Hungry, Hungry Hamsters: 40 Adorable Rodent Pics From The Internet

By Aakash M

Who doesn’t love a cute little hamster? These creatures radiate energy and joy. Also, they’re full of life, and they always have the best ways of catching people’s attention! Hamsters are known for more than just being cute pets. These little guys are also the best and the cutest models for photographs! That’s why we see so many people constantly posting hamster pictures on the Internet. They haven’t entirely made it to the status of cats and dogs, but they are adorable in their own right. So, irrespective of what people say, we’d like to give hamsters the award for the cutest animal ever, and we know that many of you would agree with us on this one, especially after peeking at this article. Although it’s not an official award, they deserve it, don’t they? Here are 40 adorable hamster pics from the Internet that you wouldn’t wanna miss!

Miniature town

Can you imagine the amount of effort it would’ve taken to build something as humongous (for the hamsters) but as miniature (for us) as this structure? Well, it’s like Disneyland for hamsters. They have a whole town to themselves, book coffee shops and all.

Image Credits: Sophia Antidze /

Do you know what the best part of this hamster town is? We think it’s the slogan that reads, “Eat. Read. Love. These crafters made the village with 1325 minute details for 1984 hours. We can’t get over how amazing this town looks.

Big guy

For everyone who’s having a bad day, a dull day, or anything of that sort, here is a photo of a cute little hamster enjoying some snacks in its little clay cup. Trust us, that cup is teeny. For the hamster to fit in, imagine how small it must be.

Image Credits: Reddit/ unnaturalorder

If you ask us, it’s quite the spot for enjoying some snacks. We hope it has enough space because eating in a cramped space doesn’t feel so comfortable. But, our main concern is how this little guy plans to get out of the pot.

Wholesome moments

Let us tell you what happened in this picture. The person who clicked this photo had given a grain stick to their hamster, and the hamster instantly hugged the stick as if it was the little guy’s treasure! Here’s the image.

Image Credits: Reddit/ tunglinh1994

Oh! We completely forgot to tell you the main thing. The name of this cute hamster holding and hugging this grain stick as if it’s a piece of treasure is Pea. Isn’t that the cutest name now? It just keeps getting better and better.

Prince charming

Let us introduce you to his majesty, the king of cuteness. That’s not this guy’s name, but that’s pretty much his position, and we can’t argue with that because he deserves that title and ranking more than anything. Step aside, William!

Image Credits: Reddit/ milo96

What makes us go crazy is that little crown he’s wearing. That must be such a small and cute crown! Also, the look on this hamster king’s face is just priceless! It’s almost as if he knows he’s a king, but he can’t help being cute.

Having fun

Look at this little guy enjoying a nice little meal for himself. Oh, his name? Well, his name is Mango, and as you can see, he’s peacefully enjoying his morning charcuterie on a fine Sunday morning. What a luxurious life.

Image Credits: Reddit/ gogglehyena

Pardon our French, but charcuterie is deli. So, yes, he’s having the time of his life, and things can’t get any better here. We can only imagine the size of the table and the chair, which is for him, but he’s not sitting on it.

Quarantine diaries

The lady who posted this image captioned it by saying that she and her boyfriend had ended up spending one entire day just to set up this art gallery for their gerbil. How romantic is that, and how amazing it is for the gerbil!

Image Credits: Reddit/ mariannabe

They had done it during the fourteenth day of quarantine, so they had a lot of time on their hands. It’s good that so many people found so many productive habits during the pandemic. That’s one of the many advantages.

Poor little guy

Can you believe it! This little fellow somehow broke his arm, and his arm is all taped up now. That’s just so sad. Just look at those puppy eyes! Although he’s a hamster, his puppy eye game is just too good.

Image Credits: Reddit/ GeorgeOnee

Hamsters have a hard time moving around because of such injuries, which is understandable. We only wish for this hamster’s good health and a speedy recovery. He’ll be back and running in no time! Never lose hope, no matter what!

Cool baby hamster

Take a look at this baby hamster with a hairstyle that you won’t really see on babies. It has a really innocent look on its face, so we’re assuming that it doesn’t know anything about this hairstyle at all. He looks ready to attend his first rock concert!

Image Credits: Boredpanda

In that case, it’s pretty evident that its humans are behind this hairstyle, and we won’t blame them. Instead, we’ll thank them. Because this hairstyle, although a stunt, made this baby hamster look all the cuter. What a cutie patootie!

I’m so tired

This guy must really be tired from running around in that hamster wheel all day long. So, after a challenging cardio workout, this hamster might have decided to take a nap right there and then. That’s a well-deserved nap. No question asked.

