Groundhog Eats Man’s Crops, So Man Builds Groundhog His Personal Garden

By Divya G

When a groundhog devours all your crops, which you worked really hard to grow, it can be pretty devastating. But Jeff Permar from Delaware had different things in mind. He started to notice that his veggies were getting eaten and had no clue who the culprit was.

The man told the press that he had never witnessed that much damage to his crops in over two decades of being a gardener. All the things he was planting were getting eaten, and he was determined to find out who was behind all this. As such, he installed motion cameras and waited for the culprit to show up.

And it did.

He captured some of the critters but also caught the one who did most of the damage to his crops. It was none other than a groundhog. He named him Chuck, and Permar claimed he was pretty bold. He took a piece of the veggies and sat down right in front of the camera to nibble on it.

The gardener said that the groundhog was facing the camera as he destroyed and ate his crops, almost as if it was openly acknowledging that it didn’t care at all that it was destroying Permar’s hard work.

But Jeff did not show any sign of anger. Instead, he created a personal garden for Chuck. Now, that’s sweet of him!

Source: @aaron-j-hill-3434251 / Pexels

By making a small garden for Chuck and his friends, Jeff gained a lot of love and support from the netizens. He regularly uploads on his YouTube channel about Chuck and also on gardening. You should check it out.