A Husky Got Stuck In A Coconut Tree And Turned Into An Internet Celebrity Overnight

By Ruby M August 29, 2021

So, it all started when a Siberian Husky got stuck in a coconut tree — yeah, that actually happened, and the picture is 100% real. How did he get there in the first place? Don’t look at us; we don’t have a clue. But after that, the photograph of the poor pup went viral and broke the internet.

Since then, people around the world have taken it upon themselves to Photoshop this poor husky into all kinds of weird and hilarious scenarios. This dog has 1) been added into the magical world of Harry Potter, 2) hitched a ride on a bigger husky pulling a sled, and 3) even joined the musical charts with stars like Miley Cyrus of Wrecking Ball infamy (on a side note, that music video has not aged well). Interested? Scroll down to find out where else he’s been!

Rockefeller Snack Time

It was widely known that the builders at the Rockefeller plaza used to enjoy their lunch atop a steel plank high above the city below – we just don’t recommend this sort of break for anyone with a fear of heights!

Image courtesy of: Onedio

This doggo clearly isn’t afraid – joining the hard-working construction workers to enjoy a tasty doggy treat. And those treats don’t come cheap – which is likely why in this photoshopped depiction, the husky has become a working doggo!

Hitching a Ride

It’s not how it usually works, but someone was rather creative with this photoshop. Our favorite husky is hitching a ride on another husky pulling a sled. If this were real, we doubt the other husky would tolerate this behavior from his smaller inferior, but he seems pretty content taking the husky for a ride in this photo! 

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/lolaandfriends

In fact, it looks like all of the doggos in this picture are happy to pull another furry canine friend along with them – and the human seems pretty cool about it too.  Good for you, little doggy. It seems that you have found yourself a pack!

My Dog is Cooler Than Yours

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but this dog has learned to ride a bike – and not just any bike, a motorbike. Adorned with sunglasses, he is now the coolest dog in down – all that’s missing is the leather jacket, and he could form his own biker gang. 

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/critalg

Or maybe – he already has his own gang, and they’re waiting for him at the nearest bar, having a nice cold drink and waiting to follow their new leader on Highway 56. Maybe they’ve even ordered a bowl of beverage for him, and of course, some doggy treats.

Best Place to Hide

Realistically, we doubt that most huskies can actually climb trees, except for the hero of our story – but then again, realistically, a husky can’t do any of the things on this list. So it’s a good thing we aren’t trying to be realistic.

Image courtesy of: Onedio/ RexLeou

In this photoshop, nature has lost to the smarts of this doggo – who has safely avoided a lion fight by climbing and sitting atop a tall tree – out of reach from predators. And look at that – he’s now got a great place where he can enjoy the show!

Fast and Furry

Buckle up and get ready for a fast, furious ride with the 25th edition of everybody’s favorite ride-or-die blockbuster coming back to a cinema near you this summer and introducing a brand new, ferociously floofy main character – Dogonic Furreto!

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/DSKRONEK

Dogonic, a pawesome race car driver and mechanic, was once sentenced to two years at the pound for eating too many special doggy biscuits before a big race – causing a big crash. But now, he’s out of the pound and ready to take on a normal life.

Wrecking Dog

Finish the following sentence: I came in like a wrecking… the correct way to end this one would be “dog”! This little doggo must have been as heartbroken as Miley was to be swinging away on that huge wrecking ball!

Image courtest of: Bored Panda/ artunitinc

We’re sure that everyone reading this will agree – the pop singer should definitely consider re-shooting her music video and hiring a certain furry friend to be the star of the show! It would definitely win a grammy or two.

He Should Join the Circus

It seems like this little doggo’s talents have no limit! He’s ridden a motorbike, wrecked that wrecking ball (better than Miley perhaps), and even flown a flying broomstick and caught the golden snitch, and here, he’s showing off his balancing skills, too! 

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/Blocat

With mad skills like that, this husky can probably out-balance even the world’s greatest trapeze artist with ease! However, we can’t help but wonder how he can hold the stick without opposable thumbs! Perhaps he has a pair of sticky spidey-paws too!

Babe Woof

Introducing Babe Woof – the world’s greatest hitter to have ever played baseball, he’s on for his second season. In his first season, he scored not one, not two – but fifty-seven home runs! His team adores him, and the ladies do, too. 