Image Credits: Reddit

We are sure that many people could relate to this picture because we all feel tired after having a long day or a long week. So, this hamster is also the spirit animal of many people, including us. Also, can we boop that nose real quick?

What a cutie 

Take a look at this cute guy. Meet Piglet. Piglet’s human bought him right after they moved into a new house right after a bad divorce. So, they bought this little guy to cheer themselves up. Great decision! Just look at that face.

Image Credits: Reddit/ IDontKnowWhatYeetIs

Piglet looks really happy, so the owner must be doing a splendid job at taking care of him. Bravo! We could only wish to get a chance to greet little Piglet over here. Don’t you all think the same as well?

Snooze time

Here is a very adorable picture of hamsters doing a snooze. After looking at this image, what else do we even need in life? Firstly, we never knew that this was the way hamsters sleep. It’s pretty surprising yet cute at the same time.

Image Credits: Reddit/ cogainho

For some reason, these hamsters look more like flat pancakes than hamsters while sleeping. If we could come up with a name, could we call it hamcakes, or something like that? So, yes. These hamcakes look really cute and cozy.

Happy birthday to you

The name of this cutie who’s gobbling on the broccoli cake (haha!) is Biscuit. So, it’s Biscuit’s birthday, and as you can see, she’s enjoying her day to the fullest. She got many gifts and a lot of love and pampering from her humans.

Image Credits: Reddit/ EmmaLou112

As far as birthday gifts are concerned, Biscuit got a birthday hat. Not just that, she also got her favorite veggie (broccoli, as you can see), and she also got a new climbing frame all for herself! Happy birthday, Biscuit!

New bed

Meet another Biscuit. This Biscuit is not the Biscuit whom we saw earlier. Both of them are different hamsters. In fact, she was a female, and this one was a male. Nonetheless, both of them are really adorable, aren’t they? 

Image Credits: Reddit/ PrinceLeigh

This is Biscuit’s new hamster bed. His human posted this image and captioned it by saying that the little guy seems to be liking his new spot, and honestly, there’s no doubt about that! Just look at him sleeping peacefully!


Just when you thought that things couldn’t get better, here’s a photo of a hamster preaching to its fellow mates. He seems to be giving a really passionate speech, and guess what. Other hamsters are listening equally attentively. Praise be!

Image Credits: Reddit

You never know what this guy could be preaching about. Also, what if he’s the chosen one? We don’t know what he’s selected for and who chose him, but still, just putting it out as a possibility. This was amazing.

Any guesses?

Can you guess which creature is on this person’s fingers? That’s an easy question since we’re talking mainly about hamsters. We can’t recognize it because it’s from a different angle. That’s how tiny these guys are. Hamsters are the cutest.

Image Credits: Twitter/ Saeko66475526

Judging by the position it is in, it looks as if the hamster has been asleep all this while on the human’s fingers, and we can’t really think of anything that would be cuter than that! We applaud the photographer’s efforts here.

Having fun

Let us introduce you to Toast. Toast is quite a creative name. Sounds fun to say it, right? This guy looks more than happy, almost as if he’s in a whole different world. Well, he is. Someone took this photo at a peculiar time.

Image Credits: Reddit/ MoriahJasper

As we were saying, Toast had just finished running his laps right behind the couch cushions. We can only wonder how messy it would’ve been if he had created a mess. So, we can only say one thing, which is that he’s a really happy hamster.

Cozy nap

This image of a hamster sleeping cozily is something that everybody could relate to because there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep in a comfortable environment. This hamster had made this little den for itself before falling asleep in it.

Image Credits: Reddit/ fosterkittiesarecute

We understand that creating a den would have been a tough job for the little creature. Therefore, it deserves all the naps. Also, it becomes easier when they do such things because it gets more accessible for people to watch them rest.


This one is named “Arrowhead” because this hamster has an arrow on its forehead. Take a good close look because it also took some time for us to spot the pointer. The arrow is pointing upwards, and there’s nothing there.

Image Credits: Reddit/ dvm_art

Our main question is if this arrow is more of a birthmark, or was it something that was painted by a human being? We assume it is from birth, but who knows! Nonetheless, the arrow makes things adorable by 100 times.


Meet Piggly. What makes Piggly stand out from other hamsters is his fabulous hat collection. Piggly’s owner makes hats for him, and we can only imagine how tough of a job that could be because hamsters are such tiny creatures!

Image Credits: Reddit/ KassieKai

It is a difficult task because the artist needs to be creative with the designs, and more than that, the artist needs to be precise with their planning. Even accuracy on larger formats is a daunting task. Imagine how tough it would be if the human were manually working on the small designs.

