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These Hilarious Pet-Shaming Photos Are Going Viral

There’s no doubt about it: Pets are a beloved part of our lives. We think of them as our own children sometimes. And just like our children, they can be naughty. That’s to be expected, but training is still part of being a pet parent. How do we teach them a lesson? Owners across the nation are trying a shaming approach. They have made signs to confess guilt on their pet’s behalf. While animals can’t speak our language, they can stand in front of an embarrassing admission. We’ve collected some of the silliest, cringiest examples on the web. Some sneaky acts involve food. Others involve biting or farting. All of them involve laughing, on our end. Read on for fuzzy fun, next!

Taste the Rainbow

Our pets are not supposed to be eating school supplies. But every once in a while, they get into places where they should not. This pug ate crayons and pooped multicolored turds. Did he learn his lesson? No, he did not.


Seeing all those delightful hues was too tempting. A big box of Crayolas has Granny Smith Apple, Cornflower, and Razzmatazz. There’s Mauvelous and Goldenrod, too. We may not have taken a taste. But we must admit, they did look delicious!

Pooper Snooper

The toilet really should be a place of peace. It’s a chance to get away from the world and do your business without judgment. But in this home, that hasn’t been happening. Thanks to this cat, privacy is a pipedream.

Cole and Marmalade / YouTube

It’s a little intimidating. He stares and he glares. We don’t know why he likes to watch humans on the toilet. Maybe he is fascinated by how the other half lives. When you use a litterbox, anything else seems odd.

Just Passin’ Gas

This doggo took a nap, but things didn’t go according to plan. Unexpectedly, he woke himself up. No, he didn’t have a nightmare. He had stinky gas in his gut. Sooner or later, it had to come out. When it exploded, it was a shock.


Sometimes, stinky air needs an escape valve. There is no rhyme or reason to the stench. This pet probably didn’t expect it would erupt during his snooze. And perhaps unfairly, his owner is now shaming him. He looks so sad!

Sorry Not Sorry

Cats are sneaky creatures, in pet world. Even their biggest fans will admit it. But we didn’t know they liked to play around with the bathroom trash. If anything, we perceived them to be ultra-clean animals. What went wrong here?


It seems a used sanitary product was mistaken for some sort of treat. We would never, ever make that mistake. But cats only know what smells interesting to them. That fact makes us nauseous. Feel free to shudder, dear reader.

Turd Terror

This dog is begin shamed for an entire day of chaos. He put his family through terror and ran around the home screaming. What was the reason? It wasn’t a health problem, as they first suspected. It was a poo problem!

Reddit / Shibaru-in-a-Subaru

The entire family thought their dog was dying. It seems that was a fair assumption. He was in distress, and they took that seriously. Upon closer inspection, he was just filthy. Next time, check the booty. Doodoo lurks when we least expect it.

Mama Loves Mice

Day after day, outdoor cats stalk small animals in the neighborhood. They kill birds, just for fun. Sometimes, they try to share their kills with us, against our will. It’s an instinct we don’t quite understand. This is a great example.


When mom was asleep, Diva the cat brought her a present. She plopped it right in that open human mouth. It was a mouse. Imagine waking up like that! Needless to say, the incident was memorable. Now it’s a shame post online.

Rest in Pieces, Alexa

Alexa is a voice A.I. device many of us enjoy at home. According to Amazon: “Talking to Alexa feels like talking to a friend or family member. The more customers interact, the better Alexa learns speech patterns, vocabulary, likes, and dislikes.”

Shibagram__inari_kitsune / Instagram

It’s sad to say, but Alexa is dead. The device we see here isn’t going to talk to us any longer. Her life force has been cut, as you can see by the cord. Is the perp here even ashamed?

Hair Scare

Guinea pigs are said to be great pets. Their food is inexpensive, and they can fit in the smallest apartment. These pets live for 4-8 years, which is a lot compared to other rodents. Guinea pigs have quirky personalities, too. This one loves to give haircuts.

Instagram / guinea_pig_marge

How, you ask? That’s easy. Using its teeth, this little guy chews through the strands. Those snips are not consensual. If you’re thinking about getting a guinea pig, be aware of the risks. Shaming might help, but it’s no guarantee.

Yawn at Your Own Risk

When something tickles your nose, you want to expel the irritant. Usually, this comes as a sneeze. Dogs are no different, in that respect. Their noses get itchy like the rest of us. We advise you to get out of sneezing distance, though.