Image courtesy of Rolloid

Every baseball and husky fan out there is dying to see him in his next game – people are already placing bets and bones and guessing just how many home runs this doggo is going to hit this time!

Royal Pup

Now here’s a very fancy little doggo being pulled by people this time – not huskies. And surprise, surprise – we have our furry canine friend jumping on board for a free ride! Both dogs have a great seat in their throne-like chair while the people do all the hard work for a change!

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/P4rtyP3nguin

Do you think the dogs’ bark ‘mush’ to the people, or do the people say it to each other? Do the poor humans get water breaks? Maybe they all take turns. Sometimes the huskies pull the sled, sometimes the people do. We’ll never know!

Carousel Canine

To whoever said that carousel rides were only suitable for the enjoyment of people: This four-legged doggo has proven them wrong! Our Canine companion is at it again, and this time, he’s taking a ride on a pretend horse. 

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/overbread

Maybe this was how he practiced before doing the real thing? Either way, he sure looks like he is having the time of his life – unlike his human companion. This doggo is definitely getting on the Ferris wheel next. We just hope he’s not afraid of heights!

Noble Steed?

People usually ride a horse, but this doggo is all about being unique. He is famous now, after all. He requires a steed that expresses his elevated status. And what better steed to show high up you are than a giraffe?

Image courtesy of: Onedio/ abcakaalex

Being the world’s tallest living mammal, the giraffe is the perfect symbol for a high-status doggo. We’re not sure how long he’s going to be able to stay up there without falling, but for now, at least he is enjoying the view.

Quidditch Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting

The magical world of Harry Potter just got a whole lot more interesting when a brand new Gryffindor joined the Quidditch team! Meet the husky that everybody loves to photoshop, flying on a broomstick along with his wizarding friends.

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/NihiloEx

Perhaps this magic husky is the key to solving all of the mystical world’s greatest mysteries – will he be the first dog to catch the golden snitch and win the house cup? Watch this space to find out!

Jedi Woof

The force is strong with this husky. We’re confident that Star Wars would have had thousands of dog lovers joining the fandom if this dog were in the original movie! We just hope that it wouldn’t end with him crashing into one of the many trees surrounding him – especially considering that dogs aren’t the best drivers!

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/DrWankAlot

Maybe if our furry friend husky really were a part of the battle, he and Luke would have managed to convince Darth Vader to come back to the light side of the force. Not even the evil overlord could resist an adorable pup, could he?

Another Example of How Cool this Dog is

This time, our cool husky friend has found a team of fellow motorcyclists to ride the streets with! And he looks even cooler than his human companions. Can’t you just picture some rock music playing as this club of leather jacket-wearing bikers rev their engines and take off on their travels? We sure can!

Image courtesy of: Bored Panda/ FoxQT

Perhaps this marvelous mutt and his team of motor enthusiasts will explore many roadhouses, with the husky tasting every doggy treat the country has to offer, of course. It sure sounds like a great way to spend one’s time!

You Used to Bork Me on Your Pup Phone

It gets lonely at the top, and even big and famous celebrities like Drake sometimes need some company, especially when fishing on top of a high tower. Good thing our favorite furry friend is also a great fishing companion!

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ u/BollingerBANDIT

Maybe if the husky got to sing his own version of the song, it would have made it to number one on the Billboard charts and maybe even gotten a few more Grammys. But we have to commend Drake – his version isn’t too shabby!

I Like To Pup It Pup It

In this remake of the beloved 2000’s animation, Madagascar, there is a brand new character, and he is the new king of the jungle – much to King Julien’s dismay. The new ruler of the lemurs on the island is none other than King Husky!

Image courtesy of: Onedio/ bthundergun

Laugh – and cry – as we see the shenanigans that King Julien gets up to with his trusty sidekick mort to take back his throne and convince the dog to go back home to Siberia! Will he give up, or will King Husky become homesick and step down from his throne?

Hocus Pup-ocus

Our Husky friend has graduated from Hogwarts but still enjoys the occasional broomstick ride in the moonlight, especially as his wolf-ancestry seems to enjoy howling at the moon. Perhaps he’s flying closer to it so that he doesn’t need to howl so loud?