This is the moment

Wildlife photography is tricky because capturing an animal on a hunt or an animal being hunted, or even capturing an animal in any activity or position is extremely difficult. You need to wait for the right moment to click a photo, and it takes a long time.

Image Credits: Reddit

You can consider the level of this photo right with other wildlife photographs because it has been captured at a pretty intense moment, as you can see. The human took it while this hamster was trying to escape while the dog was sleeping.

Midnight meal

According to the person who posted this image, they’ve hit rock bottom. That is because they are eating macaroni and cheese with their hamster. If you ask us, it isn’t a bad thing if you’ve covered all the hygiene and health aspects.

Image Credits: Reddit/ bulletcurtain

Apart from that, you’re only sharing your meal with your pet, which isn’t a bad thing! Anyways, we can’t get over how the hamster is nibbling on the mac and cheese. This photo is worth all the attention it gets.


Now that’s a problem. This little guy is stuck, and the human clicks a photo instead of helping it first, which shows that it isn’t a huge problem per se. It’s more of a hilarious moment that we all can enjoy for a while.

Image Credits: Boredpanda

We seriously don’t know why and how hamsters are in such situations. It being stuck this way didn’t even come as a surprise to us because we were expecting something like this along the way. Well, that was a rib-tickler.

On your feet

Here is an image of a hamster on its human’s foot. This is where reality hits in. This photo would do pretty good to show people how cute and petite these guys are. That’s literally how small a hamster is as compared to our feet.

Image Credits: Reddit/ 14Wemaj

It looks like this little guy is enjoying his time on his human’s foot. Doesn’t it look like he’s politely greeting his human from down there? He must look straight up to look his human in the eye. It’s a massive world for hamsters.

Fitness freak

This hamster’s owner thinks that this little guy spends a lot of time on his exercise wheel, and just by looking at that photo, we wouldn’t disagree with what the owner has to say. This hamster is ripped to the bone.

Image Credits: Reddit/ treebird9

That’s a bodybuilding hamster, and we also don’t think that the exercise wheel is the only equipment in its enclosure. There must be some weights in there as well. This little guy must be eating some nutritious food. Great going!

Likes watching streams?

Here’s a picture of Hazel. What’s unique about Hazel is that she likes watching her human play video games, and we know quite a lot of people who love watching video games on the Internet. It’s actually pretty fun sometimes.

Image Credits: Reddit/ HiGuysImChris

Hazel has quite a different watching style. Instead of sitting with her human comfortably and enjoying the game, she prefers watching secretly from behind the sofa. That’s just her preference. She looks as if she’s doing something she’s not supposed to be doing. Funny.


For all those using phones, let us tell you in advance that your screenshot button will have a good workout after looking at this image because we know that you would definitely want to save this photo in your gallery!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Zieeeha

That beanie is going to come in handy for the little man during winters. The hamster looks as if it’s one of the most elite hamsters in the world. The amount of sophistication in this image is high. Just look at those tiny hammy fingers!

Big smile

We’re sure that the photographer must have said “Say cheese!” before clicking this photo because there’s a massive smile on this hamster’s face. The hamster genuinely looks happy. Maybe it likes being held by its owner’s relatively huge palm. Nothing better than getting cozy in the safety of your human.

Image Credits: Reddit/ New_Confusion19

Or maybe the hamster ate the cheese. Those guys love cheese. We can say that looking at this picture of a smiling hamster has just improved our day, and we’re sure that this image can turn a bad day into a good one.

The journey

This hamster has a pretty positive and brave journey. We, for one, are proud of this hamster and grateful to the people who rescued it. These owners rescued this hamster from a glue trap. The photo on the left side is of the day when they saved it.

Image Credits: Reddit/ eggyallanpoe

The photo on the right side is of the 22nd day since the rescue, and you can see how far the hamster has come and how happy it looks. We applaud the effort that they put into rescuing this hamster. We are glad such people exist in this world.

The man

Earlier, we saw a photo that was oozing sophistication. Here is a photo that oozes confidence. The look of certainty on that hamster’s face literally says it all. It feels like there’s an air of superiority around us right after looking at this pic.

Image Credits: Reddit/ KylBlndn

Maybe this hamster thinks very highly of himself as if he’s a Don, or something like that. Considering that, we wouldn’t be all that surprised if he’s a Don in the hamster world. That would look really cute. Just saying.


Have you ever heard of a hamster cannon? We haven’t either. But, you’ll get what we’re talking about after you see what’s happening here. For some weird reason, this hamster is either trapped or voluntarily inside this fake cannon aka toilet paper roll.

