized forever. You can’t help but be in awe of this pint-sized pup with a heart as golden as his fur!

Field Day

You have got to hear about this amazing German Shepherd and its superpower coat! This majestic beauty splashes joyfully in the ocean waves like it’s the best playground ever. Its coat seems impervious to ocean water! No soggy mess here!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It’s like these two have a built-in water-repellent shield that keeps them dry and looking fabulous, no matter how much they frolic in the salty waves. So, next time you hit the beach, watch out for these aqua-loving German Shepherds.


Look at this extraordinary pup with a coat that’s a canvas of colors! As a little furball, people thought it looked like someone had dipped it in a pot of white, gray, black, and brown, creating the most mesmerizing patterns. A certified masterpiece!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

And as it grew into adulthood, that artistic palette matured into a stunning tapestry of shades. The mix of colors seemed to tell a story, each hue revealing a different chapter of its life. The passage of time had painted this doggo’s fur with the strokes of a master artist.

Stood Still

Meet Buddy, a little ball of impatience who couldn’t sit still for even a minute! Oh boy, he had so much energy to spare! But as time passed and he grew into adulthood, something incredible happened. Buddy turned into the calmest pooch you could imagine.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It’s like he found a secret zen garden within him! Now, he can stand for hours on end, as still as a statue, not a care in the world. Looks like time has made him master the art of patience, and it’s truly mesmerizing to witness.


Siberian Huskies are the masters of playfulness! As pups, they are like little balls of energy, always up for a game of chase or tug-of-war. Their antics are pure joy! And as you may know, even as adults, they never outgrow their playful spirit.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

Now, they’re the ones leading the games, enticing us with mischievous eyes and wagging tails. From fetch to hide-and-seek, they’re the life of the party, reminding us that age is just a number when it comes to having fun. Being around one is like existing in a timeless dance of play.

Never Enough

This Golden Retriever has a love affair with the great outdoors! It’s like he’s got this magnetic pull towards nature, and the moment you open that front door, he’s ready to seize the day. The world becomes his playground, and you can see the excitement in his eyes.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

He explores every nook and cranny and sniffs all the intriguing scents. Whether it’s chasing butterflies, splashing in puddles, or simply basking in the sun, the outdoors is his ultimate happy place. You can’t help but smile, witnessing his sheer fascination with the beauty of Mother Nature.


The moment this dog spots its doppelganger, his eyes widen with curiosity and confusion. It’s as if there’s a tiny playmate right in front of him! The pup tilts its head, trying to figure out who that little furball is. “Hmm, looks very familiar,” he thinks to himself.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

What follows next are barks and jumps as he tries to play with his mini-me. It’s a dose of cuteness and pure entertainment as this furry friend learns the wonders of self-discovery right in front of him, proving that the simplest things can also be profound mysteries.

Muddy Fun

Snowy, the white doggo can’t resist the allure of the ocean, especially when it comes to muddy fun! You’d think with a pristine white coat like that, he would steer clear of the muddy mess, but nope. As soon as those paws hit the sandy shore, Snowy transforms into a wild mud artist!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It’s like he’s on a mission to turn white into brown! But hey, who can blame him? His pure joy splashing in the waves and rolling in the mud is absolutely contagious. Snowy’s beach antics are a delightful reminder that sometimes, getting a little dirty brings the purest happiness!

Played Its Tricks

Meet Max, the pup who, at first, looked like a mini Rottweiler with those distinctive markings. But as time played its tricks, Max pulled off the ultimate transformation! As he grew into adulthood, his features evolved, and he emerged as a stunning German Shepherd.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It’s like he had a secret identity hidden under those adorable puppy looks. The mystery behind his metamorphosis is mind-boggling, and you can’t help but wonder if he’s the dog version of a shape-shifter! From Rottweiler-like cuteness to the majestic allure of a German Shepherd.

Accentuated Features

You’ve got to hear about this dog whose coat became an artist’s masterpiece! As it grew older, something magical happened – its fur seemed to have a secret pact with its eyes. The colors merged in perfect harmony, accentuating those mesmerizing eyes like never before.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It was like the fur was hand-painted to highlight the soulful gaze that could melt hearts. Each strand framed those eyes like a work of art, making them the focal point of its majestic appearance. You can’t help but gaze into the depths of its soul with every glance.


Oh, you will not believe the appetite of this pup! From the moment it could chew, it was like a bottomless pit, gobbling up everything in sight. Treats, kibble, shoes – you name it, it had to be on the menu!

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

As the years rolled by, we all thought it might slow down a bit, but nope! Its insatiable hunger only grew stronger. From pup to full-grown dog, mealtime is always an adventure, and there’s never a dull moment at dinner time.

Living Sage

This wise old dog has a coat that’s like a living history book! Its fur is a beautiful mix of colors, but as the years danced by, something magical happened. The hues gradually faded, leaving behind a soft, silvery gray.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It’s like the passage of time had painted a portrait of wisdom on its once vibrant fur. Now, this majestic pup wears its age with grace, each strand of gray a testament to the adventures it’s lived and the love it’s shared.

Paws of Steel

This dog is the epitome of bravery! With a heart of steel, it fearlessly strides across the shimmering ice sheets of the frozen lake. Each step exudes confidence, and you can see the determination in its eyes as it ventures onto the icy terrain.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

It is like the pup is on a daring quest, defying the cold to explore the unknown. You can’t help but admire its courage as it conquers the frozen landscape, its paws unshaken by the icy chill. A true adventurer!

Atypical Dog

Get ready to be amazed by this incredible dog transformation! As a pup, this little furball looked like anything but a typical dog. With its lanky legs and pointy ears, it was like a curious creature from another realm. But that changed over time.

Image courtesy of Mandy Helwege / Seeing Double Edits

As it grew into adulthood, the magic of nature took over, and it transformed into a stunning wolf-like beauty. Its coat thickened, its eyes gleamed with a hint of wildness, and it embraced the spirit of a magnificent wolf. Its true identity emerged, and it now roams as a mesmerizing wolf-dog.