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/Camty1

Or perhaps the dog is taking a quick trip back in time to visit his beloved coconut tree that spurred his growing fame! Sadly, dogs can’t talk – so we’ll never really know where he was headed on this full mooned night!

An Actual Noble Steed

As Napoleon once said, ‘imagination rules the world’ – and that is certainly correct when it comes to the imaginations of the people photoshopping the husky not only into movies but also into historical events and works of art!

Image courtesy of: ucrazy.ru

Obviously, riding the giraffe didn’t work out too well for him, but that’s no matter! Because our beloved canine has found himself an actual noble steed – a horse! And not just any horse – Napoleon’s. Perhaps he will be the one to lead the French to victory.

Nintendo’s Newest Release

Nintendo has come out with a brand new game for all those nostalgic game-boy players missing their favorite old-school games, and this game has a brand new character, too! The husky that we all know and love is now the star of a video game.

Image courtesy of: es.paperblog.com

In Huskybike, you’ll face challenges like racing against cats, collecting as many bones as you can, and of course, making sure your bike doesn’t crash into any coconut trees. Enjoy hours of biking fun for the low price of only $9.99.

Puppy Potter

He’s back at Hogwarts for the Wizarding version of the Olympic Games, and he’s brought with him his favorite broomstick just for the occasion. With this pup on their side, Slytherin might actually have a chance to win the gold!

Image courtesy of: iheartdogs/ sqrk_

It’s a really good thing that this is a magical world because this pup can somehow manage to hold onto his Firebolt – one of the fastest flying broomsticks in the world – with his floofy canine paws!

Pogo Dog

This doggo loves being the center of attention! And he’s got another trick up his furry sleeve to get the recognition he craves – he’s entered a pogo bouncing competition, and he’s beating everyone who is trying to oppose him effortlessly!

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/bigbro2009

He’s never even practiced, but just like all the other scenarios on this list, he seems to be able to conquer almost anything! The husky sure does make us humans wonder – What will this little guy get up to doing next?

Hot Dog!

The latest and greatest of all parades has just come to town starring – you guessed it – everybody’s best friend, the coconut-tree husky! But he’s come rolling in on a very special and appropriate parade float just for the occasion!

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/mouldycoughdrop

And it’s punny too – This hot dog is riding a hot dog all the way through town. Come and spend your celebrations with the world’s most popular furry friend – and there will be free hot dogs for all, too!

Brave Boi

This fluffy husky is far braver than most people because he decided to jump onto one of the carnival’s largest and fastest roller coasters – and, unlike the little girl sitting next to him – he’s not at all phased.

Image courtesy of: CoasterGallery/ Joel. A Rogers

We wonder if he got puppy-sickness when getting off the ride, or if this picture was snapped during his third or maybe even fourth turn riding the roller coaster. This pup deserves a nice big helping of candy floss for his bravery, that’s for sure!

E.T Goes Bone

Everybody knows E.T. But what everybody doesn’t know is that E.T made another best friend during his visit here on earth. That’s right – our canine buddy joined in the quest to help E.T phone home all those years ago. 

Image courtesy of: storypic.com

Now E.T is back, and this time it’s not because he’s lost – it’s because he missed his furry friend and has come to pay him a visit and thank him for all of his help! And he even brought a bike for the husky as a thank you present.

Another Tree Schtick

This time, the climate makes a little bit more sense for the husky, whose natural habitat is snowy and cold – unlike his famed coconut tree photograph, this tree is deep in snow and so is the rest of the forest. 

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/LyyK

Our fluffy husky friend certainly seems like he is more at home in this environment; with his thick furry coat keeping him cozy and warm, he can enjoy his high-up view that he’s come to love so much without overheating.

One Paw to Catch ‘Em All

It seems as if a brand-new Pokemon has been discovered and he’s the rarest of them all. Meet the Dogomon, he can occasionally be found sitting on top of an Exeggutor, but be careful when trying to catch them as a pair!

Image courtesy of: Onedio/ ChrisLee38

With the Exeggutor’s strength and this doggo’s quick wits, it’s going to be hard to trap them in your Pokeball! So be sure to come prepared if you’re planning on making your move, or you could lose them both!

Game of Bones

The husky of dragons is back to take her rightful place on the bone-throne in this brand new season of Game of Bones. Follow Emilia Barke who stars as the husky of dragons as the battle for the bone-throne continues.

