Homeowner Dresses Up Their Manatee-Shaped Mailbox According To The Season

By Stephen M

Even though most of our correspondence nowadays is done online, we still need mailboxes. Apartment complexes are equipped with boring old mail slots for the residents. But, those that live in the suburbs have a bit more flexibility. Most choose plain mailboxes, like you see in the movies, but there are some creative souls out there who choose to express themselves via their mailbox. Of course, a creative mailbox doesn’t mean that you need to make it yourself. For example, Manatee Mailboxes in Florida sells five-foot-tall, well, manatee mailboxes!

Source: artfido.com

But that isn’t enough for some people. One person saw their Manatee Mailbox as a canvas to create a fun statue on their lawn and decided to dress it up in different costumes to match the seasons. This anonymous person’s neighbor caught on to their game of dress-up and shared it on Twitter.

Source: Marleyey/Twitter

These decorations are better than any lawn flamingo or garden gnome. And bushes covered in “spiderwebs” on Halloween pale in comparison to this ghostly manatee:

Source: Marleyey/Twitter

This is such a great way to show your love for marine life and your creativity than combining them? We are seriously impressed with this person for their dedication to their “craft.” And it’s not just us. Twitter users have given nothing but praise to these mailbox pictures. Some even shared stories of similar happenings in their neighborhood.

Source: Marleyey/Twitter

Things like this should be more commonplace. It’d certainly make anyone smile, even on a dreary drive to work.