This dog regularly sneezes into his owner’s open mouth. Apparently, he waits for a yawn before he releases the spray. Even hardcore dog lovers would be grossed out by that. The sign tries to shame him, but he’s just smiling.

Jelly Booty

Dogs often eat things they cannot digest. Owners know to keep chocolate away from them, for example. As we can see, this household should have hidden the petroleum jelly. The resident pug decided to eat vaseline. That doesn’t even have flavor!


We can imagine a little taste test. But to go on and eat the entire tub is just strange. Stranger yet, the result is a diaper. The product is drizzling out little by little. Turns out it’s not digestible, whatsoever.

Oh Lord, Why

The holidays are a time to reflect on meaning. If you celebrate Christmas, you might explore the original nativity tale. But if you own this cat, you won’t be able to do that. It looks like Jesus is long gone, and he’s not coming back.

Facebook / catshaminguk

It’s surprising, but he’s been decapitated. That’s not the way the story went, you may say. But this photo is undeniable. When a giant cat came to the last supper, at least a few guests became dinner themselves. What a massacre!

He Broke the Cat

Some big dogs just don’t seem to realize their size. It’s amusing to watch them sit on tiny chairs or a human lap. This situation is considerably less funny. The great dane on the right broke the cat on the left.


It probably wasn’t on purpose. This breed is known for its friendly and calm temperament. Normally. they wouldn’t hurt a fly. But sitting on a small animal could easily cause injury. A sign explains that is the case, this time.

It’s an Acquired Taste

Apparently, stink bugs are an invasive species in the United States. They don’t spread diseases or structural damage to walls. But they’re definitely a nuisance: When crushed, they release a very stinky smell. Insecticides don’t always work. What are we supposed to do about it?


Maybe this dog can come to homes and help out. Apparently, he loves to eat stinkbugs. It’s no fun for this owner because the farts are strange. But in the right circumstances, it wouldn’t be misbehavior. This dog could your hero!

Hot, Steamy Poop

Puppies need to be housetrained, just like toddlers are potty trained. We expect that these adorable baby dogs might make mistakes on the floor. But we would never expect them to poop inside a heater. That’s precisely what occurred here.


It’s funny, but only because we are not there to sniff. Slowly, the residents of the home started to realize there was a problem. A terrible smell wafted from room to room. How was it traveling so efficiently? Obviously, it was in the central vent.

That’s Just Terrorism

Some homes have rules about pets on the bed. This dog right here is the reason why. He didn’t leave excess stray hair. He climbed on top of the covers and bit at lumps. Apparently, those lumps were a very sensitive area.


This owner decided to shame his dog after things got painful. Sometimes, it was a hand. Sometimes, it was his nether regions — the last place you want a nip. Maybe this exposure will help. Or maybe, he’ll be back to bite another day.

Spooky Toots

Some of us like get to get scared, once in a while. Watching a horror movie is a great way to do that. It’s safe, and you can feel those chills on your own terms. It only seems terrifying, in the moment.

Instagram / codylab

According to this sign, things got scary in real life. While his owner was watching a dark movie, he farted. It was so loud, it made the man jump. It’s safe to say there was no ill intent. But the effect was thunderous!

Weasels Gonna Weasel

According to The Humane Society of the United States: “Ferrets sleep much of the time, but when awake are both curious and highly active. They should not be confined to a cage at all times, yet need close supervision when allowed out of their enclosures.” They strongly recommend you ferret-proof your home. Here’s a great example of why.


Somehow, the ferret on the left ordered a phone online. Then, the ferret on the right shut off the internet. The order went through, and the owner was helpless to stop the transaction. What did he expect from a pair of unsupervised weasels?

Cat Versus Candle

Cats are notoriously afraid of fire. We’d say they are right to be wary. But this one lacks that instinct and got a little too close to some candles. Its fluffy fur caught the flames, and things got wild. The incident ruined mom’s relaxing bath.

Instagram / cat_shaming

We can imagine the sights and the sounds. We can even imagine the smells. It must have been unpleasant for all involved. But the end of this tale is a live cat and a funny sign. Candles and kitties should never combine.

That’s Just Rude

Little dogs often have big personalities. We’ve all seen one at the park challenging a much large pet. It’s strange because you’d think they would back down. Not so, for many smaller breeds. Here’s a weiner dog that took things way too far.


Every time he sees a large dog, he runs up and bites its most sensitive parts. We assume it is shocking, each and every time. But we can also see this weiner is still intact. How has gotten away with this, over and over?