Image courtesy of: Bored Panda

But Barke has new competition to be the top dog of the kingdom because Jon Bone is also battling for glory, and he’s teamed up with Emilia’s greatest enemy, long-estranged sister, Sansa Barke, and together they are raising hell – and dragons.

Break Time

One good memory most folks have from school days is the 30-minute recess break that you got to spend with friends. And there is truly nothing nicer than being able to have some lunch and play tetherball with your classmates. 

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/frings_demise

This furry doggo has got the right idea – skipping lunch and getting right into the fun and games of recess with a bouncy ball and jungle gym, surrounded by his best friends. They really are having a ‘ball’!

Husky Kong

We bet you never knew that King Kong once had a secret weapon – cuteness. With a husky on the skyscraper with him, all of the soldiers were hesitant to attack him for fear of hurting the famously viral doggo. 

Image courtesy of: storypick.com

Luckily for them and the rest of the people of America,  the husky chose to side with his people (and his treat givers) and eventually climbed off of the building to help give the soldiers a fighting chance to capture King Kong.

You Know Nothing, Jon Dog

Jon Snow has come into the battle against the white walkers, but he has a new friend by his side to help him win the war. His trusty companion, Jon Dog – that he’s suitably named after himself and is right by his side.

Image courtesy of: iheartdogs

Will the two Jons be powerful enough together to successfully defeat the white-walkers, or will Jon Dog face his defeat? Find out on episode 1 of the brand new series, Game of Bones – soon to be released on Petflix.

Return of the Doggo

Luke Paw-walker is trying desperately to bring his father, Bark Vader back to the light side of the force, but not even the purest of bones is enough to bring him back. It seems that all hope is lost for Paw-walker.

Image courtesy of: funnyjunk.com

Bark Vader’s evil plans seem to all be coming together, and Paw-walker needs to act fast to stop him and save the galaxy. With Paw Solo and Chewbarka on his side, there may still be some hope to stop his father.

Strong Boi

Heavy weight lifting champions are going to have their work cut out for them, and will need to spend many more hours in the gym if this strong boi husky dog continues on his strict workout regime that literally ‘outweighs’ the skills of all his competition.

Image courtesy of: Alakesh Boruah Alex/ alexo456.ab@gmail.com

Turns out it’s not fat or fluffiness but pure muscle on this four-legged friend -and you’d best keep him on your side because you sure would not want to get into any sort of fight with this strong pooch.

Dogs Just Wanna have Fun

Just like Madonna, this husky just wants to have fun. He’s bored of the mundane 9-5 working life in this doggy-dog world, and he’s taken a day off from the grind to spend some time at the carnival that’s come to town.

Image courtesy of: Onedio

Our canine friend has even turned off his phone and dropped off the pups at daycare and plans to enjoy his day off by munching on some hot dogs, have a few horsie rides and maybe even chase some ‘tail’.

Meet The Huskies

The much-loved family from the future, the Jetsons, have finally adopted a new pet. George couldn’t handle his son Elroy’s nagging any longer, so they went off to the pound and that’s where they met Astsoon-to-beto be new brother, Rocket. 

Image courtesy of: Pitria

Rocket is a fun-loving, furry husky dog that just wants to be loved, and this family is more than happy to oblige! Join the Jetsons, Astro and Rocket on their Spacey adventures every Saturday morning at 8:00 AM SAT.

Maridog Woofroe

Hollywood never wanted us to find out that Marilyn Monroe was actually not a person at all – but just wearing a very good disguise! Here is a rare image of the real Marilyn – Maridog Woofroe before they edited the picture!

Image courtesy of: fottik

Woofroe knew that in order to really make it big in this human-dominated world, a disguise would be necessary. So, the husky started posing under the name of Marilyn Monroe, and the humans sure did fall for it. Now the husky is remembered as one of the most iconic celebrities in history!

Everybody Needs a Friend

Everybody needs a friend —especially this sad-looking famous actor who looks very down in the dumps. Lucky for him his best mate, and floofy friend the husky, is right there beside him to comfort him on even his saddest days.

Image courtesy of: pikabu/ @l7suxoz

Either he’s trying to comfort this poor action star or he’s wanting some of the bread crumbs that he’s feeding to the birds. Or perhaps, he’s getting ready to jump off of the bench and catch himself a birdie snack?

