Golden Retriever Becomes Gdansk’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction

By Stephen M

We sometimes spend so much money to travel for sightseeing. Yes, there are several amazing landscapes, interesting land formations, and water bodies across the world. The ancient world also put together some wonderful architectural works, some of which defies scientific laws. All these, including the numerous museums and local festivals scattered worldwide, have become tourist attraction sites.


Photo credit: Pjes z balkonu na rogu Politechnicznej i Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego

Amazingly, a golden retriever called Milka became a local attraction in the Polish city of Gdansk. The city, which already has several attraction sites, saw some locals trooping to see this dog hanging out on a balcony. His neighborhood since became known as “The dog from the balcony.”

Milka’s home is located somewhere on the Politechniczna and Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego streets of Gdansk. She welcomes locals and foreign tourists with his infectious smiley face while resting on the first-floor balcony of his home. Therefore, it is not surprising that “The dog from the balcony” had a 5-star rating on tourist sites on local websites and Google maps. It is was rated higher than attraction sites like the Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, and Louvre.

Photo credit: Pjes z balkonu na rogu Politechnicznej i Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego

Sadly, Google Maps recently removed “The dog from the balcony” from its map, as it isn’t an official Gdansk attraction site. Some reviewers have expressed their sadness in the decision to remove the location. However, before the removal, a Twitter user, Daniel Tilles, had shared the Google page.

Milka is very popular even on social media. He has more than 7500 followers on Facebook, with pictures of him posted almost every day.