Image Credits: Reddit

Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that we all had a good laugh after looking at this image. This is the first time we’re looking at a creature in a cannon waiting to be fired, and at that too, the animal is happy.

An alternative

You are now looking at a miniature vegetable gym. If you ask the purpose of this vegetable gym, it is best for those hamsters who don’t like exercising and the famous exercise wheel. You can work out a bit and then eat the whole thing!

Image Credits: Boredpanda

The first piece of equipment might even be helpful, but we think that the second one is just for us to see because we’re sure that the treadmill won’t be working! But, hats off to the person’s creativity who made these amazing things.

What’s going on?

Meet Bruce. Don’t be loud. He’s sleeping. According to Bruce’s owner, he’s a bit of a weirdo since that’s his usual sleeping position, and we can’t agree more with his owner. There’s something wrong and uncomfortable with that sleeping position of his.

Image Credits: Reddit/ blofeldd

But there’s no denying that he’s a cutie. No matter how weird these guys get, and irrespective of the number of weird habits they have, hamsters are and will always be the cutest animals, and there’s no question about that.

Tiny hamster in a tiny bag

It’s incredible how you can get anything at IKEA. Yes, you heard that right. Someone bought this little bag from an IKEA store, and it’s big enough to fit a little hamster! By the way, this hamster’s name is Bao Bao.

Image Credits: Reddit

This one is by far one of the cutest hamster images we have seen until now. Every hamster owner needs to know that you can get these little bags at IKEA for your tiny hamsters. As far as we can see, these things literally boost the cuteness of your hamster.

A new invention

Behold, the newest way to drink water. Do not try this at home. According to this hamster’s owner, that’s how this hamster drinks water now. After coming across this picture, we’d say that it’s something we’ve seen for the first time.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Aggressive_Lemon_101

Warning! Do not look at this picture while you’re drinking water, apple juice, or any other beverage because you might end up snorting and laughing at the same time after looking at this image. What do you think about this new water-drinking method?

Dinner with the family

This hamster had the opportunity to join his family for a proper dinner at the table. This one isn’t even a photoshoot. They have steaks, veggies, and potatoes, and the hamster also has some veggies. We love the vibe here.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Gaiaphage20

If we could caption this picture, we’d put a caption that says “cuteness overload” because that’s exactly what this image screams. Also, did you notice that while the humans are busy capturing the moment, the hamster is busy savoring the meal? Priorities.

When life gets tough

Boy, this hamster looks stressed. That’s how we all look after having an hour’s worth of sleep. It’s a pretty weird feeling, and that facial expression says everything about how strange it feels. We hope this hamster sleeps better tonight.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Skash282

When you wake up after just a few hours of sleep, your eyes remain half-opened for the next thirty minutes and opening them fully becomes quite the task since you’re sleepy, and that’s tough. Also, you won’t remember many things until you’re fully awake.

Photoshoot went wrong

We know that this hamster has fallen asleep in a peculiar position, and by now, hamsters falling asleep in weird places wouldn’t be a new thing for you as well. We hope this guy doesn’t injure himself sleeping in this position.

Image Credits: Reddit/ OffendedMulberry

So, this one is basically a photoshoot gone wrong since Sherman (the hamster) over here fell asleep right in the middle of his dollhouse photoshoot. We don’t blame him for that since he might be actually having a busy day. 

Sleeping beauty

Here’s another hamster sleeping in a weird position. This guy fell asleep with his head on his treat. So, he basically ignored his delicacy. That’s how sleepy this hamster was. Or maybe he was so busy that he didn’t have the time to sleep.

Image Credits: Reddit/ HelloThereAniWan

If that’s not the case, we have some other theories for what’s happening here as well. Maybe this hamster feels that food is the best pillow, and that’s why he’s sleeping on it. Or, he’s just simply not in the mood for a treat, which is the rarest probability.

How are you doing today?

Would you visit this hamster bar where hamsters are the ones serving the drinks and the food? If you ask us, that’s the first place we’re going. Although it’s just all toys in this image, imagine something like that in real life!

Image Credits: Reddit/ kawanabesatou

If that was all real, we can’t think of anything that would be cooler and cuter than that. By the way, every hamster owner can build something fun like a small bar or a dollhouse for their furry friends. They’ll be the happiest if you do so!

Granny’s love

And of course, as we are concluding, we thought of keeping the best one for the last. This one is indeed cute, but it has a heartwarming story. This sombrero that you’re seeing in this image was knitted by the hamster’s human’s granny!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Purple_PickleCat

Aren’t grannys just the best? Their love and affection for us know no limits. This hamster indeed looks like a gentleman on vacation in that sombrero. It suits him amazingly. We are glad to end things on such a wholesome note.