A Modern Remake

A much-loved 1961 classic children’s book has been reworked and re-illustrated with a fun new main character – the furriest husky that there ever did be! And he’s loving his new starring role sitting on top of a tree!

Image courtesy of: iheartdogs

And, of course, we just couldn’t resist making a rhyme in honor of the Dogtor Seuss style book Go Dog Go! That our canine buddy is the new star of thanks to the wonders of the internet and someone with some mad photoshopping skills!

A Dawg Killin’ Time

This cow-boy, or should we say cow-dog sure is having a hog killing time, as he moseys along on his horse. He’s just come home from a long trip and is heading down to the saloon for a hearty bone.

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/Static Beat

After his meal, he’ll head on home to his Missus, tend to his horse and prepare for his next big western-style adventure – maybe this time he’ll take some of his best buckaroos with him to keep him company.

Firedog to the Rescue

The best fire department in the world is famous for having a very floofy captain – the same husky that has fought off predators, ridden broomsticks and climbed many trees has now opted for a normal if not still a somewhat thrill-seeking job!

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/Uber_Hyper_Cube

He’s gone through training and saved many damsels in distress from burning buildings; he’s even put his differences aside and rescued kitty cats from trees after eventually learning how to get himself out of that coconut tree that was the start of his now-infamous journey – and after all that, he’s now the best firefighter in town!

You CAN Teach a Dog New Tricks

Whoever said ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ clearly never met this clever boy. He’s successfully taught himself how to fly a broom, use the force, climb trees, fight white-walkers and now he’s learning how to Ski.

Image courtesy of: Taringa

His human must be so proud of how far his furry friend has come. We wonder how many other adventures the users of the internet will be photoshopping this doggo into – and we can’t wait to find out where he will pop- up next!

Doggo vs. Predator

In an all-dog remake of the famous Predator movie, Doggo vs. Predator tells the tale of a young Canine and his puppy platoon who have been sent into a jungle to explore the strange and unexplained things that have been happening there.

Image courtesy of: Reddit/ u/Kweeveen

Little does the puppy platoon know that there is a predator out there, ready to hunt them down and steal all of their treats! Will our brave canine companion defeat the evil predator, or will he, alas, become one of its many victims?

Down Under Dog

This time, our furry friend has found himself a noble steed all the way from Down Under – he took a long trip to Sydney, Australia and that’s where he met his new mate, Kangaroo. Who agreed to take him for a ride in exchange for his 15 seconds of fame in one of Husky’s famous photoshops.

Image courtesy of: stackward.com

Kangaroo and Husky have traveled all across the Australia Outback, avoiding dingoes and dangerous snakes and ended up becoming the very best of friends, and have decided to hop around the globe together and explore the world on all sorts of adventures.

Puppy on a Pole

It’s a hard dog-eat-dog world out there, and with a litter on the way and a pregnant dog wife back home, someone’s gotta pay the bills and we know those doggy bones don’t come cheap! Good thing there’s always room on the pole for a talented dancer.

Image courtesy of: Pitria/ hanky1979

We, are of course just kidding around with this one – but it’s a good thing that this picture is fake – otherwise animal services would definitely be on this club owners ‘tail’, and probably on ours too for promoting it!

The Lion-dog

Born into a family that he never expected – this little husky pooch is going to become the new Lion-Dog King. Meet Simpup and his father Woofasa. Together they plan to rule the land, but the evil Scratch has been hatching an evil plan against them.

Image courtesy of: Pitria

Scratch has unleashed a stampede that took the life of Woofasa. Will Simpup be able to defeat his evil uncle Scratch and his laughing hyena minions? Or will Scratch succeed in chasing the pup away into hiding after accusing him of being the reason for his father’s untimely demise?

The Real Deal

Last but certainly not least is the one and only original, and the only picture on this list that wasn’t photoshopped – the picture we’ve all been waiting for – this is the very tree that the very husky that was really stuck in it!

Image courtesy of Reddit/ u/kornbendallas

Rumor has it that he and his human were in the jungle looking for some coconuts when this hilarious doggo tried and almost succeeded at climbing the tree – but then he fell and got stuck! Before freeing his furry friend, his human had to take a snap and send it to his friends! And that’s how he went viral- which proves that internet fame can really that simple and adorable.