Sonic’s Revenge

Sure, hedgehogs are utterly adorable. But many see them as useful pets. These little guys prey on many common pests. If you’ve got a garden, you might benefit from having one on guard. If you don’t, they just might poop in your shoe.

Beccers / Imgur

The sign details how it all goes down. This hedgehog crawls into empty slippers and takes a poo. When the owner inserts their foot, they get stinky toes. Does this critter look ashamed to you? We don’t think so, either.

Give and Take

These two doggos are best buds. They play together and they sleep together. One of them has a well-intentioned habit. He likes to lick his friend in the morning. It’s thoughtful. But he never gets the same attention in return.


You’ve been there, and we’ve been there. One-way streets are no way to be in a relationship. Many of us have learned the hard way. These signs set out to shame the selfish partner. Will it work? Odds are, no way.

Pissed Pussycat

Cats pee everywhere to make their territory, naturally. They will do it if you don’t neuter them. It’s a stinky situation, and many owners opt for the snip. But here, the stream took an odd turn. Is the family hamster territory, somehow?


Based on this sign, we have questions. The cat peed on the hamster. Was it an accident? Maybe the victim got too close, too fast. Maybe the cat got confused. Either way, it must have been odd to stumble on the scene.

Hide the Sausage

Dogs have unlimited appetites for snacks. But as responsible humans, we can’t let them eat whatever they want, whenever they want. This little furball tried to cheat the system. He hid meat in the couch. Of course, it was discovered.


The question is, when was it found? We hope it was within a few days. It’s repulsive to even imagine the smell of old sofa meat, weeks or months after its deposit. This pet looks pretty shamed. Therefore, we are leaning towards the latter.

Puzzle Solved

Jigsaw puzzles can be tricky. Depending on the number of pieces, they can take long periods of time to solve. Imagine investing effort in this challenge only to find out parts were missing. That’s what happened, due to the dog.

Cjenglishauthor / Instagram

Over some period of time, piece after piece was swallowed. The mischief was only evident when the picture was incomplete at the end. What a silly sneak! A note is now attached to his collar for the world to see.

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat

Felines sneak around on their own terms. They might meow by our feet when we least expect it, even when we think we shut the door. This is one such surprise. As we can see from the sign, there was an unwanted cat on the road.


After driving for 84 miles, it finally meowed. The driver was as shocked as could be. There was no sign of entry up until that point. Now, there’s a sign telling everyone. We do see a little regret in the photo. But not enough!

Bad Karma

Buddhists preach a philosophy of peace and enlightenment. We assume they know how to keep their cool. But everyone has their limits. Wouldn’t you be mad if someone kept stealing from you? This dog is a thief who targeted their religious offerings.


Next door, these folks tried to put out symbolic food. When they weren’t looking, the next-door dog came and ate it all. Based on this sign, it seems like an ongoing problem. Turning the other cheek is another religion. What’s a Buddhist to do?

Naughty Little Kitty

Female cats reach maturity quicker than you might think. They can actually breed from around 4 months old. Cat years sure go by fast! Be aware that your cat might go into heat every year around February. Those friendly feelings can last all the way to October.


This little girl snuck out when the family wasn’t looking. They tried to keep her safe. But in her heart of hearts, she knew she wanted that romance. It looks like she did find her Romeo. Now, she’s expecting kittens!

The Secret Splat

In America, millions of homes host pets. The majority of those critters are cats, dogs, or both. Less than 4% of the country owns a bird. Why is Polly getting ignored? If this shaming sign is true, we can easily understand why.

Kaikkabean / Instagram

This green, feathery friend plopped a wet mess on mom’s head before she went o chat with the neighbors. She didn’t know it happened, and she wasn’t warned. That must have been embarrassing. Now, it’s time for the bird to be embarrassed with a sign online.

Bon Appétit

Average pet bunnies poop a whole lot. In raw, stinky numbers, that means 200-300 poops per day. A healthy specimen should be round and uniform in size and shape. One turd can be the size of a pea or as big as a garbanzo bean.


If you have a dog around, he might mistake those for treats. They look like little chocolates. We could be fooled if we didn’t know the truth. We think the smell would be off-putting. But as the sign here indicates, they were delicious.

Opposites Attack

Dogs want to make puppies. It’s no wonder they frequently mount each other. But there is also the confusing phenomenon of targeting other animals. That cannot be nature’s plan! This feline bystander learned the hard way. What caused the mixup?


Vets say that dogs display this behavior for a secondary reason. Sometimes, they just want to dominate other animals. We bet this cat was intimidated. But the owners aren’t letting this stand. Here, the sign shames him for his dirty deed.