Grizzly Bears: 3 Facts You Should Know About These Animals

By Divya G

Grizzly bears, scientifically dubbed as Ursus Arctos Horribilis, are brown-haired and large predators. They wear the crown of being the most formidable killing machines out in nature.

With a height of eight feet right from nose to tail and a weight of up to 800 pounds, these animals have terrified and captivated the human race for many centuries.

Source: @pixabay / Pexels

But still, there are many things about these bears people don’t know about. So, keep a distance, and get to learn more about these beasts.

Grizzlies are light eaters.

No, seriously, it’s true; these bears don’t eat much. They are residents of North America and will make a meal out of almost anything, which includes bison, moose, and elk.

But they also eat leaves, fruits, berries, and even nuts. They will also eat mice, and their gluttony will not kick in unless they hit hyperphagia.

They can climb trees.

Oh, heck yeah, they do! You might think it’s a myth that these bears can climb trees, but it’s not. Even though their long claws and weight will make the whole climbing thing a bit difficult, they do need a bit of support from the branches.

Source: @diego-madrigal-162471 / Pexels

Also, these bears can travel vertically if they want to. So, yes, nowhere to hide if one of them is running after you.

They eat other bears.

This might seem pretty shocking, but it’s the truth. Yes, they are omnivorous, but grizzlies are also classified as cannibals. Many people, especially park rangers and tourists, have spotted these bears devouring other bears.

Still, these animals might be dangerous and fierce, but they also have a different side that many people don’t know. If you do some research, you’ll see what we’re talking about.