How Simon Was Supposed To Catch A Mouse But Made Friends With It Instead

By Stephen M

This is not your usual Tom and Jerry affairs, where you always see Tom chasing Jerry. Cats have always preyed on mice, and it looks like they have been sworn enemies since creation. But the relationship between this cat and mouse is not like the usual Tom and Jerry affairs.

Although cats are natural hunters, once they are well taken care of by their owners, the prey hunting reduces drastically. This seems to be the situation of this cat.

Photo credit: simonel.gato

A viral video circulating on various social media sites shows a cat allowing a mouse to sip some of his water. The cat’s owner, Benjamin Sagredo, from Punta Arena, Chile, shared the video, which has since gone viral. The footage shows Simon just staring at the mouse as it tries to drink the water.

How Benjamin Recorded the Encounter

Photo credit: simonel.gato

According to Benjamin, he heard an unusual sound from the kitchen, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. However, he finally went out to check, and to his surprise, he saw something very unusual. He had a mouse living in his kitchen. He was even more surprised because his cat was supposed to be hunting mice. But it looked like Simon had been sleeping on his duty.

Benjamin decided to record the surprise encounter since, without evidence, no one would believe him. In the video, Simon allows the mouse to drink how water while watching on. He later moves towards it but never tries hurting it. Benjamin, who was recording, then signals his cat to catch the mouse but to no avail.

Although the black cat grew with two dogs, making friends with a mouse is something Benjamin never imagined. Simon is now friends with the mouse now named Chefcito (Little Chef), and he has been back several times. Benjamin indicated that he would adopt the mouse if it kept returning.